top 10 yacht management companies

Why choose Burgess' yacht management services?

  • Yacht Management

Discover the Burgess difference

With over 65 highly qualified experts and yacht managers worldwide, our very experienced and cost-effective management team ensures your enjoyment of your yacht is first-class, wherever you are in the world.

Service package tailored to fit your precise needs

Our management team provides a comprehensive tailored service across the board, including a proven 24-hour emergency response service, berthing, operational management, technical support, crew, accounts, safety, and security. You are never on your own with Burgess yacht support.

All your yacht management needs provided in-house

Burgess has the most qualified and established yacht management team in the industry. We have over 30 years' experience of managing motor and sailing yachts from 40-150m and over in length. Our extensive yachting expertise guarantees that your yacht and interests are in safe hands.

Personalised service from a dedicated yacht manager

Providing a direct link between you and our entire team, your personal yacht manager ensures all operational, technical, and financial needs are handled with the utmost discretion. The safety of your yacht, guests, and crew is our highest priority.

top 10 yacht management companies

Our aim is to allow an owner to get maximum enjoyment from his yacht without the day-to-day worry of the yacht's operation. We work very closely with the captain and crew to ensure the yacht is operated as safely and efficiently as possible.

top 10 yacht management companies

A suitably experienced Technical Manager is assigned to each management team to provide required technical support. Our Planned Maintenance Systems, on board inspections and 24/7 support ensure maximum yacht reliability and resale value.

top 10 yacht management companies

Safety and Security

Unlike some Yacht Management companies, we provide safety and security services in-house as we believe their implementation and operation has to be fully integrated with all other areas of operation, such as technical support and crewing matters.

top 10 yacht management companies

Cost control is important to all yacht owners. Our experienced accounting team prepares accurate, fully-itemised budgets and detailed monthly accounts and supplies them to the owner in a timely manner.

Yacht owner services

Yacht ownership made easy with Burgess' yacht owner services

top 10 yacht management companies

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top 10 yacht management companies

  • Sales Management

top 10 yacht management companies

Yacht Insurance

top 10 yacht management companies

  • Yacht Marketing

top 10 yacht management companies

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top 10 yacht management companies


top 10 yacht management companies

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top 10 yacht management companies

Dale Sleeman joins Burgess as Procurement Manager

top 10 yacht management companies

Sold: 28.5m ZUMA

top 10 yacht management companies

Sold in house: 71.7m KOGO

top 10 yacht management companies

Sold: one of the world's best berths

top 10 yacht management companies

See you in Aspen this ski season!

top 10 yacht management companies

Talk to the Burgess expert... Gabriela Szmigielski

top 10 yacht management companies

Why is Burgess yacht insurance better?

top 10 yacht management companies

Thanks to you, Burgess nears its 49th year on a high

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top 10 yacht management companies

Charter KADIMO'S

Available between 10 June - 10 July

Elevator serving lower to sun decks means the boat can accommodate all generations

top 10 yacht management companies


Available 1-12 July and August onwards

Spa facilities including massage and beauty rooms, private master deck and indoor and outdoor cinemas

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Yacht Management Companies

Stress-Free Yacht Ownership Enjoy the journey

Luxury Yacht Management

Yachting is a passion, and we are proud to share that passion with our discerning clients and capable superyacht crew. Moran Yacht Management offers a comprehensive and personalized luxury yacht management program, handled by experienced professionals who understand the business side of yachting and the unique needs of yacht owners.

As an accredited, ISM-Certified management company, Moran Yacht Management provides a wide range of shore-based services, including: Crew management, Financial management, Technical management, Operations management, Safety & Security compliance, and more.

Our strength is our experience and our commitment to our clients. Our philosophy is simple: to enhance the experience of yacht ownership by providing our clients with peace of mind and the confidence that their yacht is in good hands.

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our luxury yacht management services and how we can help you enjoy your yacht to the fullest.

  • Yacht Management

Yacht Operations Management

Yacht accounting.

  • Yacht Safety & Compliance

Yacht Planned Maintenance

  • Contact A Yacht Manager
  • Our Superyacht Crew
  • Yacht Crew Registration
  • Contact Crew Placement

Our Yacht Managers

Our team includes veteran captains and engineers whose collective experience in yacht management is unmatched and envied by the competition. We are uniquely positioned to provide a custom, world-class crew and ship management program. Our project management team at Moran is always available to assist and meet the complex demands of yacht ownership. Our response is personal and immediate, and we are committed to exceeding our client’s expectations of luxury yacht management.

Yacht Managers

Operating a yacht is akin to running a small corporation and our luxury yacht management team proactively assists Owners, captains, and crew with all the details. We are available 24/7 to guide and assist through all of the complexities of day-to-day yacht crew and ship operations.

Yacht Operations Management - Moran

Yacht Safety & Compliance

Moran Yacht Management considers safety and security a culture, both onboard our yachts and ashore. Through extensive experience and Flagship management software, we ensure our fleet is safe, secure, and compliant.

Yacht Safety & Compliance - Moran

Knowledgeable and responsible shore-based accounting from our superyacht management team allows the Captain and crew to do what they do best – running a fine yacht and exceeding the Owner’s expectations.

Yacht Financial Management - Moran

Crew and ship management is imperative for smooth maintenance, which facilitates the optimal safety and reliability of any yacht. Yacht management reduces the risk of operational failure and ensures the vessel is always ready for Owner and Guest enjoyment.

Yacht Planned Maintenance

Contact a Yacht Manager

Contact our yacht management team to learn about our services and the benefits of working with our team.

top 10 yacht management companies

The Best Yacht Management Companies in the World 

Home > Relevance Yacht News > The Best Yacht Management Companies in the World 

Posted by Joanna Lewis , Rumble Romagnoli 14 Nov 2023

Managing a superyacht is a complex and time-consuming affair, which is why yacht owners entrust their vessels to the world’s best yacht management companies.

As a global leader in yacht marketing, Relevance Yacht has worked with multiple luxury yacht management companies over the course of the past decade, including some of the best yacht management companies globally.

Here, we take a look at a selection of some of the best yacht management companies tasked with managing the world’s largest superyachts.

Hill Robinson

Hill Robinson is a Relevance Yacht client and is considered a leading yacht management company. Unlike other yacht management companies that were born out of yacht sales and yacht charters, Hill Robinson was established with the sole purpose of managing the complexities of the world’s largest superyachts. 

With over two decades of expertise, Hill Robinson offers a complete portfolio of industry-leading yacht management services, including crew management services, yacht accounting and financial control, compliance and security, and technical and maintenance support. Hill Robinson offers a complete end-to-end private yacht management solution and has demonstrable experience managing the world’s finest superyachts and mega yachts.  

Moran Yacht & Ship

Moran Yacht & Ship is a leading US brokerage with global reach. They are known for brokering some of the world’s biggest superyacht deals in history and offer a complete portfolio of luxury yacht management services. Their superyacht prowess is unmatched by any other brokerage, which is led by a team of yacht brokers with intimate knowledge of the superyacht industry spanning yacht sales, charter, construction, and yacht management. 

Moran’s yacht management services are designed to offer stress-free yacht ownership with a full suite of services, including yacht operations management, yacht accounting, yacht safety and compliance, yacht maintenance, and superyacht crew registration and placement. 

As a long-term Relevance Yacht client, our team supports Moran with a range of digital marketing services, including lead generation for Ultra-High-Net-Worth-Indivdiuals through tailored pay-per-click and search engine optimisation services.

Relevance Yacht worked with YACHTZOO to help elevate its online presence with a tailored digital marketing strategy encompassing SEO, paid advertising, content marketing, public relations, and customer relationship management, helping the company become a globally recognised full-service yacht brokerage and one of the best yacht management companies. 

YACHTZOO offers a complete portfolio of yacht management services, taking care of every facet of a superyacht’s operation, including administration, maintenance, logistical support, and compliance with yacht regulations, relieving captains and owners of the time-consuming complexities of the day-to-day operations of a private yacht.  

Y.CO is a global full-service yacht brokerage and supplier of luxury yacht management services. The Y.CO team is known for going the extra mile across all their services, including sales, charters, and yacht management, ensuring a seamless yachting experience. Their expert support and encyclopedic insights on the yachting industry have led Y.CO to secure its position as one of the world’s best yacht management companies. 

