1. F-One Phantom FCT Foil

    phantom foil sailboat

  2. F-One Phantom FCT Foil Set

    phantom foil sailboat

  3. The Flying Phantom

    phantom foil sailboat

  4. Oracle "Phantom" Foiling

    phantom foil sailboat

  5. Pin on Flying Phantom

    phantom foil sailboat

  6. Smooth, Speedy Sailing with the Flying Phantom Hydrofoil

    phantom foil sailboat


  1. GA Sails

  2. Slalom windfoiling with my brand new foil (Phantom IRIS R)


  4. Phantom rc sailboat with closed loop winch

  5. Me on my MacGregor 26x Sailboat

  6. WINDFOIL in Rewa Poland May 2024 🇵🇱


  1. The Flying Phantom: US$40k sailboat levitates two feet above the waves

    The Flying Phantom launched at the Paris Boat Show this year and is on sale now for €28,260 (just under US$40,000). Product page: Phantom International View gallery - 30 images

  2. Flying Phantom Essentiel

    The Flying Phantom Essentiel, (English: Essential), is a French hydrofoil catamaran sailing dinghy that was designed by Gonzalo Redondo and Martin Fischer and first built in 2017.. The Flying Phantom Essentiel is intended as an easier-to-sail hydrofoil for beginners than the Flying Phantom Elite.The company described the design goals as "an 18' all around boat easy to use, able to foil in a ...

  3. Racing the Flying Phantom Hydrofoil Catamaran

    The Flying Phantom catamaran is quite arguably the future of sailing. It's a two-person vessel powered by the wind and a unique hydrofoil design. The hydrofo...

  4. Flying Phantom Essentiel : THE mainstream foiling catamaran

    As opposed to its 'big' brother Flying Phantom Elite, the Flying Phantom Essential doesn't aim at high level competition like the FP Series. It is a versatile catamaran, made for leisure sailing as well as local beach cat regattas. The Essential flies in a wind range from 5 to 25 knots and can reach 20-25 knots of speed in 10 knots of wind.

  5. New Flying Phantom version for 2018 : The 'Ultimate'

    Third boat in Phantom foiling catamaran range All Phantom catamarans are 18' long one-design boats and they have different programs are adapted to different uses/to suit your needs. FP ELITE: launched in 2014, it was the first Flying Phantom designed by Phantom International. It is a high performance boat for experienced sailors.

  6. New Phantom Foiling Catamaran: the FP ULTIMATE

    FP ULTIMATE: is an evolution of the ELITE. It has different hull, rudder and foil designs to be more efficient foiling around the course. For high performance catamaran addicts! Technical specs. Retail price: from 41900 euros ex-tax, ex-factory Dinard / France. More info on Phantom International website on January 1st, 2018.

  7. Waszp

    A boat that would only float the right way up if you were moving and required the balance of a cat on a fence from the helmsman was a challenge too far for many sailors.

  8. Phantom Foiling

    Phantom Windsurfing products have been a game-changer in windfoiling over the last three years, revolutionizing the sport and making the fin obsolete for racing. We are proud to announce the launch of the INFINITE Ltd + foil, which will set a new benchmark for high-performance windsurfing foils in the coming years.

  9. Foil-No-Foil? No Question for Flying Phantom

    Foil-No-Foil? No Question for Flying Phantom. ... Those boats were constantly in the air, suspended on boards and rudders that produced enough lift to elevate the hulls of the 72-footers above the water's surface. The $10 million sailing machines put on quite the show for the cameras.

  10. Flying Phantom Essential

    Flying Phantom Essential is a 18′ 0″ / 5.5 m catamaran sailboat designed by Gonzalo Redondo and built by Phantom International starting in 2017. ... Foil Rudder? Construction Pre-preg carbon w/nomex sand. ... the more easily it will carry a load and the more comfortable its motion will be. The lower a boat's ratio is, the less power it ...

  11. Foiling is Becoming a Sailing Style For All

    The original Cup boats, designed to a rule with limits on foil-control systems, needed precise steering and intense sail trimming. Today, though, thanks to the millions spent on development and training in the Cup and developmental classes such as the A-Class catamaran, flying big boats is becoming doable even for average sailors.

