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Cindy Adams

Cindy Adams

Manhattan yacht club is the city’s top boating club — in new jersey.

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Manhattan Yacht Club moved to Liberty Harbor Marina in Jersey City in 2015.

Come sail away to NJ

Holiday time. Pay attention. Meet the Honorable Commodore Michael Fortenbaugh, commander of Manhattan Yacht Club’s floating clubhouse.

He’s  who ? Does  what ? And it’s  where ?

Commodore: “Realizing New York City had no recreational sailing, in 1987, I founded this Manhattan Yacht Club. We started at South Street Seaport. 2015 we moved to Liberty Harbor Marina in Jersey City.”

So this Manhattan Yacht Club, which is in New Jersey, does what?

“We’re a spectator platform to watch sailing races and an event location for parties. Manhattanites anchor their boats north of Ellis Island.”

It’s a waterway clubhouse. So, if enough already with Santa, His Commodoreship says for a nominal sum non-members can — day or night — eat, drink, sail, yell “ahoy!,” watch whatever boats in New Jersey do in New York. But easy on the drink because if you fall in the water rescuing you is ­extra.

Got ‘Hustle’?

Adam Sandler, still hustling his Netflix flick “Hustle,” this month. Movie’s been with us since June, but some whispers have it wanting more, maybe come awards season. Let’s wish him luck.

On the hunt for royalty

My opinion — requested by nobody:

Once upon a dime was this female who knew how to marry, divorce, break into showbiz, memorize a script, travel to Europe’s moneyed places but not — not! — know who’s this red-haired Prince Empty over whom lackeys were blubbering.

She had scripts, tickets, cash, travel folders, computers, iPhones, magazines, newspapers, TV, Google, time to investigate, knew to play a part, work a script, hit the right place at the right season — and not know who he was?!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in a scene from their upcoming documentary "Harry & Meghan."

In London, Brits who paw the same high level ground told me — and I was not alone hearing this — she’d been actively out there husband hunting.

Her lady parts found the way. She now lives in her California sty by pawing everyone — father, ex-best friend, the Brits, brother-in-law William, sister-in-law Catherine, staffers and Queen Elizabeth’s entire kingdom.

One day Prince Empty will actually babble. And before you can say Hail Brittania she’ll be out there again hunting.

Being scene & heard

Miami. Multiple Art Shows: Art Basel Miami , Art Miami, Context Art Miami, Aqua Art Miami. Art Basel showed dead artists. Art Miami’s first two days VIPs only. Riffraff who have late dinner at 5 p.m. got let in Day Three.

And Manhattan? It’s awakening. Sunday night at East 60th’s Canaletto, owner Elvis says his “regulars” now all come back. And Dave at UES’s Beach Café joined Will Smith and R. Kelly in canceling Kanye from his jukebox. Hey, Yeezy come, Yeezy go.

And “Wonder Woman” Lynda Carter’s daughter Jessica Altman debuts her new song “Blood Moon” Wednesday at downtown’s Rockwood Music Hall.

We hear Mrs. Sussex is now looking to become a renowned global politician. Could even be she starts here — in Manhattan, the international capital of the world. Could even maybe be a lingerie shop called Frederick’s of Afghanistan.

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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manhattan yacht club

The Honorable William Wall

Best views of the skyline, best place to enjoy summer, best sunsets.

The Honorable William Wall is Manhattan Yacht Club’s floating clubhouse in the harbor. All sailboat races start and finish from this location.

The Club also opens up the Honorable William Wall to the public. You can come out, see the harbor, relax and unwind, watch the sailboat races and have a great time with your friends and co-workers.

' title=

Hours of Operation

We are open May through October.

Tuesday through Friday 5:30 to 10:00 pm

Saturday (2 seatings) Afternoon – 12:30 to 5:00 pm Evening – 5:30 to 10:00 pm

(Closed Sunday & Monday)

' title=

Our Location

We are anchored in New York Harbor just north of Ellis Island. We offer the best views of the skyline, plus you can see the Statue of Liberty, enjoy the sunsets and also watch the sailboat races on Tuesday & Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

' title=

How to Get There

The “Admiral’s Launch” provides transportation to and from the Honorable William Wall. The launch departs every 1/2 hour from the Manhattan Yacht Club, 140 Dudley St, Jersey City, NJ. Launch tickets are $20 on weekdays and $30 on weekends. You can reach the Club by PATH, ferry and Uber/Lyft.

CLICK HERE TO: Find Manhattan Yacht Club on Google Maps

If you are coming from Manhattan, there is also a SPECIAL MANHATTAN TICKET on weekday evenings at 5:45 and 6:45 pm. These are $30. This ticket starts at the Brookfield Ferry Terminal in Battery Park City. Arrive at least 5 minutes before departure to check in with the Willy Wall rep in front of the “Little Lady” ferry slip. They will give you a ferry ticket and then you ride with them to the first stop “Warren St.” Manhattan Yacht Club is 2 blocks away where the Admirals’ Launch ferry will be waiting for you. At the end of the night, you can Uber or Lyft home or take PATH or another late night ferry.

' title=

What to Wear

We encourage you to wear festive nautical atire. But in reality, you can wear anything which makes you happy! Please keep in mind we are a floating vessel and you have to climb up and down stairs and boarding ladders. We encourage flat shoes, not high heels.

If you ever get chilly onboard, you can purchase one of our famous and iconic Honorable William Wall sweatshirts or hoodies.

' title=

Buy Tickets in Advance (or go stand-by)

The capacity of the Honorable William Wall is 149 guests. We sometimes fill up. We encourage you to buy launch tickets in advance. This gaurantees you a place onboard.

You can also go stand-by. Just show up at Manhattan Yacht Club and pay the launch fee if there is space available.

Like baseball games, our tickets are non-refundable. If you cannot make the day you booked, you can give your ticket to a friend. We open for our customers every day, even if the weather is not perfect. Our upper deck is covered and we have a fully enclosed downstairs.

' title=

Host a Party Onboard!

Lots of people host birthdays, office parties and other special events onboard. There is no better place in all of New York City! Visit our Private Event page to learn more about table reservations, birthday & office parties, and privatizing the Honorable William Wall.

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Join the jetty set: four of New York’s best sailing clubs

manhattan yacht club

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Patrick Temple-West

Roula Khalaf, Editor of the FT, selects her favourite stories in this weekly newsletter.