Y.CO was initially established as a yacht management provider and, as such, offers round-the-clock yacht management services that are designed to surpass expectations. Their impressive global yacht management fleet is a testament to Y.CO’s expertise.

Burgess is considered a global leader in luxury yacht sales, charters, and management. 

Burgess’ yacht management services offer captains and owners a complete solution with a personalised service that is tailored to meet individual needs. All yacht management services are provided in-house and managed by a highly skilled yacht management team, ensuring every vessel is in safe hands. With more than 30 years of yacht management expertise, Burgess is consistently considered one of the world’s best yacht management companies.

Fraser is a yacht industry heavyweight, consistently ranked as a leading yacht brokerage. The global brokerage offers a complete roster of services, including sales, charters, new builds, and private yacht management. Fraser’s yacht management team oversees a fleet of over 100 vessels, from 24-metres to 100-metres+, ensuring the highest standards across all yacht operations.   

Relevance Yacht worked with Fraser for over a decade on all aspects of digital marketing, including SEO, content marketing, digital advertising, and website design and development. Our work with Fraser helped the brokerage dominate the Search Engine Results Pages across multiple high-volume keywords related to yacht sales, yacht charters, and yacht management, showing the benefits of a long-term digital marketing strategy managed by yacht marketing experts. 

Relevance Yacht: the world’s leading yacht marketing agency

Relevance Yacht is a leading yacht marketing agency. Our full-service creative and yacht marketing services have helped many of the world’s best yacht management companies stand out in a saturated market and dominate the SERPs for keywords related to their unique business offerings. If you want to learn more about our 360 yacht marketing services, contact a team member or browse our company presentation.

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Yacht Management

Yacht ownership made effortless

The Joy of Yachting

We foster a tangible yacht culture and community that thrives on responsible stewardship and mindful practices. We are committed to promoting unforgettable experiences, efficient operations, and creative opportunities throughout every aspect of yacht ownership.


Y.CO Yacht Management Services

Tailormade Solutions

Combining deep experience, cutting-edge technology, a unique approach to crew culture and a superhuman level of efficiency: we elevate Yacht Management into yacht mastery.

top 10 yacht management companies

Y.CO Yacht Management

Knowledge is Power

The impressive size of our fleet and our many years of experience allows us to predict problems before they happen, solve intricate issues and apply specialist insight whenever it’s needed.

Culture Counts

Culture counts for everything. We build strong, enterprising crews with dynamic personalities and big ideas, to bring not just efficiency to your yacht, but creativity too.

top 10 yacht management companies

The World at Your Fingertips

A singular point of contact, for every question. An entire community of global experts at your fingertips. You call the shots. We bring the solutions.

Expertise in Every Area

top 10 yacht management companies

Financial Management

We provide cost-efficient governance, corporate-level financial solutions ensuring compliance, accuracy, transparency and control across all operations.

Maritime Compliance

We are committed to providing an effective and compliant safety management system that promotes the highest levels of safety, security and environmental protection. It goes without saying that all our crew are experienced, qualified and trained to ensure consistent levels of safety onboard are maintained.

24/7 Emergency Response Team

If the unforeseen happens, your operation is supported by our emergency response team, who are available 24/7/365 to respond to incidents, coordinate emergency support, liaise with insurers and coordinate an integrated media response.

Crew and Culture

We attract and retain highly experienced and talented crew, whilst creating a tangible onboard culture that nurtures first-class service, longevity and peace of mind.

top 10 yacht management companies


We offer bespoke insurance solutions for your yacht and crew from build-phase right through the life cycle of the yacht’s operation. We leverage our strong relationships with insurance providers to achieve optimal coverage at competitive pricing.

top 10 yacht management companies


Through annual technical inspections, ongoing technical consultancy and emergency technical assistance available 24/7, we provide thorough technical support to ensure your yacht is maintained for maximum reliability, and her resale value protected.

Warranty Management

Y.CO provides a comprehensive solution to warranty management. With added services we endeavour to achieve the best possible solution for the yacht and Owner, with the aim of keeping the yacht operational and maintaining the highest possible standards.


We engage with carefully selected, reputable suppliers, leveraging our long-standing industry relations and fleet buying-power to negotiate fair and competitive pricing and agree favorable terms on behalf of our clients.

Refit Project Management

We offer proactive solutions and experienced resources to ensure your refit project is planned and completed efficiently, on time and within budget.

top 10 yacht management companies

Supporting Your Yachting Operation

top 10 yacht management companies

Yacht Sales

Whatever your reasons, we will guide you in the most effective strategy to sell your yacht.

top 10 yacht management companies

Yacht Charter Management

Your Yacht. Our Expertise. One Powerful Brand.

top 10 yacht management companies

Build & Refit

Expert support from concept to delivery and beyond.

Yacht Management FAQs

What is yacht management?

Our world-class yacht management services combine our unique expertise and leading technology to ensure every experience is seamless. With knowledge in all areas, you can rely on our specialist crew to support your entire yachting operation – from sales and charter to build and refit.

What is included in yacht management?

Yacht management with Y.CO is what makes ownership effortless. Our team use tailor-made solutions to meet the individual needs of each client. Take advantage of our long list of management services, including financial processes, safety and security systems, crew operations, insurance, and logistics.

How much does yacht management cost?

Buying a yacht is a significant investment and excellent management is required. The cost of our management services depends on several factors, including the size and overall condition of your yacht, the length of agreement, and the types of services you'd like included.

How do I discuss yacht management with Y.CO?

Receive exclusive access to a community of global experts when you choose Y.CO yacht management services. Our tailored approach gives you unparalleled support in all areas. To discuss your options further, speak to our friendly experts who will be more than happy to help.

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Father and daughter looking at a map with the captain on board a superyacht | Yacht Charter | Northrop & Johnson

Yacht Management

Expert services.

Place your luxury yacht in the right hands with the services of our superyacht management team. Private ownership is an investment, one that requires intimate knowledge and dedicated action to maximize enjoyment and ensure quality maintenance. We provide unparalleled services for private ownership, from customized construction to financial planning to personalized itineraries. Northrop & Johnson is delighted to work with you to make your ownership of a luxury yacht nothing short of extraordinary, so that all you must worry about is enjoying your superyacht.

Yacht manager and client looking at yacht designs on desk

Building Your Dreams

From vision to reality, our superyacht management team promises exceptional services for customizing and constructing your own private yacht. Our dedicated team presents a unique opportunity to personalize your yacht design with committed specialists and trade experts. From elite luxury interior designers to renowned naval architects, our professionals intimately understand the industry and provide the finest consultations and counseling throughout your new-build process.

Senior crew inspecting map at wheel house

Protecting Your Asset

When purchasing a luxury yacht, it’s vital to understand the potential risks, safety procedures and security protocols to protect your asset, along with those aboard. With our specialists at your disposal, cruising smoothly and safely is assured. Through a thorough understanding of International Safety Management Codes, Maritime Labor Convention regulations and additional proceedings, your yacht ownership experience is made simple, successful and undisturbed.

Couple relaxing together on board superyacht

Assuring Your Travel

Dedicated to providing the perfect luxury yacht experience, we specialize in thorough itinerary planning and destination research. Our experts have an intimate knowledge of shore-based activities, on-water amenities and luxury travel possibilities around the world, perfectly catered to each client’s needs. With a dedicated liaison, there are no bounds to the enjoyment of your yachting experience and the destinations you travel to.

Senior crew member using computer on board superyacht

Registration & Regulation

Safety consideration and regulation compliance are vital for luxury yacht travel. Having a department devoted to these concerns keeps your yacht on the water and your enjoyment at a maximum. With a professional consultant, you can register your yacht with ease, thanks to the strong trust built between the the client, the liaison and the country of registration.

Business person placing coins on top of desk

Financial Expertise

Like any investment, owning a yacht involves complexity and requires meticulous understanding. We provide a professional team dedicated to bespoke budgets, payroll plans and additional financial matters. The department consists of revered accountants and multi-faceted representatives with personal experience in the yachting industry. On a monthly basis, your specialist will send a breakdown of your yachting expenses and maintain quality assurance throughout your ownership. With the Deep Blue real time yacht management software, we ensure that your yachting needs are taken care of whenever and wherever applicable.

