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The best sailing shoes are both waterproof and slip-resistant. Outdoor boots are popular, but specialty sailing shoes are available.

Traditional sailing shoes are typically made of suede or similar material and feature a low-profile design and relatively flat soles. Modern sailing shoes are designed for offshore use and made of waterproof synthetic material.

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Types of Sailing Shoes

Sailing shoes come in two primary types. These are stylish traditional sailing shoes (which are made of natural materials) and modern waterproof offshore sailing shoes. Both are practical and useful aboard sailboats.

Traditional Sailing Shoes

Traditional sailing shoes have been around for almost a century. These shoes, also known as "yacht shoes," are made from suede leather and are soft and flexible. They're not usually waterproof, but they can be made more water-resistant using chemical treatments.

Traditional sailing shoes are primarily used as a style statement, but they can be quite practical for some sailors. After all, they were designed to be used on boats. They utilize a flat sole that features a unique non-slip texture, which was designed to give sailors traction on a wet deck.

Modern Waterproof Sailing Shoes

Modern waterproof sailing shoes are made from synthetic materials and engineered for traction on wet surfaces. These shoes are preferred by offshore sailing crews who need to stay warm and dry in rough weather conditions.

Sailing Boots

Sailing boots are often used in conjunction with full-body foul weather gear. These boots resemble snow or rain boots, and they're made of a waterproof material such as rubber.

Sailing boots are often reserved for foul weather, as they're heavier and more clumsy than modern lightweight sailing shoes. That said, every offshore sailor should have a set of waterproof boots onboard.

Best Traditional Sailing Shoes

Traditional sailing shoes are practical, stylish, and still widely available. High-quality examples can last for years, and they're a staple of yacht clubs and sailing organizations across the country. Here are four of the best traditional sailboat shoes.

1. Sperry Leeward Boat Shoe 

Sperry practically invented the 20th-century boat shoe, and they're still the go-to shoe company for sailors across the world. The Sperry Leeward Boat Shoe  is an excellent introduction to traditional boat shoes.

Sperry's traditional Leeward shoe is a tan leather slip-on deck shoe made of a water-resistant hide. It features a rubber sole, which incorporates the Sperry anti-slip design that's popular across the line.

The design of the shoe is simple, and it's stitched together using thick and sturdy thread for long service life. Its water-resistant treatment makes it easy to clean and quick to dry should it become waterlogged.

This traditional marine shoe is both comfortable and stylish, making it ideal for regattas and dockside events. Despite its looks, the Sperry Leeward shoe is also practical. The Sperry Top-Deck line is popular with sailors and boat owners, as it stands up well to spray and slippery conditions.

2. L.L. Bean Casco Bay Boat Mocs

L.L. Bean is another household name in traditional boat shoes. While not as ubiquitous as Sperry, L.L. Bean shoes are an excellent choice for traditional sailing footwear.

L.L. Bean Casco Bay Boat Mocs  are made in the traditional boat shoe style. They're slip-on by design and feature a low-profile sole with a very slight heel. L.L. Bean uses a different sole design philosophy, opting for a non-textured material.

Counterintuitively, the L.L. Bean flat non-textured sole actually has excellent anti-slip characteristics. It's made of sturdy leather that resists sliding on wet decks, and it features slight outsole siphons to increase grip on wet surfaces.

The L.L. Bean Casco Bay Boat shoe is constructed with durable yet flexible leather that is comfortable and easy to clean. It features a leather liner inside, which works well with short socks and wears evenly over time.

That said, the leather liner is designed to work with or without socks. This is a plus, as it makes taking the shoe on and off easy after a day on the beach or walking around the deck barefoot.

These shoes feature a lace-up top with leather laces. They can be tied and left in place, as this is a slip-on shoe. The L.L. Bean Casco Bay shoe can be worn with or without socks, just like the Sperry mentioned above.

3. J. Crew Classic Leather Boat Shoes

J. Crew produces an affordable and classic-looking set of boat shoes that are ideal for a first set. These shoes are made of suede-like leather, and they feature a non-slip rubber sole with a traditional profile.

J. Crew Classic Leather sailing shoes  follow the stylistic trends of early boat shoes, yet they incorporate some modern materials that make them more practical for use on a sailboat. These include a non-marking rubber sole that's specifically designed to improve traction on wet and dry surfaces.

These J. Crew boat shoes feature leather laces in a way similar to the L.L. Bean Casco Bay shoe. Like the L.L. Bean variants, these shoes can be worn with or without socks.

The leather is treated for easy cleaning, and they're hand-stitched for strength and longevity. The laces come through the sides of the shoe through grommets, which helps prevent the leather from wearing or breaking around the entry and exit points.

These classic boat shoes are a perfect first pair, and they're affordable enough to wear frequently. They also function as sailboat shoes, which is a plus as many new "boat shoes" are designed for looks only.

4. Sperry Gold Cup Original Boat Shoe

Sperry Gold Cup boat shoes  are a classic and premium boat shoe. It features the standard Sperry anti-slip sole and durable leather construction for long life and easy cleaning.

Like most standard Sperry shoes, the Gold Cup Original series is designed to be used on a sailboat or yacht. The shoe's design is based on the original Sperry, which was worn by sailors and yacht owners for decades.

Sperry shoe soles are lightly scored and made with a coarse rubber material that resists slip on wet decks. They're excellent for teak and fiberglass decks and add a layer of security to existing non-slip surfaces.

The shoes themselves follow the classic Sperry design philosophy. They're made from a non-suede leather that's water-resistant and dries out quickly, and they feature leather laces fed through 18k gold plated eyelets.

These shoes feature durable stitching that's used to extend their service life. Inside the shoe, a lambskin lining makes it comfortable to wear with or without socks. The Sperry Gold Cup shoe is a high-quality sailing shoe that's ideal for warm conditions.

Best Modern Sailing Shoes

Although modern sailing shoes lack the aesthetic appeal of traditional sailing shoes, they offer the added convenience of modern design and the functionality of synthetic materials. Here are four of the best modern shoes for sailing.

1. Atlantic Heritage Comfort Boat Shoe

The Atlantic Heritage Comfort Boat Shoe  combines traditional styling with modern functionality. It features a suede and stitched appearance and the design of a modern running shoe, and it offers superior support and anti-slip characteristics.

The primary drawback of flat-soled shoes is that they can be uncomfortable, especially if you have foot, back, or knee problems. The Atlantic Heritage shoe eliminates these issues, as it offers the support of a modern shoe.

The primary selling point of the Atlantic Heritage shoe is comfort. It's designed specifically to offer all-day comfort when standing on the deck or walking alongshore. They work just as well on sand and gravel, and they offer elevation in all the right places.

The Atlantic Heritage shoe features a proprietary anti-slip sole, which is designed to provide traction without leaving marks. They stand up to water well, despite the fact that they're not technically waterproof.

2. DLGJPA Lightweight Aqua Water Shoes

The DLGJPA Lightweight Aqua Water shoe  series is a radical departure from what most people would consider a traditional boat shoe. These woven shoes are designed for grip and use in wet conditions.

The Aqua Water shoe series takes a different approach to water resistance. Instead of keeping water out, they're designed to let it flow around and inside of the shoe. The woven body of the shoe dries almost as quickly as it gets wet.

The Aqua Water shoe is a warm-weather shoe designed for wet tropical environments and water sports. They're especially useful for launching boats if you need to get in the water to guide the vessel.

The bottom of the Aqua Water shoe is perforated for quick draining. These shoes are highly breathable and ultralight, making them a comfortable and non-slip option for warm weather sailing. 

3. Riomar Deck Driver Stingray Boat Shoe

Are you looking for traditional styling with a modern non-slip grip? The Riomar Deck Driver Stingray  is the perfect combination of style and modern materials for use in wet and dry sailing conditions .

A unique feature of the Riomar Deck Driver is the sole. It features a series of protruding rubber buttons that conform to the shape of the ground for optimal grip.

These shoes are non-marking, which is especially important for boats with polished white fiberglass deck spaces. The shoes are flexible and comfortable and designed to be worn with or without socks.

Riomar is a well-known producer of marine shoes, and the Deck Driver Stingray is the culmination of years of experience making high-quality sailboat shoes. These shoes are ideal if you're looking for an attractive and practical modern sailing shoe.

4. Swims Waterproof Penny Loafer

Here's a unique and modern machine-washable sailing shoe designed for comfort and good looks. The Swims Penny Loafer  is a well-executed take on an old design and an excellent choice for warm-weather sailing.

The Swims Penny Loafer is completely waterproof and designed for use in wet conditions. It's washable and contains antimicrobial materials to stay sanitary even in the worst conditions.

The shoe features a proven traction sole design with scoring and anti-slip compounds. It's ideal for walking around fiberglass or wooden deck and maintains traction when the deck is wet. 

These shoes are designed to look like penny loafers, which means they're both stylish and comfortable. They can be worn with or without socks, but they're designed primarily for sockless use.

Swims Waterproof Penny Loafer sailboat shoes are currently available in light blue, gray, brown, black, and dark blue. Two-tone gray and neon green are available, and the rest of the colors feature a close-to-matching sole.

Best Sailboat Boots for Rough Weather

Warm weather and calm conditions aren't the only things that sailors encounter. Thus, it's a good idea to have a set of waterproof sailing boots to accompany your foul weather gear. Here are the three best sailboat boots for less-than-ideal sailing conditions.

1. Xtratuf 6 in Ankle Deck Boots

These modern deck boots are the perfect way to prepare for rough weather onboard a sailboat. They're comfortable and waterproof and slip on easily without any laces.

The lack of laces on these boots is more than just convenience. Laces pose a hazard on a sailboat, as it's easy to get them snagged on a cleat or trip while walking around the deck. The Xtratuf 6 Ankle Deck Boots eliminate this hazard.

Aesthetically, these are attractive boots that go well with foul-weather gear. They're not noticeably larger than standard fishing boots. In fact, they're lower-profile than most foul weather boots. That makes them an excellent choice for fair and inclement weather

These are low boots, as they only reach about halfway up the ankle. They're made of a waterproof rubber material that's comfortable, durable, and easy to clean. Xtratuf sailing boots also feature a flat non-slip sole for traction when moving about the deck.

2. Gill Short Cruising Boots

Here's a traditional sailboat boot that's designed for comfort, safety, and water resistance. These "short" boots are fairly tall and ideal for pairing with the waterproof pants from your foul weather gear.

Gill Short Cruising Boots  are designed specifically for marine use, which makes them ideal for keeping aboard a sailboat. The soles feature a proprietary design that offers durability and superior anti-slip properties.

These boots resemble traditional fishing boots or barn muck boots, but they're designed for waterproof use on slippery surfaces such as the deck of a sailboat.

They're comfortable and easy to clean, and they're a highly affordable option if you don't already have a pair of foul weather waterproof sailing boots.

3. Rugged Shark Great White Deck Boots

Rugged Shark is a household name in sailboat boots, and they produce a line of premium deck boots for foul weather use. These full-size boots are perfect for all sailing weather conditions.

The Rugged Shark Great White deck boot  is a serious heavy-duty deck boot. It's the "real deal," as they say, and this boot offers numerous advantages when the weather gets hazardous (or simply damp and uncomfortable).

These boots are roomy and waterproof, allowing sailors to wear warm insulated socks inside without fear of waterlogging. They work well with standard foul weather gear, and they're high enough to keep water out if the cockpit fills up.

These boots feature an anti-slip sole with corrugated scoring. This anti-slip surface is comparable to traditional deck shoes that date back almost a century. These are proven premium boots with the right combination of durability and flexibility.

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The Best Boat Shoes to Set Sail in Style

Best Boat Shoes

Step into style and conquer the seas with boating shoes. These classic sailors’ footwear not only exude versatility but also provide unparalleled comfort, making them an essential addition to your wardrobe. For sailors and water sports enthusiasts alike, the significance of a reliable boat shoe cannot be overstated. Not only do they elevate your look, but they also offer superior traction, keeping you steady on wet surfaces while aboard your vessel. Dockers stands out as a frontrunner in crafting the best boat shoes, combining quality craftsmanship with nautical style. With countless options flooding the market, choosing the perfect pair can be daunting. That's why we've curated a selection of popular boat shoes to simplify your decision-making process.

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall: Dockers Men’s Boat Shoe Shop Now ➔
  • Most Lightweight: JAMONWU Men's Boat Shoe Shop Now ➔
  • Most Comfortable: Sperry Men's Boat Shoe Shop Now ➔
  • Most Stylish: Timberland Men's Boat Shoe Shop Now ➔
  • Most Unique: Columbia Men's Boat Shoe Shop Now ➔
  • Most Durable: Margaritaville Men's Boat Shoe Shop Now ➔
  • Most User-Friendly: Skechers Men's Boat Shoe Shop Now ➔
  • 1 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Boat Shoe
  • 3 Durability
  • 4 Water resistance
  • 5 Grip and traction

Is wearing socks with boat shoes a good combination?

How do i clean my shoes, what can i wear my boat shoes with, related content, the best boat shoes, best overall.

Dockers Men’s Boat Shoe

Dockers Men’s Boat Shoe

The Dockers men’s boat shoe is the best boat shoe when you are looking for great attention to detail, elegance, and style. Crafted from 100 percent high-quality leather, these boat shoes are the perfect shoes to go with anything, making them the best choice on our list.

  • They come with excellent stitching
  • They are water-resistant
  • They are very durable
  • Not leather-lined
  • Lacing may fray

Key Features

  • Full leather construction with a natural appearance
  • Durable rubber outsoles for maximum comfort and also enhance traction
  • Flexible construction is suitable for all-day wear
  • Made of soft and flexible leather combined with an EVA footbed for great comfort and heel cups that ensure proper walking posture
  • Classic two-eyelet design with an additional 360-degree lacing system for tightening the shoe

Most Lightweight

JAMONWU Men's Boat Shoe

JAMONWU Men’s Boat Shoe

Looking for the best boat shoes that you’ll never get tired of? Then Jamonwu’s canvas sneakers are just the thing for you. These boat shoes are soft and lightweight and can be worn for extended periods without creating pressure on your feet.

  • They are washable
  • They are quick to dry
  • They are very comfy
  • Material can be a bit itchy
  • High-quality lining that gives your foot a comfortable sense and never makes you feel tired even after a long day of wearing
  • Soft and lightweight with no pressure on the feet and makes it easier for you to walk
  • Round toe cap that fits the feet and is spacious enough not to squeeze
  • Wear-resistant soles that can withstand bending and stretching and provides you with enough security to let you go further
  • The elastic band gives you an easy on and off feel

Most Comfortable

Sperry Men's Boat Shoe

Sperry Men’s Boat Shoe

Experience unparalleled comfort and durability with the handsewn Tru-Moc construction and padded tongue of these boat shoes. Crafted from stain- and water-resistant leather, these boat shoes offer superior protection against the elements. Designed with breathable air-mesh panels and a molded EVA cushion midsole, these boat shoes keep your feet cool and supported. Whether sailing or strolling, these shoes blend style, comfort, and performance for every maritime adventure.

  • Available in different colors
  • They are exceptionally breathable
  • Can be worn for extended periods
  • The stitching may stretch
  • Wears down quicker than other brands
  • 100 percent leather and air mesh construction that gives you the perfect combination of support and breathability
  • Molded EVA cushion midsole and heel for premium comfort and also helps to absorb shock while walking on hard surfaces
  • 360 degrees lacing system for adjusting fit and three rust-proof eyelets that would stay in their best condition
  • Perforated side panels help add to breathability and allow for a substantial amount of airflow to keep your feet cool even on the hottest of days
  • Wave-sipping rubber outsole for stability on wet and dry surfaces that leave no marks and are designed to give you the best traction

Most Stylish

Timberland Men's Boat Shoe

Timberland Men’s Boat Shoe

Don’t miss out on getting stylish while relaxing at sea with this boat shoe, Timberland’s Classic 2-Eye. Fully sealed seams prevent any leaks and rubber soles maximize grip, which allows you to be sure-footed even in slippery conditions.

  • They are waterproof
  • Durable leather outsoles leave no marks
  • They are very stylish
  • Inside sole cuts off
  • Premium full-grain and nubuck leather uppers 
  • Hand sewn uppers are stitched to the midsole and cemented to the outsole 
  • The 360-degree rawhide lacing system provides a custom fit 
  • 3/4-length leather-lined EVA footbeds 
  • Sipped rubber outsoles for maximum traction and slip resistance 
  • The classic two-eyelet design as well as moccasin stitching along the front really adds to the great impression.

Most Unique

Columbia Men's Boat Shoe

Columbia Men’s Boat Shoe

Built for the water with a plush design, the Columbia men’s boat shoe gives you a super-clean look. It boasts advanced water and stain repellency, which makes it the ultimate companion for active days out on the water.

  • They are the perfect shoe for going fishing
  • They are waterproof and stain resistant
  • They ensure a maximum grip
  • May not be wide enough for some
  • It features an open mesh and synthetic rubber composite construction
  • Lower durometer EVA for ultimate comfort
  • It comes with a lace-up closure for an adjustable and secure fit
  • Signature technology that ensures high-quality protection and prevention
  • Advanced traction outsole that prevents slipping

Most Durable

Margaritaville Men's Boat Shoe

Margaritaville Men’s Boat Shoe

Stay grounded in this anchor lace boat shoe, which features a classically nautical silhouette and luxurious leather construction for pure comfort.

With an impressive amount of structure, the Margaritaville anchor lace shoes are the ideal boat shoe for the outdoors.

  • Perfect breathability for summer
  • Doesn’t leave any marks
  • Comfortable and reliable
  • Available in two colors only
  • Some may not like the heel stitching
  • Comfortable foam insole for perfect feel as opposed to the traditional soles that offer little to no comfort
  • The integrated foam insole gives you added support
  • Soft padded collar and tongue that is ideal for summertime wearing
  • Breathable leather mesh upper to prevent your feet from getting trapped in a hot pair of shoes, with textile panels on the uppers, there’s a guaranteed high level of airflow.
  • Leather and textile construction that offers a great appeal with the option to last for a while
  • Contrast stitching that breaks up the color of shoes and adds a little bit of depth and dimension in all the right areas

Most User-Friendly

Skechers Men's Boat Shoe

Skechers Men’s Boat Shoe

Get some groove in your yacht with the comfortable Skechers relaxed-fit boat shoe. With a soft woven canvas fabric, this boat shoe is the ideal slip-on and also comes with an air-cooled memory foam insole.

  • Attractive and stylish design
  • High-quality materials
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Not fit for every foot shape
  • Limited color choices
  • Soft woven canvas fabric upper and slip-on stretch laced casual comfort boat shoe design
  • Padded tongue and collar with shock-absorbing midsole
  • Flexible rubber traction that prevents slipping
  • Stitched seam toe front
  • Soft suede textured synthetic overlay at heel panel

The Best Boat Shoes Buying Guide

Boat shoes are perfect for both looking good and being functional when you want to go out for a day on the water, as they provide traction on any slippery surface.

Boat shoes are mostly made of leather or canvas, which are known to repel water and are great for a day out on the sea.

Earlier on, we gave an outline of the best boat shoes that stand out from the bunch, but you may still be in a fix as to which to choose. In the rest of this buying guide, we take a look at some of the important factors we considered, and you should too so that you can zero in on the ideal boat shoes to take along on your next water adventure.

F actors to Consider When Choosing a Boat Shoe

It takes a while to break into boat shoes.

Fitting into a boat shoe is very important since you will likely be wearing them without socks and a great fit is essential for traction and grip. You should go for a snug fit because the longer you wear them, the more they stretch and get loose.

Go for a half size down from your normal size and if you are in between sizes, go with the smaller of the two. The heel should not move around too much to prevent boat shoe-induced blisters. If your feet get sore quickly, look out for additional features such as padding underfoot and a shoe collar.

Make sure to walk around in the shoes while trying them on so there aren’t any spots that would gap open or chafe your feet. To let your boat shoes break in, try wearing them for shorter periods before wearing them for a full day.

Having a shoe that does not fit is bound to ruin your day and that is one thing you would want to avoid when you are out there on a boat.

Boat shoes need to be well made because of the conditions they are subjected to. When you are on a boat, your shoes are always exposed to the harsh conditions of the water.