This article is part of FT Globetrotter’s guide to New York

It was Tuesday, nearing sunset, when our spinnaker sail gave us trouble. Our boat had been racing out of a cove north of Ellis Island towards the southern tip of Manhattan. The spinnaker — a wide, parachute-like sheet — is the crew’s most powerful racing options when running with the wind. But it is also the most cantankerous sail. To keep up with the rival sailboats, we needed to change direction and replace it with a different sail. Our crewmate in the bow grabbed as much of it as she could and hauled it down to the deck, but it caught the wind and fought back like an animal in a snare. Our skipper was shouting. We were losing speed.

Sailboat racing is a sport that, celebrating aggressive budging and quick rigging, gets as feisty as any game on land. Nose around your opponent’s bow and you are winning. It is chess on the water, pitting the crew against the wind, currents and the occasional barge heading upriver.

Many will experience sailing on the Hudson in a far more sedate capacity — as part of a company-charted luxury cruise with clients, or maybe a sunset pootle for a friend’s birthday for selfies with the Statue of Liberty up close.

Patrick Temple-West sailing with the Manhattan Yacht Club

But whether you are racing or cruising, New York sailing offers views of the skyline and sunsets that you can’t get on land. It also vaults you back in time — before there were bridges and tunnels, when ferrying across the harbour by boat was the only way to get around.

From beginners to skippers, New York offers a number of sailing options. But if you are on holiday in the city and hoping to rent a sailboat for a solo jaunt in the harbour, you are out of luck. There are few options unless you take a lesson or join a club. Better to find some local sailing friends who can take you out. 

New York offers three kinds of sailing experiences: lessons, club membership and, ultimately, sailing-skipper privileges for those who are trained to go out by themselves. For beginners and sailing dilettantes, lessons are the cheapest, quickest way to get your feet wet. And for intermediate sailors, a lesson is useful in learning the unique culture of the New York waterway, which includes strong currents, fast barges and too many jet skiers. You might know the right-of-way rules, but you’d better steer clear of the Circle Line cruises that circumnavigate Manhattan. They will run you over. 

For people eager to make sailing a part of their New York lives, there are two types of memberships in the places mentioned below. The introductory, general membership will give you full access to facilities, but you will need to start sailing with a skipper. Only skippers can take boats out on their own and lead a racing crew.

Still, ordinary members enjoy the thrill of racing as a crew member. When I moved to New York in 2019, I wanted to find out how to join the sailboats on the water that look so enticing to office dwellers stuck high up in towers in the financial district. For my Tuesday-evening race beset by spinnaker problems, I joined a crew of other sailors from the Manhattan Yacht Club. Established in 1987, this club is believed to be where New York’s recreational sailing was reborn. Before 1986, the city dumped raw sewage into the Hudson river. Today, the water is not perfect, but seals and whales can be spotted in the harbour. 

New York’s increasingly popular sailing options also include lessons for kids, as well as socialising for everyone on the days the wind does not puff. So leave your troubles on the dock and check out my top picks for sailing in Gotham. 

Manhattan Yacht Club

140 dudley street jersey city, nj 07302.

Good for: Excellent racing and meeting international sailors

Not so good for: The club is located on the New Jersey side of the Hudson. There are ferries from southern Manhattan to a station close to the club, but it's a trek from other parts of the city. There is parking. And on the other hand, if you do live in New Jersey, this is your best option 

FYI: The club also owns a 157-foot yacht with three masts for long-distance excursions. Members can book rooms aboard the Arabella for luxury cruises to Martha’s Vineyard this summer and to the Caribbean in the winter

Website ; Directions

Five Manhattan Yacht Club boats on the water, with Mount Gay Rum logos on their white sails

For my racing excursion with the Manhattan Yacht Club, I was one of five other crew members in a J/24 pitted against about a dozen other club boats. I learnt to sail as a kid, but I’m not a racer. My primary job during the race was keeping my head down to avoid getting whacked by the boom. Though my added weight to the boat ensured we would not be winning any races that night, everyone was welcoming. They even let me sail the boat back to the docks after the race.  

With its long history near the financial district, this club probably has the most Wall Street clientele of the sailing options in New York. The history section of its website notes that its membership expands and contracts with the booms and busts on Wall Street. The club hosts corporate regattas that include Wall Street banks such as UBS and Deutsche.

 A Manhattan Yacht Club boat with people on deck

The club offers year-round sailing options. Members travel to the British Virgin Islands in the winter. For those stuck in New York, there is “frostbite racing” in the colder months.

As with the other sailing clubs in New York, the experience is an investment. Regular dues at the Manhattan club are $1,700 per year plus more for skipper privileges.

Lessons are available at the Manhattan Sailing School , the club’s public teaching arm. A weekend instructional program starts at $590.

Sailing, as the saying goes, is what you do in between drinking. So importantly, the Manhattan Yacht Club has lively outdoor grilling and drinking for members after the races. There is also an indoor clubroom that was being renovated when I visited.

One°15 Brooklyn Sail Club

159 bridge park drive, brooklyn, new york 11201.

Good for: High-speed, modern boats and easy access from Brooklyn neighbourhoods

Not so good for: If you don’t live in Brooklyn, sailing here could be inconvenient

FYI: When you are tired of sailing, try the marina’s two eateries — a bakery and a restaurant

“This is Brooklyn. This is different,” said Stephen Yip, executive director of sailing at One°15 Brooklyn Marina (the global marina brand owned by the Singapore-based SUTL Group) when I visited for an afternoon of sailing. Located on the waterfront near the Brooklyn Bridge, the club is less than 10 years old.

Two One°15 Brooklyn Sail Club boats on the water, with the Statue of Liberty in the background

Yip knows the Manhattan Yacht Club well, having previously been an instructor at the Manhattan Sailing School. Now, he says, One°15 sailing is eager to take the clubbiness out of sailing. For one thing, there is no club room lined with trophies.

While it might feel different from a yacht club, One°15 has a lot of fast boats to brag about. Its Melges 24s and J/80s are definitely the race cars of the harbour. For the experts, these boats do not have spinnaker poles that need to be deployed, removing the need for this rigging hassle during races. When Yip took me out for racing, the boats were flying in pretty light wind.