Shipyard workers painting yacht

Maintenance & Repairs

Our superyacht management team is an active provider of maintenance and repairs in the luxury yachting industry across the world. Thanks to our impressive reach, clients can enjoy access to the best engineers in technology, safety mechanisms and structural support. With an extensive team and endless resources, necessary repairs are dealt with efficiently and thoroughly. As an N&J client, you will receive the utmost quality maintenance and are guaranteed satisfaction with our services.

Stewardess serving champagne for couple on board charter yacht

Crew Services

It’s undeniable that a captain and crew make or break luxury yacht ownership. Crew is essential for yacht operations, vessel maintenance and on-water hospitality. We provide a truly unique crew database with over 6,500 members worldwide from an extensive array of nationalities. Our superyacht management crew representatives ensure that your captain and crew are thoroughly processed, analyzed and interviewed for the fulfillment of your luxury travel needs. In addition to finding crew, our specialists sustain and support ongoing relationships between crew, captains and owners to ensure that the experience aboard your luxury yacht is nothing short of unforgettable.

Yacht anchored at clear Caribbean waters

Specialist Support

The services of our superyacht management team are thorough, refined and simply extraordinary. Our extensive team of consultants is readily available for any needs that may arise, from legal advice and representation to project negotiations. Having reliable assistance that surpasses expectations enables clients to relax and appreciate the most important part of yachting: your enjoyment.

With our impressive collection of resources, N&J clients can rest assured that their luxury yacht ownership will be as seamless and efficient as possible.

Easy, Fun & Efficient

Our charter marketing experts will ensure your yacht is visible and gets charter bookings

Sell Your Yacht

Our yacht brokers sell faster, more efficiently and at the best price

Calling All Crew

Looking for your next job or the ideal crew? Our crew service experts are here to help

Proud to be part of the MarineMax family

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By SuperyachtNews 12 Jun 2017

The Superyacht Management Report

This revelatory data sample offers unique insight into the size and scope of top management companies' operations. ….

Image for article The Superyacht Management Report

The average number of superyachts under management, among the industry’s top management companies, is 24 – one of numerous facts about this ordinarily opaque sector gleaned from a recent research project undertaken by The Superyacht Intelligence Agency.

With a fleet of 77 yachts under management, 3.2 times the industry average, Y.CO leads the way, with its largest vessel measuring 124m, 25m more than the mean average of 99m. Y.CO is among seven companies managing yachts over 100m, the others being Wilson Yacht Management, Inserve, Hill Robinson, Wright Maritime Group, Camper & Nicholsons International and Master Yachts, whose 147m client is the largest vessel identified in our survey.

When it comes to employees, Burgess is the highest ranked company, with a staggering 168 permanent personnel. This is over four times the industry average, although as one of the industry’s largest full-service companies, this also includes its other divisions. Even so, with 45 dedicated yacht managers, Burgess still outstrips the industry average of 10 by over 400 per cent.

Y.CO is a close second, with 41 yacht managers. This equates to 1.9 yachts per manager, which is an impressively low figure – underlining the company’s commitment to a bespoke service for its clients. Only MCM, Jansen, West Nautical and Master Yachts have lower yacht/manager ratios.

This data provides an insightful overview of the distribution of the fleet-under-management market. It also represents a prelude to The Superyacht Management Report, appearing in issue 179 of The Superyacht Report . This report analyses client sentiment towards the management sector, via a comprehensive project undertaken by The Superyacht Intelligence Agency.

Have you subscribed to The ‘new’ Superyacht Report? If you are a captain, owner, yacht manager, chief engineer, first officer, broker, designer, senior shipyard management, an owner’s representative, investor, or a family office, you are eligible for a complimentary annual subscription to the only superyacht industry publication worth reading. To apply for your VIP subscription, click  here . 

Profile links

Superyacht Intelligence Agency

Wilson Yacht Management Ltd

Inserve Ltd

Hill Robinson

Wright Maritime Group

Camper & Nicholsons International

Master Yachts Consultancy

West Nautical

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top 10 yacht management companies

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top 10 yacht management companies

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top 10 yacht management companies

Yacht management and consulting services for total peace of mind Yacht Management Services & Project Management

A luxury yacht is a significant investment; whatever the size, yachts are valuable assets and require a carefully crafted management service, from rigorous financial management to employing a trusted crew and running a well-orchestrated diary. Our superyacht management services ensure that your yacht is maintained, operated and administered to the highest possible standards, leaving you free to enjoy your time on board with family and friends.

As a highly reputable yacht management company, Ocean Independence provides seamless and exceptional shore-side support to make certain that all aspects of your yacht maintenance are dealt with safely and efficiently. Our highly qualified Team have skills, knowledge and experience across a comprehensive range of services. From cost control and maintenance, to every aspect of your yacht’s operation, we act with efficiency, transparency and, of course, accountability.

If you are considering commissioning the construction of a new build yacht or refitting an existing yacht, we also specialise in providing yacht project management services. We have been successfully involved in the new construction and refitting of some of the world’s most iconic yachts and have excellent and extensive relationships with the very best shipyards, designers and naval architects around the world, allowing us to provide you with the highest level of service.

Our Luxury Yacht Management Services

Operational Yacht Management

Operational yacht management

At Ocean Independence, our operational yacht management services streamline every facet of yacht ownership for Clients, Captains, and crew. With 24/7 accessibility, our operational yacht management Team ensure smooth daily crew coordination and vessel operations.

Yacht construction

Yacht construction & refit project management

Our yacht management Team specialises in new build yacht management and yacht refit management. Comprising ex-captains, naval architects, and engineers, we guarantee timely, cost-effective project completion with unmatched quality control. With vast experience collaborating with top shipyards and designers, we have helped to shape the industry’s most iconic superyachts.

Our expertise Our experienced yacht management team will deal with every aspect of the running of your yacht

Our dedicated Team of technical supervisors and yacht managers have a unique combination of skills, knowledge and experience, and will deliver a comprehensive range of services, to ensure your peace of mind – every step of the way.

Ocean Independence stand pillars

Crew Etiquette and Butler Training

Yachting is an exclusive luxury experience, where the highest standards of service are anticipated. In order to exceed expectations, yacht crew require highly dedicated professional training in all areas.

Because training staff within their real working environment is proven to be far more effective than traditional classroom training, Ocean Management have combined hands-on training with the world-class expertise of Hanspeter Vochezer to ensure that your crew can offer you the best possible yachting experience.

Crew services on superyacht

FAQs Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about yacht management services

A luxury yacht management team handles all of the operational and maintenance obligations that come with owning a yacht. From regular surveys and refits to financial management, crew employment, and even legal and technical support - they are responsible for ensuring your yacht stays in top condition throughout your ownership.

Taking the technicalities out of your hands, yacht management allows you to focus on enjoying all the perks of owning a yacht, without any of the stress. You can rest assured that the team will deal with any legal or regulatory concerns, as well as maintain the condition of your yacht. With an experienced team on-hand, everything will be taken care of.

It's important to emphasize that the running costs of a yacht can greatly vary based on factors such as the yacht's size, age, and usage. Generally, a rough estimate is that the annual maintenance expenses will be 10% of the yacht’s initial purchase price. For instance, for a superyacht purchased at EUR 20,000,000, the approximate annual running costs could be around EUR 2,000,000. However, this is a ballpark figure. To get an accurate estimate, don’t hesitate to contact an Ocean Independence yacht management expert by completing the enquiry form below.

For fully serviced yacht management, you will be expected to pay a monthly fee, although the exact amount will vary depending on several factors, including the size of the yacht, the types of service included, the length of the agreement and the overall condition of the yacht. If you would like a quote for the management of your yacht, you can contact our team to make an enquiry.

Whether commissioning a new build or refitting an existing yacht, the process can be long and complex, with various regulatory standards that need to be met and timelines that need to be tracked. A superyacht project management team can help streamline the process and ensure everything goes to plan, so all you have to do is decide what your dream yacht looks like, and they will help bring it to life.

Refitting your yacht has multiple benefits. Not only does it allow for customisation and keeping your yacht in top condition, but it also helps in making her more attractive to charterers and future buyers, as well as maintaining a level of style and modernity that will help your yacht keep her value in the long term.

The exact expense of a yacht refit will depend on the changes being made and the size of the yacht, as well as her overall condition. Whilst repainting the hull can cost anything up to EUR 1,000,000, installing new decor or an on-deck spa pool can cost anywhere from EUR 50,000. If you’re planning to refit your yacht, you can get a quote from our global yacht management team: [email protected].

