1. Stunning Yachts for Your Yacht Charter In The Red Sea

    yachting in the red sea

  2. Stunning Yachts for Your Yacht Charter In The Red Sea

    yachting in the red sea

  3. Red Sea Yacht Charters

    yachting in the red sea

  4. Yacht Charter Red Sea

    yachting in the red sea

  5. Rare Red Sea yacht charter opportunity now available with no delivery

    yachting in the red sea

  6. Yachting across Red Sea

    yachting in the red sea


  1. Sailing through the Red Sea

    The Red Sea presents a challenging platform, with threats of piracy, headwinds from the Med, sandstorms, and corrupt Suez Canal officials. Any respite, like the one offered by this secluded anchorage off a barren, dramatic island, is welcome. The backdrop to a hard-won Middle East transit north to the Med features camels, sand, and swords ...

  2. Luxury Yacht Charters in the Red Sea

    The east coast of the Red Sea is a pristine wilderness, largely untouched and unexplored. It is a place where you can genuinely escape and make discoveries every day as you cruise your yacht from one secluded turquoise bay to the next, one sandy shored island to another. The diving is simply world class with thriving reefs that teem with marine ...

  3. Red Sea Luxury Yacht Charter Guide

    Red Sea Yacht Charter Guide. Above all things, the Red Sea region is famed for world-class diving, with over 2000 kilometers of thriving reef stretching along its coastline. This underwater wonderland is home to a rich and biodiverse ecosystem, with rays, octopus, turtles, and over a thousand species of fish living amongst a kaleidoscope of ...

  4. Red Sea Yacht Charters

    The Red Sea is an enchanting and captivating destination for those seeking an extraordinary yacht charter experience. Nestled between the continents of Africa and Asia, this ancient body of water offers a unique blend of natural beauty, vibrant marine life, and historical significance.

  5. Red Sea Yacht Charter

    The Red Sea, Middle East. There are few experiences on Earth like a Red Sea luxury yacht charter, where the desolate and dramatic desert landscape contrasts with the colour-filled aquatic wonders awaiting beneath the glassy seas of the Middle East.. Shopping enthusiasts will be amazed by the choice available to them, particularly in Saudi Arabia, where the shopping centres are part of the ...

  6. Egypt Yachting I Yacht & Boat Charter in Egypt

    Egypt Yachting is a first-class yachting house with bespoke luxury across yacht charter and boat tours in the Red Sea, Egypt. We will help you charter luxury yachts, buy, sell, build, manage - and do anything in between - anywhere on the Red Sea.

  7. Red Sea Yacht Charter

    Embark on a luxury yacht charter in the Red Sea and discover the ancient wonders of Egypt and Jordan, while enjoying all the modern comforts. ... multiple shopping malls with the latest designer products. Add this to the 30 km boardwalk - The Corniche - along the Red Sea, and you have a city which is exotic and yes, romantic. In addition to ...

  8. Red Sea Yacht Charter

    The Red Sea is touted as a leading destination for luxury charter yachts for a good reason. Located between the Suez Canals and the Gulf of Aden, the Red Sea is known for its glittering expanse of crystal clear waters and coastlines dotted with rich cities, vibrant villages and historical sites. Its expansive ancient desert shores offer ...

  9. Red Sea Luxury Yacht Charter

    Private Yachting Cruises in the Red Sea A superyacht charter in the Red Sea contrasts ancient cultures and historical sites in a stunning desert setting. With crystal clear waters, a vibrant and biodiverse eco-system, iconic dive sites and a dream playground for watersports lovers this is a cruising ground like no other.

  10. Yacht Charter, Hire & Rental in The Red Sea

    Charter Broker. Speaks : +33 6 19 99 19 17. Email Christopher. WhatsApp. Get the latest from SuperYachtsMonaco. 5-day Red Sea yacht charter itinerary. Book a luxury yacht charter in Egypt and experience incredible diving, rich culture and ornate architecture.

  11. Red Sea

    Chartering a luxury yacht in the Red Sea can be a truly unforgettable experience, with its crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life. Whether you want to explore the coast of Egypt, Israel Saudi Arabia, the Red Sea offers a unique and exotic destination for your next yacht charter. And with 26 North, you can trust that your yacht charter ...

  12. Egypt & Red Sea Yacht Charter Guide

    The Red Sea conceals a whole host of treasures from the natural wonders of the great pyramids to the sun drenched sands of the bronzed desert plains. Nestled to the northwest of the Red Sea, lies the inviting allure of Egypt. Bordered by crystal waters and steeped with natural marvels Egypt is brimmed with a plethora of spectacular delights.

  13. Egypt & Red Sea Yacht Charters

    Red Sea Luxury Yacht Charter. With the weather remaining inviting throughout the year, the Red Sea is an ideal destination for a private yacht charter vacation. With blue skies stretching for miles and turquoise waters all but calling out to be cruised on, there are many desert shores to visit. Indeed, from the surroundings of Egypt to the ...