The best boat shoes should be durable enough for walking and everyday use.

Boat shoes are mostly made of leather, which is a super-strong material. If you take good care of your shoes, they’re bound to last you a very long time.

An important aspect to look for is water- and stain-proof boat shoes.

Also, look out for eyelets; make sure they are rust-proof because of the saltwater; if not, you will end up with a good boat shoe but with rusting eyelets. The durability of a good boat shoe is in the stitching.  Ensure that the stitching is excellent to prevent it from falling apart.

Water resistance

You need to look out for a shoe that is waterproof.

The best boat shoes are meant to have uppers that resist moisture from seeping in or allowing water to enter but also dry quickly.

This can be achieved with boat shoes that have water-resistant leather and mesh sides. Leather resists water and it’s hard for any moisture to come through it. Good boat shoes have leather that is specially treated with an oil coating to enhance its water resistance. For mesh uppers, water comes in easily but dries quickly.

Grip and traction

Boat shoes should offer enough traction and grip so you won’t slip on wet surfaces. To get the best boat shoes with good traction, go for the ones that do not come off. Make sure the heels of your shoes are tight to your ankle and do not slip off. Ideally, boat shoes should have rubber soles so you can have a better grip on wet surfaces.

For the outsole, softer rubber is recommended so they can give the sides of your feet an additional grip. Go for soles that do not leave marks on your boat.

Yes, style is important when getting the best boat shoes but traction and grip should always come first because no one wants to get caught slipping, right?

People Also Asked

Boat shoes should not be worn with socks. There is a good chance that your feet will get wet when you are out in the water and wet socks are a no-no because they make your feet damp and prone to soreness and blisters. Socks also make it easy for your feet to slip in and out of your shoes, so not wearing socks is the safest option.

It depends on the material. Some boat shoes are machine-washable and you can just wash them in the washing machine. For other non-machine-washable shoes, a toothbrush and some warm, soapy water would do the trick. Make sure you dry them properly too so they don’t smell. Also, air out your shoes after every outing.

Boat shoes are the best fit for casual clothes. A polo shirt or button-down shirt with some nice jeans or shorts is the perfect combo.

Article Contributors

Sail magazine review team.

SAIL Magazine Review Team reports on best-selling products in sailing and boating. SAIL Magazine is reader-supported: When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Artificial Intelligence (large language models) may have been used in the research and creation of the content.

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Cruising Sea

Best Boat Shoes For Sailing-The Perfect Blend of Fit!

Best Boat Shoes For Sailing 2023

Who doesn’t like to go barefoot on a boat? After all, it’s relaxing and comfortable. But the problem when going barefoot is that your feet are more exposed to injuries and burns, which you don’t want. So to keep your feet in good shape,  it would be better to wear shoes but not just any. You need a good pair of boating footwear that is comfortable, stable, grippy, waterproof, and dries quickly.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to choosing a pair of shoes, I always look for the best quality, even though I have to pay a higher price. At least, I am sure that I don’t just throw money out the window, and I get what I paid for.

However, there are several things to consider when choosing a good pair of boating footwear, and it’s not always easy to find the ones that correspond to your needs. Here is a list of the 12 best boat shoes for sailing in 2023 to help you make the best decision!

Post Updated: 15 January 2023

This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something, we may earn a commission. Thanks.”

  • TOP PICK: KEEN Men’s Newport H2
  • BEST RATED: Sperry Mens Bahama Ii
  • ALSO GREAT: Columbia Men’s Bahama Vent PFG Boat Shoe

Table of Contents

1. Keen Newport Boating Sandals

There is no doubt that you’ll feel great the moment you’ll put these sandals on your feet! They are so comfy that you could find yourself still wearing them in the winter.

Whether it is for sailing, hiking, biking, fishing, walking, or working, the Keen men’s H2 sandal will always make your feet happy!

These shoes provide comfort and are designed to protect feet against injuries. There are many sorts of boating sandals out there, but Keen did an excellent job by including all the characteristics sailors would have ever dreamed of.

Average Rank: 4.7 out of 5

KEEN Men's Newport H2 Closed Toe Water Sandals

  • Excellent for sailing trips, water sports, and all kinds of outdoor activities
  • The sole provides exceptional traction on wet surfaces.
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Easy to go from land to water and vice-versa
  • The closed-toe design helps prevents feet injuries
  • Pebble and sand can get in the sandals easily.
  • They are more pricey than regular sandals, but they are worth every penny!
  • The nylon dries quicker than the ladder version.

Final word!

The Newport H2 is so strong that you can look forward to wearing them many years from the moment you open the box!

2. Sperry Men’s Bahama Ii Boat Shoe

The Sperry men’s Bahama II is a comfortable pair of boat shoes made of undyed canvas material, making them comfortable to wear all day.

These high-end boat shoes have a nice hand-sewn construction with Rawhide lace. It’s a strong leather made from dairy cows, making them very souple and durable.

The eyelets on these shoes are rustproof, so even if they get in contact with salt water, they won’t get any corrosion stains. They are also machine washable, which simplifies life—no need to clean them by hand, although they are very easy to clean and dry fast. 

These have a non-marking rubber outsole with molded wave-sipping technology. So you can be sure these will keep your feet stable on the deck or other surfaces. Plus, they don’t leave any marks. 

Average Rank: 4.6 out of 5

Sperry Men's Bahama II Boat Shoe, SW White, 7 M US

  • Grip exceptionally well
  • Machine washable
  • Some users said that they rubbed against the heel.
  • Several reviewers reported that they fit a half size too big.

Final Words

The Sperry Bahama Ii fits great. It’s lightweight and breathable.  

As you can see by the rating, people love these boat shoes. They felt like walking around on bare feet so much that they were comfortable.

On top of that, they are stylish and durable, and if you take care of them well, they will last for years.

3. Columbia Men’s Bahama Boat Shoe

If you often go fishing, kayaking, boating, or hiking, having a great pair of water shoes designed for both function and comfort is what you may be looking for.

The Columbia Bahamas shoes are waterproof, stain-resistant, and have a full-grain leather and canvas construction, making them breathable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear all day. The insole is mesh and cushiony, providing excellent support for walking around towns, islands, and on the beach.

Plus, the insole is removable, which is practical if you need to replace it with orthotics or wash it separately. Not to mention, the mesh has tiny ventilated holes that allow exceptional ventilation. No doubt that these shoes will keep your feet cool all day in the summer—the sole features holes on the sides to enable the water to escape. According to many reviewers, they drain water sand, and pebbles nicely.

The Columbia Bahama is a slip-on shoe; thanks to the strap at the back, you can put them on and off quickly without effort. Another great feature is the Omni-Grip outsole; it’s a multi-terrain traction system built into the rubber outsole to maximize grip on wet surfaces. These come in multiple colors and sizes, giving you lots of choices.

Columbia PFG Men's Bahama Vent PFG Boat Shoe, Waterproof & Breathable Shoe, ti Titanium/Pool, 8.5 Regular US

  • Comfortable
  • Drain water, sand, and pebbles nicely
  • Lightweight
  • A few customers reported that they run a little large.
  • Several buyers said the seams came apart after a few days of wearing them.
  • Some users wished the shoes were more ventilated.

The Columbia Bahamas is a stylish slip-on shoe that is comfortable and keeps feet aerated all day. Plus, they dry super fast and are very easy to wash. In short, the perfect pair of water shoes for boating or enjoying watersports in the summer.

4. Sperry Top-Sider Escape Bungee

There are so many good things to say about the Sperry Top-Sider Escape Bungee.

Light, airy, comfortable, and stylish are the primary qualities that this fantastic pair of boat shoes provide!

Not only you’ll be able to use them for boating but also for many other activities without feeling you have shoes on.

Average Rank: 3.9 out of 5

Sperry Women's H2O Escape Grey Size 9.5

  • The footbed is removable.
  • They provide great traction on a wet fiberglass deck.
  • These boat shoes absorb shock, preventing back and foot pain thanks to their anti-shock and vibration technology.
  • Ultra quick drying
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • The soles deteriorate quickly if wearing them often.

They look good. They are comfortable and ultra-lightweight. In other words, these are perfect for boating and outdoor activities. What more can you ask for?

5. Sperry Sea Kite Sports Boat Shoe

Whether to spend time on the water, look great on any occasion, or practice any sports activities, the Sperry Sea Kite Sports Boat Shoe will always astonish you!

It is a mix of sailing and walking shoes that are extremely comfortable to wear with or without socks!

Average Rank: 4.5 out of 5

Sperry Mens Sea Kite Sport Moc Boat Shoe, Grey, 7

  • Provide more support than any other regular Sperry shoes
  • The extra support help maximize protection against irritations to the ankles
  • Excellent traction
  • Extremely durable
  • The removable insole is made of synthetic fabric and not leather
  • They are a bit narrow compared to other regular shoes, but after wearing them for a few days, they stretch out.

Final world!

The Sea Kite is an all-in-one and exceptional shoe at a great price!

6. Adidas Climacool Boat Lace

I am sure you’ve already heard of Adidas…who hasn’t:)

This Brand has never really disappointed anyone as far as I know, including me, and continues to surprise me with the new pair of sailing footwear, Adidas Climacool Boat Lace!

These shoes are mainly designed for boating as well as for all kinds of watersports, as they have all the features that sailors need. They drain and dry fast; they grip fantastically, and they are ultra-lightweight!

adidas outdoor Men's Climacool Boat Lace-M, Core Black/Chalk, 6.5 M US

  • They dry fast
  • Nice looking shoes
  • The mesh inner sole makes the shoes very comfortable
  • The holes in the bottom of the shoes allow the water out easily
  • Easy to slip them on and off
  • Provide great traction
  • Wearing them without socks may irritate the feet.
  • Pebbles and sand can get under the insole, which may make them uncomfortable to wear.
  • They are not designed to walk on land for extended periods

Overall, it’s a good pair of shoes. These are designed for boating and all sorts of watersports, but I wouldn’t suggest using them for any outdoor activities!

7. Columbia Powerdrain

If you want to spoil your feet, then look no further than the Columbia Powerdrain. These shoes will exceed all your expectations regarding comfort, lightness, and traction! These are excellent for water sports use, but I’ve heard from various people that they use them as well for many onshore activities, and they are very happy with the product.

One of them even said that she wouldn’t have to pack different pairs of shoes as she finds all she needs in the Columbia Powerdrain. She must have saved lots of space in her baggage!

  Average Rank: 4.5 out of 5

Columbia Women's Powerdrain Water Shoe,Black/Hanalei,5 M US

  • The Omni-Freeze ZERO technology allows drains water
  • Dry quickly, thanks to the external TPU frame support
  • Provide excellent support
  • Ultra lightweight
  • The insole may come out when wearing them for a while without socks.
  • Pebbles and sand may get inside the shoes
  • Not designed for walking long distances

The Columbia Powerdrain is an excellent pair of shoes for water sports activities

8. Sperry Top-Sider Men’s ASV Shock Boat Shoe

This is Sperry’s first performance boat shoe with new innovations perfect for days in the water. Athletic-designed footwear with a super lightweight feature that will keep your feet comfortable all day. They have an Adaptive Wave-Siping™, providing awesome traction on wet surfaces. The ASV Technology reduces vibration and shock while walking. The Removable full-length Molded Footbed provides the ultimate comfort for the feet.

Average Rank: 4.2 out of 5

Sperry Men's ASV Shock Lite Bungee Boat Shoe,Grey,11.5 M US

  • Its ultra-lightweight design makes it easy to walk with.
  • The mesh upper fits snuggly to the feet.
  • Perfect for any surface because of the rubber sole
  • Easy to wear for its adjustable bungee.
  • The heel cushion gives the perfect arch support to your feet.
  • Due to its nylon and mesh upper design, the frays go off easily.
  • Not the type of shoes that last for years

If you are looking for a boat shoe that is easy to wear, comfortable, and looks stylishly athletic at the same time, Sperry Top-Sider Men’s ASV Shock Light Bungee is for you. However, the nylon/mesh design does not last long as it wears and tears in a few months of continuous use. Thus, not a long-term investment.

9. Irish Setter Lakeside

These are rugged boat shoes that are meant to keep your feet dry and bring you comfort. They feature a Dynamic Spine System intended to reduce fatigue, absorbing the shock on the sole and non-marking rubber sole to keep your balance on any surface. These are rugged distressed shoes that do not only provide support but flexibility too.

Irish Setter Men's Lakeside Slip-On Boat Shoe size 11 Brown

  • More than a boat shoe, it can be worn for business casual attire, with or without socks.
  • It has a superior grip on most surfaces.
  • Easy to wear as it is a slip-on.
  • Durability. It can stand the test of time.
  • Sturdy and well-constructed
  • Not available in another color.
  • Not suitable for long walking or running

Finale Words!

This is a versatile boat shoe that is not limited to fishing and sailing, a perfect investment for any man in their wardrobe. The design, although limited in color, gives off an overall rugged look without the discomfort as the shoe keeps you safe, dry, and comfortable at the same time.

10. Skechers Performance Women’s Go Step-Seashore Boating Shoe

Made of 100% Textile with Rubber Soles to keep your balance and grip on any surface. The Skechers GoImpulse Sensor Technology provides flexibility to the sole. It has Goga Max insole. A lightweight shoe with cushion memory for maximum comfort.

Skechers Go Performance Women Size 7.5

  • The design is classically stylish and comfortable. You can wear them anywhere.
  • The slip-on feature makes it easy to wear.
  • Durable, as seen on the stitches on the shoes.
  • Super lightweight
  • You can choose from leather to canvas style.
  • No built arch support
  • Not advisable for people who use orthotics

Final Words!

The Skechers Performance Boat Shoes are perfect for the adventurous office worker who wants to use them in the office and the great outdoors. However, they might not suit people with foot problems who require the use of orthotics.

11. Skechers Performance Women’s On-The-Go Flagship Slip-On Boat Shoe

The On-The-Go Flagship Slip-On is made of perforated synthetic upper material with a slip-on lace-up design. Moc toe. The Goga Mat™ technology and Resalyte™ Midsole provide comfort on the sole due to its lightweight features. Flexible outsole. It has a soft fabric lining and lightweight and responsive cushioning.

Skechers Performance Womens On-The-Go Unwind Walking Shoe,Natural Plaid,5.5 M US

  • It has Arch support better than other shoes.
  • Lightweight and feels like you are walking on clouds.
  • Memory foam that gives ultimate comfort
  • Perfect for outdoor adventures like mud fishing, trails, and pavement walking
  • Cost cheaper than the regular Skechers
  • Some shoes were reported to have odor problems
  • Run a bit wide on the heel

Skechers Performance Women’s On-The-Go Flagship Slip-On Boat Shoe is perfect for stylish women who want to keep using the same shoe indoors and outdoors. Odor problems can be easily fixed with footpowder, so overall, this is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Be classy and chic while sailing.

12. ALEADER Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

Aleader has drainage ports to drain water. These shoes are super light and dry in no time. They have rubber pods for additional traction offering foot performance for water sports or water aerobics activities. FluidFlow Technology. The upper mesh material provides excellent drainage through the small holes and insole, allowing quick drying. These boat shoes allow exceptional airflow, keeping your feet cool in the summer. Great rubber outsole and Solyte midsole, enhancing comfort and traction.

Average Rank: 4.4 out of 5

ALEADER Men's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

  • The holes in the bottom drain out water thoroughly
  • They dried out quickly.
  • Comfortable due to the ComforDry sock liner and arch support.
  • Provides excellent traction.
  • Lightweight and easy to pack.
  • The soles collect rocks and debris.
  • Getting it wet and sandy provides a scratchy feeling on the feet

Acqua shoes are perfect for any water activities as they drain water and dry easily. However, it does not bring the same comfort as other boat shoes with a thick soles. Recommended for those quick trips at the beach and for water sports such as sailing, but not to be used in pebbly or sandy terrain.

Guide to Choosing the Right Pair of Boat Shoes 

Boat shoes or also known as deck shoes and topsiders, are usually made with canvas and leather. But, if you are getting leather boat shoes, get a half-size smaller than the average size. You want your shoes to be snug to your fit, especially if you choose to be sockless. Also, add some allowance for your toes to wiggle in.

The boat shoes are a classic piece in any man’s wardrobe that can be worn day and night. It comes in canvas and leather. However, leather gives you the vintage preppy vibe that is a unique feature of boat shoes. Leathers are also known to be durable and dressier than canvas. As this is worn for sailing, waterproof materials are preferred.

The “classic pull-up leather” called Horween Chromexcel, or CXL, is the preferred leather type known for its elasticity and softness. Compared to other types of leather, Chromexcel breaks in faster, thus, more comfortable for the feet.

Non-slip sole

The sole non-slip feature of boat shoes is what led to its inception when Paul Sperry, a former Navy Sailor, tried to find a way to avoid skidding in his boat. He experimented with several materials, such as black rubber soles. It was until he noticed his dog Prince running over icy water without sliding that he had his a-ha moment. This led to the conception of the herringbone pattern of sipes (slits) in 1923. This siping pattern, initially created by cutting slits on the rubber sole, provides better traction on wet surfaces.

From the black rubber soles come the white sole with herringbone pattern and brown color that gave the classic boat shoe look.

Leather is treated with oil to become water-repellant and stainproof. The shoe is handsewn and has 360-degree lacing running through 2-3 eyelets to tighten the shoes. The 360-degree profile allows you to cinch the laces to tighten the shoe.

Once broken in, boat shoes are very comfortable on the feet, which is why it is often worn sockless. To break in your boat shoe, allow a week to a month for the shoe to stretch out a bit to widen. The temporary discomfort will pay off with a shoe that will snuggle to your feet perfectly.

Tip: Do not use the shoe for long-distance travel during the 1st few days, as this will hurt your feet. Best to use it in the afternoon, walking around your house, or for short walks. Remember, it only loosens the width but not the length.

Non-marking sole

As for how it was invented initially, the white rubber sole does not leave any mark on boat decks. This feature is very important for sailors. After all, no one would want to leave marks on a beautiful teak deck or fiberglass boat.

From a white-colored sole, it has evolved into different colors, mostly representative of the summer colors. Despite the change of color, the non-marking feature is still kept for boat sailing purposes.

Where to Buy Boat Shoes for Sailing?

The boat shoes being a staple in men’s and even women’s wardrobe has broken in the international fashion world. Here are some of the shops in America where you can buy boat shoes. Quoddy MTO, Stockists, Rancourt Shop, Russell Moccasin Co, Oak Street Shop, Sperry Made in Maine, Orvis, Redwing Germany, Skechers, and of course, Amazon.

With the increasing popularity of online shopping, boat shoes are available on different e-commerce sites. Be aware, though, of imitations that could leave a bad experience. Make sure to make use of the guides listed earlier for the authentic boat shoe purchase.

Can I Wear Socks With Boat Shoes?

Going sockless is how boat shoes are traditionally worn. Once originally for sailing, wearing socks with boat shoes paired with shorts and a polo shirt will give you a fashion run. For those people with sweaty feet, you can use cotton inserts for comfort.

There is no absolute rule in using socks. Just because it was a tradition, it doesn’t mean there is no way around it. For those who find discomfort in being sockless, there are what you call no-show or foot socks that can be worn with the shoes. A dark hose is ideal for such an occasion. But for the majority, going sockless is still the trend for that classic preppy look.

Who Are Boat Shoes for?

Originally, boat shoes are designed for the gentlemen sailors out there ready to conquer the wave on their yachts. Through the years, these slip-on had swept over the fashion world, taking over the coastal areas of the United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Canada, United States, Australia, Argentina, China, Italy, France, and Portugal. From then, it became a fashion trend from outside the decks to the walking streets in everyday fashion ensembles.

Why Wear Boat Shoes?

Today, women and men of all ages are rocking the boat shoes both on and off the deck. It has a classic preppy look that you can wear from morning to night. For that 80s look, you can pair them French tolled jeans for men and a V-neck sweater for women.

For the modern preppy look, pair it up with shorter-length pants and a polo for the men. For the best pair, go for boat shoes and chinos. That is for the smart casual look. Looking for a challenge? Pair it with a semi-formal look by choosing a complementary shoe with your suit.