The length of time it takes to build a custom yacht will depend on the shipyard, size of the yacht, level of customisation and complexity of the design. On average, it takes around three to four years to build a fully custom yacht.

Make a yacht management enquiry

Need help or advice.

The yachting journey can be complex with many decisions to be made. Get in touch with Ocean Independence, and one of our specialist consultants will help you make the right choices.

As a truly global company with 14 offices worldwide, we’re available 24/7 to help with any enquiries.

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top 10 yacht management companies

Home > Yacht Management

We offer a bespoke service of luxury yacht management that ensures trouble-free ownership.

We know that large luxury yacht management is increasingly becoming a proactive and complex process. At YACHTZOO’s yacht management division , we take care of your yacht’s administration, maintenance and compliance with regulations. Ultimately, we want you to relax and enjoy your asset while we manage it.

Our proven superyacht management process consistently shows a reduction in costs and downtime, providing Owners and Captains with enhanced efficiency, safety and complete peace of mind. The YACHTZOO   Yacht Management team provides clients with a broad range of practical skills, including commercial maritime operations and new build project management . We are also Document of Compliance certified for a number of major flag states.

YACHTZOO provides a comprehensive superyacht management service, and we support our fleet on a day-to-day basis. We do this by relieving Captains of some of the yacht management administration, which allows them to spend more time on the things that matter. Our worldwide network of suppliers, shipyards and banks helps us to anticipate and satisfy our clients’ every need. We will always represent the Owner’s best interest and be clear and transparent throughout. As a yacht management company, we want to stay ahead of the curve and offer the very best ship management services to our clients. We do this by regularly attending seminars, webinars, onboard surveys, and maintaining memberships with key industry associations that help us keep abreast of changes and developments within the maritime sector.

The YACHTZOO Yacht Management Division is Document of Compliance certified.

The yacht management division’s team will always represent the Owner’s best interest. 

Our services

YACHTZOO offers a bespoke service of yacht management that ensures that you enjoy trouble-free ownership. Think we might be able to assist you? Challenge us to help you with your needs

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Yacht management services we offer

Financial administration.

Budget Preparation & Approval Opening Bank Accounts Master Credit / Debit Card Cash to Captain Clearing & Pre-approval of Invoices Day-to-day Running Accounting Accounting Report

Technical & Refit

Technical Support Planned Maintenance Yard Supervision Monitor Guaranties Maintenance System

Safety & Security

ISM / ISPS Flag Compliance Audit & Survey Procedures & Policies

Crew Administration

Recruitment Supervision Verification of references & certificates Crew Contract Information Monthly Payroll Management

Insurance Management

Competitive Quotes from Underwriters Claim Management

Logistical Support

Communication Subscriptions Fueling Assistance Assist with Crew travel Berthing Assistance

Our role as yacht managers

The essence of yacht management revolves around providing an infrastructure whereby the operation is adequately funded, spending is accounted for, a safe working and living environment is maintained, and compliance measures are respected from a crew employment and technical perspective.

IYBA International Yacht Brokers Association


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The Complete Yacht Management Company

A pioneer in the yachting world, PrivatSea is a full-service yacht management company, supporting private and corporate super yacht owners. PrivatSea now operates via a network of offices in key international locations.

Yacht management company

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Owners' guide to yacht management companies

Moving up from a yacht of less than 30m to 40m, 50m or more, increases the complexity of the yacht orders of magnitude. The owner of a large yacht likely will find he or she no longer has the time, the will, or the administrative resources to navigate a jungle of yard contracts, legal hurdles, insurance options, regulations, crew management, charter management, logistics or the myriad other details associated with building, repairing or ownership.

A yacht owner going it alone may find what once was a pleasant escape from the stress and pressures of the workaday world is now a surly beast in constant need of attention.

'As yachts increase in tonnage, so do the demands on the owner. A management company takes the day-to-day burden and responsibility of running the yacht away from the owner,' says a member of the Burgess Yachts management team. 'More importantly, [managers] are there to respond to urgent situations and emergencies around the clock, and to provide advice to the owner and crew in all areas.'

Running a yacht is a full-time job

Boats are inherently needy machines. Quality time on the water rarely comes without at least a modicum of thought for their care and feeding.

Owning a superyacht can take on characteristics of running an international business. For some, a competent corporate accountant and a talented captain may be able to manage the program, but for many, at least some level of professional shore-based yacht management can be a welcome relief.

'Administration of a yacht, managing its safety, paying suppliers, managing crew and charter agents is a full-time job,' says Barbara Jolly, yacht and aircraft manager of Abacus Trust Company Ltd. 'The larger the yacht, the more likely it is for such services to be contracted out. This will allow the captain to focus on its safe and smooth operation.'

Yacht management comes in many shapes and sizes depending on an owner's individual requirements. Owners may decide to hire a small firm or individual expert to handle one element. such as regulatory compliance, and another for charter management.

'Administration of a yacht, managing its safety, paying suppliers, managing crew and charter agents is a full-time job

Barbara Jolly, yacht and aircraft manager, Abacus Trust Company'

A number of firms, large and small, offer 'full lifecycle' management for every aspect of ownership, beginning with an owner's decision to build a new yacht and end with its sale.

'Our yacht management services,' says the Burgess manager, 'are tailored to each owner's specific needs and can include operations support, technical management, safety management, security management, crew administration, emergency response, insurance administration, creation of a robust offshore crew employment structure, financial management and technical consultancy.

'We also can be used as an on-call advisor for any of the owner's yachting needs.'

Other large companies offer similar menus covering a broad range of services from which owners can choose a full or partial package or take the services à la carte. Burgess says 90 per cent of its fleet is under what is termed 'full management'.

Edmiston & Company says 80 per cent of its fleet is under full management, with the remainder having contracts for some, but not all, of the services the firm offers.

'We have been asked for many other services and are always happy to support a client in any way,' says a senior manager at Edmiston. 'This has included making all necessary arrangements for three tigers to attend a party for 300 people on board a 60m yacht in a US marina.'

Administration of a yacht, managing its safety, paying suppliers, managing crew and charter agents is a full-time job

Barbara Jolly, yacht and aircraft manager, Abacus Trust Company

Management networks

If a management company does not have on-staff expertise in a specific area, it often has relationships with specialists who do.

For regulatory compliance, it may go to someone like Ken Argent of Water’s Edge Consulting Ltd., who specializes in ISM and ISPS (International Safety Management Code/International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) management and MLC (Maritime Labor Convention) compliance.

Argent’s business provides shore-based regulatory compliance services to yachts over 500GT that are engaged in trade (charter in the case of yachts) as required by the various codes, regulations and conventions.

Most broad-brush brokerage companies offer regulatory compliance services, but, says Argent, ‘Some owners prefer to deal with people who have no connection to a brokerage house.’

Other firms offer a wide range of services, but specialize in a narrower branch of management. Isle of Man-based I-Cap Marine Ltd., is an example of a larger company that focuses on a speciality slice of the management pie. I-Cap Director Stephen Brew described his company as a ‘corporate and statutory manager’.

‘A yacht manager will undertake technical management, day-to-day crew management, and day-to-day operational management of the yacht, in close co-ordination with the captain and crew,’ says Brew. ‘The corporate and statutory management of the yacht, which is what we undertake at I-Cap Marine Ltd., is in very simple terms, the management of the corporate ownership structure.

‘At the same time, we work with nearly all of the major yacht managers for yachts of all shapes and sizes. [When there is a] yacht manager involved, we tend to look after the ownership structure, accounting and VAT compliance, while the yacht managers handle all day-to-day, operational oversight of the yacht.’

Managing private yachts

By some estimates, there are more than 7,000 yachts 24m and above worldwide, but only a small percentage of their owners retain the services of a management company. Those who don’t are likely owners of private yachts that do not engage in commercial activity such as charter. So who’s coordinating all the details if not a management company?

Often captains serve as the lead management executive, hiring crew, keeping books and managing the technical aspects of the yacht. But an owner moving up in class may find the added layers of regulation and compliance strain the resources and time of his captain.

Some owners use accountants or managers within their businesses and software such as Marine CFO or Manage My Vessel to coordinate those activities in conjunction with the captain. The owner of the 85m Cakewalk, launched in the US in 2010, established a separate entity to handle the management details of his yachts.

‘We started our own management company, Yacht Logistics Inc., in 2000, after the launch of the 62m Cakewalk [the owner’s previous yacht],’ says the owner’s long-time captain, William Zinser.

