1. Route du Rhum 2022 : comment le maxi-trimaran Edmond de Rothschild vole

    trimaran route du rhum 2022

  2. Trimaran SVR Lazartigue

    trimaran route du rhum 2022

  3. Route du Rhum 2022 : chavirage de Thibaut Vauchel-Camus et démâtage en

    trimaran route du rhum 2022

  4. Route du Rhum : le bateau Edmond de Rothschild a été construit à Vannes

    trimaran route du rhum 2022

  5. Ouverture de la Route du Rhum 2022

    trimaran route du rhum 2022

  6. Route du Rhum : Erwan Le Roux s’impose en Ocean Fifty

    trimaran route du rhum 2022


  1. Caudrelier wins the 2022 Route du Rhum with new course record

    Charles Caudrelier sailing his Ultime trimaran Maxi Edmond de Rothschild was first to cross the finish line of the 2022 Route du Rhum race this morning in Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe in a time of ...

  2. 2022 Route du Rhum

    The Route du Rhum is a single person transatlantic race the 2022 race was the 12th edition and had six classes with 138 boats taking part. The events status as a qualification for event for the Vendee Globe lead to the largest most competitive fleet of IMOCA 60 class yachts gathered todate. In his first attempt at the race Charles Caudrelier took line honours in a new race record time on the ...

  3. "A torrent of flames came out of my cabin"

    It has been another intense 24 hours in the Route du Rhum 2022, with two dramatic mid-ocean rescues, as well as multiple other abandonments as the 138-boat fleet continues to contend with ...

  4. ROUTE du RHUM 2022

    Dans la Route du Rhum 2022-Destination Guadeloupe, le Maxi -Trimaran Edmond de Rothschild va voler au dessus de la mer pendant une bonne partie de la course....


    The Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe. Created in 1978 by Michel Etevenon, La Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe is regarded as the queen of solo transatlantic races. For 44 years, the race has joined Saint-Malo in Brittany to Pointe-à-Pitre in Guadeloupe. It musters the biggest fleet ocean racing fleet of all levels on the same ...

  6. [ROUTE DU RHUM 2022] Arrivée du trimaran SVR-Lazartigue

    Revivez-dans les yeux de l'équipe- l'arrivée du Trimaran SVR-Lazartigue et de son skipper François Gabart à Pointe -à-Pitre lors de la Route du Rhum 2022 🎥 ...

  7. Route du Rhum 2022, the practical guide to enjoy the show

    The Route du Rhum destination Guadeloupe 2022 will start on November 6th with a record of 138 skippers involved. How to enjoy the village on site and the parades to admire the boats? ... The Ultims, and the trimaran "Flo" in the Rhum Multi will open the ball on Friday, November 4, with three departures staggered by one hour between 14:08 and 16:08.

  8. Route du Rhum 2022: The edition to beat all records!

    The Ocean Fiftys once again demonstrated the interest in their class - both for its friendly atmosphere and its sporting side: Erwan Leroux, already winner of the Route du Rhum in 2014, managed on board his Koésio to beat Quentin Vlamynck (Arkema), who had led the race almost from start to finish after the capsizing of Thibaut Vauchel-Camus ...

  9. 2022 Route du Rhum

    In the 44 year history of the Route du Rhum there has never been so many solo skippers set off as there will be at the start of this year's edition. On this 12th Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe 138 solo racers with compete on the classic race which leaves Sain Malo and heads across the Atlantic to Pointe a Pitre, Guadeloupe. And on Wednesday in Paris' Mogador Theatre, the assembled ...

  10. Route du Rhum: An amateur architect on Jess, a Caledonian trimaran

    What is JESS' goal for the Route du Rhum 2022âeuros? At the start of the Route du Rhum 2022, Gilles will aim for a podium in his class, of course! This is his 4th participation in the famous transatlantic race. Even though bad luck has been against him on several occasions, he has never failed and is proving to be a serious competitor more ...

  11. Route du Rhum: Everything you need to know

    The Route du Rhum 2022 will start from Saint Malo at 12:00 (GMT) on Sunday 6 November. ... but few capture the feeling of an era as much as the 60ft trimaran in which Florence Arthaud won the 1990 ...

  12. INFOGRAPHIE. Route du Rhum : le trimaran "Banque Populaire" décrypté

    Ils seront huit ultims au départ de la Route du Rhum 2022 dont celui d'Armel le Cléac'h : le Banque Populaire XI . Comme ses camarades, les dimensions de ce trimaran mis à l'eau en avril ...

  13. Route du Rhum 2022

    The Route du Rhum is also an incredible spectacle on land, a unique atmosphere. The magic of Saint-Malo operates. The village, which was open for 7 days in 2014, lasted 12 days in 2018 and won another day this year for the 12th edition of the event. 1.3 million visitors were counted on the quays 4 years ago - when will the two million be reached?

  14. Route du Rhum 2022: Ultims Design features

    The Edmond de Rothschild maxi designed in 2016 by Guillaume Verdier, was the first trimaran to attempt to fly completely. Winner of all the races for the past three years and the reference, they nevertheless changed her foils before the Route du Rhum Destination Guadeloupe, as Charles Caudrelier explains.

  15. Route du Rhum 2022 : The last sailors registered for the Transat unveiled

    Allocation of the 18 Wild Cards for the Route du Rhum 2022 . On April 6, 2022, the Route du Rhum organizers unveiled the list of 120 sailors registered for the solo transatlantic race, in accordance with the notice of race. But they had also announced the attribution of 18 additional invitations bringing the number of boats to 138, without revealing the lucky winners.

  16. Route du Rhum : Un architecte amateur en lice sur Jess, un trimaran

    Bien que peu connu du grand public, Gilles Buekenhout est un marin amateur plus qu'averti. Rencontre avec le skipper de Jess, engagé sur la Route du Rhum 2022 sur un trimaran signé des plus grands. JESS attire de loin le regard des spécialistes de trimarans rapides.

  17. Route du Rhum 2022 : Thibaut Vauchel-Camus secouru après son chavirage

    Le skipper Thibaut Vauchel-Camus, qui a chaviré samedi 12 novembre au soir sur la Route du Rhum, a été secouru dimanche matin après avoir passé la nuit dans la coque centrale de son trimaran ...

  18. Route du Rhum 2022 : direct, positions, classement, actualités

    Route du Rhum 2022 - Destination Guadeloupe : toute l'actualité de la course en direct, les positions et classements des skippers en Ultim, Ocean Fifty, Imoca et Class40, soyez informé de toute ...


    [ROUTE DU RHUM Destination-Guadeloupe- DEUXIÈME PLACE] 🏆@francoisgabart a bouclé ce mercredi la 12e édition de la @route_du_rhum - Destination Guadeloupe, après 6 jours, 23 heures, 3 minutes et 15 secondes de course (avant jury) pour traverser l'Atlantique, de Saint-Malo à Pointe-à-Pitre. 💬: « On a vibré. C'était une belle route du Rhum. C'était intense. Il y a eu […]

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    Burial 5 was the most unique, it was found in a coffin made of a larch trunk, with a tightly closed lid. Due to the preservative properties of larch and lack of air access, the coffin contained a well-preserved mummy of a child with an accompanying set of grave goods. The interred individual retained the skin on his face and had a leather ...