For that natural look, jeans and boat shoes are the perfect pairs as long as worn in a similar tone. For women, it is more versatile as you can pair them with your dress or trousers with a blouse. You can never go wrong with such an ensemble.

More than fashion, it is very functional and a must-have staple in your wardrobe.

Boat shoes are still in trend these days as long as you stick to the classic look. Or, if you can pull it off with the pastel colors, then that’s great news! Wear it every day or even when traveling. Great for the summer days and even in the cooler weather. You can hop on and off the yacht and still look fantastic in this quintessential classic pair.

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What are your favorite boating shoes? Please, feel free to share your experience in the comment below.

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56 thoughts on “Best Boat Shoes For Sailing-The Perfect Blend of Fit!”

These are really nice options. I’m normally are barefooted kind of guy myself but I’m kind of leaning towards the Columbia Powerdrain. From the info, i get how strong the shoe material is but what about the shoe lace, do they become brittle or affected in anyway after coming into contact with water so frequently?

The Climacool are water shoes and were made especially for boating and water sport. These are extremely comfortable in the water, but not on land. Both Climacool and Columbia Powerdrain are suitable for watersports and last a long time. I am sure you will enjoy both of them. To answer your question, any shoes you’ll use frequently will deteriorate quicker. Also, it depends on what you’ll do with them, but overall, both are fabulous shoes.

I hope it helped and, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you wish to know more info:) I’ll be glad to help! Thank you for the comment and wish you a great day!

This may be a really bad question but how do you feel Crocs stack up against these sailing shoes? I wore these extensively during a voyage to Antarctica and really enjoyed them. I can see that having more support would be handy sailing as Crocs can easily come off if the band comes lose behind the ankles. Personally I really like the look of the Adidas shoe here but it is unfortunate they do not offer as much as some of the other shoes here. Is the Keen Newport Boating Sandal comfortable on land?

Hi Francis,

I love Crocs, and I own a few pairs myself. I wouldn’t suggest wearing Crocs on any wet surfaces. These are slippy and can be extremely dangerous! I’ve slipped several times and I’ve almost killed myself. I am not the only one. It happened to all my friends as well as to my husband and my children. I still wear them but only on dry surfaces.

The Keen Sandals are absolutely fantastic and comfortable to wear all day and everywhere. These are non-slip shoes and are made of very strong material. I have a pair of Keen sandals since four years, and they are still comfortable and look awesome, and I have worn them on rough areas.

I hope it helped and if you need more info, don’t hesitate to leave a message in the comment below. I’ll be back to as soon as possible!

Thank you for the comment and wish you a lovely day!

Hey, Danielle, I’m so happy I came across your site! I’m looking to go on a Sailing Journey around South East Asia and I’m looking for the best footwear for myself.

I actually need orthotics which require me to have a deep and wider shoe. Which of these shoes do you recommend that is deeper and wider fitting?

How nice, I wish you a fantastic sailing trip!

If you need orthotic shoes, I would definitely suggest you check the Keen Sandals, most of them feature removable insoles, which is ideal for your feet.

I hope it helped and if you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll be glad to assist!

Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful day!

These shoes sound really useful. Sometimes I like to walk on the beach or go boating or other water-related activities that require shoes. Regular shoes aren’t obviously good enough. Crocs are good but they don’t have a good grip on your feet. These shoes seem like they have the best of both qualities – they are waterproof and they are durable in water areas. Great review!

Crocs are great to wear in certain areas, but I wouldn’t suggest to wear them on wet surfaces especially after wearing them for a while as the outsole deteriorates with the time and they get really slippy. I never wear Crocs on any wet surface!

Yes, the shoes listed in the article have excellent support and hold well the feet.

The Sperry sea kite shoes look amazing! Great looks as well as what seems like great quality. Definitely my first choice! It’s good that they provide good arch support, because I have big arches.

Would this shoe also be good for everyday use? I tend to not have too many pairs of shoes, and use the same pair for many different things. Is this a good all around walking shoe as well? Would be good to use on rainy days.

Indeed, the Sperry Sea Kite are amazing shoes!  Since they provide excellent arch support, you can wear them for walking. Also, they are slip resistant, thus grip wet surfaces. These are water resistant. So yes,  you can wear them in the rain, but I wouldn’t suggest using them for swimming or kayaking since they are not waterproof. 

I hope it helped:) Let me know if you need more info. I am always happy to help!  Thank you for the comment and wish you all the best!

I had no idea that Adidas made boat shoes. I grew up wearing Sperry’s. They were great on the boat and just a good everyday shoe. As the years went by, I needed more arch support so I got away from Sperry. I’m definitely going to check out Sea Kite. Sperry has always made a quality shoe. It will be good to wear one with a bit of an arch. 🙂

Yes, Adidas make boat shoes too and great ones!  The Sea Kite offers excellent arch support, and they are cute! I am sure you will love them:)

Thank you for the comment and wish you a fantastic day!

Hi Daniella,

I’m wondering if these shoes are made for males or females, or are they unisex? I was also wondering if these shoes would be good on a cruise or would they not be the kind of shoes I need!?

Hi Diane, Thank you for passing by:) Most of the shoes that are listed in the article are designed for women except the Sperry Sea Kite Sports Boat Shoe and the Keen Newport Boating Sandals, which are available on Amazon in women version. These shoes feature non-marking soles and are slip resistant. Meaning they grip well on wet surfaces and they don’t leave any marks on boats.But that may not be a concern for you if the trip is on a cruise:). If you plan to do excursions on land, then you’ll need versatile shoes like the Keen sandals or the Sperry Top-Sider or Colombia Powerdrain. Here is another article about the best water shoes for women , you may take a look.

I hope it helped and, please, don’t hesitate to contact me with any question. I’ll be more than happy to assist!

Thank you for the comment and wish you a fantastic cruising experience:)

Hi Daniella. This is really useful. I have been invited out sailing on a cabin cruiser and although I love the sea, I am a rank amateur . I have high arches to my feet and usually use a bit of arch support. which would you recommend for that. We are not planning to do much on dry land, just sailing and swimming. (Somewhere warm I understand.) Thanks for the review.

I am glad you found this article useful! All the shoes listed in the article are designed for sailing and water sports. If you plan on doing loads of water sports, I would suggest you the  Columbia Powerdrain and they provide great support.

I hope it helped. Let me know if you need to know further info. I am always happy to help!

Thank you for the comment t and wish you all the best!

I found your article very informative. I have only been on a boat a couple of times in my life. Don’t remember what kind of shoes I was wearing. I do know that most people wear shoes about one-third of their life, and if they’re not comfortable or don’t fit right it can be a very miserable experience. You explained quite a variety of shoes, why they are the best and the good they do for your feet. I will have to check them out for the future and will direct others to your wonderful Website, thanks again for the info.

I am glad you found the article useful! Indeed, if the shoes don’t fit the foot, it can be painful. That’s why it’s important to choose the right size:) Thank you for sharing the site with others, and for the comment!

I wish you a fantastic day!

I really like the Sperry Top-Sider Escape Bungee. I was wondering why you only gave it a 3.5 out of 5 stars? That makes me question if I should pick a different one, LOL. Also do you know if this shoe comes in a wide fit? I have kind of a wide foot and too narrow of a shoe is just not comfortable to me. The price is not too bad though.

The Sperry Top-Sider Escape Bungee is a fantastic pair of shoes. You have an excellent taste:)  The rate is 3.9 out 5 which is great because only a dozen of reviewers has given their opinion on these shoes. The more the amount of reviewers arises, the higher the rate will be unless the product is not good at all. Then it would be the opposite. You can do a lot of things with the Bungee, these are incredibly comfortable, and they are true to size. If you have wide feet and not sure about the size, you should try them out in an offline store before you order them online. This way you’ll be reassured:) As for the price, they are well worth it!

I hope it helped. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any question. I’ll be more than happy to assist!

Hi Daniella, Despite the fact that I have never actually been sailing, I do have to say that there were two pairs of shoes here that you have reviewed that I most certainly have no problem wearing them.

The shoes looked really good and if you didn’t know they were sailing shoes, I would say that you would never guess either.

Thanks for showing me these and I will keep this post in mind for future use. I know that you said that some of these shoes are more expensive, I always believe though that you only get what you pay for.

Indeed, some of the shoes that are listed in the article can be wear for everyday use. For example, the Sperry Sea Kite, the Keen and the Sperry Top-Sider are extremely comfortable to wear for walking. All of them have non-sliping and non-marking outsole which is extremely important when sailing as the deck’s boats are often wet and susceptible to scratch. Indeed, prices vary depending on the shoes, and yes, you get what you pay for:).

Thanks Daniella, thank you for this article. I myself am a keen sailor however since breaking a toe I have been far more sensitive on boats as it just needs time to heal but I’m also not prepared to not sail for 8 or more weeks!

This article I found very helpful and am keen to try your recommendation of Adidas Climacool Boat Lace as although practical it was the most fun in terms of design, being a gal and all, aesthetics are also important.

Thanks for sharing!

You are very welcome, there! Contrary to what many sailors think, feet injuries happen quite often on boats. Going barefoot is fun and agreeable, but not safe! The Climacool Boat Lace is the perfect pair of shoes to go sailing. They grip incredibly well, they are lightweight and they drain water out very quickly.With these on your feet, you’ll feel like you are going barefoot! Great choice!

Thak you for the comment and wish you a quick recovery and wonderful sailing trip!

I’m planning on spending a lot of time in our small boat fishing and crabbing. Doing these activities you get wet…obviously. 🙂

I get tired of wearing my rubber boats all the time. Especially during the summer and fall when it can get hot. I want me feet to breath, so I started looking for alternatives and came across this post.

I really like the Keen. It’s the only one you reviewed that looks like it could handle a “working” boat. Any idea how these would do in salt water? Also, love that I can pop off the boat and walk a few miles on the beach in these!

Thanks for the review. Very helpful!!!

The Keen sandals are excellent to go boating. These are extremely versatile. You can use them for many purposes. To answer your question, salt is the number one enemy. It destroys many things. So don’t expect from even the best quality shoes to last for a long time after using them in salt water. If you want to keep the Keen sandals in good shape, you need to rinse them with clear water after having exposed them to seawater.

I hope it helps! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any question, I’ll be more than happy to assist!

Great review! These shoes are really awesome though I like to walk about on the beach or boat in shoes ever since I kicked my barefoot on the the rock. You have listed great boots up here. Though Crocs are good too but I don’t like them because they lack grip on feet. I like the shoes up here for the qualities and especially because of their durability and most importantly, waterproof. Thanks

You are very welcome! Let me know if you need help. I’ll be more than happy to assist.

Thank you for the comment and wish a lovely day

Wow, this is a really good list of the best boat shoes. I had a hard time choosing which shoes I should pick out. Everything there is just awesome but I had to pick the Columbia Powerdrain  because it looks like my favourite crocs home ware and seeing that it works well on the socks is good and it also has very good soles. I’ll be going yatching this weekend and I’m sure this shoes will be the best for my adventure. Thank you for the review.

Hi Henderson,

Great choice! The Columbia Powerdrain will meet your expectation!

Thank you for the comment and wish you a fantastic sailing trip!

Awesome article, I think I got my eyes on the Columbia Powerdrain. Already ordered it. Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint me. I will come back and tell you how it is in real life.

I really love the colour, the sea like colour just makes me feel like I should be wearing that whenever I go to the beach or sailing.

Excellent, I am sure you’ll love the Columbia Powerdrain. They are comfortable and provide great support.

Thank you for passing by, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

The Columbia Powerdrain definitely seems like the way to go, as there are many pros and all the cons can be easily adjusted. I’m one of those people that likes to simply have one overall pair of shoes for the day, so would the Columbia brand be good for other activities as well, so long as there’s not too much distance involved?

Definitely, the Columbia Powerdrain can suit for water sports as well as for light hiking and boating. They are incredibly comfortable and lighweight too.

I hope it helped!

Thanks for this article. My two brother-in-laws live in Florida and both of them recently purchased boats. I was thinking of a good gift idea for them because I am sure they will need all the boating essentials. I figured the right boat shoes would be something they would want and need, without even realizing it. Based on these reviews, I now have a good idea as to which kind would suit them best (Sperry Sea Kite). Really glad I came across your post, saved me a lot of time!! Thanks again!

The Sperry Sea Kite is a versatile shoe; you can wear them for various outdoor activities apart from sailing. I am sure your brother-in-law will love this gift!

Thank you for the comment and wish you a great day!

Hello Daniella, this post comes as a savior to me. I love sailing alot and I’ve also been wounded alot by different stuffs in the boat. Why? I love when my feet’s are free during sailing. As much as I like these legs to be free I don’t like being in pain from wounds. Seeing these cool suggestions makes me really happy and a big thanks to you for that. I’ve however decided to go for the Keen H2 sandal because I can still have that freedom in my feet while sailing. Thanks for this beautiful suggestions. 

You are very welcome!

Great choice, the Keen sandals are fantastic for sailing as well as for outdoor trip!

I used to do a lot of boating mostly on lakes ( waterskiing and fishing ) I was always one to wear something in the way of a running shoe rather than going barefoot. You show an amazing selection of boat shoes on your site. I recently have been asked to go sailing with a friend I met recently at a 55+ apartment building and wonder if you could recommend something for a beginner sailor. I am diabetic and realize the importance of looking after my feet

All of the shoes listed in the article are great for beginners. You can choose whatever you like. If you have diabetes, I would recommend a shoe that is breathable with excellent support. The Sperry Top-Sider ASV Shock, Columbia Powerdrain and the Sperry Top-Sider Escape will be perfect for you. I hope it helped. Let me know if you need help. I’ll be more than happy to assist. Thank you for the comment and wish you all the best!

Best Boat Shoes for Sailing-The perfect blend of it is a piece of good educational information on which one to use in the boat. Primarily, I do not believe in wearing anything as it would have more steadiness ain engaging my movement in this kind of dumpy, wet and slippery condition. Among the shoes mentioned from big companies like Sketcher, Columbia even Adidas, I would choose Keen Newport Boating Sandals. The first thing is the general safety and protection of using shoes or sandals and though pricey it makes the wetness easily go dry, and easy to slip in and slip on and the design is good to my taste. Way to go. Something to think about when I go sailing.

Keen Newport is one of the most popular sandals used for sailing as they provide excellent features. Sailors love Keen sandals!

I am sure you will too:)

Let me know if you need help. I’ll be more than happy to assist.

Thank you for the comment and wish you a nice day.

Great post you have here, and I really find it difficult to make a selection here from this list you have shared here. Thank you so much for sharing this excellent review. Well! I think the next possible thing that is judicious to do is to choose a pair of boating shoes for my sailing trips. I would love to buy Keen Newport Boating Sandals. Do they leave marks on the deck?

It looks rather awesome. Thank you

Hi Rodarrick,

Thank you for stopping by!

Keen Newport features nonmarking soles, mines doesn’t leave any marks on the deck. I am very happy with them!

Thank you for the comment and I wish you a lovely day!

So many shoes and I love shoes but even better, sailing shoes, as I’m on boats all the time. You are so correct in that you really need something that is lightweight, drys quickly, and looks great. Girls especially like to look cool onboard and you offer great advice on some really lovely water shoes. My pick is a pair of Skechers as they are really classy.

I enjoyed reviewing all the shoes and would buy them when mine wear out. I even liked some of the men’s shoes too.

As a matter of fact, I do sometimes wear men’s shoes when I don’t find the model I want for women:) But who cares as long as we are comfortable wearing them. 

Skechers provide excellent support and comfort to the feet. So I highly recommend them.

Thanks for the comment, and I wish you a lovely day!

Hey Daniella. Very interesting article. To be fair I’m just starting ma adventure with sailing and posts like this are extremely useful. Proper clothes and shoes not only provided comfort on boat but first of all guarantee safety of everyone. Thank you for you detailed review, looking forward to test some of your recommendations in practice.

That’s great; I am sure you’ll enjoy your adventure very much!

Yes, it’s important to wear good shoes when sailing if you want to protect your feet and be comfortable – although many sailors sail barefoot:). So it really depends on your preferences. Thank you for the comment and wish you a great day!

Hi, thank you for sharing this article. Looking and reading through your post I find a pair of mine the Skechers which I am in love with them, wow, so super. But my partner has the Keen sandals. Although we are not sailing he just loves these sandals and just can wait for the summer to come to wear them. Love this topic. Just one question: do you think that Keen has also sandals for women or should I buy my size from men as I really like them?

I am glad you enjoyed the reading:)

Sure, you can find the same model for women as well. And yes, you’ll have to choose your size from women.

Great choice. Keen is the most popular one on the list. 

Let me know if you have questions; I’ll be more than happy to assist.

Thank you for the comment, and I wish you a lovely day.

Very informative article on boat shoes, I’d be certainly checking it out later, as I’m about to get a speed boat license soon. 

Are these shoes all have protection against slippery floors? I’ve seen a few of them have this as a pro, but not all of them and the ones I kinda liked and like to wear didn’t have that highlighted.

I would just assume they all have that feature.

Thanks for the detailed information,

All the best,

That’s awesome! I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun on the water!

All of these shoes listed have an excellent grip, but not all have non-marking soles. So when choosing a pair, make sure it suits your needs:)

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I am always happy to assist.

I used to rock the Columbia powerdrains but I got sick of them for pretty much the same reasons you mention in the cons list, they are terrible for long-distance traveling and one of my favorite things to do on the beach is take nature walks.

I might take a closer look at those Sperry Sea Kite Sports Boat Shoe, they might serve my exploration needs. If they don’t, do you have any recommendations on boat shoes that are good for land/sand prevention?

The Keen sandals are absolutely fantastic for walking long distances. You can wear them from water to land and vice versa. It is highly recommended.

If you need more help, please let me know. I’ll be more than happy to assist.

Thank you for the comment, and I wish you a great day.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we think of boat shoes? For many of us, it’s the idea of summer, relaxing on a lazy afternoon with friends, or the freedom of not having to wear our ordinary shoes or boots. However, that is a mistake. And I have learned it in a funny and a bit unpleasant way. After making up my mind I need boat shoes I landed on your post. I think I will choose the Columbia Men’s Bahama boat shoe. I love their design. And being comfortable is all-important.

I may need to buy another pair for more work-driven activities in the sea. Which of these would be the best pair for work (safety reasons)?

Thank you for passing by and the comment.  I would definitely choose the Keen or Irish Setter or Sperry Sea Kite; these shoes are very sturdy and will hold hard use at sea.

I hope it helped and if you have more questions, I’ll be happy to assist.

I wish you a lovely day.

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The 12 Best Sailing Shoes For Serious Sailors


Helly Hansen Skagen F-1 For Every Sailing Adventure thumbnail

Helly Hansen

  • HH® Quick Dry
  • HH® Max-Vent
  • HH® Pro Guard
  • UV-Activated Antibacterial Technology

Helly Hansen AHIGA V4 Hydropower Aqua-Trainers thumbnail

Helly Hansen  

  • Antimicrobial

Sperry Sea Kite Moc Boat Shoes thumbnail

  • Quick Drying
  • Water Resistant Leather
  • Adaptive Wave-Siping™ Disperses Water
  • Removable Full-Length Compression Molded EVA Footbed


  • Best On A Budget | All in Motion | Find On Target
  • Best For Cold-Weather Sailing  |  Gill  |  Find On Amazon
  • Best For Fishing  |  Columbia |  Find On Amazon
  • Best For Kids  |  Cat & Jack  |  Find On Target
  • Best Quick-Drying  |  The North Face  |  Find On The North Face
  • Best Deck Shoe  |  Sperry  |  Find On Sperry
  • Best For Vacation  |  Columbia  |  Find On Amazon
  • Best Sailing Boots  |  Gill  |  Find On Amazon
  • Most Comfortable | Helly Hansen | Find On Helly Hansen

Whether it's your first time out on the water, going laser sailing, or your umpteenth sailing trip, a good pair of sailing shoes is essential to your safety. Designed specifically for use on wet surfaces and slippery conditions. They'll improve traction and keep your feet comfortable during long days on the boat.

In this guide to sailing shoes, we're highlighting the best sailing shoes on the market from top boat shoe brands and offering helpful tips to ensure you find just the right pair. So grab your sailing hats and let the adventure begin.

What Type Of Shoes Is Best For Sailing?

