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  1. 15 Surprising Benefits of a Ketch Rig (and 7 Cons)

    Since the sail area is divided over multiple sails, the ketch is more easily managed and is great for single-handed sailing. It offers more versatility in sail plan, and is known to handle very well in heavy winds. The ketch rig is an especially effective rig for larger boats (40ft and up). Just a quick recap: the ketch is a two-masted sailboat ...

  2. Ketch boats for sale

    Ketch sailing vessels for sale on YachtWorld are offered at a variety of prices from $12,500 on the relatively lower-priced, classic models all the way up to $11,965,017 for the more lavish boat models. Find Ketch boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of boats to choose from.

  3. What Is a Ketch Sailboat?

    The ketch is also highly controllable, which is great for closed-cockpit sailboats. The ketch rig is also popular on classic sailboats. Specifically, the gaff-rigged ketch is a common sight in some classic boat circles—particularly on the East Coast of the United States. Wooden ketch-rigged boats were outfitted with both traditional square ...

  4. What's in a Rig? The Ketch

    The Ketch. What's in a Rig Series #4. Ketch rigs hold a special place in many a cruising sailor's heart. There's something dignified and majestic about them. They are two masted rigs with a main mast and a (smaller) mizzenmast - they carry a jib just like a sloop. Generally, ketches will be in the 40-plus foot range.

  5. Ketch

    The sail plan of a ketch is similar to that of a yawl, on which the mizzen mast is smaller and set further back. There are versions of the ketch rig that only has a mainsail and a mizzen, in which case they are referred to as cat ketch. More commonly ketches have headsails (Jibs). When a ketch is rigged so that it can fly multiple jibs at the ...

  6. A One-sided Defense of the Cruising Ketch

    Impress your sloop-sailing friends with fancy ketch tricks. Sail backward through the mooring field (spin circles if you have a sharpie), nose casually up to anchor, hove-to with jig and jigger. Barrel westward on a reach. Turbo-charge off-wind sailing by setting a mizzen staysail. Don't fear a dismasting.

  7. Five best ketches and yawls

    For most of the 20th century a ketch rig was a mark of a serious large sailing yacht (see our full article on sailing boats and their rigs) and the envy of many owners of smaller sloop rigged vessels.A key attraction was that splitting the sail plan into smaller units made a lot of sense on boats over 35ft in the days before modern efficient and sophisticated sail handling systems It's easy ...

  8. Ketch Sailboats: The Ultimate Guide

    With their traditional ketch rig, Hans Christian sailboats deliver excellent sailing performance and stability. The two masts and multiple sails allow for versatile sail configurations, enabling sailors to adjust to various wind conditions. The balanced sail plan and well-balanced hull design contribute to the overall performance and ...

  9. Best bluewater cruising boat is a ketch

    Esper has a stay sail, which makes her a cutter-rigged ketch. Light-wind sails may also be used. Yankee Starting at the head, ketches are most likely to have a yankee. This is a high-cut headsail and is normally 100% (the clew only comes back as far as the mast). The two main advantages of this are that it may be used in heavier weather without ...

  10. Ketch sailing: Jib and jigger

    Carol and I are both admirers of the ketch rig. Some Yachting Monthly readers may have seen my article on the rig (Six reasons to sail a ketch, May 2014) so I won't repeat all I wrote then apart from briefly mentioning some of the basic advantages of ketches - their sail plan options, heavy weather versatility, ability to set a riding sail at anchor, use of the mizzen boom as an outboard ...

  11. Amel 64: A Bluewater Cruiser With Choices, Choices, Choices

    The 64 is a ketch-rigged production cruising sailboat , which is not a new concept for the builder. Amel has always subscribed to the notion that smaller sails are easier to manage. They have offered a split rig since the days of the first Mango and Maramu models. The usual genoa and mainsail are supplemented with a saytsail and mizzen.

  12. My thoughts on the Ketch rig

    As I understand it, the basic idea behind a Ketch rig is that the sail plan of the boat can be spread out over two, smaller, more-manageable sections, as opposed to a Sloop, a single-masted boat with one large mainsail. His belief was that this configuration would be easier for a short-handed crew, a cruising couple, to deal with.

  13. Sailboat Rig Types: Sloop, Cutter, Ketch, Yawl, Schooner, Cat

    Ketch Rigged Mikado 56. Ketch The ketch rig is our first that has two masts. The main is usually stepped in location of a sloop rig, and some manufactures have used the same deck mold for both rig types. The mizzen, as the slightly shorter and further aft spar is called, makes the resulting sail plan incredibly flexible.

  14. Ketch sailboats

    Ketch sailboats are rigged with two masts, typically of unequal height. The taller mast, further aft, is called the mainmast, while the shorter mast, nearer the bow, is called the mizzenmast. The sails on the mainmast are larger than those on the mizzenmast. The ketch rig provides good sailing performance because it balances the sails and ...

  15. Ketch Rigged Sailboats Boats for sale

    1978 gulfstar gulfstar 50 mk ii cutter rigged ketch the gulfstar 50 mark ii is ketch rigged, 963 sq ft sail plan, this one is the 3 cabin, three head layout. large master aft with ensuite head and stall shower, plenty of storage, forward v-berth conects with vacu-flush head with shower. mid ships cabin with over/under on starboard with ensuite ...

  16. CRUISING SAILBOAT RIGS: Ketches, Yawls, and Schooners

    Mizzens on yawls also tend be rather short. On a ketch the mizzen is forward of the rudder and is usually significantly taller. In a classic schooner rig, the taller mainmast is aft and the shorter foremast is forward. On some schooners, however, the masts may be the same height. For many years it was axiomatic that a split rig must be best for ...

  17. Pros and cons of cutter-rigged ketch?

    A ketch by design gives a variety of sail options for a broad range of wind conditions. My Allied Princess II (deeper keel & Bow Sprite) is fitted with a removable 100% inner fore-stay. It has a large pelican-hook to connect under tension. This has proven to be useful in higher wind ranges.

  18. Ketch Sailing for Beginners

    Boat: Hermann Lazyjack 32 schooner. Posts: 70. Re: Ketch sailing for beginners. As you suggest, the mizzen tends to push the stern downwind, with the result that the bow is pushed up into the wind. Try easing the mizzen. The "balance" you are looking for is to balance the tendency of the jib/genoa to push the bow off the wind, with the mizzen ...

  19. Used Hamilton 40ft Gaff Rigged Ketch Stunning Classic ...

    Superbly built and maintained, this stunning traditional Gaff Rigged Ketch is something very special. Built in 1949 in the Marietta Cove Boat Yard in Nova Scotia, the vessel was designed by E. H. Hamilton on the lines of a traditional trading ketch, to be a pleasure vessel for its original owner.

  20. Ketch vs. Cutter

    I would like to hear some discussion about the advantages or disadvantages of a ketch rig on a modern cruising boat. I''m thinking in terms of a 42 to 44'' boat handled by a couple. Traditionaly a ketch was thought to offer more options of sail combination and smaller easier to handle sails.

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