The club’s boats lined up at One°15 Brooklyn Marina, with the sun setting on buildings in the background

One°15’s races take place south of Governors Island towards the mouth of the harbour, where the wind blows unobstructed. As the sun sets after the race, the lights in the financial district’s towers light up for some amazing views. Back at the docks, crew members gather for drinks, dinner and a race debriefing at Estuary, the marina’s restaurant.

First year of membership is $1,300 for 12 months plus more to be a skipper. For those unsure if they want a commitment, the club also offers discovery and introductory membership options for $350 and $800 respectively. Teenagers can take sailing lessons for $900 if their parents are members.

Hudson River Community Sailing (HRCS)

West 26th street & 12th avenue, pier 66 boathouse, hudson river park, new york, ny 10001, and 348 dyckman street, new york, ny 10034.

Good for : Affordable entry-level sailing 

Not so good for: Extensive racing options

FYI: Book lessons (or a membership orientation) online. Lessons spots fill quickly in midsummer, but with two locations you should be able to find time on the Hudson

If you want to learn or practise sailing without committing to a club, then Hudson River Community Sailing might be a good fit.

I joined for a lesson at the HRCS’s Inwood location at the top of Manhattan. Here, you won’t have to worry about annoying jet skiers, which buzz around sailboat racers off Manhattan’s southern tip. Plus there are no tall buildings around. The notorious “wind shadow” skyscrapers in midtown and the financial district do not block the breeze up here. And the views from further up the Hudson are worth the trip. Fancy buildings give way to green cliffs that stretch up into the Hudson river valley.

Two Hudson River Community Sailing Boats on the water, one of them with a Pride flag flying at the back, on a sunny day. The Manhattan skyline is in the distance

If you would prefer to sail closer to midtown Manhattan, HRCS’s Chelsea location has the same boats. I went there in June to watch the annual LGBTQ+ Stonewall Sails Pride Regatta. But as soon as we got out on the river, dangerously strong winds forced our boats back to their moorings.

My sailing lesson was more placid. My instructor was a local high-school student who got into sailing thanks to HRCS’s after-school programme for New York City state-school students. There is also a summer sailing camp for kids, as well as kids-only racing. For adults, a weekend of sailing lessons costs $595. Private lessons cost $450 for two hours. The Inwood location offers some pick-up races on Sundays at no extra cost, which might be the best option in the city to develop racing skills at a good price.

An HRCS boat with a billowing pale-blue sail by the George Washington Bridge

Annual memberships for a crew member start at $1,550 and drop to $1,125 if you renew. New skipper rates are $1,650. Both options are well below the rates at the clubs. Excellent prices for summer sailing.

Finally, HRCS offers a special sailing programme for veterans. And in 2021, it piloted sailing education and recreation for children and adults with disabilities.

North Cove Sailing

300 vesey street, new york, ny 10282.

Good for: A kids’ sailing camp that is easily accessible in downtown Manhattan

Not so good for: A smaller number of boats go out to race

FYI: Book lessons online. The venue offers beginner’s lessons, as well as separate classes for those who have passed a basic keelboat certification course

As New York’s financial district increasingly becomes more residential, there is a growing need for kids’ stuff in this part of town. Soccer fields and tennis courts are sparse. But there is plenty of space on the river. North Cove Sailing, which is part of Brookfield Place , offers a kids’ sailing camp — no experience necessary. 

Three of North Cove Sailing’s boats on the water, off downtown Manhattan

For adults, there are also lessons (including private ones), racing and convivial après-sail drinks. Sailing director Maureen “Moochie” Corrado told me that club members have anchoring privileges, meaning their boats can plop down in designated parts of the New York harbour. This is a special treat that most clubs in New York do not offer, she said. 

North Cove’s sailing prices are in line with the other options in New York. For new members it costs $1,700 and $1,500 for renewals. Skipper privileges cost $2,300 — also comparable to the other venues. While that might seem pricey to some, consider that skippers practically own a sailboat and can go out on the water whenever. You have access to a sailboat without the hassle of storing it somewhere for the winter. And don’t forget, gym memberships at Equinox or Chelsea Piers cost well over $2,000.

Tell us about your favourite New York sailing club in the comments below. And follow FT Globetrotter on Instagram at @FTGlobetrotter

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manhattan yacht club

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My Life in Boats: On board with Manhattan Yacht Club founder and commodore Michael Fortenbaugh

The owner of Arabella and founder of the Manhattan Yacht Club founder, Michael Fortenbaugh tells Grace Trofa how he built his life around sailing.

I grew up sailing in the Bay Head Yacht Club in Barnegat Bay, New Jersey. I was six and a half when I began crewing for my father in a 4.8-metre M Scow. An adult could sail it with a child, but the child had responsibilities; for every tack, I had to trim the jib and raise and lower the kneeboards. It was very exciting when we were winning, not so much when we were losing.

I sailed every summer and eventually I became a racing sailor on a national level, excelling in a sport boat called an E Scow. I finished second, third, fourth and fifth and missed winning first place by 7/10 of a point – something that still sits in the back of my mind!

After Princeton University, I moved to New York City with the dream of reintroducing recreational sailing to New York Harbor. It was the right time in the late 1980s, shipping had declined and the harbour was beginning to clean up. We started the Manhattan Yacht Club with our own fleet of 12 J/24s. For busy New Yorkers it was a way to access sailing without heavy investment. Our first year we invited yacht clubs from around the world to come race with us. Both Prince Albert II of Monaco and Dennis Conner, who was thinking of representing our club in his America’s Cup bid, responded.

These relationships that started in 1988 continue to this day. It was Dennis whom I called when I heard that Arabella was for sale. I first saw her in the Virgin Islands in 2000. I thought she was so beautiful I had my crew circle the boat three times. Dennis flew over with his surveyor and reported that she had good bones. At 47.85-metres in length, she has plenty of space for entertaining, and you know you’re special if I invite you to have dinner on the top deck with views of the skyline and Statue of Liberty. When I am not using her, she is available for charter.

Our club was at North Cove Marina, just one block from the Twin Towers. On 9/11, I was outside near the towers when the first plane hit. What I saw that day was traumatic, and you deal with trauma for months or even years after the event. On the one-year anniversary, I organized Sail for America; 1,400 sailboats came to New York Harbor and created this incredible silent parade, flying a flag for every person lost in 9/11. It was important because it represented resurrection, not death.