Sailing shoes are designed specifically for wet conditions, such as on a slippery boat deck or wooden dock. While some are fashioned after athletic shoes, others styles are closer to boots or gaiters. Those referred to as boat shoes or deck shoes are typically made with a canvas or salt water resistant leather upper, a non-marking rubber sole, and a slip-on silhouette similar to a loafer.

Do You Wear Socks With Sailing Shoes?

While some people prefer to go sock-free, most prefer to wear socks with their boat shoes. Without them, you risk getting painful rubs and blisters that can quickly ruin your day on the water. Stick with performance socks designed specifically for use in soggy conditions. Slip a pair of low-cut, no-show socks under your boat shoes for a laid-back, European look that doesn't fall short on protection.

What To Look For In Boat Shoes

Sailing shoes are designed for everything from dinghy sailing to deep-sea fishing, so you'll want to shop for styles designed specifically for your intended end-use. Here are a few key product features that make for a great pair:

Non-slip rubber sole

The primary purpose of sailing shoes is to provide traction. Look for pairs with non-slip, non-marking soles that keep you safe in wet, slippery conditions. Some soles feature durability and anti-slip properties.

Performance fabric

While traditionally crafted with leather, most pairs today are made with quick-drying fabrics with added breathability and water resistance.

Mesh construction

Many boating shoes feature strategically-placed mesh panels to improve ventilation and drain away excess water. They'll help keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long.

Adjustable fit

Any good pair of water shoes is designed with laces or adjustable straps for a customizable fit. If you're shopping for kids, stick with simple velcro straps.

Removable insole

Opt for a pair with fully removable insoles for easy cleaning and faster dry times. Slip them out in between uses so they can fully dry.

Antimicrobial treatments

The best boat shoes are treated with innovative antimicrobial treatments that minimize foot odors, prevent mildew growth, and keep fungal infections at bay.

Avoid flip-flops and open-toe shoes as they are an injury risk, thanks to the number of deck fittings on most yachts.

The 12 Best Sailing Shoes for Every Sailing Adventure

Helly hansen skagen f-1 for every sailing adventure.

Best Sailing Shoes Overall


Helly Hansen Skagen F-1 For Every Sailing Adventure

These best-selling Skagen F-1 Offshore Men's Sailing Shoes from Helly Hansen are undoubtedly some of the sailing shoes on the market today. Unlike some of the other sailing shoes, their non-marking rubber soles come equipped with a multi-zone traction pattern for an excellent grip on any surface. A seamless, breathable upper protects your feet while traversing rocks or a messy deck full of sailing gear. The padded EVA insole is finished with a quick-drying, antibacterial treatment that keeps blisters and athlete's foot at bay. Whether it's dinghy sailing or offshore fishing, these comfortable sneakers are up for the task.

Coastal sailing, Dinghy, inshore Sailing, Ocean Offshore Sailing

  • Very comfortable and lightweight
  • Dry very fast
  • Narrow design

Helly Hansen AHIGA V4 Hydropower Aqua-Trainers

Best Quick Dry

Helly Hansen AHIGA V4 Hydropower Aqua-Trainers

These Ahiga v4 Hydropower Aqua-Trainers from Helly Hansen make an excellent addition to any woman's sailing gear. The lightweight, water-friendly sneakers come equipped with a high-grade EVA midsole and siped HellyGrip rubber outsole for superior comfort, stability, and arch support. Perhaps that's why they're one of the brand's best-selling styles! Complete with a quick-drying, antimicrobial performance fabric upper and EVA insole, they'll keep your feet dry and protected through any sailing conditions. Sport them for a canoeing trip, a day on the yacht, or even just a trip to the beach!

500g (W) / 600g (M)

  • Excellent grip
  • Light weight
  • Quis nostrud exercitation
  • Sizing doesn't work for everyone

Sperry Sea Kite Moc Boat Shoes

Most Versatile

Sperry Sea Kite Moc Boat Shoes

Looking for a pair of sailing shoes you can wear both on and off the boat? You can't go wrong with a classic pair of Sperrys. These Sea Kite Sport Moc Boat Shoes infuse modern footwear technology with the iconic silhouette of their traditional deck shoes. An Adaptive Wave-Siping design disperses water underfoot to provide traction on wet, slippery surfaces. The molded EVA footbed can be fully removed for easy cleaning and a faster dry time.

  • Extremely comfortable
  • More versatile and range of use
  • Good support and cushion
  • Outstanding weather and slip resistance
  • Sizing may be inconsistent
  • Only available for men

All in Motion's Men's Jay Apparel Water Shoes

Best on a Budget

All in Motion's Men's Jay Apparel Water Shoes

  • Waterproof material
  • Closed-toe design
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Hook-and-loop closure

Shopping on a tight budget? Opt for an affordable pair that's versatile enough for any water adventure. These Jay Apparel Water Shoes from All in Motion combine the traction and support of sailing shoes with the comfort and breathability of water shoes. The waterproof design features a closed toe, non-marking outsole, and adjustable ankle straps with hook-and-loop closures. They'll keep you comfortable and protected no matter what the water throws your way.

100% EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)

beach, pool, outdoor activities

  • Comfortable no matter how wet they get
  • Not available in Women design

Gill Offshore Sailing Boots

Best for Cold-Weather Sailing

Gill Offshore Sailing Boots

  • Warmth and impact protection
  • A double-layer of protection
  • Thermal neoprene

Rigged with a triple-layer design, Gill's Offshore Sailing Boots can be used year-round for more intense sailing adventures. External gaiters with secure elastic cords keep water out and warmth in. A thermo-molded, razor-cut outsole provides superior traction on wet and icy surfaces. Thanks to a reinforced heel, instep, and toe, you'll stay dry and comfortable during long periods on your feet. They're a must-have for offshore fishing.

Outer-100% Nylon. Inner-90% Neoprene 10% Nylon.

  • Excellent value and very high quality
  • Very comfortable
  • Very warm and tons of grip
  • No half size

Columbia Men's Tamiami PFG Boat Shoes

Best for Fishing

Columbia Men's Tamiami PFG Boat Shoes

  • Wet grip performance
  • Comfortable mesh upper
  • Water and stain resistant
  • Vented midsole

If you're shopping for weekend fishing trips, try these Tamiami PFG Boat Shoes. They're specifically designed for everyday wear on and off the boat. Equipped with Omni-Shield, the treated mesh and synthetic fabric upper repels water and avoids stains to keep your feet clean and dry. Razor sipping throughout the non-marking, non-slip soles guarantees a superior grip on any wet or dry surface. A lace-up front closure, heel tab, and sporty silhouette deliver style in addition to durability. With five colors to choose from, they're an easy addition to your active wardrobe.

Mesh / Synthetic Overlays

  • Design available for women and men
  • So comfortable and very lightweight
  • Very good quality 
  • Perfect for everyday life
  • Can be a little hard to put on

Cat & Jack Oscar Toddler Water Shoes

Best for Kids

Cat & Jack Oscar Toddler Water Shoes

  • Pull-on tab

These Oscar Toddler Water Shoes from Cat & Jack will keep your little ones safe, whether they're fishing off the side of the boat or cannon-balling off the side of the dock. The closed-toe design prevents sand, rocks, and small debris from getting inside, while a treaded rubber sole provides a great grip on slippery surfaces. An adjustable heel strap with a pull-tab and hook-and-loop closure offers a secure, comfortable fit. At just $15, they're an easy, affordable option to toss into your beach bag or carry-on suitcase.

100% Polyester

  • Easy to put on
  • Offer a secure fit

The North Face Skagit Water Shoes

Best Lightweight

The North Face Skagit Water Shoes

  • Quick-drying
  • Lightweight
  • Antimicrobial mesh upper
  • Mono-mesh screens
  • Toggle closure

No matter the sailing adventure, these Skagit Water Shoes from The North Face are up for the task. Mono-mesh screens prevent debris from entering the shoe while allowing water to escape through the EVA midsole drainage system. The quick-drying, lightweight mesh upper is finished with innovative anti-odor and anti-microbial protection. Toggle closures eliminate annoying (and potentially dangerous) untied laces. A proprietary EXTS outside traction system offers superior traction on wet decks, slippery rocks, and dry land too. Needless to say, they're a wise addition to any adventurer's footwear repertoire.

9.4 oz (265 g)

  • Dry really quickly
  • No half sizes

Sperry Authentic Original Boat Shoes

Best Deck Shoe

Sperry Authentic Original Boat Shoes

  • 360° Lacing System
  • Wave-Siping for enhanced traction
  • Hand-sewn construction

Full-grain leather uppers

Hit the boat deck (and the dockside restaurant) in style with Sperry's Authentic Original Boat Shoes. The time-tested silhouette offers the perfect balance of function and style. They're still hand-sewn using traditional craftsmanship techniques and premium full-grain leather. A 360-degree lacing system and Ortholite insole keep you comfortable during long days on your feet. Finished with the brand's signature Sperry Razor-Cut Wave-Siping, the preppy boat shoes provide an excellent grip on both wet and dry surfaces. Offered in a range of color combinations, there's something stylish for everyone's boating wardrobe.

  • Available in different width
  • Not waterproof or water resistant

Columbia Men's Bahama Boat Shoes

Best for Vacation

Columbia Men's Bahama Boat Shoes

  • Vent midsole ports
  • Non-marking wet grip
  • Combination of canvas and leather upper

These Columbia Men's Bahama Boat Shoes make an excellent choice for an upcoming beach vacation and shoes for sailing. They're functional enough for the sailboat and stylish enough for a dockside meal. An Omni-Shield textile upper and rubber sole offer lightweight, breathable protection and support. Available in an assortment of color options, they're an easy addition to any man's summer wardrobe.

Canvas / Leather upper

7.8 oz. / 222g (Size 9, 1/2 pair)

  • Easy on and off
  • Nice quality shoe
  • Can feel stiff at first

Gill Aero Sailing Boots

Best Sailing Boots

Gill Aero Sailing Boots

  • Maximum grip
  • Neoprene and waterproof seamsNon marking rubber sole

If you're a dedicated sailor, it's worth adding a pair of sailing boots to your footwear repertoire. These Aero Sailing Boots from Gill offer maximum comfort, security, and traction. Crafted from 5mm neoprene with waterproof seams and zippers, your feet stay warm and dry no matter the conditions. The wrap-around, non-marking rubber sole features a reinforced heel, toe, and bridge support for added flexibility and a full range of motion. While they're suitable for any boating occasion, they're versatile enough for dinghy sailing, paddleboarding, and kayaking too.

‎90% Neoprene, 10% Nylon

dinghy sailing, paddleboarding, and kayaking

  • Keep you warm
  • Comfortable
  • Great construction and fit
  • Sizing may run small
  • Calf area can run small
  • Difficult to get off and on

Helly Hansen Women's Ahiga Slip-On Sailing Shoes

Most Comfortable

Helly Hansen Women's Ahiga Slip-On Sailing Shoes

Helly Hansen's Ahiga Slip-On Sailing Shoes offer all-day comfort and excellent reactions. It's got the same ergonomic midsole, treaded outsole, and water-resistant textile upper as the brand's best-selling Ahiga V4 shoes with a simple slip-on design. An antimicrobial treatment minimizes odors and helps keep athlete's feet away. They're a worthy splurge for any sailor with limited mobility.

Inshore sailing and marine lifestyle

  • Super-light, breathable and comfortable
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Quick and easy to put on
  • Good nonslip sole
  • Only available in one color

fiona perisone circle 200x200

About the Author

Fiona Perisone

Fiona is a veteran travel consultant, photographer and travel writer at She has spent many years as a corporate travel consultant and decided to actually live the life rather than plan it for others!


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Looking for high quality sailing footwear? Browse our range of reliable sailing boots and deck shoes available for both men and women. Proper sailing footwear is essential for any boating enthusiast. Made from a selection of durable materials and real leather our sailing footwear is built to last, providing both practicality and style. We stock specialist brands including Gill, Helly Hansen, Ronstan, Sperry and Zhik shoes so browse the full range here.

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Best Sailing Shoes of 2024

Thinking about sailing shoes may bring up visions of well-dressed people lounging on deck in — you guessed it — deck shoes. These are most likely in nautical colors paired with a Breton t-shirt and chinos to complete the look. That’s what the adverts say anyway. But finding the best sailing shoes for you involves a lot more than a Monaco-backdrop.

Sailing shoes provide all sorts of protection and are a key part of your sailing equipment. Finding the right sailing shoes means taking into account lots of variables, including the kind of sailing you’re planning on doing. We don’t like cold feet or busted toes here at The Adventure Junkies, so read on to learn about the best sailing shoes for you.

For more of our top sailing gear recommendations, check out the Best Sailing Hats .


  • Sperry Authentic Original Boat Shoe
  • GILL Tall Yachting Boots
  • Gill Trapeze Sailing Boots
  • GILL Competition Sailing Boots
  • Rugged Shark Great White Deck Boots
  • Helly Hansen Midsund 2 Rain Boots
  • Sperry Sojourn Duck Chukka Boots
  • Body Glove Seek Watershoe
  • Dubarry Ultima Stretch Boots
  • RONSTAN Superflex Boots


Sperry authentic original boat shoe.

Check out the latest price on: Amazon

BEST FOR: Casual cruising yacht sailors

WOMEN’S VERSION: Sperry Authentic Original Two-Eye Boat Shoes

MATERIAL: Full-grain leather


PROS: Smart look, EVA foam footbed for cushioning, leather inner sock, siped outsole gives reliable grip

CONS: Need leather care to prevent salt damage


Check out the latest price on: West Marine

BEST FOR: Cruising and racing sailors



PROS: Easy slip-on design, durable Cordura material, fast drying water resistant finish, stretching Lycra panel, GORE-TEX lining, classic look

CONS: Expensive, need washing in freshwater for optimal longevity


WOMEN’S VERSION: Gill Tall Yachting Boots



PROS: Waterproof, reinforced instep plus toe and heel, hardwearing, quick-dry lining removable insole, tie top

CONS: Not very low-profile, not very warm in cold climates


BEST FOR: Keen dingy and small boat racing sailors

MATERIAL: Neoprene

PROS: Reinforced top side, grippy soles, 5mm neoprene offers warmth, VELCRO fastening

CONS: Can be very tight-fitting, pricey for beginners


BEST FOR: Serious dinghy sailors

WOMEN’S VERSION: Gill Competition Sailing Boots

PROS: Quick-dry lining, excellent grip, reinforced instep plus toe and heel, low-profile for fast movement

CONS: Pricey, not breathable for hot weather


BEST FOR: Boat fishing trips, tough weather conditions

PROS: Great for heavy weather, warm with socks, soft cuff, removable cushioning footbed, good grip

CONS: Heavy and clumpy


WOMEN’S VERSION: Hello Hansen Women’s Midsund 2 Rain Boots

PROS: Excellent grip gum rubber soles, back pull tab, suitable for boat use and land use

CONS: Wide tread may pick up stones and gravel, no tightening cord on cuff


BEST FOR: Coastal cruising sailors

MATERIAL: Leather/Rubber

PROS: Rubber toes plus leather upper create comfortable waterproofing, neoprene bootie adds extra support, removable compression molded footbed, anti-microbe treatment on footbed, rustproof eyelets

CONS: Wide tread pattern could pick up gravel on land


BEST FOR: Beginner dinghy sailors

MATERIAL: Neoprene/Mesh

PROS: Easy to slip on, VELCRO and bungee closure, non-slip reinforced sole

CONS: No cold protection, no ankle support


BEST FOR: Warm water dinghy sailing

PROS: Very flexible for full range of motion, ankle seal stops most water getting in, bridge strap for support, padded heel

CONS: Little ankle support, may not take heavy use



Type of sailing.

Equipment and clothing that you require for sailing very much depend on what type of sailing you’ll be doing. Whether it’s dinghy racing or classic cruising, your footwear needs to be right.


Dinghy sailing is probably the wettest kind of sailing (unless you’re into extreme performance yachts!) and so your dinghy sailing shoes need to cope. Dinghy sailing also involves shifting your body and weight quickly so clumpy shoes just aren’t going to cut it.

To keep your feet warm and easy to move in wet conditions, most dinghy sailors wear wetsuit booties. Made from neoprene , these types of boots come in different thicknesses depending on what temperatures you’ll be sailing in. Some dinghy sailing booties also have reinforced top sections so they don’t wear out when you’re feet are under the straps.

Cruising tends to be a much more laid back affair than dinghy sailing and shoe choice is much larger. From deck shoes to sailing wellies, your footwear choice will depend on your boat, the conditions and whether you need to go on deck or not.

The main consideration for cruising sailors is a non-marking sole. Black rubber marks are a big no-no on any boat! Cruising shoes should be reasonable waterproof in case waves come over, but also grippy, comfortable and easy to clean.

While many cruising yachts can also race, the act of racing is a more extreme form of sailing. What does that mean? It means that you’ll probably have a lot more water washing along the decks and into the cockpit.

Yachts may also be more heeled over when racing than other types of sailing so it’s easier to slip. If you want to do some racing or will be sailing a racing yacht, grippy soles are a must. Sailing shoes should also be waterproof and with a low-profile so you can move quickly should you need to.


Will you be sailing on a lake? At sea? In big waves? In flat water? Will it be cold? Hot? Tropical? No one wants cold feet right?

If you’re sailing in a cold water area, you should plan your shoes for the water temperature, not the air temperature. Why? Because when the wind crosses water, it will often cool to the temperature of the water. Even on a hot, sunny day, sailing can get chilly if the water is cool.

In cold weather, numb toes can be a real problem. If you’re planning on cold water sailing then remember to leave room in sailing shoes for warm, thick socks.

On the flip side, if you’ll be sailing in warm seas and hot sun, you’ll need breathable sailing shoes that won’t leave your feet sweaty. Shows made from leather, mesh or GORE-TEX are usually very breathable.

Sailing shoes come in all sorts of materials, mainly suited to conditions and environment. Dinghy sailing shoes need to allow you to swim in them should you capsize, hence being made out of neoprene. The thicker the neoprene, the warmer they’ll keep your feet.

Other sailing shoes can be made out of rubber or plastic. These materials are waterproof, making them good for cold water sailing. Rubber isn’t breathable though, so for warmer weather, leather or breathable synthetics are a good choice.

Non-marking soles are crucial for any type of boat. A passenger or crew member with a marking sole is liable to be made to walk the plank. Luckily, it’s hard to find marking soles in the sailing shoe industry. All the sailing shoes featured in our reviews have non-marking soles.

Grippy soles are important as decks and cockpits can get very slippery. However, deep tread isn’t necessarily good and can pick up stones and gravel ashore which then scratch the gelcoat and wood on a boat.

Neoprene booties usually have reinforced soles for longevity and extra comfort when walking up dinghy ramps. Cheaper booties might lack this feature and could wear out much faster but are great for beginners .

Uncomfortable shoes are terrible so it seems like a no-brainer to buy comfortable sailing shoes. But there’s often more to it than ordinary shoes.

For instance, will you always be wearing socks? Sometimes, you might need to get out on deck quickly when you have to reef a sail . You may not have time to put socks on, so can you still wear and walk in your shoes without them?

Do you find shoes often rub? If so, finding shoes with a softer opening might be a good idea. Blisters can get infected in saltwater environments, especially if you’re sailing in the sub-tropics and tropics.

For more of our top sailing gear recommendations, check out these popular buyer's guides:

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The Perfect Gear for Any Sailing Adventure

Musto GP Race Sailing Shoes Review

Musto GP Race Sailing Shoes Review 

Musto currently dominates the market in terms of racing sailing shoes. The latest addition to their line, the GP Race sailing shoes has created some buzz in the sailing industry, mainly because they feature a sporty look and highly breathable design. But they also come equipped with some great features that can provide the type of protection you need at sea.  These shoes are offered at a reasonable price and feature an innovative sole design that will help improve your performance by providing a higher level of gripability than what you can expect from standard sailing shoes. 

Our Verdict:  If you’re in need of sailing shoes designed for dinghy racing, Musto’s latest racing shoes should be at the top of your list. These shoes are equipped with top of the line flex soles designed for improved traction. The shoe’s breathable design will keep you nice and dry, while the Gore-Tex liner prevents water from entering the interior. These shoes may be sporty, flexible, and the perfect choice for footwear when it comes to racing, but they aren’t designed for offshore work and should not be worn by the pros. These shoes are not the best option for colder weather conditions and can’t provide much protection in severe weather conditions.

