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2024 Boat of the Year: Best Cruising Catamaran Over 50 Feet

  • By Herb McCormick
  • December 15, 2023

It was perhaps fitting that Fountaine-Pajot and Lagoon Catamarans—two longtime pillars in the production catamaran community—came head-to-head for the title of best cruising cat over 50 feet for 2024. Talk about symmetry: Both boats measure in at about 51 feet. A nearly exact price point of just around $1.6 million. Each is produced by one of the pioneering French multihull builders that’s been at the game for decades. In some ways, this matchup was not unlike a heavyweight boxing bout between Ali and Frazier, or a good old-fashioned feud like the Hatfields and McCoys. It was a duel that the judges relished and dreaded because the competition would undoubtedly be close—but there could be only one champ. 

Winner: Fountaine-Pajot Aura 51

During deliberations, judge Mark Pillsbury summarized the overall layout of the Aura 51, a viewpoint shared by his fellow panelists: “A length overall of 51 feet is enough space to give designers options when it comes to how a cruising cat is laid out, and Fountaine-Pajot takes advantage of this by offering a variety of layouts, with up to six cabins in charter mode. The boat we sailed in Annapolis had what they term a ‘double Maestro layout,’ i.e., a master cabin aft in each hull, with guest quarters forward. It would be a boat that two owners might share, sailing separately or together occasionally. I really liked their decision to locate the helm station on the Aura partway between the cockpit and the flybridge, which they called the sky lounge. That way, the skipper stays in contact with guests below and above, and has good visibility astern when docking. I also like the separation between the steering seat and the three winches on the cabin top. Shorthanded, the autopilot can be engaged when the skipper steps forward to trim sails, and with crew, the trimmer has room to work and the skipper room to steer. We had light wind the day we sailed, only about 5 to 8 knots, and the Aura made 4 knots closehauled—a good run for a big, well-stocked cruising cat.

Judge Herb McCormick weighed in: “I really thought that this category was a toss-up. Both boats will be sold to private owners and will also be set up for the charter trade. At the end of the day, what leaned me toward the Aura was that helmsman’s arrangement, centered between the cockpit and the top deck. I loved that big flybridge on the Lagoon, which will be a great space especially on charter, but this is the best ‘cruising’ cat, not best ‘charter’ cat, and that one feature I believe is better-suited to real cruising.”

Runner-up: Lagoon Catamarans 51

The French boatbuilding industry is to be applauded for its forward-thinking approach to sustainable building practices and exploring next-generation powering and propulsion systems. Judge Tim Murphy focused in on Lagoon’s approach: “This is largest Lagoon fully intended for owner-operators. Beginning with 55, the next size up in the range, a professional captain is expected to be involved. Lagoon produces 275 boats per year. From this year’s Boat of the Year fleet, Lagoon is at the forefront of carbon-positive materials: 35 percent biomaterial in the polyester resin (compared with 14 percent last year), with hemp fibers employed instead of glass in some of the smaller molded parts. The production plant is certified ISO 9001, 40001, 50001, which is notable for the commitment to sustainable manufacturing.” 

Unlike McCormick, judge Mark Pillsbury liked the Lagoon’s helm station just fine. He said: “The 51 is a big boat, but the layout of the helm station on the flybridge makes the boat simple to operate with a shorthanded crew. All sail controls are led to three winches on the cabin top, and there is a Harken electric sidewinder winch adjacent to the wheel to control the traveler. And for a large cruising cat, I thought that the 51 sailed well. The steering was very smooth. In 8 to 12 knots of breeze, we saw boatspeeds in the high 6s and 7s depending on our point of sail. The view from the helm was tremendous.”

  • More: 2024 Boat of the Year , Fountaine Pajot , Lagoon Catamarans , Print January 2024
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Meet the Wauquiez 55

For sale: antigua 60 custom, for sale: morris m36, outsail prepares for european debut, setting course for a more sustainable future, how to de-winterize your diesel engine, 78 new yachts join the moorings and sunsail.

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Black Pearl Catamaran

Exploring the World’s 11 Largest Sailing Catamarans: Rankings and Key Facts

Table of Contents

Discover the top 11 largest sailing catamarans in the world, including rankings and key information about their size and capabilities. Learn about the feasibility of solo sailing, transatlantic crossings, and the risks of capsizing. Plus, explore reasons why catamarans may not be as popular as other types of vessels.”

Introduction: 11 largest sailing catamarans

This article explores the world of the largest sailing catamarans, ranking the top 11 largest vessels by size and providing key information about their capabilities. Before delving into the specifics, it’s important to understand what a catamaran is and why it’s such a popular type of vessel. A catamaran is a multihull boat that has two parallel hulls of equal size. This design provides numerous advantages, including increased speed, stability, and spaciousness compared to monohull boats. Catamarans are popular among sailors for their efficiency and comfort, making them an appealing option for cruising and racing alike.

