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yacht Whitehawk


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whitehawk yacht

On the Watch for Whitehawk

A 105’ ketch has entered the bell’s beer bayview mackinac race and will make the great lakes her unlikely home.

whitehawk yacht

Currently,  Whitehawk  is making her way from Newport, R.I., where for many years she has been a familiar sight among other traditionally designed sailing megayachts, to the Great Lakes where such lines are rarely seen. She was recently bought by Peter Thornton, a Key Largo, Fla. resident who has homes in  Bay Harbor and Detroit, Mich. Among other racing accomplishments, he set the Elapsed Time Monohull Record (Cove Island Course) in the 2017 Bell’s Beer Bayview Mackinac Race with his Volvo 70  Il Mostro , which he has donated to the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Sailing Foundation.

“A yacht like  Whitehawk  has never been on the Great Lakes,” said Thornton, shortly after closing his purchase in mid-May, “and my desire is to show her off in Chicago and Detroit for the Mackinac Races. She is a magnificent machine that should be viewed by as many people as possible.”

Whitehawk  left Newport on her own bottom and last week, after reaching the Erie Canal, was preparing to meet a truck delivering her rig in Oswego, N.Y.  After her masts are stepped, she will head for Lake Ontario and up the Detroit River to Lake Huron where she will stop in Bay Harbor to provision before heading to Chicago for the Chicago Mackinac Race and then back to Port Huron for the Bell’s Beer Bayview Mackinac Race.

Thornton, in his late seventies, has competed in at least 28 Bayview Mackinac Races, taking many class victories in go-fast boats like the Santa Cruz 70 he owned for many years. He decided after last year, however, that he was ready to “wind down” his racing career with a kinder, gentler experience that  Whitehawk will offer. First things first: his racing crew and family will have to get used to the yacht’s luxurious accommodations as compared to the stripped- down  Il Mostro . Belowdecks features three oversized staterooms and magnificent appointments, including a ten-sided Mandala skylight, a fireplace, and a head with a teak bathtub.

At the Bell’s Beer Bayview Mackinac Race,  Whitehawk  will sail in Division 1 on the Cove Island course – the longer of the two course options designed for the larger, racier boats entered. “Going from a complete carbon racing machine like  Il Mostro  to a wooden cruising yacht like  Whitehawk  will be quite a transition,” said Thornton, with a grin reflected in his voice. “We’ll be mixed in with boats like the TP52s, and they’ll be running away from us, but that’s okay.”

Sponsors for the 2019 Bell’s Beer Bayview Mackinac Race include  Bell's Brewery ,  Grand Hotel ,  Luca Mariano , Gill ,  Coral Reef Sailing Apparel ,  Tito’s Handmade Vodka ,   Pentastar Aviation ,  North Sails ,  Shepler's Mackinac Island Ferry ,  NôMI Sparkling Water ,   Aitken & Ormond Insurance ,  Frankenmuth Insurance , Sharpe Travel Services,  Legal Copy Services , Sykes & Webster - The Burton Families,  Bayview Yacht Club Foundation ,  Detroit Sports Media , and  Marx Layne . Supporters are  Freighter’s Eatery & Tap Room ,  Futuramic Tool and Engineering ,  Harken ,  Pink Pony - Chippewa Hotel  and  Thomas Hardware Company .

For more information go to  www.bycmack.com  or contact Race Chairman Robert Nutter at [email protected]

Bell’s Beer Bayview Mackinac Quicklinks:

Event website Facebook Page Follow via Twitter More About Bayview Yacht Club Bayview Yacht Club, founded in 1915, is widely regarded as the premier sailing club in Michigan and the Midwest.  Located on the Detroit River near the mouth of Lake St. Clair, it has been hosting the Bayview Mackinac Race since 1925 and has more than 1,000 members.  For more information:  www.byc.com .

whitehawk yacht

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whitehawk yacht

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National Sailing Hall of Fame

Nominees > Technical

whitehawk yacht

Living , Modern

Bruce King and his team have designed some of the world’s most remarkable yachts. His principles are simple: he and his team believe that to be successful, a yacht must be beautiful. He was a prolific designer for Ericson with his fiberglass racers and cruisers, but it was his pioneering use of West System epoxy to construct large super yachts in wood that allowed him to stay true to a classic design. This design typically includes a long overhang and a low freeboard to accentuate the classic sheer and has come to be a signature of many of his classically beautiful yachts.

Notable awards:

  • 1990 International Super Yacht Design Award – Signe
  • 1993 International Super Yacht Design Award – Hetairos
  • 1994 Show Boats, Best large sailing yacht interior – Alejandra
  • 2000 Show Boats, Best sailing yacht 38 meters and under – Antonisa
  • 2008 Maine Maritime museum Mariner’s Award

whitehawk yacht

From 1964 to 2004, Bruce King produced boat designs of varied types, reaching an incredible number of more than 7,000 existing boats. These include the early production boats, built mostly by Ericson Yachts with some by Islander, and the large custom sailing yachts. He also designed some of the radical yachts of the early seventies, and more recently the Hinckley water jet boats and the Bruce King Superyachts.

According to King, “We have always believed, where yachts are concerned, that technology and utility are only part of the story. To fulfill both the utility and technology requirements, and to do so in a manner encompassing as much visual satisfaction as possible, must be the goal of a skilled designer. Technology is fleeting; it is constantly changing. Aesthetic beauty is timeless, and it alone provides the motivation for preservation. It is hoped that as present technology gives way to the new, we will continue to be able to impart to our designs an appeal, both tangible and intangible, that will allow them to endure.”