Continue reading to learn more about this top selling racing shoes by Musto.

Table of Contents

Overview and Features

Musto is one of the leading manufacturers in sailing gear in terms of clothing and jackets for offshore sailing, inshore sailing, racing, and more. They even offer an extensive line of clothing for the offshore sailor. But their lines of sailing shoes and boots have also been well received in the sailing community.

In terms of racing gear, these shoes are one of the their best-sellers. They aren’t designed for pro use or cold weather use, but they can easily handle intense conditions on deck during a race. They offer the ultimate grippy sole, one that will ensure you remain on your feet as you work with your team to pull ahead.

Competitive yacht racing is the next big thing in sailing. It’s actually one of the main reasons people are curious to learn how to get into yachting , and it can be an intense sailing experience like no other. If you love the sea, sailing, and speed, yacht racing can offer the ultimate experience. But as you can imagine, you need the right footwear for this challenging sport. Who wants to focus on not slipping in their boat shoes during a competition? If you want to win, your focus must be on the race. These Musto GP Race sailing shoes are a total gamer changer, and shoes that are a must-have for the serious sailor.  

If you know your sailing footwear, then the mere mention of Gore-Tex has gotten your attention. During production, these shoes were put through rigorous testing. Not only was the Gore-Tex material tested, but the entire system, including the membrane, insulation, lining, and the outer material as well, ensuring these shoes could handle the toughest conditions.  

Aside from the liner, these shoes also feature a mesh construction, which makes the shoes very light and breathable.  

Described as the ultimate racing shoes, the seasoned sailor will not only love the amount of protection these shoes offer, but they’ll also appreciate the supportive sole and foot molding technology.  

Yet, while the shoes can prevent a high percentage of water from entering, there have been some reports that these shoes can leak, allowing cold water to enter. Additionally, they aren’t able to keep your feet warm in cold weather, which means you’ll need to take a pass if you need racing shoes for the harsh winter months.

The Challenge

With shoes designed for racing at sea, the designers have to think in terms of functionality. This means the shoes not only need to be breathable, they must be flexible, waterproof, and the soles themselves need to be flexible and offer ultimate traction. This is no easy task considering the shoes also have to be lightweight and durable.

As you can see, designing a pair of sailing shoes that have all of these characteristics is no easy task, but Musto managed to fill this tall order.

These shoes have every must-have feature that’s crucial to dinghy racing. These shoes may not be a good choice for pro use or offshore use, but in terms of racing or even for recreational sailing, these shoes are solid performers.

Since Gore-Tex is one of the only components in footwear that ensures durable waterproofness, most high-end sailing shoe manufacturers now include this type of material in the shoe’s lining. This material is actually both highly breathable and waterproof. So, it allows perspiration to escape the interior and prevents water from entering from the exterior. These shoes were also tested for breathability. But Gore-Tex isn’t the only feature that contributes to these racing shoes durable, breathable, flexible design.  

Sole Design  

These shoes are equipped with the latest in outsole tech. The Grip Flex outsole features shock absorbing power and optimal multi-directional traction. For top performance, the shoes have also been combined with the Grip Deck rubber which is known to enhance both durability and grip on slick surfaces. The Grip Deck rubber has a somewhat sticky texture which is what helps to enhance the grip. The soles are also non-marking to protect your deck. The shoe’s EVA midsole is also designed specifically for shock absorption and works to reduce wearer fatigue.  

These shoes feature top of the line grip technology. This means you can actually run on a wet deck without sliding or slipping. This type of sole tech makes these shoes a great choice for racing. Now, you can focus on the race and your performance as opposed to worrying about keeping your balance during intense moments of the race.


Musto GP Race Sailing Shoes

Considering these shoes are designed for racing, they need to be well-designed and able to withstand plenty of use and abuse at sea, with the ability to handle intense conditions.

Musto does an impressive job of designing a highly breathable racing shoe that’s flexible, comfortable, and equipped with high-tech soles that work perfectly on slick surfaces.

The footbed has a molded design that improves comfort, while the patented Gilly lacing system features a triangular locking system for improved fit and comfort.  

The shoes themselves feature the Gore-Tex interior liner, with an exterior made out of highly breathable mesh for ultimate comfort and top drainage and ventilation. This means that your feet will remain nice and dry during an intense practice or competition. The shoes themselves are very light, promoting longer use. This lightweight design won’t hinder movement or cause fatigue like some sailing shoes can.  

Despite the fact that they’re equipped with a Gore-Tex liner, they’re reasonably priced. In fact, some sailors claim they easily outperform the Sperry Men’s Sea Kite Sports Moc Deck Shoes , which are top selling sailing shoes that are offered at a higher price.  

Where these Shoes Excel

The shoe’s lightweight mesh construction makes them perfect for warm and hotter climates. They can even be a great choice once the weather starts turning cooler, but they shouldn’t be your go-to shoes during the winter months. Winter sailing requires more protection and insulation.  

If you’re working at sea, you need shoes that are rated for submersion. While these shoes can dry quickly, they won’t do much to protect your feet in cold weather or if your feet end up submerged in cold water. These shoes work best for recreational purposes only.

To learn more about the leading models of sailing shoes and boots, click here to read our buyer’s guide.  

Like other pairs of Musto shoes, the GP Race shoes are pretty low maintenance. To clean, use a damp cloth then wipe them down after each use. The shoes should be stored out of direct sunlight and never placed in a washing machine or dryer.  Since they feature a mesh design, these shoes tend to dry fairly quickly and can be placed in direct sunlight for drying purposes only. 

  • Grip Flex multi-directional outsole grip for exceptional grip on wet surfaces
  • Grip Flex works by molding to the shape of the wearer’s foot
  • Lightweight design  
  • Highly breathable
  • Waterproof Gore-Tex liner  
  • Reasonably priced
  • Not designed for frigid water conditions  
  • Cannot keep your feet warm in cold weather

Product Rating Updated June, 2024: (4/5)


Out on the water, during a race, you need a pair of racing shoes that won’t let you down. Shoes that won’t hinder your movements or negatively effect your performance.

These racing sailing shoes by Musto have clearly raised the standards of what good racing shoes should be. Their flexible, breathable design, combined with the mesh material and Gore-Tex liner make these shoes a true asset when you’re in the middle of a serious competition and you need your head in the game, not focused on your uncomfortable footwear. While these shoes aren’t designed for offshore use, they’re everything you need racing sailing shoes to be.

Priced affordably, and offering a sporty look, we gave these shoes a rating of four out of five stars.


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Here's What Shoes to Wear Sailing (and which not)

Invited to a sailing trip with friends, but don't know what shoes you need to wear? No worries. This is a common question, so I thought it'd be time to answer it properly in this article.

What shoes to wear sailing? You want shoes with non-slip, non-marking soles. Most non-marking soles are made of rubber. Leather soles will generally leave marks on the deck. Deck shoes are generally a safe choice, but if you don't have these, you could also use sneakers with light rubber soles. Just make sure the soles don't leave marks.

What shoe is best for you depends on the situation though. At the end of the post, I'll also summarize what you want to avoid at all cost. Sailing barefoot is one of them.

yacht racing footwear

On this page:

What shoes should i wear for sailing, what you want from good sailing shoes, what not to wear, in conclusion.

If you're invited to a friend's sailboat, you should consider what shoes you bring to the party. Maybe the captain already gave you fair warning that they don't want you showing up with leather soles or those skid-mark-producing baseball shoes. So what should you wear?

  • Deck shoes with non-marking rubber soles
  • Plastic sneakers with non-marking rubber soles - light colors will likely skid less
  • High-quality water shoes
  • Dinghy or sailing boots
  • Barefoot & flip-flops are popular but not recommended

As you can see, there are some high-end expensive options you only want to purchase if you plan on sailing often. There are, however, also a couple of good alternatives you probably have laying around the house.

General tips for sailing footwear

At its heart you want three things from your shoes:

  • You want a good grip on-deck
  • You don't want to leave marks on the deck
  • You want to protect your feet from water, cold, and injury

I'll explain these tips more in-depth later on, but I want to take a look at the specific shoes first. So let's dive into the different options in detail below.

Die-hard sailors: deck shoes

As with anything, you will probably have to compromise. In many situations, deck shoes with special rubber soles are your best bet. What's special about their soles is that they don't leave marks on the deck. However, not a lot of non-sailing people have these laying around - and if you do, they're probably those fashionable ones with leather soles.

If you have to buy them for a one-off trip, it's quite costly. These shoes cost anywhere between $60 - $150. Unless you're planning on sailing regularly, that's quite an investment for a day on the water. Luckily, there are some home-and-garden options you probably have lying around.

Lie-around no-slip, non-marking, feet-protecting alternatives

So what could you wear for your one-time trip? Well, if it's hot outside, I recommend wearing no shoes at all . It's the easy way out. However, if you're a novice, you need to be very aware that you don't have any protection. You will probably stub your toe or something, and it will hurt like hell. But people have actually reported broken toes, cuts from the webbing, and so on.

Anyway, it will only work for slow day trip sailing, with predictable winds and good weather. With racing and sailing high-speed, most captains won't permit you aboard without shoes. So it's not recommended

If you do need protection (ie. from the cold), I recommend grabbing some plastic sneakers with a light color sole . Black soles won't always leave marks, but they mostly will. Your safest bet is white light-colored soles. Most sneakers are also quite comfortable and are mostly designed with sports in mind. So some sneakers will provide a good grip. Please try this out beforehand, because some popular sneaker soles are very slippery when on a wet deck. They also dry quickly, as opposed to leather shoes. The thinner the material, the more quickly it will dry.

Another good one-time alternative is canvas shoes since they'll dry out quickly. Canvas shoes aren't a great long-term solution. Neither are sneakers by the way. Canvas shoes are very prone to wear and tear. The sun alone will probably beat them up pretty badly (UV wears down canvas real quick). Also, your All-Star-type laces are a pain to take off once they're wet. Just so you know.

Other good options

One of the best tips for warm-water sailors are high-quality water shoes , like these ALEADER adventure shoes on Amazon (click to check the current price ). I haven't used them myself since I haven't done any long-term passages that required some real footwear - instead, I just take off my shoes when it gets warm. But I have heard from other sailors that these are great, and for the price, you could even consider it for your odd trip now and then.

If you want to keep things simple in warm weather, most sailors default to flip flops or sandals (with rubber soles).

Dinghy sailing

I mention this one separately since you want to take a different approach for this type of sailing. In dinghy sailing, your feet WILL get wet. You will take on water, and you might capsize as well. You want a good protecting shoe that dries out very quickly and provides grip as well. Most dinghy sailors go for a special dinghy boot. If you want to see what these look like, check out these Gill competition boots on Amazon (click to check current price ). These are high-quality, classic sailing boots.

Sailboats can get pretty choppy from time to time. Having soles that provide good grip is essential. Especially for beginners, this will help you to ... well, not fall overboard. The deck can will very slippery when wet. So having soles with some sort of grip pattern is definitely a must.

No marks, no dirt

Why is it important to leave no marks on-board? Well, most decks are very hard to clean. Some fiberglass decks use grip paint, giving them a rough grid, making cleaning rubber skids especially difficult.

A deck is somewhat of a living room: you want to keep it clean and good-looking. Leaving marks is considered a major sailing sin.

It can get quite cold on the water. Also, the deck hardware, deck grip paint, and altogether pointy bits on a sailboat can really hurt your foot if you're unlucky.

If anything, try to stay away from the proven problematic shoes. So what should you absolutely avoid?

  • any metal will corrode - so avoid zippers and so on
  • for longer trips, don't wear canvas
  • avoid high heels
  • avoid leather soles
  • barefoot or flip-flops

This might seem super obvious, but well, if it wasn't for anybody out there, I'm glad I've mentioned it here. High heels on a moving boat are mess. They will also piss off the captain, since you'll be scratching and marking the deck non-stop. One of the worst options.

Shoes with zippers

Zipper shoes will probably be very uncomfortable. Zippers won't give when your feet become wet or hot and swell up. Also, metal parts will corrode over time, especially with salt water.

Canvas is no good

For longer trips, you can be sure your canvas will get modly over time. They tend to not dry out as well and will start to smell badly after a couple of weeks. Canvas will also discolor very quickly on open waters. Your shoes won't be pleased.

Leather soles are no good

Leather soles will definitely leave your personal skid marks. Do the captain a favor and leave any leather soling at home!

Barefoot or flip-flops

I know, I recommended these before, but I've changed my mind. It's no good sailing barefoot. If you're motoring steadily in easy waves, sure, take of your shoes. But you need to have a good pair of shoes on you, in case you need protection. Because as with anything when sailing: if you need them, by God, you'll desperately need them.

yacht racing footwear

Sailing Gear Packing List

Ideally, you have one pair of boat shoes that are dedicated to sailing. That way you are sure your soles are always clean and won't mark the deck. You don't have to buy new shoes though, as long as you keep the three fundamentals in mind: clean, protection, and grip. For most one-timers, sneakers with white rubber soles will do just fine.

If you're looking for some good quality boat shoes, I recommend taking a look at anything from the Sperry brand. They make great boat shoes, both in classic and modern designs, and are known for their high-quality and comfortable sailing shoes. You can check out Sperry at Amazon here (click to check current prices ).

You need more photos of shoe examples

I wanted to know about rubber soles studded with cotton insert plugs to make them truly non-slip. No mention of this type of sole.

Leave a comment

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Yachting Monthly cover

Best boat sandals: 8 sensible summer solutions for sailing footwear

David Harding

  • David Harding
  • June 8, 2022

For going afloat in the summer, you wouldn’t necessarily think of wearing boat sandals – but maybe you should. David Harding looks at eight water-friendly pairs


Unless it’s the weather for boots, most people wear deck shoes on a boat. They might be the conventional moccasin type or the newer generation of high-performance deck trainers , but either way they’re boat shoes rather than boat sandals.

There’s a potential problem with shoes on a boat, however. They can easily get wet, and with a combination of soggy shoes, wet feet and warm weather – well, things can soon start smelling a little ripe.

Even if your feet stay dry, they can become hot and sweaty in enclosed shoes. So why not wear a pair of boat sandals? We wear them on shore to let the air get to our feet, so why not on a boat?

Best boat sandals available right now

Keen newport sandals (men’s).

This is the sandal that made Keen’s name in the boating world. It’s one of very few to have been created specifically for use on boats, though it soon became popular with outdoor enthusiasts in other areas too.

The chunky enclosed rubber toe is one of its most significant features, because your toes will generally come off second best in arguments with anchors, cleats, winches and chainplates.

The razor-siped outsole (meaning a sole with sharp narrow grooves in it) is designed for grip on wet decks and is non-marking.

Lending the Newport a slightly traditional boat-shoe feel is the leather upper. It’s washable and waterproof leather, so you can even put these boat sandals in the washing machine.

Many of Keen’s styles are available for women as well as men, but not the Newport.

• Reasons to buy: Excellent toe protection, whilst keeping plenty of air flow.

• Reasons to avoid: Sizing comes up small – if in doubt, order one size up.

RRP: £85 / $49.99

Buy it now on Amazon

Buy it now on eBay

Note: We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site, at no extra cost to you. This doesn’t affect our editorial independence.

Keen clearwater cnx sandal.

Keen’s trademark water-sandal features are found in the Clearwater too, including the machine-washability, moulded PU midsole and hydrophobic mesh lining for quick drying.

The Clearwater, however – which also comes in women’s sizes and colours – is lighter and slimmer than the Newport.

The toe-box is less obvious, the soles are thinner and the reduced uppers, incorporating elasticated lacing, are made from polyester webbing as opposed to leather.

Like the Newport, the Clearwater CNX has a fixed strap around the heel, with a loop on the back to make for easier pulling on.

All Keen’s boat sandals incorporate what’s described as probiotic-based anti-odour technology to keep them fresh.

• Reasons to buy: Hydrophobic lining for quick drying; elasticated lacing for quick fastening.

• Reasons to avoid: May not suit sailors with broad feet.

RRP: £80 / $89.99

Musto Nautic boat sandals

If rugged, all-terrain sandals with toe-protection are not your thing and you simply want to slip on something casual and comfortable – and slip them off again just as easily – perhaps a pair of flip-flops is what you’re after.

These aren’t just any old flip-flops, however: these are Musto flip-flops, prominently branded and boasting practical features for boating use such as a rubber outsole with siping designed to grip the deck. They also have an EVA midsole to cushion your feet, and a breathable padded strap.

Colours are black, blue or grey and sizes from 6.5 to 11.5.

• Reasons to buy: Rubber outsole offers better grip than most flip-flops.

• Reasons to avoid: No toe or heel protection.

RRP: £30 / $39

Buy it now from

Teva Hurricane Drift Sandals

Apart from being grippy and quick to dry, there’s another very useful feature in footwear designed to go afloat with you – and that’s the ability to float without you.

These Tevas are made entirely from injection-moulded EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), a sort of closed-cell rubbery foam. Each sandal weighs a mere 135g (less than 5oz) and so the Hurricane Drifts really will drift along on the surface if you become parted from them.

They’re fastened by a hook-and-loop strap and come in a range of colours for both men and women.

• Reasons to buy: Floats if dropped in water.

• Reasons to avoid: No toe adjustment means the front strap can rub.

RRP: £30 / $40



Crocs Swiftwater Wave

We all know the traditional clog-style of Crocs, but there are many more. This is one of them and, while perhaps not a boat sandal in the conventional sense (though Crocs describe it as a sandal), it has a strap around the back and a lot of holes to let the air in. The holes also let the water out, because it’s designed to be amphibious.

Although intended principally for use in and around the water and made of a lightweight, non-absorbent foam, Swiftwaters have, perhaps surprisingly, also found favour with some serious hikers. A version with mesh uppers is available too.

• Reasons to buy: Numerous holes for fast draining and ventilation; non-absorbent foam should dry quickly.

• Reasons to avoid: You’ll look like you’ve popped out to do a spot of gardening.

RRP: £35 / $22.99

Nalu Aqua Surf Wetsuit Shoes

Most of the boat sandals and water-shoes we’re looking at here are for wearing if your feet are likely to get wet. But what if you’re going to be in the water as much as out of it? If you want to swim ashore from an anchorage to a stony beach, for example – as I did this summer – it can make life much more comfortable if you have something to protect the soles of your feet.

That’s where these Nalu wetsuit shoes come in. They’re not designed to be particularly tough or hard-wearing, but are so light and inexpensive that you can keep a pair wherever you might need them. Made from neoprene, with rubber soles, a hook-and-loop fastener and mesh sections in the uppers for rapid draining, they come in a choice of four colours.

• Reasons to buy: Most affordable option on our list.

• Reasons to avoid: Some reviewers report quality control issues.

Vibram Fivefingers V-Aqua

Despite their unusual appearance, these water-shoes have a keen following among watersports enthusiasts.

I know an instructor who practically lives in them during the summer, and says they provide grip, protection and freedom of movement as well as drying very quickly.

And they can be washed in the machine. Essentially they’re what you wear if you would otherwise go barefoot.

A thin (2mm) EVA insole offers some cushioning, while a silicone print on the inside helps stop your feet sliding around when wet.

A rubber outsole just under 4mm thick provides grip and extra protection. Another unusual feature of these shoes is the drainage holes in the soles, so water drains straight through them as well as through the mesh uppers.

• Reasons to buy: Excellent grip for watersports.

• Reasons to avoid: Relatively expensive; unusual styling won’t suit all tastes.

RRP: £105 / $89.99

Grition Hiking Sandals

If you’re looking for sandals that provide toe-protection and that don’t mind getting wet, but you don’t want to splash out on a pair of Keen’s Newports or Clearwaters, this pair from Grition might be the answer.

Described as hiking sandals and with an appreciably lower price tag, they’re nonetheless more water-friendly than most sandals in addition to having the enclosed toe.

Polyurethane webbing straps and a mesh liner help them to dry quickly, while a cushioned EVA midsole and rubber outer sole should ensure comfort, durability and grip underfoot. They’re secured by elasticated lacings and a hook-and-loop fastener on the heel strap.