Top 11 Largest Sailing Catamarans in the World:

The world’s largest sailing catamarans are truly awe-inspiring feats of engineering and design. Topping the list is the Black Pearl, a massive 106.7-meter vessel that boasts cutting-edge technology and luxury amenities. Other impressive entries on the list include the White Rabbit, the Hemisphere, and the Fujin. Each of these vessels represents the pinnacle of catamaran design and engineering, with unique features and capabilities that set them apart from the rest. Whether you’re interested in the latest in high-tech sailing or simply appreciate the beauty of these majestic vessels, the world’s largest sailing catamarans are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Can a Catamaran Cross the Atlantic?

Crossing the Atlantic in a catamaran is a major undertaking that requires careful planning and preparation. While it’s certainly possible to make the journey in a catamaran, there are several factors to consider before embarking on such a voyage. Catamarans have certain advantages over monohull boats for long-distance cruising, including greater speed and stability, as well as more living space. However, they also have some disadvantages, such as a higher center of gravity and a wider beam, which can make them more susceptible to rolling in rough seas. Ultimately, the decision to cross the Atlantic in a catamaran should be made based on careful consideration of these factors, as well as personal experience and skill level.

How Big of a Catamaran Can One Person Sail?

The size of a catamaran that one person can sail depends on several factors, including the individual’s experience level and the complexity of the vessel. In general, smaller catamarans with simpler rigging systems are easier for one person to handle, while larger catamarans with more complex systems require a crew. The key to successful single-handed sailing in a catamaran is having a thorough understanding of the vessel’s systems and being able to anticipate and respond to changing conditions quickly and effectively. With the right training and experience, however, it’s possible to sail a catamaran solo even up to a length of around 40-50 feet.

Do Large Catamarans Capsize?

While it’s true that catamarans have a reputation for being stable and safe, there is still a risk of capsizing, particularly with larger vessels. The risk of capsize depends on several factors, including the design and construction of the vessel, the conditions it’s operating in, and the skill of the crew. Generally speaking, catamarans are more stable than monohulls, thanks to their wide beam and low center of gravity. However, this stability can be compromised in extreme conditions, such as heavy seas or high winds. In order to minimize the risk of capsizing, it’s important to ensure that the vessel is well-maintained and that the crew has the appropriate level of training and experience.

Why Are Catamarans Not Popular?

There are several reasons why catamarans are not as popular as some other types of vessels, especially in certain regions of the world. One of the primary reasons is their high initial cost. Compared to monohull boats of the same length, catamarans are generally more expensive due to their larger size, greater stability, and more complex systems. This can make them less accessible for many people who are interested in sailing.

Another reason why catamarans are not as popular is that they require specialized skills and knowledge to operate. Catamarans have different handling characteristics than monohull boats, and they require a different approach to sailing. This means that sailors who are used to operating monohulls may find it difficult to adapt to catamarans, which can make them less appealing.

Finally, there are some misconceptions about catamarans that have contributed to their relative lack of popularity. For example, some people believe that catamarans are less seaworthy than monohull boats, or that they are less comfortable in heavy seas. However, in reality, catamarans can be just as seaworthy and comfortable as monohulls, and they offer a number of advantages in terms of speed, stability, and spaciousness. Ultimately, the decision to sail a catamaran or a monohull boat comes down to personal preference, experience, and the specific requirements of the sailing journey.

11 Largest Sailing Catamarans

  • Black Pearl – 106.7 meters
  • White Rabbit – 84 meters
  • Hemisphere – 44.2 meters
  • Fujin – 42.5 meters
  • Douce France – 42.2 meters
  • Hodor – 41.9 meters
  • Galaxy of Happiness – 40.8 meters
  • Lir – 39.6 meters
  • Rapture – 34.1 meters
  • WindQuest – 33.8 meters
  • Alithia – 33.7 meters

It’s worth noting that these rankings can change over time as new, larger catamarans are built.