Following is an excerpt from an article on the site boattest.com that was written about Whitehawk, a radical Bruce King-designed yacht built in 1978. The article does a nice job of explaining many of the features that set his boats apart from others, especially at that time.

Whitehawk was built in 1978 to a Bruce King design. King was a hot yacht designer in that era and was most famous for the line of Ericson fiberglass cruiser/racer sailboats which he had designed. Whitehawk was built in Rockland, Maine, at Lees Boat-shop by O’Lie Neilson, and at the time was the largest vessel ever built with the West System product using the cold molding process. West System was in its infancy. In fact, Whitehawk was one of the largest boats built in America in that decade of any material and preceded the era of megayachts by a few years.

whitehawk yacht

Origins of her Fame

Because she was so large, and because she was built all of wood in an age of fiberglass, she caught the eye and imagination of the boating press, and a number of articles were written about her. Month after month, the yachting magazines chronicled her build progress until her launch in 1978. As a result, generations of yachtsmen have followed her ever since, and she is one of the most famous sailing yachts in America.

Genuine Tree Wood

She was designed like a classic wooden yacht with all of the brightwork and luxury details that would have pleased the Astors, Morgans, or Vanderbilts. On deck and below she looked and was built very much like yachts or yore. But her hull was different. It was built with a new process of cold molding that lightened the boat somewhat and made her more seaworthy at the same time. This process was popularized by the Gougeon Brothers and their development of the West System of epoxy/wood construction in Whitehawk was the proof of concept.

Rather than being built in the conventional manner of planks — that had to be caulked and nailed to heavy frames every few feet or so — cold molding involves strips of epoxy saturated wood laid over a jig that formed the hull’s shape. The epoxy not only glued the wood together, but it also created an impenetrable barrier to water. It was a radical idea at the time, but it turned out to be a good one and the West System continues to be a popular method of wood construction.

Topside Finish

Multilayer-planked cold molding with epoxy eliminated the need for many frames, which lightened the boat and also made her hull more puncture-resistant. With the elimination of most frames, more livable room was created inside of her 20’6” (6.25 m) beam. Her exterior surface was faired and then painted. In one of her recent refits, her hull was covered in Alexseal, a premium polyurethane topcoat technology that employs UV absorbers. The result is a glass-like finish with high gloss. We had the opportunity to inspect her hull from the waterline to her rail both from the ship’s tender and when swimming around her and can report that her topside finish is flawless.

Her Keel and Centerboard

Whitehawk draws 7’6” (2.28 m) which allows her to sail into many places where a sailboat of this size might not be able to enter, thanks to her stainless-steel centerboard. It increases her draft to 15’ (4.57 m) and improves her performance to windward. The hydraulic centerboard has holes in the bottom, so it fills with water when deployed. The combination of her cold molded hull and her centerboard make her relatively fast off the wind, and while she is by no means a down-wind sled like a Bruce Farr design, she is nevertheless competitive on the classic yacht regattas that she enters most years at venues from Antigua to Nantucket.

Built for Offshore Cruising

She displaces something on the order of 82 tons, which makes her a substantial yacht, and means that it takes a bit of wind to move her briskly. This makes her ideal for offshore work and, indeed, on her delivery last winter from Newport, Rhode Island, to Antigua, she saw winds up to 35 knots in the north Atlantic and a speedy passage south. During our own sail south of Antigua, she handled winds from 15 to 25 knots (30 knots in squalls) on a close reach with ease, and we recorded speeds up to 11.3 knots. Between the islands, seas often grew from four to six feet and Whitehawk rode over them in comfort – something that can only be enjoyed in a large, heavy sailboat with a 20’6” (6.25 m) beam.

whitehawk yacht

A Partial list of Notable Bruce King Yachts:

  • Aggressive II
  • Maria Cattiva
  • Scheherazade

Production Boats designed by Bruce King

  • CAPE BAY 31 (1977)
  • ERICSON 23-1 (1969)
  • ERICSON 23-2 (1975)
  • ERICSON 25 (1973)
  • ERICSON 25+ (1978)
  • ERICSON 26-2 (1972)
  • ERICSON 27 (1971)
  • ERICSON 28-2 (1986)
  • ERICSON 28+ (1980)
  • ERICSON 29 (1970)
  • ERICSON 30-1 (1967)
  • ERICSON 30-2 (1977)
  • ERICSON 30+ (1979)
  • ERICSON 32-2 (1969)
  • ERICSON 32-200 (1988)
  • ERICSON 32-3 (1985)
  • ERICSON 34 (1978)
  • ERICSON 34-2 (1988)
  • ERICSON 34T (1978)
  • ERICSON 35-2 (1969)
  • ERICSON 35-3 (1982)
  • ERICSON 36C (1975)
  • ERICSON 37 (1973)
  • ERICSON 38 (1979)
  • ERICSON 38-200 (1986)
  • ERICSON 381 (1983)
  • ERICSON 39 (1970)
  • ERICSON 39 B (1975)
  • ERICSON 41 (1968)
  • ERICSON 46 (1971)
  • ISLANDER 37 (1966)
  • ISLANDER 37 MS (1974)
  • ISLANDER 55 (1968)
  • TRADEWINDS 55 (1980)
  • YACHTCRAFT 37 (1966)
  • ZAP 26   (1977)
  • ZAP 29   (1978)

Preserving America’s Sailing Legacy

Engaging Sailing’s Next Generation

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Whitehawk news.