• Reasons to buy: Cushioned midsole and outer sole should make for a comfy fit.

• Reasons to avoid: Not specifically designed for sailing.

RRP: £46 / $49

Buy it now on Walmart

What to look for in a pair of boat sandals

If you’re going to wear sandals for active sailing, they will need to offer a good degree of protection. An enclosed toe might be an idea, because boats present plenty of painful toe-stubbing opportunities. They will also need to have a good grip in both the dry and the wet.

Sandals designed for trekking are often perfectly happy in wet conditions, but typically have soles with deep treads that don’t offer the best grip on a smooth deck and will also tend to trap stones and debris.

Something else that might not make you popular on board is a sole that leaves a trail of black skid-marks: non-marking soles are the way to go.

Any more fundamentals? Well, if sandals are going to dry quickly, it helps if they’re made from materials that don’t absorb water. Neither do you want them to become slippery so they slide around on your feet when wet.

Being on a boat doesn’t always demand high-speed action, however, so a pair of casual sandals or even flip-flops that you can easily kick off might be fine for relaxing.

Here we take a look at a range of boat sandals and, for more serious immersion, some ‘water shoes’ too.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Head to Amazon’s dedicated sailing page for more marine products.

  • Stepping out to sea: choosing the right sailing shoes

Whether you're enjoying a leisurely sailing holiday or competing in a yacht race, you should always wear appropriate footwear. If you plan on spending your summer vacation exploring Croatia on a yacht , most of your time will be spent in sneakers or boat shoes. But in harsher conditions, waterproof boots or wetsuit boots will keep your feet warm and dry. And non-slip soles are essential. So, how do you choose the right sailing shoes or boots?

Sailing shoes are not just a fashion accessory

Sailing, whether for leisure or racing, has its own fashion and style of dress. Yachting apparel and footwear combine elegance, practicality, and functionality . The right sailing shoes can save you a lot of bother and discomfort. Even on beautiful summer days — when the sun is shining, the wind is light and the weather is pleasant enough to go around barefoot or in flip-flops — it is best to wear closed shoes . On board, there are numerous ropes, knots, pulleys, handles, and other hazards that can easily scrape a foot and stub or break a toe.

sea rope and boots in the harbor port

When sailing, proper footwear is a must. Non-slip soles provide stability and a firm step even when heeling, amid waves, or on damp decks. As a result, you'll be able to focus on the movement of the boat and your activities without being distracted by where to step — this is crucial when assisting with manoeuvres. The shoes will also come in handy while arriving at port and anchoring, leaping ashore, or being dropped off on a rocky beach.

YACHTING.COM TIP: Proper footwear is useful not only on board and in port, but also for other activities during or after your sailing holiday. Check out our  Top 12 fun activities to do on a sailing holiday . 

How and why to choose sailing shoes?

There is a well-known saying that "there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes". And anyone who has experienced demanding weather conditions knows that this is doubly true at sea. When choosing your footwear for sailing, you should consider several things. Beginner sailors who go to sea only a few times a year, or those who spend a week of summer on a boat, will have different requirements than professional sailors who must contend with harsh conditions.

It also depends on what time of year you are going to sea, where you are going and what kind of weather you are expecting. If you plan on exploring the most interesting sailing destinations on the Adriatic or Mediterranean in the summer, sneakers or boat shoes , that you can walk around the harbour in, will be enough. In case of showers or strong winds, you can pack low, lightweight boots just in case. For longer crossings where you'll spend more time in your boots, or when you know you'll be facing cold weather and rough seas, choose boots specifically designed for the sea . Neoprene boots can be used for all kinds of sailing, especially if you plan to swim in places where you might injure yourself on sharp rocks or step on a sea urchin.

Shoes on the deck of the ship with the rudder in the background

The most popular brands of sailing shoes

All types of shoes come in versions for leisure and f or professional sailors . At first glance, the most noticeable difference is in their price, which is determined by the material used, the functional design, and the manufacturer's brand. Some of the most popular brands among sailors are Helly Hansen, Gill, Gul, Henri Lloyd, Ronstan, Zhik, Musto and Dubarry . It is definitely not worth trying to save some money by using regular everyday shoes instead (especially sneakers or wellies) — regular footwear, unlike shoes specifically designed for being at sea and moving around on deck, are just not fit for purpose.

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Whether you sail professionally or just for fun, all sailing shoes should meet a few basic requirements that will make your stay on board more comfortable and easy. The absolute  basics are non-slip and grippy soles that let you move around the boat in a stable and safe manner and the sole should be made of a material that  does not leave streaks on the deck . When renting or chartering a boat, never return it with a dirty deck or with marks made from your soles. If you're interested in learning more about proper boating and marina etiquette, check out our guide to yachting etiquette .

Shoes with white soles

Footwear should be waterproof and breathable . While shoes are supposed to have some waterproofing, boots should be completely waterproof . Choose functional materials that are breathable, such as G oretex  or properly treated leather over rubber. Boots should be made of quick-drying materials, and it is best if they have a replaceable liner. All of these characteristics are essential for keeping your feet dry and warm during your voyage. Special wool or neoprene socks are an excellent winter accessory.

Protective neoprene boots

Protective neoprene boots

Sailing footwear should be as light as possible  so as not to restrict movement and be a perfect fit to remain comfortable even after a long day. It is also a big plus if it is quick and easy to take off and put on, which is crucial in rough weather when a crew resting below deck might have to run back on deck at a moment's notice. You'll find yachting shoes and boots for men or women, as well as unisex ones in a variety of sizes.

YACHTING.COM TIP: Have you already purchased a life jacket? If not, you'll need to work out which one is best for you. Take a look at our article  Life jacket: do you need your own?  to find out what life jackets are on the market, what the right ones should have and do, and what amount of money to spend.

Boots on a fishing boat

Even in marinas, yachting boots are reasonably priced

In marinas and harbours, you will find a number of yachting clothing and footwear shops, often featuring top brands at very competitive prices. 

Trying to choose a sailboat for your holiday? I will be happy to advise you.

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Denisa Nguyenová

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yacht racing footwear

We offer a wide range off yachting shoes from classic leather deck shoes to state of the art yachting trainers. All specifically designed to provide ultimate non marking grip whilst on board your yacht, dinghy or motor boat in both wet and dry conditions. From traditional laser cut soles to modern water dispersing ultra grippy compounds to choose from. A range of our yachting shoes are also non-absorbent meaning they are quick-drying due to the construction of absorbent removable insoles. If you are looking for lightweight, cushioned and supportive shoes then we have a variety of excellent designs and styles for you.

Gill Mawgan Sailing Trainers - Black/Grey - 936

Gill Mawgan Sailing Trainers - Black/Grey - 936


Sizes: . 4 UK

Gill Mawgan Sailing Trainers - Black/Grey - 938

Gill Mawgan Sailing Trainers - Black/Grey - 938

Sizes: . 5.5 UK | 7.5 UK | 9 UK | 9.5 UK | 10 UK | 4 UK | 5 UK | 6.5 UK | 8 UK

Gill Mawgan Sailing Trainers - Navy - 938

Gill Mawgan Sailing Trainers - Navy - 938

Sizes: . 7.5 UK | 9 UK | 9.5 UK | 4 UK | 6.5 UK | 8 UK

Gill Race Trainer - Graphite - RS44

Gill Race Trainer - Graphite - RS44

Sizes: . 5.5 UK | 4 UK | 5 UK

Gill Race Trainer - Grey - RS44

Gill Race Trainer - Grey - RS44

Sizes: . 5.5 UK | 6.5 UK | 7.5 UK | 8 UK | 9 UK

Gill Sovona Sailing/Watersports Trainers - Black 939

Gill Sovona Sailing/Watersports Trainers - Black 939

Sizes: . 7.5 UK | 11 UK | 10 UK | 12 UK | 8 UK | 9.5 UK | 5.5 UK | 6.5 UK | 5 UK | 9 UK

Gill Sovona Sailing/Watersports Trainers - Navy 939

Gill Sovona Sailing/Watersports Trainers - Navy 939

Sizes: . 5 UK | 9.5 UK | 6.5 UK | 9 UK | 10 UK | 7.5 UK | 5.5 UK | 11 UK | 8 UK | 12 UK

Lizard Crew Deck Shoes - Black

Lizard Crew Deck Shoes - Black

Lizard Footwear

Lizard Womens Sunrise Sailing Shoes - Mint

Sizes: . 2.5 UK | 3.5 UK | 4 UK

Musto Harbour Moccasin  - Dark Brown

Musto Harbour Moccasin - Dark Brown


Sizes: . 6 UK

Zhik FUZE Sailing Shoes - Ash

Zhik FUZE Sailing Shoes - Ash


Sizes: . 12.5 UK | 9.5 UK | 8.5 UK | 6.5 UK | 7.5 UK | 11.5 UK | 10.5 UK

Zhik FUZE Sailing Shoes - Grey

Zhik FUZE Sailing Shoes - Grey

Sizes: . 11.5 UK | 9.5 UK | 10.5 UK

Zhik FUZE Sailing Shoes - White

Zhik FUZE Sailing Shoes - White

Sizes: . 8.5 UK | 7.5 UK


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  • Power Tools
  • Marine Prepacks
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Blowers & Exhaust
  • Engine Oil & Additives
  • Oil Extractors & Filters
  • Shaft Bearings
  • Pumps & Inflation
  • Tender Accessories
  • Petrol Engines
  • Boat Fender
  • Dock Fender
  • Edging Strip
  • Hooks & Pumps
  • Mooring Buoy
  • Step Fenders
  • Anchor Bags
  • Anchor Connectors
  • Anchor Lines
  • Anchor Windlass
  • Compensators
  • Personal Craft
  • Engine Covers
  • Fuel Tanks & Lines
  • Kill Switches
  • Propeller Bags
  • Straps & Ratchets
  • Flag Staff & Holder
  • Lighters & Matches
  • Cabinet Fridges
  • Cooling Kits
  • Portable Fridge/freezers
  • Chandlery Misc
  • Cup Holders
  • Sail Knives
  • Seats & Cushions
  • Games & Toys
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Nautical Gifts
  • Novelty Hats
  • Anemometers
  • Clocks & Barometers
  • Teak Fittings
  • Weather Stations
  • Galley Equipment
  • Tumblers & Glasses
  • Water Bottles & Flask
  • Inflatable Paddleboards
  • Hard Paddleboards
  • Inflatable Kayaks
  • Handles / Bridles
  • Throw Lines
  • Swim Accessories
  • Sea Scooter
  • Free Delivery on UK mainland orders over £100 excl. Highlands / rural areas

yacht racing footwear

FREE Saturday Delivery available on orders over £100 - choose option in the basket (UK mainland, excludes Highlands rural areas. Offer ends 30th June 2024)

Sailing Footwear

Looking for high quality sailing footwear? Browse our range of reliable  sailing boots  and  boat and deck shoes  available for both men and women. Proper sailing footwear is essential for any boating enthusiast. Made from a selection of durable materials and real leather our sailing footwear is built to last, providing both practicality and style. We stock specialist brands including  Sebago ,  Dubarry  and  Musto  shoes so browse the full range here.

We also offer an extensive range of lightweight and warm dinghy boots .

yacht racing footwear

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Dubarry Ultima GORE-TEX - Sailing Boots - Image

Dubarry Ultima GORE-TEX – Sailing Boots

Orca Bay Storm Boot - Image

Orca Bay Storm Boot

Dubarry Regatta Deck Shoe - Image

Dubarry Regatta Deck Shoe

Sebago Clovehitch Deck Shoe - Image

Sebago Clovehitch Deck Shoe

Musto Dynamic Pro II Adapt - Image

Musto Dynamic Pro II Adapt

Sebago Schooner Deck Shoe - Image

Sebago Schooner Deck Shoe

Helly Hansen Skagen F-1 Offshore Deck Shoe - Image

Helly Hansen Skagen F-1 Offshore Deck Shoe

Musto Gore-Tex Ocean Racer Boot - Black

Musto Gore-Tex Ocean Racer Boot

Gill Tall Boots - Image

Gill Tall Boots

Gill Short Crusing Boots - Image

Gill Short Crusing Boots

Dubarry Commodore X LT Deck Shoe - Image

Dubarry Commodore X LT Deck Shoe

Musto Gore-Tex Race Boot - Black

Musto Gore-Tex Race Boot

Dubarry Clipper Deck Shoe Gore-Tex - Image

Dubarry Clipper Deck Shoe Gore-Tex

Sebago Dockside Portland Deck Shoe - Image

Sebago Dockside Portland Deck Shoe

Helly Hansen HP Foil V2 Deck Shoe - Navy / Off White

Helly Hansen HP Foil V2 Deck Shoe

Helly Hansen Ahiga V4 Hydropower Trainer - Image

Helly Hansen Ahiga V4 Hydropower Trainer

Sebago Cyphon Jia Ren - Image

Sebago Cyphon Jia Ren

Apache Moose Ketch Deck Shoe - Image

Apache Moose Ketch Deck Shoe

Crewsaver Long Boot - Navy

Crewsaver Long Boot

Dubarry Hobart Boot Black - Image

Dubarry Hobart Boot Black

Sebago Triton Legacy Multi - Image

Sebago Triton Legacy Multi

Musto Dynamic Pro II - Image

Musto Dynamic Pro II

Gill Race Trainer - Image

Gill Race Trainer

Musto Dynamic Pro II Adapt For Women - True Navy

Musto Dynamic Pro II Adapt For Women

Sebago Triton Three-Eye Deck Shoe - Image

Sebago Triton Three-Eye Deck Shoe

Apache Moose Fastnet Deck Shoes - Brown

Apache Moose Fastnet Deck Shoes

Hellly Hansen Women's Ahiga V4 Hydropower Deck Shoes - Image

Hellly Hansen Women’s Ahiga V4 Hydropower Deck Shoes

Orca Bay Squamish Shoe - Image

Orca Bay Squamish Shoe

Dubarry Yacht Deck Shoes Slip-On - Image

Dubarry Yacht Deck Shoes Slip-On

Maindeck Tall Grey Rubber Boot - Image

Maindeck Tall Grey Rubber Boot

Gill Savona Trainer - Image

Gill Savona Trainer

Gill Offshore Boot - Black

Gill Offshore Boot

Dubarry Aruba Deck Shoe For Women - Image

Dubarry Aruba Deck Shoe For Women

Dubarry Belize Women's Slip-On Deck Shoe - Image

Dubarry Belize Women’s Slip-On Deck Shoe

Dubarry Valletta Sailing Boot - Black

Dubarry Valletta Sailing Boot

Orca Bay Wave Sports Shoe - Havana (Brown)

Orca Bay Wave Sports Shoe

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Yachting World

  • Digital Edition

Yachting World cover

Best women’s boating shoes: 9 of the best options for female sailors

  • Sue Pelling
  • March 12, 2022

Sue Pelling takes a look at the latest women's boating shoes and picks the best on the market for discerning female sailors

Female sailors

The all female crew in the 2016 EFG Sailing Arabia - The Tour. Credit: Lloyd Images

Over the last decade or so, there has been an increasing emphasis on sailing kit designed specifically for women, including women’s boating shoes.

This is great news as, while some pieces of kit such as lifejackets are reasonably acceptable in unisex form, traditional leather deck shoes designed for men  are often impractical and a poor fit for women sailors.

As one of the most essential items of sailing kit, before choosing a pair of women’s boating shoes, it’s therefore worth looking at the many different styles and options available.

While budget is often a starting point in a decision-making process, it’s not always a case of spending the most, but more about what how you will be using the shoes, and how they fit when worn.

For relaxed sailing a good quality pair of traditional style leather deck/boat shoes is still popular, as they are both practical while sailing, non-marking on deck, but also look good and are comfortable to wear on shore.

For more active crew work, racing, and wetter keelboats, there are now many women’s designs of technical sailing trainers/sneakers. These are generally lightweight, supportive and snug fitting, while most sailing trainers are also self-draining/quick drying. Be wary, however, of prolonged wear on land as the super-grippy soles often wear down quickly if walking on rough ground.

9 of the best women’s boat shoes

Gill pursuit trainer.

With 45 years of marine footwear development to its name, Gill knows a thing or two about sailors’ technical requirements. The Pursuit Trainers are designed for ultimate comfort, with a lightweight design, and smart water drainage system, that showcases the company’s latest sailing shoe innovations.

The outsoles are molded using a non-slip compound to work in both wet and dry conditions, while the insoles have been designed with impact-absorbing qualities. They also feature a quick-lace adjustment system to ensure a secure fit.

Buy Gill Pursuit Trainer from Amazon (UK)

Note: We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site, at no extra cost to you. This doesn’t affect our editorial independence.

Musto ladies dynamic pro ii adapt.

Musto has worked hard to produce sailing shoes that provide ultimate stability on deck. Thanks to their construction of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) welded overlay in the uppers, there is plenty of lateral support in the Dynamic Pro II Adapt shoes, as well as shock absorbing heel cages for a secure, comfortable fit.

For extra confidence and comfort when the deck is wet, these shoes feature Musto’s GripDeck rubber and GripFlex tread on the soles, and mono mesh upper fabric, which offers good ventilation and is quick drying.

These shoes also features XPL drainage – a technology designed to disperse and divert water away from areas prone to water ingress.

Buy from Musto Ladies Dynamic Pro II Adapt shoes from Musto

Wuzzos Whitaker

If you are looking for a pair of practical, yet extremely stylish hand-sewn leather deck shoes, Wuzzos Whitaker Boat Shoes should definitely be a consideration. What’s more, they can also be personalised.

As well as good looks, and day-long comfort, these shoes feature Wuzzos’ standard stitched and bonded, performance UV-repelling rubber, non-marking soles with striped treads that offer excellent grip on deck.

Like all quality deck shoes, the leather laces run continuously around the top of the shoe with the 360-degree lacing system. The Wuzzos leather is also infused with ‘Micro-Fresh’ – a smart antimicrobial technology that offers antifungal and antibacterial protection.

With exceptional attention to detail in its design and technology, it’s hardly surprising Wuzzos are the preferred brand for personalized/branded deck shoes at Yacht Club de Monaco, Fairline Yachts and a growing list of superyacht teams.

Personalisation is simple. Just click the box when ordering and you will be guided through the process.

Buy from Wuzzos Whitaker Boat Shoes from Wuzzos

These ultra-lightweight, sneaker-style deck shoes have been designed to ‘keep you glued on board’ thanks to ultra-high grip soles from Zhik’s non-marking proprietary ‘ZK Soles’.

They also look good and, for the super-active sailor, are ultra-lightweight yet tough-looking, comfortable and have a built-in drainage system.

According to Zhik, the ‘one-way’ drainage system within the soles of these shoes are created by molded channels cast into the mid-soles, which instantly channels water away from underfoot for grip, but doesn’t let it back in when water is running across the deck.

The construction of strong, perforated mesh upper fabric makes the Zhik Fuze breathable and quick drying. Inside the shoes, antibacterial coating has been added to the fast-drying inner liners.

For extra protection when the going gets tough, there is PU reinforcement in the upper, heel and toe areas.

Buy Zhik Fuse trainers from Amazon (UK)

Decathlon Cruise 100

For an exceptionally good value pair of practical, moccasin-style boat shoes, you can’t go far wrong with Decathlon’s Cruise 100 Women’s Leather Boat Shoes.

Marketed within Decathlon’s Tribord sailing range of products, the Cruise 100 are lightweight and offer comfort for active summer sailing.

They have all the features expected of functional boat shoes including non-marking and non-slip micro-grooved natural rubber outsoles.

The uppers are made from a combination of split leather and thin lightweight mesh, which aids breathability, while detachable cotton insoles help to keep things fresh!

As an endorsement of its functionality, Decathlon say the 100 design ‘has been tested and validated throughout its design phase by the Tribord sailing team in calm to variable sailing conditions (choppy water, small swell, average wind speed of Force 5), in warm and sunny weather (average outdoor temperature of 25°C).

‘These tests on the level of grip during use were carried out mainly on a Figaro and an Open 5.70, in different positions (helmsman, pitman, trimmer, midbowman).’

Buy Decathlon Cruise 100 shoes from Decathlon

Chatham Pentle G2

The Pentle shoes in Chatham’s G2 collection are among the company’s best sellers. They are sturdy-looking classic leather boat shoes and offer all the style and comfort associated with the Chatham brand.