In 2005, Dennis Conner joined me as the celebrity endorser for North Cove and together we revitalized the marina and helped Lower Manhattan come back strong. For our 20th anniversary, we wanted to dream big. What’s better than a 12 Metre for a yacht club? We raised enough funds to buy US 46, America II , which raced in the 1987 America’s Cup. We currently have two America’s Cup 12 Metre sisterships, US 42 and US 46. This year we are going to celebrate our 35th anniversary with a 12 Metre regatta in June in New York Harbor.

Sailing is therapeutic. I’ve never done any offshore races, but I am very happy with day sailing and going to dinner on board Arabella with good friends.

As told to Grace Trofa. First published in the June edition of BOAT International US. Get this magazine sent straight to your door, or subscribe and never miss an issue .

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Manhattan Yacht Club

  • By Mac True
  • Updated: July 15, 2010

Manhattan YC Upper Bay, New York, N.Y.

When I moved to Manhattan 20 some years ago, I thought it was the center of the universe. But in the last few years I have come to realize that the center of the universe is actually a few miles to the south, in New York Harbor surrounded by Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island.

After a long absence, recreational sailing—and racing—is back and alive and well in the harbor. Every Tuesday and Wednesday night, from May through October, about 100 sailors gather to race a fleet of J/24s. Just a few short miles away from 8,000,000 other people, it’s the best secret in New York. We sail between Ellis Island and Governors Island with the Statue of Liberty to the south and the towers of Manhattan to the north. It’s best not to get distracted by the sights; in addition to 25 boats on the line, we also have the Staten Island Ferry, the Circle Line, and the occasional tug and barge to contend with.

On this Wednesday we had low hanging clouds, but the rain had held off, at least where we are—it looked like Brooklyn was getting a pretty thorough soaking. In addition to my friends Pete and Kate we had some subs in the crew tonight, Mary and Sophie, making for three red headed women. We had a good breeze, a strong outgoing tide, and the usual winner in a collision right before the start. For once, the top spot is up for grabs and everyone went for it. At the first mark the chutes go up—an amazing sight against the backdrop of the New York skyline. A few more roundings and we head back to the docks for a cold Dark and Stormy—another great night on the water. —Mac True

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manhattan yacht club

Lady Liberty Regatta in New York Harbor

By: Zeke Quezada, ASA Event , Schools

The American Sailing Association has launched a new campaign designed to get more women on the water. The “Women Wake Up Zone” encourages more women to take the helm. The Manhattan Yacht Club is hosting the Lady Liberty Regatta, an all-female regatta on June 8 and 9, 2019. Manhattan Sailing School is the public teaching arm of Manhattan Yacht Club.

Women On The Water

The top women sailors are about to compete in a New York Harbor Regatta. The Manhattan Yacht Club, the largest and most active sailing club in the New York Harbor, will host The Lady Liberty Regatta , an all-women’s regatta on June 8 and 9, 2019. The Regatta will bring together sixty-five of the top amateur women sailors from across the US to compete in front of one of the world’s most famous icons, the Statue of Liberty.

Hosted by the Manhattan Yacht Club (MYC) and sponsored by the New York Harbor Sailing Foundation, the Regatta began in 1989 as part of Fleet Week. Historically it has drawn top sailors from across the country, including Heidi Riddle (1985 Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year), Hannah Swett (2003 Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year), and Dawn Riley (youngest CEO of an America’s Cup Team and 1999 Rolex Yachtswoman). The strength of this year’s field is equally impressive and includes Erica Beck Spencer and Jess Harris (winners of the top female team in 2017 J24 World Championship), Michele Cimon (winner of multiple Rolex Championships), and NYC’s own Danielle Gallo (rated 4th in the US in Women’s Match Racing and 38th in the World in Women’s Match Racing).

Competitor Erica Spencer sums up the event from her point of view: “This event means the world to us. We finally get the chance to race against more than two or three female boats on a race course!”

Unique to this regatta, spectators will be able to watch the races from MYC’s clubhouse on the water next to Ellis Island. Equally important, Lady Liberty Regatta is the first regatta in New York Harbor to be registered with Sailors of the Sea as a Clean Regatta, a certification which complies with environmentally sustainability standards and promotes the health of the world’s marine ecosystems.

This event is made possible in part by many generous sponsors including Windham Mountain Resort, Organic Pharmer, Ernst & Young, Sea Bags, 12° West, Bocca Bliss, Regatta Craft Mixers, Sunsail, Lemon & Line, Bare Republic, Team One, Fresh Start Produce, Cora Balls and Sailors for the Sea, and the Lady Liberty Regatta Honor Roll made up of individual donors.

The following teams have entered the 2019 Lady Liberty Regatta. There are a total of 13 berths in this first regatta.

1. Danielle Gallo, Manhattan Yacht Club, New York Harbor, Crew TBA

2. Katie Morgan, Manhattan Yacht Club, New York Harbor, Crew TBA

3. Michele Cimon, Nepean Sailing Club, Ottawa, Canada, Crew TBA

4. Jess Harris & Erica Beck Spencer, Portland Yacht Club, Portland, ME, Crew TBA

5. Natalie Harden, Austin Yacht Club, Austin, TX, Crew TBA

6. Lee Ann Zaretsky, Rochester Yacht Club, Rochester, NY, Crew TBA

7. Ginjer Yachechak, North Flathead Yacht Club, Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle Somers, MT & Seattle, WA, Crew TBA

8. Brigette Croke, Indian Harbor Yacht Club, Greenwich, CT, Crew TBA

9. Casey Firth, Tred Avon Yacht Club, Washington, DC, Crew TBA

10. MacKenzie McGuckin, Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club, Oyster Bay, NY, Crew TBA

11. Robin Van Vliet, Richmond Yacht Club, Pt Richmond, CA, Crew TBA

12. Katie White, St. Francis Yacht Club, San Francisco, CA, Crew TBA

Women On The Water

“When people hear sailing, they often think of stuffy, 60-year-old men behind the wheel while women watch, but we are leading the diversity of our industry with this education campaign, and it starts with more women sailors,” says Cindy Shabes, president of the American Sailing Association. “Many of our instructors and high-level instructor evaluators are now women, and many of our schools are now owned or managed by women. Fully one-third of our new students last year were women. With this education campaign, we want to erase the stereotypes and eliminate the fear some women have that sailing is too expensive and physically demanding. As we see more women take the wheel and thrive on our waterways, we want others to follow in their wake!”