  • Black Pearl – This sailing yacht is the largest in the world with a length of 106.7 meters. It features a unique design with three masts and a stunning black hull. Black Pearl is a luxurious vessel with a maximum speed of 30 knots and accommodations for up to 12 guests and 18 crew members.
  • White Rabbit – With a length of 84 meters, White Rabbit is the second largest sailing catamaran in the world. This impressive yacht boasts an innovative design and advanced technology, including a hybrid propulsion system that allows for quiet and efficient sailing. White Rabbit can accommodate up to 10 guests in five luxurious cabins.
  • Hemisphere – The Hemisphere is a 44.2-meter sailing catamaran that was launched in 2011. This stunning yacht has won multiple awards for its impressive design and luxurious features, including spacious interior and exterior living areas. Hemisphere can accommodate up to 12 guests in six cabins.
  • Fujin – Fujin is a 42.5-meter sailing catamaran that was built in 2016. This high-performance yacht features a sleek design and can reach speeds of up to 20 knots. Fujin can accommodate up to 8 guests in four cabins and has a crew of 7.
  • Douce France – Douce France is a 42.2-meter sailing catamaran that was launched in 1998. This elegant yacht has a classic design and has been recently refitted to include modern amenities and technology. Douce France can accommodate up to 12 guests in six cabins.
  • Hodor – With a length of 41.9 meters, Hodor is a luxurious sailing catamaran that was launched in 2019. This impressive yacht features a modern design and advanced technology, including a carbon fiber mast and a hydraulic lifting platform. Hodor can accommodate up to 10 guests in five cabins.
  • Galaxy of Happiness – Galaxy of Happiness is a 40.8-meter sailing catamaran that was built in 2020. This stunning yacht features a sleek design and advanced technology, including a hybrid propulsion system. Galaxy of Happiness can accommodate up to 12 guests in six cabins.
  • Lir – Lir is a 39.6-meter sailing catamaran that was launched in 2014. This luxurious yacht features a classic design and modern amenities, including a Jacuzzi and a gym. Lir can accommodate up to 10 guests in five cabins.
  • Rapture – Rapture is a 34.1-meter sailing catamaran that was launched in 2007. This elegant yacht features a classic design and luxurious accommodations, including a spacious master suite and four guest cabins. Rapture can accommodate up to 8 guests and has a crew of 5.
  • WindQuest – With a length of 33.8 meters, WindQuest is a high-performance sailing catamaran that was built in 2014. This sleek yacht features a carbon fiber mast and can reach speeds of up to 24 knots. WindQuest can accommodate up to 8 guests in four cabins and has a crew of 4.
  • Alithia – Alithia is a 33.7-meter sailing catamaran that was launched in 2002. This elegant yacht features a classic design and luxurious accommodations, including a spacious salon and dining area. Alithia can accommodate up to 8 guests in four cabins and has a crew of 4.

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BIG Catamarans In The Mainstream

Sailing catamarans in the above-50ft range are a rare commodity on the global market and are more often custom designs for a particular owner.

Lagoon, Catana, and Fountaine Pajot have each tested the waters in this market and have had varying degrees of success. We have seen first-hand how the market is reacting to these large cats, because we have sold many of them including two of the new Lagoon Seventy7 so far!

Catana’s 70-ft cat, the FP Ipanema 58, and Lagoon’s 620 have all been well received by our clients and are generally very successful catamarans. However, Lagoon has topped this market in 2016 with their latest offering, the Lagoon Seventy7.

The Seventy7 is built by sailing superyacht experts CNB-Lagoon in Bordeaux and designed by the illustrious design team, VPLP, Patrick Le Quément and Nauta Design. No doubt it’s an luxurious super-catamaran but even so, it has elegant and graceful lines and appears to sail well even in a gentle breeze.

Check out the walk-through video of the Lagoon Seventy7

The Lagoon Seventy7 will make its U.S debut at the Miami Boat Show on February 16-20, 2017!

  • Lagoon Seventy7 Pictures & Specifications>>

Buying A BIG Catamaran? Get Your Personal Representation!

Choose your yacht broker wisely. After a house, the purchase of a large sailing catamaran is probably one of the biggest investments a boat buyer will make in their lifetime. So it makes sense to ensure that they have the very best representation. Brokers come free to the buyer, so find a knowledgeable yacht broker who knows the product, understands the industry, and can advise on ALL components of the transaction.

Catamaran buying and boat ownership should be a pleasure, not a nightmarish experience. Your yacht broker should be able to consult, advise, and educate you, not pressure you to buy.

You should feel like a valued client and insist on superior service!

We would enjoy the opportunity to talk with you about catamarans and catamaran buying.  Contact Us

More Resources For Large Catamaran Buyers

Yacht As A Business Ownership Program. Read More>>

Crewed Catamaran Charter Programs. Read More>>

Large Catamarans: How To Own & Operate Them. Read More>>

Estelle Cockcroft

Join our community.

Get the latest on catamaran news, sailing events, buying and selling tips, community happenings, webinars & seminars, and much more!

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catamaran big boats

10 Best Catamarans for 2023

catamaran big boats

Table of Contents

Catamarans have taken the boating world by storm, becoming the fastest-growing segment, with both sail and power cats dominating the market. Some of the best catamarans have been launched in the past 12 months! Let us introduce you to five power catamarans and five sail multihulls, and then let us get you on the water with one! Here are the ten best catamarans for 2023 :

  • World Cat 260 CCX 
  • Four Winns TH36 
  • Leopard 40 PC 
  • Aquila 42 PC 
  • HammerCat 45 
  • Fountaine Pajot Tanna 47 
  • Bali 4.4 

Balance 442

  • Minicat 310 

Find the market’s hottest catamarans for half-day and full-day rent 

Power Catamarans:

World cat 260 ccx.


Image Source: https://worldcat.com/models/260cc-x/

The sixth model in the builder’s center console line , the World Cat 260 CCX , is compact but packed with features, including a wraparound U-lounge for relaxing or casting, a 30-gallon live well, a 120-quart insulated fish box and twin 200-hp outboards that draw on 180 gallons of fuel. This is a small but serious fishing machine.

Four Winns TH36

Four Winns TH36

image source: https://www.fourwinns.com/new-era

The new Four Winns TH36 is the first outboard-powered catamaran introduced by the builder. The dual console design has a walkthrough windshield and room for 15 or more guests. Power is provided by twin 300-hp outboards upgradeable to 350s, making this runabout speedy and fun.