‘We sent a former crew member to school to learn the safety management program required to manage our vessel. We set up our own payroll, insurance, immigration lawyer, accountant and our own safety management program,’ continues Zinser, ‘which ended up being less expensive than the alternatives. We use a shoreside engineering company and pay them as we go.

‘I initiate and oversee all of the SMS [Safety Management System] on board Cakewalk and delegate its implementation to the necessary crew to make sure it is adhered to.’

Zinser, who is a partner in Yacht Logistics, says the company now handles safety management, payroll, mail and other services for four other vessels. He thinks a management company is a good choice for novice large yacht owners.

‘A person who has never been a yacht owner before could definitely benefit from a large management company, unless he or she can put all this together himself or herself before purchasing a large yacht,’ he says.

Beware of the well-presented ‘one-stop shop’ approach, as very few companies can actually deliver this in a meaningful way.

Robert Tobin, director, Döhle Private Clients

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"Setting up 8 Yachts was a logical step as Guy and I were doing very similar work and share the same core values. We have both project managed builds and both have boats already under full management " − Jim Passmore, Founder
"After taking the temperature of the industry through discussions with owners, brokers, charter agents and captains, we feel we have identified an area that has certain shortcomings " − Guy Waddilove, Founder

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8 Yachts is an independent, boutique yacht management company that prides itself of service, cost efficiency and responsiveness. Our team only manages a portfolio of eight yachts ensuring you get consistent service without compromise.

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BSM Yachting delivers peace of mind. We manage your yacht so you can enjoy it.

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Superyacht ownership and asset management

Discover how BSM Yachting can elevate your superyacht experience with our top-tier yacht management services. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and explore the possibilities of a flawless yachting adventure.

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Crew employment

Our yacht crew management team efficiently handles all administrative aspects of seafarer employment, providing daily support to both the vessel and its crew.

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We ensure that your visions are transformed into impeccably crafted vessels with meticulous attention to detail.

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Yacht asset management

140 years of experience as ship owners and managers - We are yacht managers with a ship owning heritage. BSM Yachting is a member of the Schulte Group, an international, family-owned holding of companies established in 1883 specialising in ship owning, ship management, maritime software solutions, maritime services and asset management.

Owner’s interest first - we are completely independent from brokerage companies.

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German precision and Hanseatic tradition - Our shore-based team of experts combines BSM’s advanced tech solutions with in-depth yachting competence – while upholding the Hanseatic tradition of discretion.

Lifecycle management - We offer the full power of a global player tailored to your yacht’s needs. You benefit from our in-house services range and worldwide network, from crew and technical management up to ownership structures.

Global presence and integrated, real life information - We support any yacht in the seven seas, with a head yacht management base in Germany and the fully integrated management always at your fingertips.

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Work in partnership with us and benefit from outstanding, independent service – focussed entirely on the management requirements of vessel Owners and Captains.

Established for more than 20 years, WYM Group is made up of Wilson Yacht Management, Wilson Ship Management and WYM Crew Services.

We proudly provide tailored support, building long-lasting relationships based on trust and confidence.


Bespoke Yacht Management Services tailored to provide a complete package of support.



From accounts and admin to insurance, compliance and documentation, we’ll have it covered.


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22nd December 2023

Reflections on a busy 2022 for WYM Group which brought further business growth

top 10 yacht management companies

23 December 2021

Experienced team planning our dedicated support for superyacht clients in 2022

top 10 yacht management companies

21 December 2021

Successful 2021 shows are reflection of buoyant superyacht industry

top 10 yacht management companies

26 Octobr 2021

Connect and catch-up with us at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2021

top 10 yacht management companies

17 September 2021

Meet our team and tap into our expertise at 2021 Monaco Yacht Show

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14 September 2021

Multi-million pound vessel added to WYM Group yacht management fleet

02 September 2021

New recruits bring wealth of experience to our dedicated support team

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25 August 2021

How we help you navigate the REG Yacht Code

WYM Group have been managing our 200ft yacht since 2018 and we are totally satisfied with their services. They have a wealth of experience and are always efficient and diligent in all our dealings.

Scott, Owner's Representative

The complex aspects of managing any large yacht are no mean feat, but Allan and his team are always there to assist when needed. They handle everything with drive and knowledge, building the perfect environment for the owner and Captain to develop confidence and trust.

Oscar, Master Mariner

Thank you for your excellent service with the management of our client's 60 metre Feadship - we are pleased with how seamlessly you've done what we need.

Steve, Family Office Representative

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Top 10 Moscow Attractions – Things To Do In Moscow

1. all around the kremlin.

St. Basil’s Cathedral

Start from the Alexandrovsky Sad (Alexander Garden), a highlight of Moscow center. The garden is famous for its architectural monuments, incredibly beautiful flowerbeds and history. The Eternal Flame in the memory of the fallen heroes in the World War II glows in front of the Kremlin Kutafya Tower. Alexandrovsky Sad is a place that is impossible to miss, if you are going to the Kremlin , a symbol of the Russian State, one of the greatest architectural ensembles in the world, a treasury of amazing relics and monuments of art. The famous  Armory Chamber and the Diamond Fund are real treasure houses. The Kremlin is the official President’s residence and remains a gorgeous political landmark. On the way from the Kremlin to the Red Square , you will find the State History Muzeum , with a wonderful collection of artworks, depicting Russian history. Red Square remains, as it has been for centuries, the heart and soul of Russia. Few places in the world bear the weight of history to the extent that Moscow’s central square does. From the 16th Century St. Basil’s Cathedral – one of the most famous pieces of architecture in the world – to the constructivist pyramid of  Lenin’s Mausoleum , Red Square is rich in symbols of Russia’s turbulent and intriguing past. Right at the Square there is one of the oldest and most remarkable shopping centers in Moscow – the GUM . Just several trading passages in Russia were created over a century ago and successfully operate until nowadays. GUM always was, and remains the greatest country’s store. To have some rest you can go to recently opened Zaryadye Park and enjoy breathtaking views of The Moscow Kremlin from the floating bridge, listen to some classic concerts or try local food from different regions of Russia.


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-> Read our main article about Moscow theatres

Not far from the Kremlin and the main street of Moscow – Tverskaya street you will find the Theater Square. The square is situated over the river Neglinka that was enclosed in an underground pipe in 1819. Now it is a green square with two beautiful fountains. The area owes its name because of t three theaters located there: a world-famous Bolshoi Theatre , Maly Theatre and Russian Academic Youth Theatre (RAMT). The Bolshoi Theatre is a symbol of Russia for all time. It was awarded this honor due to the major contribution to the history of the Russian performing arts. This history is on-going and today Bolshoi Theatre artists continue to contribute to it many bright pages. Visit the theatre to watch the magnificent Russian operas and ballets. Despite high ticket’s price, you will never be disappointed; it is a real pearl of the world’s theatrical life. The TsUM is a luxurious shopping mall with recognizable designer labels and expensive goods is also located at the Theatre Square. A good place to visit in this area is a place called «Denis Simachev Bar», a two-story house in Stoleshnikov Lane. The music and menu are diverse, as well as the audience. A special drink of the bar is cider «Sidor Simachev».


Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Start from Ostozhenka St. , and lanes around it, to see the charming old Moscow. Despite that Ostozhenka became one of the most expensive streets in the world, with lots of new houses, it preserved unique examples of the 18 and 19 centuries architecture, which you may find in the numerous bystreets. Moreover, Multimedia Art Museum , one of the most interesting art spots in Moscow is located at Ostozhenka, 16. Follow the street to the city center and you will see the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour . It is one of the largest Orthodox church in the world. The building is magnificent, but not as old as it looks, it was rebuilt in 2000 (the original was demolished by the order of Stalin). One of the highlights of the Cathedral is the panoramic view from the 40-meter-high observation platform. Use the footbridge from Christ the Savior Cathedral to get to the former area of confectionary factory Krasniy Octyabr (the Red October) with lots of stores, bars and cultural spots. The Strelka Bar is a good place to have some rest. It is a comfortable urban space for informal and having a cocktail. In summertime, the bar opens a terrace overlooking the Moscow River.