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manhattan yacht club

Sailing is a great sport which combines outdoor activity, athletic exercise and social camaraderie.  Sailing is also a sport you can do for your entire life.  So if you are looking to get involved in sailing, we encourage you to do so.  It will change your life for the better.

Your first step should be to enroll in sailing lessons.  Manhattan Sailing School is the public teaching arm of Manhattan Yacht Club.  The school has grown into one of the largest and most popular adult sailing schools in the country.

Please visit their website at .

Sign up for your first sailing course today.  And once you have learned to sail, then we invite you to apply for membership in the Manhattan Yacht Club.

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Upcoming Events at the Club


“Happy Hour” MYC’s New Electric Boat!

Saturday Sunfish Races

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The Lady Liberty Regatta brought together all-women teams from Australia, Canada, France, Iceland, Japan, Korea, Monaco, Sweden and the United States. This was a 3-day competition designed to create international goodwill through friendly competition.

manhattan yacht club

The Icelandic and Swedish Consulates helped support the Lady Liberty Regatta by hosting a breakfast for their teams before the regatta began. Above you will see the two Scandinavian teams plus the Monaco team along with Vice Commodore Danielle Gallo, Rear Commodore Deiane Abajos and Sarah Raymond who represented Manhattan Yacht Club.

manhattan yacht club

The on-water competition was super intense, especially on the first day when the sea-breeze came up and delivered perfect NY Harbor conditions. This photo above is a finish in which 5 boats came together at the line, within a boat length of each other. The teams include Canada slightly ahead which is just crossing Japan. And the US team is skippered by our own Vice Commodore Danielle Gallo. France and South Korea were also in this mix. There are complex rules involved in these types of crossing situations and the action was very spirited. But in the end, everyone said “Wow, what an intense and worthwhile experience.”

The Honorable William Wall served as a spectator platform and lots of club members came out to watch the action. The views were incredible. Where else can you stand right in the middle of a world class competition and observe how these skilled sailors wrestle with their boats. Here, France is jibing their spinnaker to stay on the east of the Honorable William Wall. Two American boats are in hot pursuit. And these leaders have quite a lead over some of the other teams which have just rounded the windward mark in the background.

manhattan yacht club

The Opening Ceremony of the Lady Liberty Regatta was held on Thursday evening onboard the Honorable William Wall. It was an enjoyable and balmy summer evening. All of the teams introduced themselves and then picked a number out of a trophy for the first boat they would race on the following day. Teams rotated boats after every race to ensure the fairness of the competition.

The social event on Friday evening was hosted by MYC Founding Members Chuck Kerner and Martha Gallo. They have been members of the Battery Park City community for decades and they welcomed all of the international women sailors to enjoy the sunset from their terrace which looks out over the Statue of Liberty! Thank you Martha & Chuck! This photo captures the high spirit of the evening with (l to r) Race Committee Chair Lori Marchiafava, Vice Commodore Danielle Gallo who was one of the racing skippers, new MYC Member Chloe Dorward and long-time Member plus Skipper Certifier Patty Bryan. Both Danielle & Patty had organized the previous Lady Liberty Regattas and this year, they helped the next generation of member volunteers get their feet wet. So much history and goodwill in one evening!

manhattan yacht club

Back on the race course, the competition continued. The perfect weather forecast ended up being incorrect and after a great first day, both Saturday and Sunday featured very light winds instead of the predicted southerlies. On Saturday, the wind came up in the afternoon ahead of a drenching thunderstorm. And the racing was great and highly competitive. In this picture above, you can see the orange weather mark with the Swedish, Australia, Monaco and South Korean teams battling upwind.

manhattan yacht club

One of the very special teams in the regatta were the “Pink Wave.” This is an all-women’s group from Yacht Club de Monaco and the relish racing all type of boats from J/70s to 15 Meters. And they come dressed for the occasions! Here they are in the NYC subway system dressed in their Pink Wave blazers. What a sight this must have been for the other passengers.

manhattan yacht club

This was the highly competitive Japanese team which was frequently in the hunt to win races. This team included MYC Member Natsuki Hori, married to Yui Hori. A few days after the Lady Liberty Regatta, Natsuki & Yui also flew to Europe with the Manhattan Yacht Club team to race in Monaco Classic Week.

manhattan yacht club

The MYC Flagship Arabella provided a lifetime memory on Saturday night with a fireworks show in NY Harbor. It is hard to fit so much activity into the space of 3 days, but when in the Big Apple, you have to take full advantage of as much as possible!

manhattan yacht club

New friendships were made among the teams from all over the world.

And the Manhattan Yacht Club members who volunteered to help create and run the regatta were also there having a great time with each other! Thank you to all of the volunteers, especially Sarah Raymond and Silvia Garcia who headed the Invite and Welcoming Committee and Tina Sapra who headed the Social Committee. Sarah, Silvia and Tina are left to right in the front row. Many more members pitched in in supporting roles as well, especially Noujan Fakhri who coordinated the PR and social media.

manhattan yacht club

Our great volunteer race committee was headed by Lori Marchiafava and a large crew of other supporting members. Because of the prestige of this regatta, the race committee went to all-white outfits which worked well until the rains came. Thank you to all of the volunteers who persevered through the challenging weather conditions to bring us 6 races.

manhattan yacht club

This was the scene during the 6th and final race when winds were very light. Going into this race, 3 teams had a real chance of winning the competition. These included Katie Morgan of the Manhattan Yacht Club, who is also a 2-time winner of the Lady Liberty Regatta; Erica Spencer also representing the USA from Maine; and finally Alexia Barrier with her all-star group of women sailors representing France. The final race ended up being a nail-biter, first with France taking off after the start to develop a huge lead, and then Maine coming from far back to take the lead, and extend it as well so it appeared to be game over. But in the light airs, things happened and France reeled in the team from Maine and recaptured the lead. Here, all three of the top teams, France, with Maine and Manhattan, converge on the leeward mark within a few boat lengths of each other. In the end, France got around first and was able to finish, thereby winning the 2023 Lady Liberty Regatta!

manhattan yacht club

The winning French team was Alexia Barrier of “The Famous Project” with Dee Caffari, Marie Riou & Elodie Mettraux. You can read more about this team at .