One of key features of this pair of boat shoes is Chatham’s internal Sole Spring – a tri density comfort technology used to enhance comfort and give plenty of absorption.

The shoes are also anti-bacterial. To achieve this Chatham uses an open cell polyurethane, which allows the material to breathe, and the moisture to wick away.

For the classic look, the Pentle shoes are available in walnut nubuck leather with triple-eyelets, side lacing, contrast stitching and the all-important non-slip and non-marking soles.

Buy Chatham Pentle G2 women’s boating shoes from Chatham

Dubarry Aruba

The popular Aruba shoes are one of Dubarry’s latest styles from the women’s range of this tried and trusted brand. Performance features of the Aruba include Dubarry’s non-slip, non-marking slim rubber outsoles, and the company’s signature Port and Starboard flash trims.

Constructed of soft nubuck leather, which is protected with a water-resistant ‘DryFast-DrySoft’ finish, these shoes are designed to contend with all conditions.

They are also available in a whole range of bold colours so, for the fashion-aware sailor, these are definitely a pair of women’s sailing shoes to consider.

Buy from the Dubarry Aruba women’s boating shoes from Dubarry

Orca Bay Creek

The Orca Bay Creek in Sand are a quality pair of classic design shoes that have been tweaked to appeal to style-conscious female sailors.

As well as their good looks in premium oiled nubuck leather, they are hugely practical with high compound, non-slip/non-marking rubber soles and rawhide leather laces that have undergone a process to increase longevity.

Thanks to the cushioned EVA heel cups (ethylene vinyl acetate – which is a rubber-like plastic that is particularly durable), the Orca Bay Creek offer plenty of day-long comfort.

Buy Orca Bay Creek women’s boating shoes from Amazon (UK)

Sebago Nina Suede Bala

For a real feminine look, nothing shouts style like a pair of Sebagos. The recently-launched, hand-sewn, Nina Suede Bala Moccasins are designed around a slimmer female foot.

The short vamp (the front part of the shoe’s upper) makes them really eye-catching, although those with wide feet should definitely ‘try before they buy’.

Made of full grain leather and soft suede, the Nina shoes come with leather sock linings, a 360° rawhide lace system and thin, elegant non-marking anti slip siped rubber soles.

Buy Sebago Nina Suede Bala Moccasins from Sebago

What to look for in women’s boat shoes

Desire to wear – Comfort is extremely important, so try on as many pairs as you can before you make a purchase. Synthetic trainer-style shoes tend not to stretch after use so if you are going down the ‘trainer’ route, choose a size that fits well initially.

With quality-made leather deck shoes such as Wuzzos and Orca Bay, which have thicker leather and no synthetic lining, will mold nicely to your foot with wear. If that’s the fit you’re looking for, choose a pair that fits more snugly instead of the ‘next size up’, because the leather will soon soften around your foot.

Style v practicality – As well as looking good, bear in mind practicalities. For hardcore sailing, boat shoes need to fit securely around the foot so they don’t come off when scrambling across the deck in slippery, wet conditions.

Ideally, leather deck shoes should have what is known as a 360 degree lacing system where each shoe uses one continuous lace threaded along the side to the front tie eyelets to allow fine tuning for a snug fit.

Safety – Staying safe on deck/around the dockside is essential so choose a pair of women’s sailing shoes specifically designed for sailing with good grip. Make sure also they have non-marking soles.

Looking for more protection? Check out our guide to the best waterproof boat shoes on the market right now.

Need a wider fit? Check out our guide to the best boat shoes for wide feet .

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Head to Amazon’s dedicated boating page for more marine products.

BREAKING NEWS: Virginia attorney general says Commanders will pay $1.3M settlement related to ticket deposits


Round-the-world racing yachts dock at The Wharf in DC — see them up close

Neal Augenstein | [email protected]

June 17, 2024, 12:03 PM

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yacht racing footwear

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The more than 40,000 mile “Clipper Round the World Yacht Race” made an impressive arrival before docking at The Wharf in Southwest D.C. Monday morning.

Eleven clippers will remain there for a week before setting off on the final leg back across the Atlantic Ocean.

Hannah Brewis and a first mate are the only professional sailors on the yacht sponsored by Events DC, which was the first of 11 identical 70-foot racing yachts to dock at The Wharf on Monday morning.

“The rest of the crew is made up of total amateurs, with a wide difference, variety of sailing experience,” Brewis said, standing on the dock, shortly after the D.C. team was welcomed by several dozen early-morning supporters. “Some have never sailed, some have sailed a little bit.”

The trip began Sept. 3, 2023, in Portsmouth, U.K., where the race will finish.

“We’ve been to Spain. We’ve been to Uruguay, South Africa, Australia, Vietnam, China, Seattle, Panama — that’s our route so far, and now, finally into Washington, D.C.,” Brewis said.

The race leg from Panama ended near the Woodrow Wilson Bridge on Friday and Saturday. Monday morning’s travels to The Wharf was a short commute for the yachts, which also caused an approximately 15-minute delay for commuters in vehicles.

“We had to wait for it to be opened. The tricky part was we had to make sure the fleet was there at exactly 4:45 in the morning,” Brewis said. The Virginia Department of Transportation has warned commuters to expect a brief delay.

🚧Traffic Alert – #Alexandria : Woodrow Wilson Bridge (I-495/I-95) to open at approx 4:45 am today and tomorrow, Mon 6/17 & Tues 6/18, to allow passage of 11 yachts as part of Clipper 2023-24 Round the World Yacht Race. Expect delays. #DMVTraffic More: — VDOT Northern VA (@VaDOTNOVA) June 17, 2024

“We got there with perfect timing. We all transited through, no stress. It was really great, it was really cool,” Brewis said.

The yachts will remain docked at The Wharf all week. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, “you can actually come onboard, and see what it’s like to be on one of these big ocean racing yachts,” Brewis said.

On Tuesday, the clippers will set off on the race’s final leg across the Atlantic, heading toward Portsmouth, U.K. The send-off will be open to the public and include fireworks.

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yacht racing footwear

Neal Augenstein has been a general assignment reporter with WTOP since 1997. He says he looks forward to coming to work every day, even though that means waking up at 3:30 a.m.

  • @AugensteinWTOP

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‘It’s swingin’, y’know?’: Young musicians pay tribute to big bands in tiny DC nightclub

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'Simply greed': Washington Commanders to pay $1.3M settlement in Va. season ticket lawsuit

'Simply greed': Washington Commanders to pay $1.3M settlement in Va. season ticket lawsuit

Teen shot dead in Woodbridge: 'Never thought there would be a shooting,' neighbor says

Teen shot dead in Woodbridge: 'Never thought there would be a shooting,' neighbor says

Half a million immigrants could eventually get US citizenship under a sweeping new plan from Biden

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Nike Vaporfly 3

Women's road racing shoes.

Nike Vaporfly 3 Women's Road Racing Shoes

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Catch ‘em if you can. Giving you race-day speed to conquer any distance, the Nike Vaporfly 3 is made for the chasers, the racers, the elevated pacers who can’t turn down the thrill of the pursuit. We reworked the leader of the super shoe pack and tuned the engine underneath to help you chase personal bests from a 10K to marathon. From elite runners to those new to racing, this versatile road-racing workhorse is for those who see speed as a gateway to more miles and more seemingly uncatchable highs.

  • Shown: White/Particle Grey/Metallic Silver/Dark Smoke Grey
  • Style: DV4130-100

Size & Fit

  • Fits small; we recommend ordering a half size up

Shipping & Returns

Reviews (299).

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Great shoe but needs more stability

Robert713129045 - Jun 11, 2024

I wanted this awesome running to work for me. I love the look of the design and quality materials used. I love love love the way carbonfiber plate makes my feet feel. I love a shoe that doesn’t bend because of toe issues. But the sole doesn’t feel stable. Feels like my ankle want to roll to the side. I wish these shoes fit like the alphafly- hiking shoe. The alphafly has a lot more stability because of the wider traction design. Would give the vaporfly 3 another chance if the sole is widened a little for more stability. ...

ShawneequaP37826298 - Jun 08, 2024

Love them, really comfortable. I went up a half size

Best shoe on the market for racing!

- Jun 04, 2024

This shoe is my all-time favorite for long tempo runs and races. With the carbon fiber plate, this shoe propels the runner forward and gives an extra boost with each step. It is super light weight, which makes it a perfect shoe for long distance! ...

More Reviews

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yacht racing footwear

Propelling You Forward

A full-length carbon fiber flyplate provides a stiff and propulsive feel.

Speed for Miles

Nike ZoomX, our most responsive foam, just got a little better. Running from heel to toe, it unlocks even more energy return than before, giving you a springy, bouncy feel.

Stable Ride

See how the midsole bulges out by the heel? We designed it that way to help reduce weight on the inside of the foot to give you a more stable ride.

Feel the Breeze

Specifically selected Flyknit yarns and engineered zones in the forefoot bring a new level of performance to the Vaporfly. Ample breathability around the toes combined with soft, yet supportive yarns deliver our most customized upper for the Vaporfly. The result is a softer, cooler design that conforms to your foot.

What's New About the Vaporfly 3?

An updated thin outsole rubber uses less material without sacrificing durability, which helps reduce outsole weight and thickness. This allows for extra millimeters of ZoomX foam underfoot and a smoother transition through your stride.

More Benefits

  • Light padding on the tongue helps reduce lace pressure at the top of your foot.
  • A new Waffle outsole pattern with perforations saves weight and delivers multi-surface traction in various weather conditions.
  • Offset heel seam helps reduce friction in the heel area.

Product Details

  • Weight: Approx. 165 g (Women's size 8)
  • Heel-to-toe drop: 8 mm
  • Wider toe area for a roomier fit

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fashion review

Ralph Lauren Unveils the Team USA Olympic Uniforms

Navy blazers for the win.

Five athletes from Team USA pose before a large American flag in single-breasted navy jackets with red-and-white ribbon trim. Their shirts are blue-and-white striped; their jeans are faded. The men wear navy ties.

By Vanessa Friedman

What does it mean to dress to represent the United States?

As far as Ralph Lauren is concerned, it appears to mean a navy blazer — at least judging from the Summer Olympics opening ceremony outfit reveal.

Yes, Team USA will be wearing a navy blazer yet again as its members make their entrance in Paris next month. This is the fifth Summer Olympics for which Ralph Lauren has been the official outfitter of the American Olympic and Paralympic delegation, and the fifth time he has designed a navy blazer for the Summer Games. Plus ça change and all that.

In 2008 , the blazer was single-breasted, with white buttons to match the white newsboy caps and white trousers (very “Brideshead Revisited” with an American twist). In 2012 , the blazer was double- or single-breasted, worn with matching navy berets, white pants or skirts and, for women, a red, white and blue scarf that gave the look a sort of regimental air.

By 2016 , the blazer was single-breasted again, with skinny white jeans and a red, white and blue striped T-shirt that inspired unfortunate comparisons to the Russian flag. And for the last Summer Games , the navy blazer was worn with sneakers, a nautical blue-and-white striped tee and dark blue denim pegged-leg jeans, some cuffed at the ankle.

This time around, the jacket will be single-breasted, with red-and-white grosgrain ribbon trim. The shirt is a blue-and-white striped oxford, the jeans are faded and relaxed, and the shoes are white bucks. (Men also have a navy tie.)

In the pantheon of navy blue blazers, it is less yacht club, more private-school boy with a naughty streak — but still suffused with somewhat outmoded prepster déjà vu.

Tradition and consistency have always been part of the Ralph Lauren sell, whether it is on the runway or in stores. So have the uniforms of WASP fantasy. But at this point, especially given the criticism the navy blazer attracted during the 2020 Games and the complicated associations with exclusion and privilege it can invoke — viewers compared the athletes to a team of “Karens” or people “ on vacation in Newport ” — you’d think the company would have tried a new approach. Instead, it doubled down on the old one. America is a bigger, more chaotic place than the country club. Why default to banality?

“The directive we get is to have the athletes look like ambassadors, to have a certain sense of formality and to feel comfortable,” said David Lauren, the chief branding and innovation officer of Ralph Lauren. To that end, he added, the U.S. Olympic Committee strongly encourages the idea of a jacket, which can be worn again and again. And creating a jacket that can be worn by 1,200 different body types, including basketball players and gymnasts, wrestlers and pole-vaulters, is not easy.

“We put tailors on the ground in Paris” for last-minute fittings, Mr. Lauren said.

Yet, given the attention paid to the style component of the Paris Games — given that they are taking place in the heart of the fashion world and the opening ceremony look is “our statement piece,” as Jamal Hill, a Paralympic swimmer who won a bronze medal in the 50-meter freestyle at the Tokyo Games and will be competing again in Paris, said — it seems like a missed opportunity to telegraph to the world a more creative, inclusive version of “American.”

Still, Mr. Hill said he liked the current look better than the one Mr. Lauren created for the last Games. “It’s like business up top, party down below,” he said of the 2024 outfit. “I like that it combines that professional look with a level of relaxedness. Like we don’t actually have anything to prove.”

Mr. Hill was particularly excited about some of the options created for Olympic Village wear, which included what he called the “billionaire astronaut” look: a periwinkle blue nylon bomber jacket with assorted vintage patches on top, including one featuring a stylized Olympic flame. He also favored the “Olympic safari” style, a white cotton jacket shown with navy chalk-striped pants (though more likely to be worn with sweats in actual practice).

But most of all he was a fan of the closing ceremony look, which features a white denim racecar driver’s jacket with big red-and-blue stripes through the center and multiple patches, paired with matching white denim driving pants with reinforced knees. It was, David Lauren said, inspired by the sort of outfit Ralph Lauren himself likes to wear when he is driving one of the many exceptional race cars he collects.

After all, even if auto racing is not an Olympic sport, Mr. Hill said, “F1 is hot now.”

“I could wear this to an all-white party,” he continued, gesturing at the closing ceremony duds and referring to the famous Hamptons shindig thrown every summer by Michael Rubin, the founder of the sports fan platform Fanatics. “I bet everyone would want my outfit,” Mr. Hill said.

Vanessa Friedman has been the fashion director and chief fashion critic for The Times since 2014. More about Vanessa Friedman

Inside the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics

News and Analysis

Three Chinese swimmers who failed drug tests before the 2021 Olympics had tested positive for a powerful steroid several years earlier . They were not suspended in either incident, and all are expected to compete in Paris.

Bill May, the 45-year-old artistic swimmer who was vying for a chance to be the first man to compete in the sport at the Olympics, did not make the U.S. team’s final roster .

Seeking to undermine the Paris Olympics, Russian propagandists  are spoofing broadcasters and mimicking French and U.S. intelligence agencies to stoke fear about security at the Games.

A Guide to the Games and the Athletes

When Olympic Dreams Die: There will be no shortage of drama when the Paris Games begin in July, but most hearts will be broken in June’s cutthroat qualifying trials .

Katie Ledecky: As she prepares for the Games, the seven-time Olympic gold medalist talks about the doping accusations against her competitors  and how she stays focused while swimming 1,900 miles a year.

More ‘Open’ Signs: With millions of visitors expected in Paris, many shopkeepers, bakers and restaurateurs are forgoing their annual summer vacations . Parisians who are less enthusiastic about hosting the Games  took to TikTok.

Escaping the Games: Even if you’re visiting France for the Games, you may want to take a cultural break like a local. Here are some suggestions .


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  • Eastern Europe
  • Moscow Oblast


Elektrostal Localisation : Country Russia , Oblast Moscow Oblast . Available Information : Geographical coordinates , Population, Altitude, Area, Weather and Hotel . Nearby cities and villages : Noginsk , Pavlovsky Posad and Staraya Kupavna .


Find all the information of Elektrostal or click on the section of your choice in the left menu.

  • Update data

Elektrostal Demography

Information on the people and the population of Elektrostal.

Elektrostal Population157,409 inhabitants
Elektrostal Population Density3,179.3 /km² (8,234.4 /sq mi)

Elektrostal Geography

Geographic Information regarding City of Elektrostal .

Elektrostal Geographical coordinatesLatitude: , Longitude:
55° 48′ 0″ North, 38° 27′ 0″ East
Elektrostal Area4,951 hectares
49.51 km² (19.12 sq mi)
Elektrostal Altitude164 m (538 ft)
Elektrostal ClimateHumid continental climate (Köppen climate classification: Dfb)

Elektrostal Distance

Distance (in kilometers) between Elektrostal and the biggest cities of Russia.

Elektrostal Map

Locate simply the city of Elektrostal through the card, map and satellite image of the city.

Elektrostal Nearby cities and villages

Elektrostal Weather

Weather forecast for the next coming days and current time of Elektrostal.

Elektrostal Sunrise and sunset

Find below the times of sunrise and sunset calculated 7 days to Elektrostal.

DaySunrise and sunsetTwilightNautical twilightAstronomical twilight
8 June02:43 - 11:25 - 20:0701:43 - 21:0701:00 - 01:00 01:00 - 01:00
9 June02:42 - 11:25 - 20:0801:42 - 21:0801:00 - 01:00 01:00 - 01:00
10 June02:42 - 11:25 - 20:0901:41 - 21:0901:00 - 01:00 01:00 - 01:00
11 June02:41 - 11:25 - 20:1001:41 - 21:1001:00 - 01:00 01:00 - 01:00
12 June02:41 - 11:26 - 20:1101:40 - 21:1101:00 - 01:00 01:00 - 01:00
13 June02:40 - 11:26 - 20:1101:40 - 21:1201:00 - 01:00 01:00 - 01:00
14 June02:40 - 11:26 - 20:1201:39 - 21:1301:00 - 01:00 01:00 - 01:00

Elektrostal Hotel

Our team has selected for you a list of hotel in Elektrostal classified by value for money. Book your hotel room at the best price.

Located next to Noginskoye Highway in Electrostal, Apelsin Hotel offers comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi. Free parking is available. The elegant rooms are air conditioned and feature a flat-screen satellite TV and fridge...

Located in the green area Yamskiye Woods, 5 km from Elektrostal city centre, this hotel features a sauna and a restaurant. It offers rooms with a kitchen...

Ekotel Bogorodsk Hotel is located in a picturesque park near Chernogolovsky Pond. It features an indoor swimming pool and a wellness centre. Free Wi-Fi and private parking are provided...

Surrounded by 420,000 m² of parkland and overlooking Kovershi Lake, this hotel outside Moscow offers spa and fitness facilities, and a private beach area with volleyball court and loungers...

Surrounded by green parklands, this hotel in the Moscow region features 2 restaurants, a bowling alley with bar, and several spa and fitness facilities. Moscow Ring Road is 17 km away...

Elektrostal Nearby

Below is a list of activities and point of interest in Elektrostal and its surroundings.

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America is Losing the Shoe Race With China

Photo: TAUSEEF MUSTAFA/AFP via Getty Images

Photo: TAUSEEF MUSTAFA/AFP via Getty Images

Blog Post by James Andrew Lewis

Published April 1, 2024

China not only has more shoes, it is the world largest producer of shoes. How did The United States let this crucial industry, on which modern economies must stand, escape from its grasp?

A better question might be who cares.   The number of shoes is not a good indicator of national power.   In fact, no single technology is a good indicator of national power.   The U.S. economy is vast, decentralized, continental in size, and is guided by actively competitive markets. It has been exceptionally innovative for decades.   Leading in a single technology (like railroads in the 19th century or semiconductors today) reflects a common analytical error that misjudges how economies and technology actually create national power.   The concept of a “race” itself is a questionable legacy of Cold War thinking – the Cold War had a finish line (identified by Eisenhower and Dulles at the onset), while the current situation does not.

Stories about the United States falling behind are so predictable  that they form a literary genre.   In 1957, the President’s Science Advisor predicted that Soviet performance in math and science education would give it global leadership in a decade.  In 1969, the Departments of Treasury, Commerce and Agriculture warned President Nixon that a powerful new economic entity, the European Union, would displace the United States.  Starting the 1980s, assorted pundits announced that Japan would dominate the global economy. And until recently, there were routine predictions that China would displace the United States, predictions that still make regular appearances. 