Leopard 40 PC

Leopard 40 PC

Joining her 46- and 53-foot siblings, the new Leopard 40 PC is a couple’s cruiser with many of the same features as the two larger models but on a much smaller (and for some, more approachable) platform. Engine packages range from 250 hp to 370 hp, and a top speed of 20 knots is expected.

Aquila 42 PC

Aquila 42 PC

Image Source: https://www.aquilaboats.com/news/42-yacht

The new 42 falls in the middle of the Aquila range and offers two staterooms, multiple sunbeds, a utility cabin , and numerous layout configuration options. She has engines from Volvo Penta and a spacious flybridge with steps that lead directly down to the foredeck for easy maneuvering.

HammerCat 45

HammerCat 45

Image Source: https://www.multihulls-world.com/news-catamaran-trimaran/hammercat-45-an-almost-unlimited-program

The new HammerCat 45 is versatile and can work as a sportfish platform, a dive boat, a day cruiser, or a superyacht tender. This center console has a hardtop and a Carolina bow and is built in epoxy and carbon fiber to keep weight down and performance up. Expect a 55- knot top end and a 30-knot cruise depending on the engine package selected. 

Sailing Catamarans:

Fountaine pajot tanna 47.

Fountaine Pajot Tanna 47

Image Source: https://www.catamarans-fountaine-pajot.com/en/sailing-catamarans/catamaran-tanna-47/

This French-built sailing cruiser has space in spades. The new FP Tanna 47 is based on (and shares a hull design with) her predecessor, the Saona 47, but clever tweaks have made this a whole new boat. The cabin house and deck have been revamped, the flybridge is 40% larger, the salon/ galley has gained storage options, and the helm is more ergonomic than before.

Bali 4.4

Video Source: bali-catamarans.com

Bali has captured the hearts of sailors who love lots of living space, large household-style appliances, and simplicity. Bali cats are unique for their combination salon/ cockpit layout, and the 4.4 joins her siblings in this groundbreaking design. With the touch of a button, a “garage door” lifts, connecting the indoors with the outdoors with minimum redundancy in living arrangements.

balance 442

Image Source: https://balancecatamarans.com/balance-442/

Fast and packed with proven cruising features, the Balance 442 is the little sister to last year’s 482. Perfectly sized for couples, this boat was designed for distance cruisers by distance cruisers. There’s even an option for a large solar array to make living at anchor easy and just about carbon neutral.

Lagoon 55

Image Source: https://www.cata-lagoon.com/en/55

French catamaran builder, Lagoon, has introduced a new VPLP-designed cruising cat that you can test in charter soon. The Lagoon 55 slots just above the newly introduced 51and are offered as a large and comfortable flybridge model with up to six cabins to accommodate an overnight crowd. 

Minicat 310

Minicat 310

Image Source: https://redbeardsailing.com/products/minicat-310

Not all cats are of the large, expensive fiberglass variety. An affordable multihull can be had in Europe’s Minicat 310 Sport, an inflatable beach cat weighing only 77 pounds and packing down into a single bag. This cat has sophisticated big boat features like roller furling, a fully battened mainsail, keels, and an attachment for a small outboard.

Find catamarans for rent— NEAR YOU

These models, representing some of the best catamaran brands on the market today, are pretty new, so there aren’t many out there yet, but if you get a chance to step aboard one, you won’t be disappointed. One way to potentially test one is via a peer-to-peer boat-sharing service like Boatsetter that pairs owners, who can offset boat ownership costs, with charters, who can enjoy luxury boats without the long-term commitment. 

Check out the hottest boats in the market at Boat Types , and scroll through Boat Guises to find your next boating destination . Keep your eyes peeled to catch one of these ten amazing catamarans on the water!

About Boatsetter 

Boatsetter is a unique boat-sharing platform that gives everyone — whether you own a boat or you’re just renting — the chance to experience life on the water. You can list a boat , book a boat , or make money as a captain . 

List. Rent. Earn— Only at Boatsetter


Zuzana Prochazka is an award-winning freelance journalist and photographer with regular contributions to more than a dozen sailing and powerboating magazines and online publications including Southern Boating, SEA, Latitudes & Attitudes and SAIL. She is SAIL magazines Charter Editor and the Executive Director of Boating Writers International. Zuzana serves as judge for SAIL’s Best Boats awards and for Europe’s Best of Boats in Berlin. 

A USCG 100 Ton Master, Zuzana founded and manages a flotilla charter organization called Zescapes that takes guests adventure sailing at destinations worldwide. 

Zuzana has lived in Europe, Africa and the United States and has traveled extensively in South America, the islands of the South Pacific and Mexico. 

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catamaran big boats

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Top Concerts and Festivals by the Water

9 Top Concerts and Festivals by the Water for 2022

catamaran big boats

Summer Vibes: Influencers on the Water with Boatsetter

Best Fort Myers Restaurants on the Water to Get to By Boat

Best Fort Myers Restaurants on the Water to Get to By Boat

catamaran big boats

17 Best Catamarans for Sailing Around the World

catamaran big boats

As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. We may also earn commissions if you purchase products from other retailers after clicking on a link from our site.