A special shout-out and recognition for superb sailing goes to Erica Spencer and her strong team from Maine. They sailed a brilliant first three races, finishing 1, 2, 1. It seemed they were unstoppable with their speed and tactics on the J/24s. In the 4th race, they came off the starting line in strong position only to experience a rudder gudgeon breaking. This left their boat unable to steer and they had to retire from the race. The Sailing Instructions, which are a set of rules which govern the competition, had a provision that there were no breakdown points and that the throw-out would be used for a breakdown. While this rule has served the club well in the past making sure that all teams press forward in a race regardless of any equipment malfunction, the rare breaking of a gudgeon and having the team take a last place finish rather than their average, put Maine unfairly behind an 8-ball. Despite this challenge, the they kept battling to overcome. In the final race, they actually went far into the lead. They came so close to winning overall and without the breakage in race 4, it is likely that the team from Maine would have won. Our club will need to review the breakdown for future international events to make sure it is fair in all circumstances.

manhattan yacht club

The Awards Ceremony for the 2023 Lady Liberty Regatta took place in Manhattan with teams presenting special gifts to the nation that finished directly behind them in the standings. Here the Icelandic team presents a special “light” symbol to the Australian Team. These ceremonies is always emotional and hilarious, and there was lots of cheering, laughter, hugs and friendships.

Thank you to all of the team who invested their time and energy in traveling to NY Harbor for this international competition. And thank you to all of the Manhattan Yacht Club members who helped organize the regatta and participate in the many festivities!

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Johana Nomm


Rorc caribbean 600 starts today, registration opens for the 8th annual camden classics cup.


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The search for a 12 Meter began and we became fortunate to acquire America II (US 46).  US 46 was part of a three boat campaign for the 1987 America’s Cup. These boats, US 42, 44 & 46, were built for the New York Yacht Club. All three were named “America II.” US 46 was the final yacht and she competed in the Cup Races with John Kolius as skipper.

manhattan yacht club

The 1987 Cup was eventually won by Dennis Conner on Stars & Stripes. In 2007, Dennis was partnering with the MYC Commodore to manage North Cove, which was then the Club’s home.

US 46 was the perfect 12 Meter for the Manhattan Yacht Club. The Club and America II both began sailing in 1987 and they will forever share important anniversaries. America II also represented New York Harbor which is home to the Manhattan Yacht Club. From a preservation point of view, the 12 Meters for the 1987 America’s Cup were built for the windy conditions of Freemantle so they are among the sturdiest 12 Meters. This made America II an excellent choice for historic preservation. If well maintained, she should last for generations.

manhattan yacht club

The initial syndicate of MYC Members acquired America II and began her restoration. In May 2007, she sailed in New York Harbor for the first time. It was an incredible experience. When America II leans over in the sea breeze and charges down the harbor and past the Statue of Liberty, everyone aboard has a feeling of awe and inspiration.

Eventually, the Club realized that the historical preservation of America II could be better accomplished under the auspices of the New York Harbor Sailing Foundation. Therefore, the Manhattan Yacht Club and the Syndicate Members donated this icon to the Foundation.

The Foundation’s mission is to foster and promote amateur sailing of national and international importance in New York Harbor. An America’s Cup 12 Meter is an incredible tool to help achieve this goal. America II became the flagship for the Foundation and helped create New York Classic Week. She also served as an ambassador for our harbor at other 12 Meter events such as the Worlds in 2009. America II has made many people throughout the country and world aware of the sailing renaissance in New York Harbor.

From 2007 through 2016, America II sailed as the Grand Dame of New York Harbor.

And then our 12 Meter story gets even better. Acquisition of the Second 12 Meter

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Our Great Sailing Instructors

One thing which makes Manhattan Sailing School special is having some of the best sailing instructors in the country. You can learn more about our great instructors below.

' title=

I like to think that I’ve always been drawn to water sports because I grew up in a desert. For many years I gravitated to multi-day canoe and rafting expeditions in Minnesota, Colorado and New Mexico. When I moved to the west coast, I took up with sea kayaking expeditions off the coast of Oregon and around Vancouver Island in British Columbia. The sailing bug first bit me as crew on a stretch of the Inside Passage, crossing blue water between Vancouver Island and Haida Gwaii, Canada’s westernmost island. But when I found myself living in New York City, Manhattan Yacht Club provided an environment where I could develop as a sailor within a fun and varied sailing community that offered experiences skippering in different kinds of fleets, including cruising and racing on J24s, J105s, International One Designs (IODs), 12 Meter boats, Sunfish, and organizing bareboat charters of 45-50’ monohulls and catamarans (during the club’s annual Caribbean Regatta in the British Virgin Islands-BVIs). One thing I’ve discovered – sailing is a perfect lifelong pursuit. No matter how much you learn, there is still a lifetime of problem solving and adventure ahead of you. Fortunately, sailors love sharing their knowledge of problems tacked and solved. That’s why I have grown to love teaching and have received ASA certifications to teach basic keelboat, coastal cruising, coastal navigation and bareboat chartering, as well as a US Coast Guard 25 Ton Master’s License with a sailing endorsement. For me, few things are more fun than sharing a beautiful weekend on New York harbor, as students progress to take the helm and trim the sails with more and more skill and confidence. This year, I’m honored to be the primary instructor bringing Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103) back to Manhattan Sailing School once a month during the summer. As I learned, if you love sailing and apply yourself, the horizon’s the limit!

' title=

Marek Krawczyk

I grew up in Poland where I learned how to sail at the age of 5. My parents owned 30ft wooden yacht and were very active at the local yacht club. As a child I was helping my father renovate club boats. Every weekend after fiberglassing and painting we would sail for hours on 20ft Omega Sailboats. Summers we spent on our yacht sailing through beautiful Masurian Lakes. That is how I felt in love with sailing. When I moved to the city in 2020 Manhattan Yacht Club offered me an opportunity to share my experience with people who want to learn how to sail. Since then everyday is an adventure. Working for the club opened me up a lot of opportunities. My favorite sailing memories besides teaching every weekend are delivering 157ft mega yacht Arabella from Annapolis to New York and renovating old sunfish sailboat to win a regatta. I love sailing anything from the small dinghy to a nice, big yacht. New York Harbor in my opinion is one of the best places to sail in the world – just look at the views!