These predictions have two things in common. First, they were wrong.  Second, they were wrong because they counted the wrong things.  They did not place their analyses  in the context of larger national economies. Instead, they relied on picking illustrative metrics, usually proxy indicators that provide an indirect measurement of technological success.   One recurring problem is the tendency to measure inputs rather than outcomes.   A politician may have great staff and spend more on an election, but the ultimate metric is how many votes are received.   Claims that the Unites States is falling behind China in 5G because China has deployed more base stations or has more 5G enabled phones reflects a similar confusion over metrics.   It is not the number of base stations that is important, it is the ability to use 5G to create new goods and services (or be more efficient in the use of existing goods and services) that is important, and this is best measured by the monetization of new 5G enabled services and products and their revenue. 

A report that announces that China leads in 37 technologies  out of 44 technologies does not explain why the United States is the center for development of artificial intelligence, quantum technology, and biotechnology.   China did not develop successful COVID vaccines, lags in quantum, and there are anecdotes that China’s leaders asked the author of a best-selling 2018 book on China’s coming dominance of artificial intelligence why, if that was the case, were GPT technologies developed first in the United States?  Of the 37 technologies listed, China’s alleged lead is open to question in 23.   Does China really lead in cybersecurity, as the Report asserts?   The digital economy depends on cloud computing, next generation networks (like 5G and 6G), and software (like AI products) and these are technologies where the United States has a strong if not dominant position.   

China is good at manufacturing what others have invented but no longer so good at innovation itself.   This is the result of political change. China was becoming a leading innovator when it was politically open, before 2012.   It still has advantages, but now that it is becoming politically closed, idea creation has slowed, entrepreneurs, investors and researchers are leaving, foreign investment is in decline (because of a perception of increased political risk), and geopolitics frays connections to global research and tech.   Under different political leadership, China would be a much more formidable competitor, but China made a political decision that values continued party control over innovation and its ability to innovate is at risk. 

Similarly, the EU spends significantly on R&D and has excellent research facilities, but its regulations are a powerful disincentive to entrepreneurship and commercialization.  Europe’s major economies have shown flat income growth for more than a decade.   It is not positioning itself to compete in a digital economy, since this requires a willingness to accept risk and allow entrepreneurship. Europe values privacy over innovation.

There is no easy way to directly measure innovation, so there can be a tendency to use proxies like number patent issued, amount spent on R&D, number of PhDs and publications.   It seems reasonable to assume that more R&D spending, more publications, and more patents correlate with more innovation and one of their attractions is that they are easier to count, but by themselves they do not explain strength in technological innovation.   Until the last few years, the United States lagged in investment in basic research (the foundation of innovation) and in the infrastructure to support innovation.   Yet it has over eighty years outperformed other economies when the measures are the creation of valuable new technologies and national income.   The strength of the U.S. “innovation machine” lies somewhere else. 

The discussion of technology and innovation relies on indirect proxy measurements, like the number of patents. Patents are a metric that must be used carefully.   The assertion that “when a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure” is particularly true for China’s centrally directed economy, where people perform to meet measures set by Beijing, leading to situation where researchers are rewarded for the number of patents issued (or number of publications) even if no one uses those patents. 

Many quantitative measures may not actually measure technological leadership as it relates to national power.   Specific metrics such as the percentage of national income spent on R&D or the number of patents issued, are inadequate by themselves to predict technological leadership. It is the ability to use technology for commercial and military purposes that is essential.   Looking at the U.S. economy, it is investment in R&D, access to skilled labor, supportive business and intellectual property laws, a dynamic financial system, and an entrepreneurial business culture that explains its overall strength compared to other economies.  

Nor does technological “leadership” guarantee military advantage.   Other factors determine military success, the most important being political will, leadership, and strategy.   An opponent that has an advantage in these areas will be able to resist and thwart a more technologically advanced opponent (the Taliban, for example).   Advanced technology in the service of flawed strategy will not change outcomes.   There is an assumption that technology provides an advantage and, in a contest, where other factors are equal, technological leadership can be critical, but in most situations this technological advantage is only one factor among many in determining effectiveness. Specific quantitative measures may not actually measure what we want to assess.   It may be better to ask what nations want (wealth, international influence, military power) to determine the contribution of a basket of technologies.

These issues are not binary – an outcome where China makes all the shoes, and the United States makes none. We would need to consider both the number of shoes produced and their quality and type, and then ask how shoes contribute to wealth, power, and military strength and whether there are alternative technologies that can substitute for them (since under duress, nations are inventive). Answering these questions requires a broader view than that taken in many reports that looks at the overall economy and its technological base. The best predictors remain overall national revenue and tech market share.

The keys to technological leadership are at the most fundamental level, access to capital and to ideas (both the ability to create new ideas and to use them). Better measures of success include market share (meaning someone actually buys what you are making), the number of startups (particularly ‘unicorns’), revenue, and the long-term trend in national income. These revolve around the central importance of the ability to commercialize research and innovation. This is an area – entrepreneurship - where the United States has had an advantage over Europe and China, both of which score well on proxy innovation metrics but less well for outcomes.   The biggest risks to the U.S. innovation system are political dysfunction and regulatory ideologues. These are domestic problems, not the result of international competition, but is easier to fault China than in the mirror.   

James Andrew Lewis

James Andrew Lewis

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  • Brad Pitt’s New Formula 1 Flick Will Hit Movie Theaters Next Summer

The still-unnamed film will land in U.S. theatres on June 27, 2025.

Rachel cormack.

Digital Editor

Rachel Cormack's Most Recent Stories

  • King Charles Has 5 Horses Competing in Royal Ascot This Week
  • Bryson DeChambeau Won the U.S. Open With a Rolex Submariner ‘Bluesy’ on His Wrist
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Brad Pitt and Damson Idris are both star of the upcoming Formula 1-based movie

It’s been a long road, but Brad Pitt ’s Formula 1-themed movie is almost ready to roll out to cinemas.

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Hong kong is the most expensive city for expats: report, this rx-only wound cream is like your daily moisturizer on steroids.

To ensure both accuracy and authenticity, the production team worked closely with the F1 community, including all 10 teams, the drivers, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), and race promoters. Seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton is serving as a consultant for the movie, with help from his production company Dawn Apollo Films. The British driver has reportedly been in regular contact with Pitt to help him prepare for the lead role. Bruckheimer has also said Pitt trained for four or five months behind the wheel, adding he is “an amazing driver.”

The APXGP car on the track at the Hungarian F1 Grand Prix

In order to realistically emulate the high-stakes trackside environment, the film has been shot in real-time during various international Grand Prixs. Filming began in July 2023, with Pitt putting the pedal to the metal at Silverstone during last year’s British Grand Prix . “I don’t know if you could call mine a hot lap, I’d call it kind of a warm lap,” the actor said after his drive around the race course. “I’ve taken a few tours, unintentionally, through the grass.”

Rachel Cormack is a digital editor at Robb Report. She cut her teeth writing for HuffPost, Concrete Playground, and several other online publications in Australia, before moving to New York at the…

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The Grand UK Debut

JULY 17 - 19, 2024 Head to the British countryside to test and evaluate the top luxury and performance vehicles of 2024.

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Study finds global luxury sales flattening amid self-inflicted creativity crisis and price hikes

FILE - A woman walks past the Gucci store window at the Via Montenapoleone fashion district, during the Milan's fashion week in Milan, Italy, Friday, Sept. 25, 2020. The post-pandemic surge in global sales of luxury handbags, shoes and apparel is on pace to stall this year amid a creativity crisis and price hikes focused on the biggest spending customers. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno, File)

FILE - A woman walks past the Gucci store window at the Via Montenapoleone fashion district, during the Milan’s fashion week in Milan, Italy, Friday, Sept. 25, 2020. The post-pandemic surge in global sales of luxury handbags, shoes and apparel is on pace to stall this year amid a creativity crisis and price hikes focused on the biggest spending customers. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno, File)

FILE - Creations for ‘Runway Reinvented’, part of the ‘We Are Made in Italy’ collecting fashion event are shown during the women’s Spring Summer 2023 fashion week, in Milan, Italy, Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2022. The post-pandemic surge in global sales of luxury handbags, shoes and apparel is on pace to stall this year amid a creativity crisis and price hikes focused on the biggest spending customers. (AP Photo/Alberto Pezzali, File)

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MILAN (AP) — The post-pandemic surge in global sales of luxury handbags, shoes and apparel is set to stall this year amid a creativity crisis and price hikes as brands shift focus to the biggest spending customers, a new study by the Bain consultancy said Tuesday.

Bain is forecasting flat worldwide luxury sales in 2024 following a slight first-quarter dip, according to the study commissioned by the Altagamma association. The consultancy cited political uncertainty during a presidential election year in the United States as well as economic uncertainty in China that has brought on a phenomenon of “luxury shaming.”

Beyond socioeconomic factors and rising geopolitical tensions, the slowdown is also partly “self-inflicted,’’ said Bain partner Claudia D’Arpizio.

She cited a “creativity crisis,’’ in the sector, as a number of major fashion houses are transitioning creative directors, and a new focus on the super-wealthy customers, at the expense of the aspirational middle class and Gen-Z youngsters who fueled growth before the pandemic.

“There is a lack of clarity for many of these brands. They are making attempts to regain focus. It is five, six brands under turn-around, big ones. This is not helping the overall excitement,’’ D’Arpizio told The Associated Press. “This is a supply-driven industry. When you have the brands really in tune with customer needs, it usually reacts quickly.’’

This undated photo provided by the U.S. District Attorney shows confiscated drugs piled up in a truck bed. The Justice Department today announced a 10-count superseding indictment charging Los Angeles-based associates of Mexico's Sinaloa drug cartel with conspiring with money-laundering groups linked to Chinese underground banking to launder drug trafficking proceeds. (U.S. District Attorney via AP)

She said some “tweaks” are needed on strategy and price points, adding that “you can’t grow without the middle class and younger generations.”

Among major fashion houses, Gucci and Moschino have made runway debuts of their new creative directions, while the first Valentino collection by the new creative director hits the runway in September. Chanel has the position to fill after the incumbent resigned earlier this month.

While inflation is one element of price hikes, D’Arpizio said brands are also refocusing on the estimated 6 million to 8 million consumers at the top of the pyramid as they search for better profit margins. At the same time, there has been less rejuvenation in the offerings.

Steep price increases for items that don’t show significant innovation, and feel like something they have seen before, leaves customers “upset and puzzled.”

Flat global luxury sales forecasts follow a pent-up post-pandemic spending surge that pushed sales during the 2021-23 period up 24% over 2019 levels.

Last year, sales of personal luxury goods grew by 4% to 362 billion euros (about $388 billion) from 349 euros in 2022, due largely to a resurgence of U.S. and Asian tourism to Europe fueling purchases. Add in luxury travel, fine art, cars and yachts, the vast global luxury market expanded to 1.5 trillion euros last year — highlighting a trend toward experiences over tangible goods.

Japan is a bright spot as the return of foreign tourists with the yen at the lowest level to the U.S. dollar in 20 years, while Europe continues strong trends due to tourist spending and an increase in local consumption, especially in French and Italian cities.

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  1. The Best Sailing Shoes For The 2024 Season

    Here are four of the best traditional sailboat shoes. 1. Sperry Leeward Boat Shoe. Sperry practically invented the 20th-century boat shoe, and they're still the go-to shoe company for sailors across the world. The Sperry Leeward Boat Shoe is an excellent introduction to traditional boat shoes.

  2. The Best Boat Shoes to Set Sail in Style

    Timberland Men's Boat Shoe. Don't miss out on getting stylish while relaxing at sea with this boat shoe, Timberland's Classic 2-Eye. Fully sealed seams prevent any leaks and rubber soles maximize grip, which allows you to be sure-footed even in slippery conditions.

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    1 Chatham Java Lady G2. Best boat shoes for sustainability. Chatham has taken its bestselling G2 and developed a new, sustainable deck shoe. The Java Lady G2 essentially looks the same as previous shoes in the G2 range and retains all its fine qualities, but is made using eco-conscious materials and craftmanship.

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    2. Sperry Men's Bahama Ii Boat Shoe. The Sperry men's Bahama II is a comfortable pair of boat shoes made of undyed canvas material, making them comfortable to wear all day. These high-end boat shoes have a nice hand-sewn construction with Rawhide lace.

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    It is hard to go wrong with a pair of leather topsiders for under £40. While the Tribord 500 might not lead the field in a comparison of the best men's boat shoes, Decathlon leads the way in affordable water sports gear and apparel with its Tribord sailing brand. The Tribord 500 boat shoe is a traditional two-eyelet topsider with the same ...

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    Best Racing Sailing Shoes-Musto GP Race Sailing Shoes. Our Rating: (4/5) The GP Race sailing shoes offer a sporty look and plenty of functionality when you're on the water. These are pro quality sailing shoes that provide all the stability and gripping power you'll need during an intense competition or when sailing in choppy water ...

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    HH® Quick Dry. HH® Pro Guard. Antimicrobial. Helly Hansen's Ahiga Slip-On Sailing Shoes offer all-day comfort and excellent reactions. It's got the same ergonomic midsole, treaded outsole, and water-resistant textile upper as the brand's best-selling Ahiga V4 shoes with a simple slip-on design.

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    Adidas Cloudfoam running shoes. Adidas Cloud foam running shoes — lightweight and comfy, with great grip. Shop AmAZON. Lightweight running shoes with good grip can be good onboard for non-serious sailing. If you're on a sailing adventure, you may just find the need to stretch your legs for a good run too.

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    We stock specialist brands including Gill, Helly Hansen, Ronstan, Sperry and Zhik shoes so browse the full range here. MAURIPRO Sailing, your direct access to Sailing Footwear and all your other sailing and boating needs. Shop a full range of Sailing Footwear at MAURIPRO Sailing Store. Includes technical support, low prices and free shipping on ...

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    Above: The best boat shoes are designed for your style of boating. Photo via Pond5. Boat Shoe Categories: Performance To Casual. There are boat shoes made more for style and looks and then there are practical, purpose-built performance boat shoes including sailboat racing boots, rubber fishing boots, rugged deck boots and durable ankle boots.

  11. Top 10 Best Sailing Shoes of 2024 • The Adventure Junkies

    QUICK ANSWER - THE BEST SAILING SHOES. Sperry Authentic Original Boat Shoe. GILL Tall Yachting Boots. Gill Trapeze Sailing Boots. GILL Competition Sailing Boots. Rugged Shark Great White Deck Boots. Helly Hansen Midsund 2 Rain Boots. Sperry Sojourn Duck Chukka Boots. Body Glove Seek Watershoe.

  12. Musto Top-Rated GP Race Gore-Tex Sailing Shoes Review

    The shoes themselves feature the Gore-Tex interior liner, with an exterior made out of highly breathable mesh for ultimate comfort and top drainage and ventilation. This means that your feet will remain nice and dry during an intense practice or competition. The shoes themselves are very light, promoting longer use.

  13. Sailing Shoes & Boots

    Let us help. 206-632-4462. Email. Grip the deck & stay sure-footed in any sea condition: Explore sailing shoes, boots & footwear for every adventure. Shop now at Fisheries Supply!

  14. Here's What Shoes to Wear Sailing (and which not)

    Plastic sneakers with non-marking rubber soles - light colors will likely skid less. High-quality water shoes. Dinghy or sailing boots. Barefoot & flip-flops are popular but not recommended. As you can see, there are some high-end expensive options you only want to purchase if you plan on sailing often.

  15. Best boat sandals: 8 sensible summer solutions for sailing footwear

    Teva Hurricane Drift Sandals. Apart from being grippy and quick to dry, there's another very useful feature in footwear designed to go afloat with you - and that's the ability to float without you. These Tevas are made entirely from injection-moulded EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), a sort of closed-cell rubbery foam.

  16. Footwear for sailing should be comfortable and practical.

    Whether you're enjoying a leisurely sailing holiday or competing in a yacht race, you should always wear appropriate footwear. If you plan on spending your summer vacation exploring Croatia on a yacht, most of your time will be spent in sneakers or boat shoes.But in harsher conditions, waterproof boots or wetsuit boots will keep your feet warm and dry.

  17. Sailing Deck Shoes, Boat Shoes & Trainers

    If you are looking for great quality Yachting Shoes then visit the Coast Water Sports website today! Free delivery available on orders over %shipping-free-amount% ... All specifically designed to provide ultimate non marking grip whilst on board your yacht, dinghy or motor boat in both wet and dry conditions. ... Gill Race Trainer - Grey - RS44 ...

  18. Sailing Footwear: Dubarry, Musto & Gill Marine Shoes

    Dubarry Ultima GORE-TEX - Sailing Boots. £ 329.00 £ 295.00. Dubarry Regatta Deck Shoe. £ 169.00 £ 139.00. Musto Dynamic Pro II Adapt. £ 115.00 £ 89.95. Sebago Clovehitch Deck Shoe. £ 165.00 £ 129.95. Helly Hansen Skagen F-1 Offshore Deck Shoe.

  19. Best women's boating shoes: 9 of the best options for female sailors

    Decathlon Cruise 100. For an exceptionally good value pair of practical, moccasin-style boat shoes, you can't go far wrong with Decathlon's Cruise 100 Women's Leather Boat Shoes. Marketed ...

  20. Round-the-world racing yachts dock at The Wharf in DC

    The more-than-40,000-mile "Clipper Round the World Yacht Race" made an impressive arrival before docking at The Wharf in southwest D.C. Monday morning.

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    Men's Road Racing Shoes. $260.00. Nike Everyday Cushioned Training Crew Socks (6 Pairs) $24.00. Nike InfinityRN 4 Men's Road Running Shoes. $160.00. Nike Flex Runner 3 Big Kids' Road Running Shoes. $55.00. Nike Air Max 270 Women's Shoes. $160.00. Nike Pegasus 41 Men's Road Running Shoes. $140.00. Nike Vaporfly 3 Women's Road Racing Shoes.

  23. Ralph Lauren Unveils the Team USA Olympic Uniforms

    Navy blazers for the win. In the pantheon of navy blue blazers, it is less yacht club, more private-school boy with a naughty streak — but still suffused with somewhat outmoded prepster déjà vu.

  24. Elektrostal

    In 1938, it was granted town status. [citation needed]Administrative and municipal status. Within the framework of administrative divisions, it is incorporated as Elektrostal City Under Oblast Jurisdiction—an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts. As a municipal division, Elektrostal City Under Oblast Jurisdiction is incorporated as Elektrostal Urban Okrug.

  25. Elektrostal

    Elektrostal. Elektrostal ( Russian: Электроста́ль) is a city in Moscow Oblast, Russia. It is 58 kilometers (36 mi) east of Moscow. As of 2010, 155,196 people lived there.

  26. Flag of Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast, Russia : r/vexillology

    Animals and Pets Anime Art Cars and Motor Vehicles Crafts and DIY Culture, Race, and Ethnicity Ethics and Philosophy Fashion Food and Drink History Hobbies Law Learning and Education Military Movies Music Place Podcasts and Streamers Politics Programming Reading, Writing, and Literature Religion and Spirituality Science Tabletop Games ...

  27. Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast, Russia

    Elektrostal Geography. Geographic Information regarding City of Elektrostal. Elektrostal Geographical coordinates. Latitude: 55.8, Longitude: 38.45. 55° 48′ 0″ North, 38° 27′ 0″ East. Elektrostal Area. 4,951 hectares. 49.51 km² (19.12 sq mi) Elektrostal Altitude.

  28. America is Losing the Shoe Race With China

    The concept of a "race" itself is a questionable legacy of Cold War thinking - the Cold War had a finish line (identified by Eisenhower and Dulles at the onset), while the current situation does not. ... and the United States makes none. We would need to consider both the number of shoes produced and their quality and type, and then ask ...

  29. Brad Pitt's New Formula 1 Movie Will Hit Theaters in June 2025

    Brad Pitt's new Formula 1-themed movie will be released globally on June 25, 2025 and arrive in North American theaters on June 27, 2025.

  30. Study finds global luxury sales flattening amid self-inflicted

    MILAN (AP) — The post-pandemic surge in global sales of luxury handbags, shoes and apparel is set to stall this year amid a creativity crisis and price hikes as brands shift focus to the biggest spending customers, a new study by the Bain consultancy said Tuesday.