Gorky Park

-> Read our main article about Moscow Parks

After visiting the previous attraction, you can follow the footbridge and enter the long pedestrian zone at the borders of the Moskva River. At first, the Krimskaya embankment will lead you to the Museon Art Park , that has a unique collection of 700 sculptures. Nowadays Museon, together with the Gorky Park and Neskuchniy Sad are much reconstructed. The space of the Museon Park of Arts is perfectly landscaped for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Follow the River Bank and you will come to the main leisure and cultural spot of nowadays Moscow – the  Gorky Park . It opened in 1928. In 2011, Gorky Park underwent a major restructuring and now has a fresh, vibrant appearance. The park’s recently upgraded design makes it one of the most interesting places to spend your leisure time. About 20,000 visitors visit the 109-hectare park each day. The park features bike rental stations, a comfortable business area with Wi-Fi, an outdoor movie theatre and a greenhouse where you can buy fresh greens such as basil and lettuce, numerous open-air cafes, yoga classes, film festivals in the summer cinema and classical music concerts. To contemplate the sky and the stars, you can go to the observatory and look through the telescope while listening to fascinating stories from astronomers. You can enjoy many sports in the park such as volleyball, handball, football or a peaceful jog around the beautiful surroundings If you go further by the riverbank you will reach Neskuchniy Sad , a wonderful place in the Moscow center, one of Moscow’s oldest parks, highly renovated for the past few years. Once an area filled with the summer palaces of Moscow’s wealthiest nobles, it is now a charming slice of wildlife with many activities and places of rest.


Komsomolskaya Metro Station

-> Read our main article about The Moscow Metro

-> We also have great  MOSCOW METRO TOUR , available for you

The Moscow Metro has its own unforgettable charm. It was opened in 1935 and became one of the USSR’s most extravagant architectural projects. That is why most of the central underground stations look like a museum. Every station has its own mood, different decorations and fascinating story. Take a journey in Moscow underground to get an unforgettable impression of the city.


The Novodevichy Convent

The Novodevichy Convent , built in the 16th and 17th centuries in the so-called Moscow Baroque style, was part of a chain of monastic ensembles that were integrated into the defence system of the city. The convent was directly associated with the political, cultural and religious history of Russia, and closely linked to the Moscow Kremlin. It was used by women of the Tsar’s family and the aristocracy. Members of the Tsar’s family and entourage were also buried in its cemetery. The convent provides an example of the highest accomplishments of Russian architecture with rich interiors and an important collection of paintings and artefacts. The convent was closed in 1917, and in 1926, it became a branch of the State Historical Museum. The museum`s collection now consist of about 12,000 items, including old Russian paintings, fabrics from the 16th—20th centuries, items from precious metals and stones, liturgical items, and vestments, made by the best artists, jewelers and embroiderers. The necropolis is one of the convent`s special attractions. The Novodevichy cemetery is divided into «new» and «old» sections. The old cemetery lies within the convent’s walls, and since the early 18th century it was the burial place for eminent and rich people, above all, the tsar’s family. In the 19th century, many prominent Russians were laid to rest here. The new cemetery was had been used from 1898 to 1904. During the Soviet era, the Novodevichy cemetery was second in prestige only to the Kremlin wall necropolis.


top 10 yacht management companies

The Moscow Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in Europe. Its first name has been Zoological Park and it was opened in 1864. Through 140 years of its history, during times of peace, war, revolution the Zoo was open. Nowadays it is located right in the middle of the big city. The main entrance to the zoo, built in 1997, stands opposite Krasnopresnenskaya metro station. It looks like a fairytale castle with towers and a waterfall. This enter leads to the old part of the zoo, where the highlights include the big cats, a neat underground viewing space below the penguin pool, a dolphinarium, as well as the sea lion enclosure that lets you watch them swim from below. A pedestrian bridge takes you across the street to the New Territory, the most interesting parts of which are probably the primate house and fun children’s zoo. Near the second enter to the Zoo at the Garden ring The Moscow Planetarium is located. It was first opened on November 5, 1929. After a global reconstruction, it was reopened in 2011. Now it is a multifunctional complex that combines scientific and educational resources: the interactive museum «Lunarium», the Museum of Urania, the Big Star Hall and the Sky Park, family recreation center that is focused on different age groups. The Moscow Planetarium is one of the biggest planetariums in the world.


Rotonda near Uzbekistan Pavillon at VDNKh

-> We also have great  SOVIET MOSCOW TOUR , available for you

The VDNKh – the Exhibition of National Economic Achievements – and it remains a fascinating monument to Russia’s transitional period, a mixture of faded Soviet pomp and unregulated capitalism. Its story began in 1939 as the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition, a monumental paean to the achievements of collectivization. Nowadays the VDNKh is a bizarre juxtaposition: part agricultural fair, part trade expo, part shopping center and part street market, with amusements as diverse as paint-balling and camel rides. The park itself is an intriguing example of 20th century landscaping. The VDNKh buildings, still preposterously magnificent are wonderful example of Soviet architecture. The VDNKh is truly unique, and worth visiting, especially as there is much more to be seen nearby, including the wonderful Cosmonautics Museum . It was opened in 1981, to the 20th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin space flight. The idea of creating this museum belongs to famous Russian scientist S.P. Korolev, one of the major figures in rocketry and space ship building of the XX century. Nowadays a large exposition demonstrates a full-size rocket and space technology. You can try interactive exhibits, such as the one, identical to the Cosmonaut Training Center simulator, virtual international space station and more.


Kolomenskoe Museum-Reserve

A unique historic place – Kolomenskoe – is situated in the picturesque surrounding over the Moscow River banks. These lands are full of legends. Archeological discoveries state that the first settlements appeared here in the 8th century. It is an ancient and uniquely formed place. Today this is an exceptional complex of cultural monuments of a great historical value. The chief attraction of the park is undoubtedly the stone Church of the Ascension of the Lord . It was constructed in 1529-1532 by order of Tsar Vasily III to commemorate the birth of his son and heir, Ivan the Terrible. However, there is a lot more to see in the park: the pretty Church of the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan – with its bright azure domes and plenty of gold. Further into the park there is a charming Church of the Beheading of St John the Baptist , built by Ivan the Terrible to mark his coronation. If you visit this place, you can fully enjoy nature, picturesque views over the Moskva River and learn about Russian medieval architecture. Moreover, many cultural events are held here.


top 10 yacht management companies

Happy to help you with everything, from general plan of your visit to plane tickets or hotel stay. We may also support your Russian Visa request with a letter of invitation if you need so.


Tverskaya Street in Moscow

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top 10 yacht management companies

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10 Best Russia Tour Operators 2024 [Unbiased & With Reviews]

10 best russia tour operators 2024.

Are you planning to visit Russia, but unsure which tour provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple tour providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost tour for the most affordable trip abroad.

Get Free Quotes From 10 Best Russia Tour Operators

Have you been thinking about an exciting trip to amazing Russia? Are you interested in enjoying a memorable tour in Russia ? Does the idea of visiting Russia with the top tour company sound great to you?

Russia, the world’s largest country, boasts a diverse landscape with castles, mountains, and frozen lands, complemented by exceptional cuisine. Whether in St Petersburg, Moscow, or Siberia, Russia offers opportunities to explore the Tundra and witness the Northern Lights. Enjoy skiing, visit volcanoes, palaces, and castles, and indulge in a vodka production tour.

Choosing the right tour company is crucial for a memorable trip to Russia. With numerous options available, investing in a top-rated company can save you time and money, ensuring a fun, safe, and regret-free adventure.

We strongly believe that without comprehensive and analytical research, you may end up spending a lot of money and time on a company that does not have your best interest. With our help, you will find well-researched and analyzed information about the top 10 tour companies in Russia to help make a solid and informed decision.

Continue reading to explore the top 10 highly rated tour companies in Russia and their best travel packages.

Table update Jan 19, 2024

Volgograd Sputnik Travel Company

Volgograd Sputnik Travel Company

As one of the Russia’s oldest tour operators, Volgograd Sputnik Travel Company has been providing travel-related services since 1991. The key focus of their tour is the city of Volgograd itself. This leading tour operator offers day-tours, excursions and even virtual tours of Volgograd and its surrounding areas. The company is led by a team of dedicated and friendly tour guides that will help you make the most of your visit throughout your stay. They believe in receiving their foreign guests with a positive attitude and thus, invite you on a tour of Volgograd.

Volgograd Sputnik Travel Company Best Russia Tour Packages

This company organizes many different activities for you to be a part of in their tour packages. Honor Soviet war heroes in their historic 3 Day Stalingrad Battlefield Tour . You will visit different sights along the Volga and Don rivers and see places of historical importance in this tour.