' title=

Parker Ludwig-Larsen

I am a sailor from New York City. I look forward to teaching for my third summer at the Manhattan Yacht Club. Before teaching, I myself was a sailor in the teen program at MYC. I have been sailing and racing for as long as I can remember. My favorite places to sail are the Long Island Sound and the Virgin Islands, but sunset races on the Hudson River are also at the top. I grew up learning to sail on a classic yawl and later spent two summers as an Inshore Match Racing Acorn at Oakcliff Sailing. I have also raced on 420’s, Lasers, Thistles, and IOD’s. When I’m not sailing, I attend Connecticut College majoring in psychology and French and try to travel and sail the world as much as possible

' title=

Simon Horwith

My fondest childhood memories are of spending my days exploring Long Island Sound and nights falling asleep on the deck of Lief, a 33’ sloop sailboat. As a teenager I spent time certifying as a NAUI Master Diver and hanging out in Florida on dive boats, shark diving, and volunteering with marine mammal rescue teams. After returning to New York, I longed to be back on the water, joined a local sail club and began racing in New York Bay. I now sail the Lief sloop out of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Sailing is one of man’s oldest endeavors and has barely changed since we took to the sea thousands of years ago. Sailing offers something for everyone. It is therapy. It is sport. It is leisure. It is adventure.  When I’m not sailing or teaching people to sail, I give back to the community as a Coast Guard Auxiliarist with the Governor’s Island Flotilla and by volunteering at the South Seaport Museum. I look forward to seeing you out on the water!

Chris Steingraber

I grew up in NJ and by high school you would find me building BMX dirt jumps in Montevideo, Uruguay. So I always liked adventurous sports! I am fluent in Spanish and went on to study math and mechanical engineering. I progressed into video production as a partner and lead cinematographer for the past 10 years. I’ve always like technical pursuits. Early on I was drawn to sailing even though no one else in my family sailed. The magic of it and the feeling of freedom is what keeps me so passionate about sailing. I started out owning a Prindle 16 beach catamaran and progressed through various trailer sailboats. But I always wanted to have a bigger monohull to continue exploring. I’ve sailed offshore as crew on other vessels. Some recent trips include Bermuda to Antigua, Palermo to Greece & the coast of Spain. I currently own a Tartan 34c, a lovely S&S design. MYC is such a special place to learn and to grow. I’m continuously learning and am passionate about being a sailing instructor. It really can be a wonderful hobby, sport and way of life. Few sports will bring you more stories, not just to hear, but to be making of your own.

' title=

My love for sailing started 51 years ago in Japan as a young 18 year-old. My first encounter was a Sparkman & Stephens 30 racing boat. From there, I travelled to the states where I’ve enjoyed bareboating since 1985. In 1988, I became a member of the Manhattan Yacht Club, which makes me one of the longest active members. During those years, I’ve chartered sailboats in the Northeast (Newport RI), the Caribbean (British Virgin Islands, Bahamas), the islands of Southeast Asia (Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Chang, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore), and more recently the Greek Islands and Croatia. In all, I’ve had the enjoyment of chartering over 30 times. In addition, six years ago, I finally accomplished my life long goal of crossing the Atlantic ocean from the Canary Islands to Martinique. In 2008, I became a syndicate member of the 12 Meter Program, and a year later, I sailed in Newport Harbor as the bow man which was a very exciting moment in my life. In total, I have enough sea miles and endeavor to continue for as long as possible.

' title=

Mike Mesteller

I grew up in Toledo, OH on the shores of Lake Erie. My family has always been avid sailors and signed me up for our local yacht club’s junior sailing program at the age of 5 where I learned sailing and racing basics on Optis, FJs, and 420s. As I got older, I began racing Lasers around Lake Erie and became an instructor at North Cape Yacht Club where I taught junior sailors and was a coach for the club’s dinghy racing program. Throughout college I raced Thistles and took over our family’s Soverel 26 racing and cruising the Western Lake Erie Basin. I joined the Manhattan Yacht Club after moving to New Jersey in 2019. Sharing my love of sailing and being on the water is important to me and in 2020 I was fortunate enough to become a sailing instructor with the Manhattan Sailing School teaching the ASA 101 course. Since joining MYC, I have become a club skipper, am active in the weekday J24 races, and race my Sunfish, Ol’ Sinky, in the Club’s Frostbite Series to keep me sailing all year long! When I’m not racing or teaching you can find me on Hootenanny, my wife and mines Pearson 31-2, on the Honorable William Wall taking in the views and cocktails, or on the MYC grounds enjoying the evenings and weekends with all the other members!

Yacht Manhattan

The Yacht Manhattan

April 22, 2015 by [email protected]

Full Boat Stern shot of yacht Manhattan cruising for a NYC Sightseeing cruise past the Statue of Liberty

This gorgeous, buff-hulled 80-foot, Twenties-style yacht offers elegance and comfort, wrapped in turn-of-the-century tradition. She is equipped with teak decks and mahogany trim. Her spectacular cabin features an all-glass observatory, cushioned seating, conversation-friendly tables, and a well appointed bar; all of which provide you and your guests with stunning panoramic views within climate-controlled comfort.

The Yacht Manhattan is equipped with a sound system throughout offering the most luxurious narrated tours offered on the water: the AIANY Architecture Tours, Bridge & Infrastructure Tours and the classic Statue & Skyline Tours, to name a few.

Down below is a full service galley, enabling the Manhattan as a most popular venue for private charters. She hosts corporate cocktail parties, rehearsal dinners, weddings and many a birthday bash. She is Coast Guard Certified for up to 85 passengers.  However is ideal for up to 65 guests in mild weather and up to 50 in the harsher seasons.

The Manhattan is available year-round.