Bequia wins the 2017 Candy Store Cup Superyacht Edition

Bequia wins the 2017 Candy Store Cup ...

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If you have any questions about the WHITEHAWK information page below please contact us .

A General Description of Sailing Yacht WHITEHAWK

This sailing yacht WHITEHAWK is a 32 metre 105 (ft) well proportioned wooden/epoxy vessel which was produced at Lie-Neilsen and concieved by Bruce King and Phil Long. This private boat has been envisaged by the naval architecture of Bruce King and Phil Long.

Construction & Yacht Design with respect to Luxury Yacht WHITEHAWK

Bruce King was the naval architect involved in the formal superyacht composition for WHITEHAWK. Bruce King and Phil Long is also associated with the yacht general design work for this boat. In 1978 she was actually launched with celebration in Rockland Me and post sea trials and final completion was afterwards handed over to the owner who commissioned her. Lie-Neilsen completed their new build sailing yacht in the United States. A reasonable feeling is manifested with a total beam (width) of 6.25 m or 20.5 feet. With a 5.12m (16.8ft) draught (maximum depth) she is fairly deep. The material wooden/epoxy was used in the building of the hull of the sailing yacht. Her superstructure over the hull is created with the use of teak. Over the deck of WHITEHAWK she is 28.04 (92 ft) in length. In 1997 extra refitting and updating was additionally performed.

Propulsion Type & Engines On S/Y WHITEHAWK:

Installed with a sole GM diesel main engines, WHITEHAWK is able to attain a maximum speed of 11 knots. Connected to her GM engine(s) are a single screw propeller. Her total HP is 310 HP and her total Kilowatts are 228.

Accommodation Capacity On Aboard Superyacht WHITEHAWK:

The well sized luxury yacht S/Y WHITEHAWK is able to accommodate up to 6 passengers in addition to 5 qualified crew.

A List of the Specifications of the WHITEHAWK:

Miscellaneous yacht details.

This sailing yacht has a teak deck.

WHITEHAWK Disclaimer:

The luxury yacht WHITEHAWK displayed on this page is merely informational and she is not necessarily available for yacht charter or for sale, nor is she represented or marketed in anyway by CharterWorld. This web page and the superyacht information contained herein is not contractual. All yacht specifications and informations are displayed in good faith but CharterWorld does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the current accuracy, completeness, validity, or usefulness of any superyacht information and/or images displayed. All boat information is subject to change without prior notice and may not be current.

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whitehawk yacht

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Whitehawk is a custom sailing yacht launched in 1978 by Lie-Nielsen in Rockland Me, United States and most recently refitted in 2008.

Whitehawk measures 32.00 metres in length, with a max draft of 2.30 metres and a beam of 6.20 metres. She has a gross tonnage of 84 tonnes. She has a deck material of teak.

Whitehawk has a wood hull with a wood superstructure.

Her interior design is by John Munford Design.

Whitehawk also features naval architecture by Bruce King Yacht Design.

Performance and Capabilities

Whitehawk has a top speed of 11.00 knots and a cruising speed of 9.00 knots. She is powered by a single screw propulsion system.

Whitehawk has a fuel capacity of 3,217 litres, and a water capacity of 2,840 litres.

She also has a range of 500 nautical miles.


Whitehawk accommodates up to 7 guests . She also houses room for up to 4 crew members.

Other Specifications

Whitehawk has a hull NB of 781.

Whitehawk flies the flag of the USA.

  • Yacht Builder Lie-Nielsen No profile available
  • Naval Architect Bruce King Yacht Design No profile available
  • Exterior Designer Bruce King Yacht Design No profile available
  • Interior Designer John Munford Design No profile available

Yacht Specs

whitehawk yacht

From plastic to classic

whitehawk yacht

W hat do you do when you no longer have your Volvo 70 Il Mostro to race the Mackinac races on? If you’re Peter Thorton, you buy a 105-foot classic ketch and bring it to the Great Lakes. 

Built in 1978 in Rockland, Maine, the clipper-bowed Bruce King-designed Whitehawk was patterned after the famous 1936 Herreshoff-designed racing yacht Ticonderoga and is one of the largest cold-molded wooden boats. 

Whitehawk made her way from her home port of Newport, Rhode Island, where she was a popular participant in the East Coast classic regattas. 

whitehawk yacht

“A yacht like Whitehawk has never been on the Great Lakes,” said Thornton, a Key Largo, Florida resident who has homes in Bay Harbor and Detroit, Michigan. “My desire is to show her off in Chicago and Detroit for the Mackinac Races. She is a magnificent machine that should be viewed by as many people as possible.”

Thornton set the Bayview Mackinac Race record in 2017 with his Volvo 70 Il Mostro , which he recently donated to the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Sailing Foundation.

Thornton, in his late 70s, has long competed in the Mac races with boats such as his Santa Cruz 70 Holua . He said he decided last year to wind down his racing career with a kinder, gentler experience aboard Whitehawk . The boat will be quite a change from the carbon fiber Il Mostro with her three oversized staterooms and traditional features, including a 10-sided Mandala skylight, a fireplace and a head with a teak bathtub.