Don’t miss out on their sightseeing tour of Hero-City Volgograd . See major sights from the WW II era like the Alley of Heroes, Peace Street, Eternal Flame and many more.

The company also offers a unique tour of Rossoshka where you can observe German and Soviet cemeteries. The central attraction of this tour is a famous sculpture named the “Mourning Mother”.

Volgograd Sputnik Travel Company Reviews

Volgograd Sputnik’s long-standing history is marked by praises and appreciation from the many tourists they have served. This Russian travel company has 326 reviews on TripAdvisor and is ranked as #1 of 17 Tours & Activities in Volgograd. A past customer of theirs wrote:

Went on the big tour of Stalingrad this morning was out for about 5 hours with my man Mikhail. A bit pricey but a good engaging overview chauffeured and one on one… Alexander

Read all reviews of Volgograd Sputnik Travel Company on TripAdvisor .

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Flotilla Radisson Royal

If you are looking for a luxurious cruise experience in Moscow then look no further than Flotilla Radisson Royal ! This top-reviewed Russian travel operator provides excellent tours on the Moscow River where you can enjoy the best views of Moscow. They have a fleet of 10 ice-class yachts that are fully serviced for sightseeing tours as well as large private gatherings. The team at Flotilla Radisson Royal is highly specialized in bringing you the comfort you seek on your trip to Russia.

Flotilla Radisson Royal Best Russia Tour Packages

Flotilla Radisson Royal provides a large array of tour packages on their first-class luxury yachts.

The company offers one of the most unique yacht cruises through the display of theatre! Book their Dinner with a Classic boat tour where you will watch an Italian drama performance. Enjoy the bewitching sights of Moscow city while fine-dining on special Italian dishes.

Their services also extend to themed cruises on their yachts. You can call ahead and book a customizable cruise. They offer sightseeing, romantic, theatrical, literary, family and gastronomic tours in this package.

You can also go on regular yacht cruises according to their yacht schedule. They will take you on a round-trip of Russia’s popular attractions.

Flotilla Radisson Royal Reviews

This tour company in Russia provides an interesting mix of exciting and luxurious boat trips that all customers seem to like. They have 1,127 reviews on TripAdvisor, out of which most are 5-star ratings. They are ranked as #2 of 96 Boat Tours & Water Sports in Moscow. A satisfied customer wrote:

This was a surprise for me by my partner and daughter. Getting onto the boat was very orderly, and our table was gratefully in a good position so Moscow at night could be appreciated… Pete17 Read all reviews of Flotilla Radisson Royal on TripAdvisor



ExploRussia is a leading Russian tour operator that specializes in creating exceptional tours for global travelers seeking an authentic and local perspective in Russia. The agency is one of the best when it comes to showcasing Russia’s historical landmarks, beautiful landscapes, and contemporary culture. The company was first established in 2012 with the aim of responsible tourism in mind. Comprising a team of passionate and young entrepreneurs, the company is dedicated to bring you a fantastic vacation in Russia with personalized attention and off-the-beaten-track exploration.

ExploRussia Best Russia Tour Packages

The team at ExploRussia goes the extra mile with their tour packages to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience in their country.

You can choose to go on their Moscow Off the Beaten Path Tour where you will experience the local culture of Moscow without being in crowded streets. Explore the Orthodox Church, taste different Russian food and discover the major sights like Kremlin, Red Square and Bolshoi Theatre.

 You can also explore traditional markets with your own local tour guide on their Moscow Food Tour . You will discover enchanting Russian cuisine and taste different kinds of food items that are remnants of the USSR.

For an adventurous journey, travel to the mountains of Altai near Moscow. In this 6 day tour of the Altai Mountains, you will be in close contact with nature while camping and horse-riding around local villages.

ExploRussia Reviews

As the pioneers of responsible tourism in Russia, ExploRussia has set a great example to other local and international tour companies. This Russian tour operator has 595 reviews on TripAdvisor and is ranked at the top as #1 of 1,116 Shopping in Central Russia. A recent customer of theirs wrote:

When I reached out to Olga from ExploRussia , she was already invested in my request , asking the right questions and pointing out the possibilities… Hassan M

Read all reviews of ExploRussia on TripAdvisor .

 Explore the cultural treasures of Turkey by choosing one of the 10 Best Turkey Tour Operators , providing expert guidance.

St. Petersburg Guided Tours

St. Petersburg Guided Tours

St. Petersburg Guided Tours , founded in 2005, is a locally owned travel company in Russia. The company is founded by Valeria Grigoryeva, a licensed and qualified tour guide. They operate private and customized free tours. Their services include walking adventures, cultural, and historical tours. The guides are highly qualified professionals passionate about Russia’s history with extensive experience in the local and international travel industry. With this company, you will certainly have a memorable time traveling through the Russian countryside.

St. Petersburg Guided Tours Best Russia Tour Packages

For more than 15 years, St. Petersburg Guided Tours has improved and perfected fun, authentic, and luxury Russian tours to select from .

If you are looking to spend quality time with your partner, you can choose their  Romantic Getaway Tour . On this excursion, you will visit the Empress Alexandra residence built in 1829.

You can also join the  2-Day comfort Tour  carefully planned for you to see many city sights of St. Petersburg without waiting or standing in line.

They also have a popular  1-Day Private Tour  that will give you value for your money by taking you for a day tour in St. Petersburg. After visiting famous museums, you will be introduced to traditional foods and vodka tasting.

St. Petersburg Guided Tours Reviews

This local tour operator in Russia has no shortage of great reviews and satisfied clients. They are ranked as #2 of 670 Tours & Activities in St. Petersburg and have 156 reviews on TripAdvisor. A customer that toured with them recently wrote:

Everything was very well organised by Valeria, from helping us with choosing the right accommodation, preparation of visas and including the right places to visit… Dmitri L

Read all reviews of St. Petersburg Guided Tours on TripAdvisor .

Archer Tour

Archer Tour

Archer Tour is a local Russian travel agency that provides group and individual tours of major sights in Russia. Their aim is not to give you a lot of tours but to make each tour worthy and memorable. They also offer tailor-made and custom tours that you can plan according to your requirements. As a company, Archer Tour is continuously improving their services and trying to be one of the best tour companies in Russia. Your vacation to Russia will be worthwhile and entertaining with Archer Tour at your side!

Archer Tour Best Russia Tour Packages

From private and corporate escorts to boat trips, paragliding and flights, the range of tour packages that Archer Tour provides is absolutely immense.

Take their Sightseeing Tour of Kaliningrad and discover a unique blend of German and Soviet architecture. You can see museums, churches and military fortifications in this diverse tour package.

Also, their Baltiysk and Yantarny Tour provide historical background into Russia’s important monuments. In this trip, you can take a ferry to Vistula Spit as well as visit an amber factory and see amber production up close!

Archer Tour also provides VIP tours upon customers’ request. You will get the best luxury services, the highest level on comfort and a visit to the top locations and restaurants in their tailor-made VIP tours.

Ahtilahti Best Russia Tour Packages

Ahtilahti’s quality of service regarding their tours and tour packages are unmatched and they’ll ensure that you have the best vacation of your life in Russia.

Plan ahead and go on a Kayaking Tour of the Oredezh River . This trip is perfect for beginner rafters since there are no challenging rapids. You will get to enjoy the tranquil nature while having an exciting experience.

For a winter tour, you can opt for their phenomenal Skating Tour on Lake Baikal . As the oldest lake on Earth, Lake Baikal has a special wonder to it. Your guide will accompany you as you skate, have fun and enjoy the Siberian landscape in this amazing journey.

Explore their hometown of Kaliningrad on a road-trip . In this 7 day tour, Ahtilahti will take you a thrilling journey that covers all of Kaliningrad’s major as well as non-trivial attractions for a truly immersive experience.

Ahtilahti Reviews

Considered one of the most unique travel agencies in Russia, few companies can accomplish what Ahtilahti has accomplished through their tours. They have 171 reviews on TripAdvisor and are ranked as #2 of 157 Boat Tours & Water Sports in St. Petersburg. This is what a satisfied customer said about them:

Excellent experience with SUPsurfing starting from narrow channel in SpB center and going to Neva river. Surfing is safe, supervised by both guiedes Asja and Dmitry… Dr D

Read all reviews of Ahtilahti on TripAdvisor .