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“A water view of the architecture of NYC. I gained an enormous amount of information about the architecture of buildings, bridges and monuments seen from the waterways surrounding NYC. The VERY knowledgeable architect guide also provided in-depth information about the landscape and history of Manhattan island and its surrounding area that significantly complemented his architectural information. This was a fantastic intellectual and cultural experience that I recommend most highly. It's a must for visitors from other countries, other USA states and native New Yorkers (if they've not yet seen their city from the perspective of the water while enjoying expert information from a most knowledgeable architect.)” ~ Narrated Architecture Tour Customer
“Wonderful sunset cruise on a classic ship. The cruise was very enjoyable. Not only were the views fantastic but the ship is a perfect size and you do not feel like you are part of a large crowd. The crew was great, pointing out items of interest, answering questions and taking pictures. It was very easy to make a reservation and the check in and boarding was easy. Just a great cruise.” ~ Sunset Cruise Customer


Gift certificates, see our calendar of events, private charters.

Private Charters

Sail out into NY Harbor and impress your guests. Step aboard one of our classic vessels for a private charter. These yachts are perfect for Corporate outings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Team Building and more. Read more »


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  5. Discover the Little-Known Floating Clubhouse of the Manhattan Yacht

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  2. Join the Manhattan Yacht Club

    Learn how to join the Manhattan Yacht Club, the largest sailing community in New York Harbor, and enjoy shared use of J/24s, racing opportunities, clubhouse facilities and more. The Club offers a range of sailing programs for different levels of experience and interests, from Basic Sailing to Lady Liberty Regatta.

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    Manhattan Yacht Club is the city's top boating club — in New Jersey. By. Cindy Adams. Published Dec. 5, 2022, 7:36 p.m. ET. The Manhattan Yacht Club moved to Liberty Harbor Marina in Jersey ...

  4. Manhattan Sailing School

    You will be sailing in front of the Statue of Liberty and skyline of Manhattan. Bring your camera for some super-cool selfies. We have 2 summer meet-up locations where students connect with their instructors. Jersey City MEET UP - This is our headquarters and home of the Manhattan Yacht Club, the largest sailing organization in New York Harbor.

  5. Manhattan Yacht Club

    Manhattan Yacht Club, Jersey City, New Jersey. 2,960 likes · 284 talking about this · 5,755 were here. NY Harbor's largest and most active sailing community.

  6. Honorable William Wall

    Enjoy the harbor views, relax and watch the sailboat races at the Honorable William Wall, the floating clubhouse of Manhattan Yacht Club. Learn how to get there, what to wear, and how to book tickets for this unique experience.

  7. Join the jetty set: four of New York's best sailing clubs

    Manhattan Yacht Club 140 Dudley Street Jersey City, NJ 07302. Good for: Excellent racing and meeting international sailors. Not so good for: The club is located on the New Jersey side of the ...

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    1 June 2022 • Written by Grace Trofa. The owner of Arabella and founder of the Manhattan Yacht Club founder, Michael Fortenbaugh tells Grace Trofa how he built his life around sailing. I grew up sailing in the Bay Head Yacht Club in Barnegat Bay, New Jersey. I was six and a half when I began crewing for my father in a 4.8-metre M Scow.

  9. Manhattan Yacht Club at Historic Paulus Hook Association

    Manhattan Yacht Club. Location is between Dudley & Essex, Van Vorst St, Jersey City, NJ 07302. Telephone number (212) 786-3323. Manhattan Yacht Club is the premier sailing organization in New York Harbor. The Club has a broad range of facilities and a dynamic community of Members. Our broad range of facilities begins with the Clubhouse at ...

  10. Come Aboard The Arabella, a 157-Foot Mega-Yacht in New York Harbor

    The Arabella is a three-masted staysail schooner owned by the Manhattan Yacht Club and accessible to the public for a variety of events and activities. Learn about its history, upgrades, and features, and join us on August 29th for a special launch price and cash bar on board.

  11. Manhattan Yacht Club

    Manhattan Yacht Club Mac True. Manhattan YC Upper Bay, New York, N.Y. When I moved to Manhattan 20 some years ago, I thought it was the center of the universe.

  12. Basic Coastal Cruising

    Location - Basic Coastal Cruising starts and ends each day from our home at the Manhattan Yacht Club in Jersey City. Our goal is to sail sail down the harbor and out past the Verrazano Narrows to see the West Bank and Romer Shoal lighthouses. This of course depends on the wind and currents each day.

  13. Lady Liberty Regatta in New York Harbor

    The Manhattan Yacht Club, the largest and most active sailing club in the New York Harbor, will host The Lady Liberty Regatta, an all-women's regatta on June 8 and 9, 2019. The Regatta will bring together sixty-five of the top amateur women sailors from across the US to compete in front of one of the world's most famous icons, the Statue of ...

  14. Learn to Sail

    Your first step should be to enroll in sailing lessons. Manhattan Sailing School is the public teaching arm of Manhattan Yacht Club. The school has grown into one of the largest and most popular adult sailing schools in the country. Please visit their website at Sign up for your first sailing course today.

  15. 2023 Lady Liberty Regatta at Manhattan Yacht Club

    2023 Lady Liberty Regatta at Manhattan Yacht Club. By Johana Nomm. December 30, 2023. 874. The Lady Liberty Regatta brought together all-women teams from Australia, Canada, France, Iceland, Japan, Korea, Monaco, Sweden and the United States. This was a 3-day competition designed to create international goodwill through friendly competition.

  16. US 46 Comes to New York Harbor

    The 1987 Cup was eventually won by Dennis Conner on Stars & Stripes. In 2007, Dennis was partnering with the MYC Commodore to manage North Cove, which was then the Club's home. US 46 was the perfect 12 Meter for the Manhattan Yacht Club. The Club and America II both began sailing in 1987 and they will forever share important anniversaries.

  17. Instructors

    My love for sailing started 51 years ago in Japan as a young 18 year-old. My first encounter was a Sparkman & Stephens 30 racing boat. From there, I travelled to the states where I've enjoyed bareboating since 1985. In 1988, I became a member of the Manhattan Yacht Club, which makes me one of the longest active members.

  18. Yacht Manhattan NYC Sightseeing Cruises & New York Harbor Boat Tours

    The Yacht. Manhattan. This gorgeous, buff-hulled 80-foot, Twenties-style yacht offers elegance and comfort, wrapped in turn-of-the-century tradition. She is equipped with teak decks and mahogany trim. Her spectacular cabin features an all-glass observatory, cushioned seating, conversation-friendly tables, and a well appointed bar; all of which ...