Whitehawk left Newport on her own bottom, and after reaching the Erie Canal, met a truck delivering her rig to Oswego, New York. After her masts were to be stepped, she was to head to Lake Ontario and up the Detroit River through Lake Huron to Chicago for the Chicago-Mackinac Race and then back to Port Huron for the Bell’s Beer Bayview Mackinac Race in July.

 “Going from a complete carbon racing machine like Il Mostro to a wooden cruising yacht like Whitehawk will be quite a transition,” Thornton said. “We’ll be mixed in with boats like the TP52s, and they’ll be running away from us, but that’s okay.”

To follow the action for the Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac that begins July 13, visit www.cycracetomackinac.com . The Bell's Beer Bayview Mackinac Race, www.bycmack.com , begins July 20. 

whitehawk yacht

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whitehawk yacht

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WHITEHAWK Yacht Layout & GA Plans

32m  /  105' | lie-nielsen | 1978 / 2010.

  • Amenities & Toys

Use two fingers to move the deck plan

Use ctrl + scroll to zoom the deck plan

Use ⌘ + scroll to zoom the deck plan

Zoomable Deck Plans Instructions To view the yacht General Arrangement / Deck Plans in more detail use the Zoom Tools + / - buttons to 'zoom in' or ' zoom out'. To navigate around hold down you mouse and drag to look around or for touch use two fingers to pinch and drag. To zoom with the mousewheel hold CTRL/⌘ and use the mouse wheel or use two fingers to scroll on an Apple touch pad.

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Whitehawk - o. lie neilsen, maine.

Whitehawk - O. LIE NEILSEN, MAINE 105' 0" yacht sale


  • All Specifications
  • Detailed Information

Basic Information

Builder: O. LIE NEILSEN, MAINE Category: Classic Yacht Sub Category: Cruising Ketch Model Year: 1978 Year Built: 1978 Refit Year: 2010 Refit Type: Full Country: United States Cockpit: Yes

LOA: 105' 0" (32.00m) LWL: 78' 6" (23.93m) Beam: 20' 6" (6.25m) Min Draft: 7' 6" (2.29m) Max Draft: 16' 10" (5.13m)

Speed, Capacities and Weight

Cruise Speed: 9 Kts. (10 MPH) Max Speed: 11 Kts. (13 MPH) Water Capacity: 655 Gallons Holding Tank: 190 Gallons Fuel Capacity: 830 Gallons


Total Berths: 5 Sleeps: 6 Total Heads: 3 Captain Cabin: True Crew Cabin: 2 Crew Berths: 3 Crew Sleeps: 4 Crew Heads: 1

Hull and Deck Information

Hull Material: Cold Molded Hull Configuration: Full Displacement Hull Color: White Hull Designer: Bruce King Exterior Designer: Bruce King Interior Designer: Bruce King

Engine Information

Engines: 1 Manufacturer: Caterpillar Model: 3126B Engine Type: Inboard Fuel Type: Diesel

3 Staterooms with ensuite baths, and crew quarters for 3 plus a captain's cabin with double berth. Beautiful interior accommodations with exquisite detailing, finished in teak, Honduran mahagony, Alaskan yellow cedar and laminated oak, combined with satin enameled off-white bulkheads create a traditional and comfortable ambience. Interior was redecorated in 2010/ 2011, all soft goods replaced and varnish renewed. Numerous cowl vents and hatches provide good natural ventilation. The yacht is also equipped with Cruisair reverse cycle air conditioning, with 4 separate compressors. A maintenance log has been kept documenting everything on the boat since November 2009. MASTER STATEROOM The full width Master Stateroom is forward with a queen berth to port, full length mirror on aft bulkhead, drawers and cedar-lined closets to starboard. Equipped with 21" flat screen TV, Bose Surround Sound system and DVD. Also featuring private access to the deck. The Master Bath is aft to starboard with a full size laminated Southern Yellow Pine varnished tub. Equipped with ample storage areas. STARBOARD GUEST STATEROOM The Guest Stateroom aft to starboard features two berths, bookshelves, cedar-lined hanging locker and writing desk. Equipped with 14" flat screen TV and DVD player. Ensuite head with shower is forward. PORT GUEST STATEROOM The Guest Stateroom to port features an upper berth forward and aft, and lower berth athwartships. Equipped with 14" flat screen TV, DVD player, drawer storage, and a deck prism. An ensuite head with shower is forward. SALON The spacious Main Salon is elegant and comfortable with separate dining and seating areas, a cathedral skylight, and full size Mendota propane fireplace trimmed with tiles. The Dining area seats 8, and is furnished with a settee, beautiful dining table and 4 chairs. The Salon is finished with polished wood and architectural features crafted from high quality mahagony, teak and cedar. Beveled mirrors, leaded glass cabinets and Italian marble counter top distinguish the bar area. This is complemented by a modern entertainment center with large flat screen TV, DVD system, Bose Surround Sound, and stereo. NAVIGATION STATION The Navigation station with chart table, full instrumentation and nav seat is located in the starboard aft corner of the Main Salon. CAPTAIN'S CABIN OR 4th GUEST CABIN Captain's cabin is well proportioned and appointed as well as being strategically situated aft and to port of Galley for ease of access to the cockpit. This cabin has a double berth and plenty of storage lockers natural ventilation and ensuite head as well as being finished and furnished as per the other staterooms aboard allowing this cabin to be used as a 4th Guest Stateroom should there be the need. CREW QUARTERS The Crew Quarters are forward with separate deck access. There are 3 bunks, two are full size. These cabins share a head & shower. There is a Bosch washer and dryer in the crew area. Redesign and refinished 2015.