Catamarans are quickly outstripping single-hull boats for long-distance journeys. They are more stable and comfortable , and some can travel more than 200 miles in a day. In today’s article, I have put together a complete (well almost) list of some of the best catamarans for circumnavigating the planet; the question is, which one is best for you?

The best catamarans for sailing around the world include: 

  • The Fountaine Pajot Ipanema 58

These cats focus on speed, safety, and comfort for longer journeys. 

This article will show you the seventeen best catamarans for long journeys, and why they’re the best. You’ll also learn some great tips on what to look for in a Catamaran and how to save money by buying a used catamaran. Let this list be a jumping-off point for your future research!

Pro-tip; here are the actual costs of maintaining a cat and here are considerations on how to circumnavigate .

Table of Contents

The Best Catamarans for Sailing Around the World 

A catamaran is a double-hulled boat with a deck or cabin area in between (bluewater cat definition in this article ). The double hull design means that the boat rocks less, sits higher on the water, uses less fuel to sail, and can be sailed in shallower waters than a single-hulled boat without worrying about grounding. 

Catamarans come in a variety of sizes and can be sail-powered or motor-powered and range from single-person sailing boats to family-sized yachts. Every catamaran design is different, and the twin-hull shape offers many ways to customize the layout of a ship. 

Each boat on this list is a larger catamaran (+40ft, more on size here ), so if you’re going to sail around the world, you want lots of space for provisions and rest.

Of course, there are tons of technical specs for each of these boats, but I’m going to focus on the overall features of each of these catamarans, what makes them stand out, and why they would each be an excellent choice for a transatlantic journey. 

Antares 44i 

The Antares 44i is an excellent option for sailing around the world and was explicitly designed for long-distance cruising. It performs well in any weather conditions, can be sailed easily by two people, and you’ll be able to sail long distances and live in comfort. 

Although it can be easily sailed by a crew of two I believe that a true bluewater cat should be set up for single-handed sailing, more on that in another article .

This catamaran features a stateroom on each hull and a forward cabin with plenty of storage space. The living and entertainment features include a flatscreen tv and a high-end deck speaker system. 

With this model, Antares dedicates itself to high-quality boats with optimal rigging and engine configurations. 

Atlantic 42

Atlantic is no longer building this catamaran, but there are usually a few pre-owned boats on the market. You can also get it made custom if you love the design, but be prepared to spend more money on a custom boat (custom boat also gets custom problems ;)). 

The Atlantic 42 is slightly smaller than some of the other catamarans on this list but is a seaworthy vessel. 42 ft is what most sailors I interview ( in this article ) said was the smallest cat to safely cross big oceans. It is also a decent size to counter the risk of capsizing (more on that here ).

It has a forward cockpit and pilothouse, which gives the owner a better use of space and makes the boat easier to navigate. With single-handed capability, one person can sail it easily and let the rest of the crew relax. 

One of the best-praised aspects of the Atlantic 42 is its galley, more extensive than most 42-footers (12.8-meter) can offer. 

One of the few 50 footers (15.24 meters) that can be sailed by just one person (many would of course disagree on this).

The Catana 50 is a catamaran worthy of an overseas journey. Its size adds to its stability on the open waters and its ability to sail straight through the choppy ocean and windy conditions. 

The Catana is also incredibly spacious on the inside, with substantial cabins and showers. The biggest downside to the Catana 50 is its price, as it’s much more expensive than most of its competitors. 

Catana also holds up well against some of the fastest cruising cats out there, here’s a list of the fastest cruisers if you are interested in that.

However, if you can find a gently-used Catana 50, you can rest assured that this boat will last! 

The Dolphin 42 is unique because of the use of daggerboards instead of fixed keels. This upgrade means that the boat has some pretty decent upwind performance while at the same time being faster downwind.

Centerboards and daggerboards offer some interesting downsides compared to mini keels. This is an interesting discussion and I suggest you read another one of my articles if you want to deepen your knowledge a little.

These catamarans are some of the lightest on the market. Not many Dolphins were made, so they are relatively hard to find. However, if you want a small, lightweight boat capable of going great distances, the Dolphin 42 is an excellent choice. 

Fountaine Pajot Belize 43

The Fountaine Pajot Belize is another well-built cruising yacht. Its core is made of foam instead of balsa, which reduces the risk of structural damage due to a rotten core in case of water intrusion. 

The design of Belize offers many options for customizability, with large open spaces and a combined saloon, navigation, and dinette area. 

There are two styles of Belize catamarans for sleeping quarters. You can either purchase a boat with an entire primary suite on one hull or one with two cabins in each hull. The first option is great if you are sailing the world alone and not expecting many guests, as it increases the storage capacity. 

Understanding what factors to consider when getting a cat can be hard, there are just so many of them (such as the daggerboard discussion above), I have tried to compile some of the most important in this article .

The boat also has wraparound windows to increase the sense of space in the galley. 

Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40

Fountaine Pajot is one of the best sailboat manufacturers existing today, as their boats are well made and highly versatile. The Lucia 40 is no exception – it’s a smaller boat but has a lot of room for moving around and on-board living. 

The living area is remarkably spacious on this catamaran for its size. 

The galley and lounge easily accommodate 6+people. The Lucia 40 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to sailing either, as the narrow hulls slice through choppy waters with ease. 

Most catamarans today are built to withstand rough weather but that doesn’t matter as much if the crew isn’t up for the task, I firmly believe that the most important thing a boat should consist of, is knowledge. Therefore taking online courses ( two free here ) or reading books ( my favorites here ) is imperative.

Gemini 105M

Gemini’s boats have been on the market for years and are solidly built for cruising. This boat is one of the most popular ever made, I personally would consider something different for offshore cruising, but since it has such a good reputation, I felt I had to add it to the list.

If you want to understand why I am hesitant to take this boat around the world, I recommend you read my article: What are trampolines on a catamaran?

The Gunboat 62 is a great catamaran and set the standards for the rest of the impressive Gunboat lineup. It’s sleek and spacious while being robust and capable of transatlantic journeys. You can easily travel the world in a Gunboat 62 with several people and not feel cramped. 

The yacht was made for speed and power and remains one of the fastest catamarans on the market, even rivaling the newer Gunboat models.  GABO

Although the earlier models of the Gunboat 62 weren’t designed for a lot of cargo, you can still find space for everything you need without compromise. 

Lagoon catamarans are known for their reliability and ease of use. If you are considering a catamaran for the first time and are unsure about the technicalities of sailing, a Lagoon boat is a great option. 

The Lagoon 380 is probably the smallest cruiser on this list, which makes it better suited for solo or couple sailing.  

When I go looking to buy something, whether it be a boat, campervan, or whatever, I create a checklist and classify all the things I want either by NEED or NICE to have.

I believe the Lagoon 380 to be sub-optimal for my NEEDS, even though it does check a lot of NICE boxes, there’s a step-by-step article on the NEED and NICE method here .

There are several cabin options available on the Lagoon 380, but if you’re sailing by yourself, you can settle for three cabins and a larger galley and living space. With a smaller cockpit and broader side decks, the Lagoon 380 packs a lot of practicality and ease of sailing into a more compact catamaran. 

If you like the idea of a Lagoon boat but want a little more space, the Lagoon 42 is the upgraded version of the Lagoon 380. With all of the same benefits, it comes with more space for cabins or storage, making it one of the best-selling Lagoons of all time. 

The Lagoon 42 is also a faster cruiser built for strength. While it’s not the fastest on the market, it works well in choppy waters and windy conditions, making it great for the beginning sailor to go on a more extended trip. 

Many people have completed an around-the-world sail with this ship.

Although there is a flybridge version, I would recommend the “open” version due to several factors, some including increased windage and a higher boom. More on flybridges pros and cons here .

For stability, safety, and durability, you can’t beat the Lagoon 42. 

The Leopard 45 performs better with less storage weight because of the relatively low bridge deck clearance. If the boat is fully loaded, you could experience some wave pounding. However, the cockpit is open and airy, with devices that block the sun and provide maximum comfort while sailing. 

The Leopard 45 is an incredibly beautiful boat,   and has a strong reputation for excellent build quality!

Leopard catamarans are one of my personal favorites, as such I have written an entire article about the brand, so if you want to understand its pros and cons then here is the link . Gabo

Designed in South Africa, it features a high rear arch for extra support and very smoothly connected decks. The galley is large and open, and most Leopards offer a four-cabin plan. If you are traveling with another person, this boat is an excellent option for you! 

The Manta 42 is another classic catamaran that you can buy used (at a decent price), as it is an incredibly seaworthy vessel. While still in production, the Manta was one of the most popular catamarans on the market. 

It is still in high demand amongst circumnavigators. Buying a used Manta 42 usually means that you inherit some of the previous owner’s boat upgrades! 

The Manta 42 also made it to my list of the 9 safest catamarans on the market ( link ).

This blue water cat can be sailed by one or two people, making it ideal for liveaboard couples or long-distance shorthanded sailing. The galley is in the saloon ( instead of in one of the hulls ), making the cabins below more spacious and better equipped. 

Overall, the Manta is well equipped for sailing around the world. 

Nautitech 44

Nautitech is an excellent brand of the catamaran, with several different designs per boat. The Nautitech 44 has a unique feature, you can have it with two options for steering: twin wheels or a single wheel.

The Nautitech 44 also features a cockpit on the same level as the saloon. The door between the two is more convenient than a hatch and dramatically reduces the risk of water damage during rain pour. 

This is also the same boat that aeroyacht president Gregor owns, he has offered some great insights into Nautitech in the book Catamarans (amazon link )

Outremer 45

Outremer is famous for being one of the fastest brands of catamarans on the market. If you need speed, the Outremer 45 might be the perfect choice for you. It has a top speed of 16 knots, which is higher than almost every other catamaran of its class. 

While the Outremer 45 is known for speed, it doesn’t compromise on the quality of living. 