  12. The Flying Phantom

    Foiling and Fun at 35 Knots for Weekend Sailors

  13. Foiling Catamarans

    By Zuzana Prochazka. January 31, 2019. In 2013, the world sat up and took notice of foiling boats mostly due to the much-promoted America's Cup. The AC72 catamarans flew across our TV screens with great speed and grace, hardly touching the water. These high-priced models achieved 40 knots in 17 knots of breeze with their T-shaped rudders and ...

  14. Formula Foil

    Stable flight attitude allows pushing hard, so in good conditions, iFLY reaches high boat speed beyond 30 knots in a controllable way. IFLY15 offers freedom to fly alone or in pairs. Due to the exclusive use of high-tech materials, iFLY15 is extremely rigid and weighs less than 90 kilos ready to sail.

  15. Flying Phantom: First Look Video

    Hoping to satisfy a portion of that demand is Phantom International, a French boat builder that recently introduced an 18-foot catamaran with hydrofoils that's even beachable, thanks to retractable rudders and foils. ... Foil-No-Foil? No Question for Flying Phantom. Dieter Loibner. April 23, 2014. Boat Reviews. Video First Look: Flying Fish ...

  16. Phantom

    The Phantom's ultra durable 100% grid construction and huge range make this sail one of Aerotech's most popular models. Construction: This model features a 100% grid construction for the ultimate in durability and UV resistance. Other features include; an anti-chafe bumper in the head, new raised stainless steel 6-1 pulley with oversized ...

  17. Sailing hydrofoil

    Hydrofoiling wingsail catamaran 17. A sailing hydrofoil, hydrofoil sailboat, or hydrosail is a sailboat with wing-like foils mounted under the hull.As the craft increases its speed the hydrofoils lift the hull up and out of the water, greatly reducing wetted area, resulting in decreased drag and increased speed. A sailing hydrofoil can achieve speeds exceeding double and in some cases triple ...

  18. Flying Phantom Elite

    Appendages: T-foil rudders +L-shape foiling dagger boards - Pre preg Carbon cured in autoclave. Main sail: 18sqm with mast. Jib: 5.5sqm. Gennaker: 24sqm. Suggest Improvements. Source: / CC BY. Embed. Flying Phantom Elite is a 18′ 1″ / 5.5 m catamaran sailboat designed by Martin Fischer and built by Phantom International ...

  19. Phantom versus Sunfish

    A modern Sunfish has a foil-shaped daggerboard. Is the Phantom's board flat on the sides or foil-shaped? If it is flat-sided, the Sunfish's board is likely what is making the difference. ... but there are pictures of the original Phantom rudder and the Pointer 14 rudder head in a thread titled the Phantom sailboat is back. I can post a picture ...

  20. WingFoil Strato

    Choose your foil. The Strato has been developed to be the most versatile combo in our range, suitable for beginner to expert riders, flatwater to waves, and freestyle. Thanks to its stiff construction, the Strato remains stable for beginners, allows for your first jibe, and enables you to make huge freeflies on bigger waves.


    iFLY15 is a series-produced sport catamaran for anyone who enjoys high-speed sailing. It's unique Flysafe ® Foil Control System autonomously supports a stabl...

  22. SurfFoil Products

    Our products are meticulously designed with the highest attention to detail and the finest materials, leaving no stone unturned in our pursuit of excellence. Learn more. Go beyond. Strato. From small, unbreakable waves to higher swells, the Strato Surf foil will allow you to glide endlessly and execute radical turns !

  23. Philippine officials say Chinese forces seized 2 navy boats in disputed

    Philippine security officials say Chinese forces have seized two Philippine rubber boats that were delivering food and other supplies to a military ship outpost in a disputed South China Sea shoal in a tense confrontation in which some Filipino navy personnel were injured.

  24. Infinite

    Phantom Windsurfing products have been a game-changer in windfoiling over the last three years, revolutionizing the sport and making the fin obsolete for racing. We are proud to announce the launch of the Infinite Ltd + foil, which will set a new benchmark for high-performance windsurfing foils in the coming years.