Electrical System

12v/24v DC system 110/220v AC system Shorepower 50 amp, 2x 220v connectors forward & aft Transformer 220v 60Hz Northern Lights 25 kW generator appx. 4,250hrs Northern Lights 20 kW generator appx. 11,500hrs 2x Mastervolt 2500 watt pure sine wave inverters 2015 3x Mastervolt MS 50/24 automatic 3-stage battery chargers 2012 House battery bank 28x2V 24V bank new 2016 Engine bank, 1x12v, new 2012 20KW Generator Bank, 12V, new 2014 25KW Generator Bank 12V, new 2010 Winch bank, 6X12v 24V bank, new 2010 64,000 btu Cruisair 220v air conditioning, with 4 compressors - crew cabin, master & port cabin, starboard cabin & salon, captain's cabin & galley - each 16,000 btu

Electronics & Entertainment

ICOM M802 SSB, nav station ICOM M402 VHF, nav station ICOM handheld VHFs Standard Horizon, cockpit, 2015 B&G H5000 New 2017 2x B&G H5000 MFD, cockpit 2017 2X B&G H5000 MFD, nav station 2017 B&G H5000 MFD, captain's cabin 2017 2X Furuno Navnet 3D, 1 Nav & 1 Cockpit Furnuno FA-50 AIS Transponder MaxSea TimeZero Nav computer with 2 displays (1 at nav station & 1 in cockpit) Furuno Navpilot 700 autopilot, New 2015 Danforth Constellation compass at helm B&G “Zues 2” 7” GPS chartplotter, nav. Station 2017 Boston clock & barometer ENTERTAINMENT High definition flat screen TVs in guest cabins Flat panel TV above fireplace which is covered by hinge-down painting, salon Bose Surround Sound system, salon

Cockpit & Decks

Beautiful classic circular aft cockpit with 5' diameter wheel, wooden binnacle and Constellation compass. Looking foward are wide uncluttered teak decks, beautiful varnished teak cabin sides, deck boxes, hatch and cap rails, all accented with chrome stanchions and stainless steel life lines. High white bulwarks are decorated with 2 bronze dolphins and bowsprit. The cockpit comfortably seats 8, protected by a full dodger, and equipped with a 24v top loading drinks refrigerator. Engine controls and B&G instrumentation are also in full view to the helmsman.

Deck Equipment, Tender, & Misc. Gear

Teak decks are TDS installed in Maine 2013, laid on top of 2 layers of cedar diagonals 5/16" each, laid over 5/8" tongue & groove cedar, laid on laminated oak deck beams. The on-deck engine hatch was enlarged in 2004. 9x bronze cowl vents by Paul Luke, clear awlgripped 2017 9x hatches 7x deck prisms LED spreader lights on main and mizzen Ideal HD3 220v windlass with vertical & horizontal capstans & chain gypsy 185 lb. CQR anchor 200 lb. Luke 3-pc fisherman anchor Fortress G-85 utility anchor w/26' - 9/16" chain Saltwater anchor washdown, with 24v salt water pump 400' 5/8" galvanized anchor chain 300' 1.5" Samson nylon rode Full set Toast canvas awnings & sail covers 2015 Toast canvas hatch & skylight covers2013 Toast canvas cockpit dodger, modified 2014 Crew hatch dodger 2015 Companionway dodger 2016 3-section deck awnings by Antigua Sails, main to mizzen & mizzen to stern & main to innerforestay Cockpit cushions, new March 2013 Ship's bell on mizzen TENDERS 2011 Nautica 11.6' inflatable 2011 Yamaha 25HP outboard CONTAINER STORAGE 20’ Pines Chassi Road Container includes workshop and storage. The container includes hundreds of spares and additional equipment pertaining to “Whitehawk”. Inventory can be supplied upon request.

Rigging, Winches, & Sails

Spars by Basil Day, Thomaston, Maine. Modified by Hinckley Yacht Services 2011 Sitka spruce hollow wooden main & mizzen masts, beautifully finished with recognizable rake rig out, varnished 2017 Stainless steel rod standing rigging, new 2011 Dacron & Spectra running rigging (Constantly updated) Hydraulic furling yankee & staysail (Harken Furlers) Lazy jacks on main & mizzen Running backs & triatic stay New 2015/2016 Solid spruce bow sprit with s/s dolphin striker and 2 rollers New headstay & staysail foils, 2011 New running rigging New halyards, 2017 New main halyard, 2017 Lewmar Commander for hydraulic furling & winches 2x Lewmar primaries 111ST for headsail 4x Lewmar chrome 88ST for halyards, staysail, aux lines, new 2012/13 Barient electric winch for outboard 1st, 2nd, 3rd reef lines Lewmar chrome ST66 main sheet winch 2013 WINCHES 4x Enkes #32 on Mainmast & Mizzon 2x Lewmar #68 Main Halyard & Man line 2013 2x Enkes #36 Headsail Halyards 1X Barient #36 Main reef lines 2x Lewmar #68 Staysail sheets 2013 2x Enkes #16 outhaul & topping on main boom 2x Enkes #16 outhaul & topping on mizzen boom 2x Lewmar #50 Main traveler 2013 1X Lewmar #66 Main sheet 2013 4x Lewmar #36 around cockpit, runners 2014 2x Lewmar #58 at base of mizzen 2x Lewmar #111 2spd Headsail sheets SAILS North yankee jib, Dacron, December 2011 North staysail, Dacron, December 2011 North mainsail, Dacron, December 2011 North mizzen sail, 2011 North Mizzen Staysail 2011 Halsey Offshore mizzen staysail, 2003 North Asymetrical Spinnaker and ATN 2012