You can settle into life on this boat with complete peace of mind. Even as a beginning sailor, the steering is simple and easy to use, and the autopilot is top of the line, so you’ll be able to sail across the ocean in an Outremer without issue. 

Privilege Serie 5

A French-designed catamaran, the Privilege Serie 5 is one of the most comfortable 50-foot (15 m) yachts available. The unique cabin layout includes the master cabin in the boat’s center instead of in one of the hulls. 

The Privilege Serie 5 is also incredibly easy to sail, despite its larger size. 

The sails and controls lead to the helm, where the raised deck makes it easy to see all around the deck. If you want to cross the ocean with a full crew then the Privilege Serie 5 might be perfect for you! 

Seawind 1000

The Seawind 1000 is the smallest boat on this list, measuring 33 feet (10 meters) long altogether. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s not livable. If you are sailing on your own or with a partner, there is more than enough space to live in the Seawind 1000, which includes the option of a centered cabin or two hull cabins. 

Because it’s small, the Seawind 1000 is easy to handle. The mast and sails are all manufactured for extra stability and ease of use. 

Overall, the Seawind 1000 is an excellent example of a simple, safe, and seaworthy catamaran. 

Note: since this is a small catamaran it will also be more sensitive to heavy weather so trip-planning becomes even more important.

The Voyage 44 is one of the oldest cats on this list, having had its hay-day in the mid-1990s. However, this also means that a used Voyage 44 will be cheaper than a newer boat. If you can find a Voyage with previous responsible owners, you will inherit any upgrades and fixes that they’ve made on top of a very seaworthy boat. 

The Voyage 44 has more storage and space than most cruisers of its size and is known for behaving very well in choppy waters. 

This catamaran does its job well while providing adequate space for cooking, sleeping, and living aboard. 

What To Look For in a Long-Distance Cruising Catamaran

If you are planning to sail around the world, you need to be very careful about which kind of catamaran you decide to use. Many of the things you want in a boat really comes down to personal preference, so be sure you know what design preferences you want before you start shopping! 

Size and Payload

The most important thing to consider when buying a catamaran is how much space and cargo you need because the larger the boats are, the bigger the payload it can handle. Decide how long you want the ship to be and how much you’re taking with you. 

It’s vital not to overload a catamaran, this will reduce performance and increase risk of unwanted behavior in heavy seas.

Cabin Placement  

Most catamarans have options for a “Maestro” cabin placement, where one entire hull is the master suite, and the other cabins are located on the opposite hull.

Cockpit and Protection From The Weather

Is the cockpit on the boat you’re looking at covered or open? This can make a difference on the high seas, especially during rainy weather. 

The size of the ship also can affect how many people you need as a crew. If you’re traveling by yourself or with one other person, you don’t want to buy a boat that needs a larger crew. 

Buying Used? 

If you don’t want to spend the money on a brand new catamaran, I don’t blame you. Several of the ships on this list are out of production and can only be found used. However, for circumnavigation, you do want a boat of high quality to keep you safe and dry until you make it to your destination.  

When buying a suitably used catamaran, it’s essential to look at the refit history of the boat more than the year it was made. Catamarans are sturdy, and the general design has been the same for at least the past decade. 

If you find a newer, larger, cheaper boat, you should look into its history. 

Your best bet to save money while buying a catamaran will be to buy an older, probably smaller boat with an excellent refit history and no serious issues. It will still be an investment, and a sturdy used catamaran will serve you well. 

Final Thoughts

No matter which catamaran you decide to buy for your journey, you’ll be able to sail safely and comfortably. Catamarans are great yachts for long-distance sailing, and the ships on this list are the best of the best. These brands are time-tested and ready to accompany you on an adventure around the world! 

Here are Some of My Favorite Catamaran Cruising Resources

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you found it helpful as you hopefully start your sailing adventures. Here are some resources that I use as a sailor that I hope you’ll also find helpful. These are affiliate links, so if you do decide to use any of them, I’ll earn a commission. But in all honesty, these are the exact things that I use and recommend to everyone, even my own family. Sailboats: If you’re looking for the best boat to suit your needs, I would recommend a catamaran. If you’re interested, I can show you the differences between catamarans and other types of sailboats .

Books:  For getting started, I really like  Cruising catamarans made easy . It is actually a textbook from the American sailing association; it is used to get a cruising catamaran certification. There are some other great books, and I have compiled a list of books about cruising catamarans that you will find useful.

Communication:  Being out on adventures, whether it be sailing or climbing mountains, good communications are essential to being safe. I recommend two things Google fi (incredibly simple cellular data all over the world) and Garmin inreach mini (for text and voice in remote areas without cell coverage)

Sailing courses: Online sailing courses are great for beginners starting out their sailing career; it’s an efficient way of learning the basics of navigation, throttle controls, and maritime safety. I suggest starting with two free courses from NauticEd .

To see all my most up-to-date recommendations,  check out this resource  that I made for you!