Alla Tours

As a fully licensed tour company in Russia, Alla Tours proudly offers the best tour and travel services in Russia. Established in 2005, the company is renowned for its top-notch tour guides and detailed itineraries. Their top priority is offering fulfilling, safe, and authentic tours for travelers worldwide. Based in St. Petersburg, Alla Tours has also developed tour excursions across Europe and the Baltic region. With personalized service in mind, Alla Tours will take you on a trip across Russia that will be imprinted in your memory for a lifetime!

Alla Tours Best Russia Tour Packages

With years of service in the tourism industry, Alla Tours offers an extensive array of tour packages in Russia to choose from. You can join their  1-day St. Petersburg Intro Tour  and visit many spectacular venues, including the Peterhof Fountains and Garden and the Hermitage Museum. On this guided private walking tour of St. Petersburg, Russia, you will be able to see the city through the eyes of the locals.

If you have more time, you can take the  2-day St. Petersburg Royal Tour  and combine top-ranked sights with a shore excursion. The tour is perfect for discovering Russia’s modern art, architecture, canals, and rivers.

Comfort is an essential factor during a vacation trip so the  2-Day St. Petersburg Comfort Tour  combines top attractions, including the Church of the Spilled Blood, Hermitage Museum, and Peterhof Fountain Park.

Alla Tours Reviews

Alla Tours is a Russian tour operator that is well-respected by international as well as local tour companies. Their 4,798 reviews on TripAdvisor are a evidence to their top-notch service. They are ranked as #8 of 670 Tours & Activities in St. Petersburg. A past client of theirs wrote:

A full 2 day tour picked up from our cruise ship. Gives a great taste of all the major attractions. Not cheap but fully worth the cost. Cannot recommend highly enough… Mark_Dornoch

Read all reviews of Alla Tours on TripAdvisor .

Embark on a Scandinavian getaway in Finland. Join one of the 10 Best Finland Tour Operators , guaranteeing a memorable and relaxing vacation.

Moscow Private Tours

Moscow Private Tours , founded in 2011, is one of the highest-reviewed tour companies in Russia. They cater exclusively to private and small groups ensuring the best quality service. They are the #1 Rated Private Tours in Moscow. They have their tourists’ best interests in mind and their tours are personalized, child-friendly and have flexible timings. Their tour guides are highly trained locals that will look after you on your trip. Your trip to Russia will be made easier and hassle-free through this company’s continuous efforts.

Moscow Private Tours Best Russia Tour Packages

Catering to small and private groups, Moscow Private Tours’ various tour packages are enjoyable and all-inclusive.

Enjoy the complete Kremlin experience on their Kremlin and Armoury Tour . Visit the State Kremlin Palace, see the Tsar Cannon and Tsar Bell and immerse yourself into medieval history and architecture, Soviet heritage and imperial treasures in this popular tour package.

Moscow looks the prettiest during the night. Go on their Night Moscow Tour with a private guide and see its major attractions like the Bolshoi Theatre and St Basil’s Cathedral.

Embrace the cultural swirl of Russian cuisine through their Russian Food Tour . From borscht to pancakes, eat your way through 3 different eateries and learn about traditional Russian food and their origins.

Moscow Private Tours Reviews

As one of the best-rated tour operators in Russia, Moscow Private Tours has a spectacular track record of many satisfactory clients. They are ranked as #9 of 540 Tours & Activities in all of Moscow and have over 1300 reviews on TripAdvisor. A customer who visited them recently wrote:

Very nice boat tour around Moscow with good dinner and excellent tour guide (Maria). Thanks for your service. I recommend it… Seradi155

Read all reviews of Moscow Private Tours on TripAdvisor .

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Bridge to Moscow

Bridge to Moscow

With more than 10 years of experience in the tourism industry, Bridge to Moscow is a highly-rated tour operator in Russia. They offer original and professional private tours in Moscow. They apply a personal approach to their customers, viewing them as friends rather than tourists. The company values commitment, safety and reliability above all else. Bridge to Moscow stands out from the rest through their team of licensed multi-lingual tour guides that dedicate all their efforts to bring you an excellent vacation in Russia.

Bridge to Moscow Best Russia Tour Packages

With over 97 detailed travel itineraries, you will have a large selection of tour packages to choose from.

If you are planning a trip to visit Russian churches, you can start with their Sergiev Posad Tour . This early 14 th century monastery holds intricate architecture and soulful history. See their iconic cathedrals, watch the church choir and visit local bakeries in this tour.

For a sightseeing tour of Moscow, you can book their Moscow in 1 Day tour package. You will be able to visit Moscow’s historic center, the Red Square and the presidential and state palaces. Don’t forget to check out their Moscow Metro as well.

Also, you can choose Glimpses of Baikal tour for a nature-infused experience. This 3 day tour will have you travelling through local villages to reach Lake Baikal. Once there, you can admire the breathtaking views of the oldest lake on the planet and its surrounding areas.

Bridge to Moscow Reviews

Bridge to Moscow’s tours has gathered a lot of positive reviews from many tourists that deemed them to be satisfactory. This Russian travel agency has 454 reviews on TripAdvisor and stands as #10 of 540 Tours & Activities in Moscow. A client that recently toured with them wrote:

The metro tour was very very interesting. My son loved it. And our guide Ivan was so friendly and knowledgeable… chandrasekar r

Read all reviews of Bridge to Moscow on TripAdvisor .

White Nights Travel

White Nights Travel

White Nights Travel is a unique company that offers a wide range of professionally customized private tours in St. Petersburg. The company’s bespoke services make them a popular tour company in Russia that provides programs suitable for seniors, families, and groups with the chance to explore beautiful locations in St. Petersburg. The company caters to tourists from all walks of life and is happy to work within your budget. White Night Travel’s major goal is to give you a different yet authentic Russian experience of a lifetime.

White Nights Travel Best Russia Tour Packages

There are plenty of options you can choose from with White Nights Travel’s tour packages.

The  Walking Tour with Hermitage  is one of the most popular programs the company offers in St. Petersburg. During the trip, you will discover various art galleries, museums, and parks, and in the evening, you will walk to the city center for vodka tasting and street food.

Do not miss out on the world-class five-hour Russia  Golden Tour  that will provide an opportunity to walk to Catherine Palace, Amber Room, and Church of the Spilled Blood.

The  Jewish Heritage Tour  combines a boat ride tour and the Grans Choral Synagogue tour, which offers you a fantastic opportunity to learn Jewish history in Russia with an English-speaking guide.

White Nights Travel Reviews

Their personalized service and attention to detail has led White Nights Travel to become one of the best tour operators in Russia. With over 650 reviews on TripAdvisor, the company is ranked #10 of 670 Tours & Activities in St. Petersburg. A past customer wrote:

Maria was absolutely fabulous showing our group of 8 the beautiful sights of St. Petersburg. She was so good at moving us thru crowds, her English is spectacular… Debra D

Read all reviews of White Nights Travel on TripAdvisor .

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The best time to visit Russia is during the months of May to September. Although Russia is the largest country and weather can vary vastly, the popular cities and locations in Russia will be experiencing a warm weather and long, sunny days during this time.

You can expect to spend around $60 – $80 for a solo traveler staying at a decently rated hotel. This price will cover food, transportation and other fees. For a more luxurious vacation, you will be spending anywhere from $150 – $250.

Russia has a lot of specialties attached to it. From ballet and theatre to vodka and Russian culture, there is a lot to expect. Famous landmarks include Lake Baikal, The Red Square, The Hermitage and Moscow Metro System.

Being the largest country on the planet, there is definitely a lot of area to cover in Russia. However, most of Russia is barren and uninhabitable. For popular tourist destinations, 2 weeks should be enough for a majestic experience of Russian culture, nature and food.

The most iconic Russian dishes include the Blini (Russian pancakes), Pelmeni, Beef Stroganoff, Syrniki, Kasha (porridge), Borscht and Okroshka. Russia is also famous for their world-renowned vodka.


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    Continue reading to explore the top 10 highly rated tour companies in Russia and their best travel packages. Get Free Quotes From 10 Best Russia Tour Operators. Providers. Reviews. Volgograd Sputnik Travel Company. Trip Advisor - 326 reviews. Flotilla Radisson Royal. Trip Advisor - 1,127 reviews. ExploRussia.