Mechanical Equipment

Recently painted Engine Room is accessed via large hatch on port side aft in main salon, which leads to the tool/pump room, complete with work bench, tool storage, fuel manifold, fuel filters and fuel transfer pump. There are 7 fuel tanks. Aft are the main engine and generator areas, watermaker and Lewmar Commander center. Main engine is Caterpillar 3126B, 370hp, new 2004, appx. 4,000 hrs Gearbox hydraulic V-drive, new, 2004 Panish single lever engine control Racor fuel filters 3-blade Max Prop, 34" dia., factory serviced 2016 Yacht Specialities wooden spoked wheel & pedestal, chain & s/s cable steering, connecting to quadrant, serviced January 2017 Engine room fire suppression system, Cert. 2017 Reverse Osmosis Watermaker 90 GPH, new membranes 2017 KeyPower hydraulic bow thruster, 2-blade, 15hp Manual Whale Gusher bilge pumps 3x 24v Rule automatic bilge pumps w/high water alarms Engine room fire alarm Holding tank full alarm Various spares, including pumps, seals, impellers Extensive tool inventory Hydraulic tank removed, flushed & reinstalled, 2004 Fresh water plumbing system replaced, 2013, including: Aqua-pex hot & cold water high pressure tubing throughout Mach 5 silent high pressure water pump Head Hunter waste management system, with all heads rebuilt & plumbing serviced in March 2008 Groco Manual Head system in the Captains Cabin 2012 Seagull water filtration system in the galley X4 independent Gray water tanks 2x Stainless Torrid hot water tanks, 20 gallons each, 220v & engine heat exchanger New groud plate, 2008 Fuel tankage with total 830 gallons capacity is divided into 7 tanks: 130, 130, 110, 175, 75, 105, and 105 gallon. X4 Watertanks, X3 New Fiberglass wather tanks installed 2012: 250, 150, 250, auxillary 125 gallon fwd.

Safety & Fire Protection

2X Ocean Safety Liferafts 8 person Cert. through 2018 MOB emergency unit with flotation equipment Horse shoe life ring X25 Life jackets X6 Gumby Suits Offshore First Aid kit ACR Cat II 406 MHz EPRIB Flares & flare gun Fire extinguishers Cert. 2017 C02 fire suppression in engine room, Cert. 2017 Escape hatches crew cabin, engine room, master cabin, accommodation passageway

The hull is constructed of 4 layers of native Maine cedar with an outside 5th layer of Honduran mahagony. Hull is cold molded wood with the epoxy saturation technique. The entire hull surface on the inside and outside is saturated with epoxy resin and fastened with bronze nails and screws. Yellow pine floor timbers, laminated white oak keelson and sheer clamp. Lead keel is 53,000 lbs. Keel bolt nuts tightened in 2005. Hydraulically operated stainless steel daggerboard modified in 2012. Skeg hung rudder.

Major Refits and Upgrades During Current Ownership

2010 Complete Paint Job Shortening of the Main & Mizzen Masts, new standing rigging, sails, furlers, foils etc. New Winch Bank batteries. New Tender 12' Nautica inflatable 2011 Replace Fuel Tank under Nav Station Add additional hydraulics for furlers New HW Heaters. New propane fired fireplaces 2012 All new teak decks. TEAK DECKING SYSTEMS Remove and re-shape centerboard 2013/2014 Replace all bronze caprail tracks and deck tracks with new tracks. Replace the custom Decahedron overhead salon hatch with new improved version Complete Galley refurbishment inc, new stainless counters, equipment, oven, counters, sinks, plumbing etc. 2015 Complete Crew area (Fo's'cle) refurbishment, new head and shower, bunks lengthened, storage solutions and finish coatings. Re-engineer anchor chain bin arrangement in fo's'cle. Replace entire custom house battery bank. Replaced all Inverters with new Mastervolt inverters. Replaced entire fuel lines and fuel transfer manifold with new. 2016/17 Complete new topsides paint These are only a selection of major upgrade items covered since 2009, the electronics upgrades, engine and generator maintenance, watermaker membrane replacements, rigging replacements, and regular varnish plus ongoing maintenance is considered regular maintenance. Complete maintenance log since 2009 is available for perusal.

image description

Yacht name «Whitehawk» – O. LIE NEILSEN, MAINE is for sale and located in Portsmouth, N.E. - Maine to NY, USA.

Classic Yacht Cruising Ketch «Whitehawk» built by manufacturer O. LIE NEILSEN, MAINE in 1978 — available for sale. Yacht location: USA. If you are looking to buy a yacht «Whitehawk» or need additional information on the purchase price of this O. LIE NEILSEN, MAINE, please call: +1-954-274-4435 (USA)

Only deal with professionals!

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Whitehawk Yacht

Whitehawk Luxury Sail Yacht by Lie-Nielsen

Sail Yacht Whitehawk

Whitehawk is a sail 32.00m  (104'11"ft) built by lie-nielsen and launched in 1978. this luxury vessel's sophisticated exterior design and engineering are the work of bruce king yacht design. she was last refitted in 2008..