  14. The Legend Begins: Inside Sindalah, The Red Sea's New Yachting Hub

    We decode yachting style, discover St. Barts' green side, and introduce you to Sindalah, a thrilling new port of dreams in the Red Sea. Modified on July 13, 2023 Published on June 26, 2023. By ...

  15. Red Sea Yacht Charters

    Red Sea Scuba Diving. With 2,000 kilometres of reef along the coastline and an astonishing 1,100 different fish species, the Red Sea is world-renowned for its fantastic diving scene. One of the most well-known Red Sea diving destinations to visit on your Red Sea yacht charter itinerary is the small, bohemian town of Dahab.

  16. Boat & Catamaran charter in Red Sea

    Red Sea yacht rental. Yachting.Rent invites you to explore one of the world's most captivating and unique marine environments - the Red Sea. With our Red Sea yacht rental service, you have the opportunity to embark on a sailing adventure that encapsulates the essence of this stunning region. Spanning over 1,400 miles and touching the shores ...

  17. Red Sea Itinerary

    m ft. 0 m 100+ m. Number of guests. 0 30+. Price Range. 0 1,000,000+. Deck Jacuzzi Stabilisers Master Cabin on Main Deck. One week Red Sea luxury yacht charter Itinerary - with nomadic ancient history and stunning natural beauty, the Red Sea is a melting pot of cultures, colours, and luxury. Sharm-El-Sheikh and Sudan's peninsula await you!

  18. The BEST Red Sea Sailing trips & boat tours 2024

    The best Red Sea Sailing trips & boat tours are: Red Sea: Orange Bay and Snorkeling Cruise Tour with Lunch. Hurghada: Luxury Cruise Trip to Orange Bay with Lunch. Sharm El Sheikh: Ras Mohamed, White Island, Snorkel & Diving. Sharm El Sheikh: Luxury Boat Cruise with Snorkeling & Lunch.

  19. Red Sea Yacht Charter

    Yacht Charter Red Sea. Home to a glistening desert landscape dotted with ancient civilisations surrounded by endless stretches of turquoise waters, the Red Sea is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful destinations to explore via a luxury yacht charter. Located between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the area offers a harmonious blend of luxury ...

  20. How to sail across the Indian Ocean: Everything you need to know

    The Red Sea question. For a long time, sailing to Europe via the Red Sea was a definite 'no go' - yachts have been hijacked by Somali pirates, yachtsmen kidnapped and sometimes murdered. The ...

  21. Home

    Red Sea Sails was founded by a group of friends who share the vision of building a sailing environment in the stunning Red Sea. A long time ago, sailboats shaped the history of the Red Sea. Today, replaced by motor vessels, sailboats are almost non-existent. Red Sea Sails recognizes the potentials of the ideal sailing conditions and the ...

  22. Yacht Ride in the Red Sea

    The yacht provides an exceptional experience for everyone. Guided by experienced sailing staff, you will learn the geography and nature of the gulf and expert boating techniques. Once we anchor, you can easily jump ship to snorkel and observe the Red Sea's colorful sea life, cool down in the deep blue water, or chill with refreshments on board.

  23. Sailing Red Seas

    We are Iain and Brioni, a couple from Scotland who have decided to sell everything, buy a boat and go where the wind takes us.We are the proud winners of the...

  24. Navigating Challenges in the Red Sea and Beyond

    The Red Sea situation has led to major challenges across the industry with reduced capacity, longer shipping times, and higher operational costs. Delays and longer transit times are affecting supply chains, inventory management, and production schedules globally. ... We have also increased sailing speeds, where possible, to reduce the impact of ...

  25. A natural history of the Red Sea and the uncertain future of its corals

    The Red Sea was created by a rift zone between Africa and Arabia, resulting in steep underwater cliffs of coral close to shore. Credit: Morgan Bennett-Smith

  26. News Releases

    The Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) is now studying a policy prohibiting vessels from sailing the Red Sea amid recent incidents involving Filipino seafarers being attacked by Houthi rebels. "In light of this recent incident, we are reviewing this current policy. So, just give us some time to review the policy.

  27. Justin Timberlake arrested on DWI-related charges in Sag Harbor

    Taylor Swift wears these heels on practically every red carpet — and they're on sale right now ... air and sea on Mykonos yacht vacation NYPost Poor Jennifer Garner continues to have to tend ...

  28. Houthis Attack Merchant Ship in Red Sea Off Yemen's Coast

    The U.S. Central Command said its forces had destroyed four aerial drones and two anti-ship missiles in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen last Friday, as well as a Houthi patrol boat in the Red Sea.

  29. Yemen's Houthis say they attacked three ships in Red Sea, Arabian Sea

    CAIRO, June 5 (Reuters) - Yemen's Iran-allied Houthis said they had launched attacks on three ships in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea - though shipping giant Maersk (MAERSKb.CO) , opens new tab ...