This luxury yacht has an wood hull. , a beam of 6.20m  (20'4"ft) and a 2.30m  (7'6"ft) draft .

Whitehawk Accommodation

Whitehawk offers accommodation for up to 7 guests . She is also capable of carrying up to 4 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience.

Whitehawk is currently not available for Charter on Superyachts.com. Click here to view similar Yachts Available for Charter.

  • More Details:
  • Specifications

Builder: Lie-Nielsen

Exterior Designer: Bruce King Yacht Design

Naval Architect: Bruce King Yacht Design

Interior Designer: John Munford Design

S/Y Whitehawk

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  • Yacht Type: Sail Yacht
  • Builder: Lee S Boat Shop
  • Naval Architect: Bruce King
  • Interior Designer: John Munford
  • Refits: 1997-01-01,2003-01-01

Yacht featured in

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Classic Sailboats


whitehawk yacht

Sail Number: 22261

Whitehawk Specifications:

LOA: 105′ / 32.00m – LOD: 92′ / 28.04m – WL: 78′ / 23.77m – BEAM: 20′ 6″ / 6.24m – DRAFT: 7′ 6″ / 2.28m – Daggerboard: 16’10” / 5.13m – Displacement: 84 Tons – Hull: Wood (Cold-Molded) – Design By: Bruce King – Built by: Lee’s Boat Shop of Rockland Maine – Year built: 1975-1978 – Original Owner: – Current Owner: Peter Thornton, Burr Ridge, IL, Key Largo, Fla – Sail Area: 4,484 – Official Number: 591561 – Location: Marine Traffic

Styled after the famous Herreshoff racing vessel Ticonderoga, the 105’ Whitehawk was designed by renowned Maine yacht designer Bruce King and commissioned in 1978. At the time of her build she was the largest ever yacht built using the Wood Epoxy Saturation Technique (WEST SYSTEM), which insures superior strength along with incredible lightness. Whitehawk’s performance capabilities along with her state-of-the-art technology and magnificent appointments make her the ideal vacation vessel for New England summers and Caribbean winters.

The main salon exudes the warmth of a comfortably elegant living room, with separate sitting and dining areas, a cathedral skylight, and a full sized wood-burning fireplace. The ambience is embellished with polished wood architectural features crafted from the highest quality mahogany, teak, and cedar. Beveled mirrors, leaded glass cabinets, and an Italian marble countertop distinguish the unique bar area.

A modern entertainment center, complete with a color television, VCR, and stereo system with CD player, balances the old-world charm with modern-day sophistication.

Whitehawk’s full array of electronics, including two radars, two GPS installations, a Loran, weatherfax, SSB radio and sophisticated sailing computers and plotters, assures safe navigation on every voyage. The large galley, with every convenience for preparing international gourmet cuisine, features an oven/broiler, microwave, large refrigerator and freezer, dishwasher, trash compactor, and ice maker.

Her three air-conditioned double staterooms each have a private bath, with the master stateroom featuring a queen-sized bed and a stunning bathtub carved out of Maine cedar.


With a crew of five to expertly attend a charter group’s every need, Whitehawk comfortably accommodates up to six overnight guests and up to 25 for day sails and social gatherings.

Above deck, more spectacular woodwork is accented with extensive custom-designed fittings. A hand-carved teak wheel and beautiful binnacle with 12″ Constellation compass are from an era gone by. Beneath the stars or under the sun, an oversized teak table gleams in the cockpit, inviting twelve to dine. Yet for all her traditional styling, luxurious accommodations, and modern technological conveniences, Whitehawk is even more. She is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The experience of taking the powerful wheel or hoisting the massive mainsail. The experience of gliding effortlessly over pristine waters that once were the settings only for indulgent dreams. The experience of snorkeling, windsurfing or water skiing in a cool, blue lagoon while Whitehawk, the masterpiece of majestic proportion, rests peacefully, awaiting her next chance to thrill her guests under sail.

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  2. Sailing yacht Whitehawk

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  1. Sailing yacht Whitehawk

    Whitehawk is a 32 m / 105′0″ sailing yacht built by O.Lie-Neilsen in 1978. She has a wood hull and superstructure, Caterpillar engines, and can accommodate 7 guests in 3 cabins. Not available for sale or charter on Yacht Harbour.

  2. Classic sailing ketch Whitehawk sold

    The 32 metre sailing yacht Whitehawk, built in 1978 by Lee S Boat Shop and designed by Bruce King, has been sold for $2,950,000. It has a spacious main saloon, a circular aft cockpit and a Caterpillar diesel engine. The interior is in teak, mahogany and oak with entertainment centres and en suite facilities for six guests.

  3. WHITEHAWK Yacht

    The 32m/105' sail yacht 'Whitehawk' was built by Lie-Nielsen at their Rockland shipyard. Her interior is styled by design house John Munford and she was completed in 1978. This luxury vessel's exterior design is the work of Bruce King Yacht Design and she was last refitted in 2010.

  4. Bruce King "Whitehawk"

    Styled after the famous Herreshoff racing vessel Ticonderoga, the 105' Whitehawk was designed by renowned Maine yacht designer Bruce King and commissioned in 1978. Her hull is one of the largest ever built using the Wood Epoxy Saturation Technique (WEST SYSTEM), which insures superior strength along with incredible lightness.

  5. On the Watch for Whitehawk

    When she was built in 1978 in Rockland, Maine, the timeless, clipper-bowed Bruce King design (patterned after the famous 1936 Herreshoff-designed racing yacht Ticonderoga) was the largest-ever cold molded wooden boat, and to this day she is still referred to as one of the most beautiful yachts in the world. Currently, Whitehawk is making her ...

  6. King, Bruce

    Following is an excerpt from an article on the site boattest.com that was written about Whitehawk, a radical Bruce King-designed yacht built in 1978. The article does a nice job of explaining many of the features that set his boats apart from others, especially at that time. Whitehawk was built in 1978 to a Bruce King design.

  7. Bruce King Designed Whitehawk

    Whitehawk has been a fixture at classic yacht races in New England and the Caribbean for years. Whitehawk was built in 1978 to a Bruce King design. King was a hot yacht designer in that era and was most famous for the line of Ericson fiberglass cruiser/racer sailboats which he had designed. Whitehawk was built in Rockland, Maine, at Lees Boat ...

  8. Yacht WHITEHAWK, Lie-Neilsen

    A General Description of Sailing Yacht WHITEHAWK. This sailing yacht WHITEHAWK is a 32 metre 105 (ft) well proportioned wooden/epoxy vessel which was produced at Lie-Neilsen and concieved by Bruce King and Phil Long. This private boat has been envisaged by the naval architecture of Bruce King and Phil Long.

  9. 32.0m Whitehawk Superyacht

    Whitehawk is a custom sailing yacht launched in 1978 by Lie-Nielsen in Rockland Me, United States and most recently refitted in 2008. Design. Whitehawk measures 32.00 metres in length, with a max draft of 2.30 metres and a beam of 6.20 metres. She has a gross tonnage of 84 tonnes. She has a deck material of teak.

  10. Sold: Stunning 32M S/Y WHITEHAWK

    Fraser is delighted to announce the sale of the 32.00M (105'00") S/Y WHITEHAWK built by O'Lie-Neilsen, Maine in 1978, refit in 2016. Georges Bourgoignie of Fraser Ft Lauderdale represented the Seller. She is fresh from several refits including a complete repaint, mechanical refitting, and new deck resulting in WHITEHAWK's condition being ...

  11. Whitehawk Yacht

    Whitehawk is a sailing yacht with an overall length of m. The yacht's builder is Lie-Nielsen from United States, who launched Whitehawk in 1978. The superyacht has a beam of m, a draught of m and a volume of . GT.. Whitehawk features exterior design by Bruce King Yacht Design and interior design by John Munford Design. Up to 7 guests can be accommodated on board the superyacht, Whitehawk, and ...

  12. From plastic to classic

    Built in 1978 in Rockland, Maine, the clipper-bowed Bruce King-designed Whitehawk was patterned after the famous 1936 Herreshoff-designed racing yacht Ticonderoga and is one of the largest cold-molded wooden boats. Whitehawk made her way from her home port of Newport, Rhode Island, where she was a popular participant in the East Coast classic ...

  13. WHITEHAWK Yacht Layout / General Arrangement Plans

    Interactive, detailed layout / general arrangement of WHITEHAWK, the 32m Lie-Nielsen super yacht with naval architecture by Bruce King Yacht Design with an interior by John Munford

  14. Whitehawk

    Classic Yacht Cruising Ketch «Whitehawk» built by manufacturer O. LIE NEILSEN, MAINE in 1978 — available for sale. Yacht location: USA. If you are looking to buy a yacht «Whitehawk» or need additional information on the purchase price of this O. LIE NEILSEN, MAINE, please call: +1-954-274-4435 (USA)

  15. Whitehawk

    Sail Yacht Whitehawk Whitehawk is a sail 32.00m (104'11"ft) built by Lie-Nielsen and launched in 1978. This luxury vessel's sophisticated exterior design and engineering are the work of Bruce King Yacht Design. She was last refitted in 2008. This luxury yacht has an wood hull. , a beam of 6.20m (20'4"ft) and a 2.30m (7'6"ft) draft .

  16. Classic Ketch Whitehawk sold by CNI

    Georges Bourgoignie in the Fort Lauderdale office of Camper & Nicholsons tells me that the 32m Bruce King-designed classic ketch Whitehawk "has been sold to a passionate classic yacht owner and New York Yacht Club member. _Whitehawk _will undergo a substantial refit over the winter in Newport, Rhode Island.

  17. Whitehawk Wins Royono Trophy

    Congratulations to Peter Thornton and his 104-foot ketch, Whitehawk, for winning the Royono Trophy as the first monohull boat to finish the 113th Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac presented by Wintrust. Sport News Now (July 28, 2022) - Pulling into the harbor at Mackinac Island Sunday, July 24th at 5:04 a.m., Helmsman Greg … Read more "Whitehawk Wins Royono Trophy - 113th Chicago Mac Race"

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    SEAHAWK. Westport • $10,250,000 • 34.14 m • 8 guests. WIDER 210. Wider • €62,400,000 • 64.01 m • 14 guests. WHITEHAWK is a 32m superyacht built by Lee S Boat Shop in United States of America and delivered in 1978. Explore her photos and specifications here.

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  21. Bruce King WHITEHAWK

    Styled after the famous Herreshoff racing vessel Ticonderoga, the 105' Whitehawk was designed by renowned Maine yacht designer Bruce King and commissioned in 1978. At the time of her build she was the largest ever yacht built using the Wood Epoxy Saturation Technique (WEST SYSTEM), which insures superior strength along with incredible lightness.

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