  • Wikipedia: Catamaran
  • Cruising World: A-Z Best Cruising Catamarans 
  • Dreamy Yacht Sales: Four Best Catamarans for New Buyers
  • Atlantic Cruising: Good Cat/Bad Cat
  • Yachting World: Catamaran Sailing Across the Atlantic
  • Boat Affair: What is a Catamaran? 
  • Nautilus Sailing: Catamaran Sailing

Owner of CatamaranFreedom.com. A minimalist that has lived in a caravan in Sweden, 35ft Monohull in the Bahamas, and right now in his self-built Van. He just started the next adventure, to circumnavigate the world on a Catamaran!

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2023 Boat Buyers Guide: Catamarans

  • By Karl Anderson
  • December 27, 2022

Catamaran spinning circles

The popularity of the multihull (aka catamaran or cat) fishing boats has never been greater, as more and more boatbuilders enter this growing segment of the market. The inherent stability of the catamaran design rolls less with the seas, making fishing offshore less tiresome and more comfortable. Available from 20 to 48 feet, catamarans typically offer a large fishing platform with generous storage and fishing amenities. They are available in a wide variety of deck layouts, including center-consoles, dual-consoles, and even pilothouse and express variants.

Catamaran foredeck

Big Picture

The large deck area of a catamaran enables many large underdeck storage lockers and insulated fish boxes in the sponsons. This gives anglers ample room for gear and the day’s catch. The catamaran’s stability, fishability, and smooth ride in rough seas make it attractive to anglers as well as day-cruisers. A center-console version adds 360 degrees of angler access to the rail. With the dual-console design, generous seating behind a beam-to-beam windshield makes for a great family fishing-friendly setup.

Live bait is one of the most popular types of fishing in virtually every coastal zone. To do it successfully requires optimal water capacity and proper flow. The minimum size of the outflow water plumbing should be twice the size of the inflow. The plumbing should have a drain at the bottom to shed scales at the end of the day, as well as a drain at the top of the well to adjust capacity and allow overflow. Above-deck transom-mounted wells should fully flood to the lids when running to keep baits from getting beat up. 

Tip: A sump box with multiple pumps in case a pump fails is the best setup for first-rate livewells. Conveniently located inflow and outflow valves make it easy to optimize the flow without tiring your bait from swimming too much in the well. 

Catamaran helm

Rod Storage

Having enough rod holders is essential to be successful for opportunity fishing. Look for vertical rod storage along the console and across the back of the T-top. Many models also have rod holders along the outboard transom wall. Having plenty of gunwale rod holders for drift- and kite-fishing is helpful. 

Tip: Placing adjustable swivel rod holders by Gemlux makes deep-dropping, lure-fishing and drifting even easier because they allow your rods to face the direction the baits are fishing, yet they can be swiveled back to keep rods from sticking out of the boat while running and docking. 

Manufacturers often offer multiple choices for horsepower, but whatever the choice, the engines must come in pairs. For example, you might order twin outboards (one for each sponson) or four outboards (two for each sponson), but single- or triple-outboard configurations are not common on a cat. Optimal selection should be made based on user load, weight of the boat, ride comfort , performance desires, and best case for resale. It’s a rare day when you can run wide open, but having more horsepower gives better torque at slower speeds and thus better control. Running larger engines slower gives better fuel efficiency too.

Tip: When possible, choose the highest horsepower offered because it typically leads to a better resale value with a shorter sales cycle. 

Power steering from engine manufacturer Optimus or SeaStar is essential with the higher horsepower required for larger boats, and it makes installing and operating the upper station in a tower far more practical and comfortable.

With the power demands of electronics, livewell pumps, stereo amps and more, it is wise to have at least two house batteries, and for larger boats, a third or fourth with a multibank charger for dockside. Each engine should have its own dedicated battery as well. 


Typically choosing the largest screen or multiple screens that will fit on the console is best-case scenario for ease of use, ergonomics, and visibility. VHF radios, stereo controller, and equipment switches for lighting, pumps, and accessories should all be integrated with greatest visibility and ease of operator reach. 

Catamaran illustration

A Tale of Two Hulls 

A catamaran rides on pair of hulls, or sponsons, each thinner and sharper than  that of a similarly sized monohull boat. The narrow sponsons of the cat tend to slice easily through water to deliver a smooth ride, even in rough seas. At the same time, with the sponsons positioned out to the sides of the boat, cats tend to roll less, thus providing great stability to enhance crew comfort, security and safety. However, cats tend to corner more flatly than a monohull, and some hulls (but not all) tend to lean outward versus inward during a turn.

Catamaran running

Experts Say

Newer designs such as Invincible’s Morelli and Melvin-designed semi-asymmetrical sponsons eliminate some of the negatives of the cat design, such as “sneezing,” where water sprays out the front of the boat when hitting a wave. They’ve also controlled the uncomfortable “outboard lean” ­sensation common in older designs when in a turn. Once transitioned to a ­catamaran, many become true believers and preach the benefits of the design.

Editor Says: Saltwater fishing cats not only offer superb stability and smooth ride, but some also display exceptional speed and range. I recall one trip out of Key West, Florida, aboard an Invincible 40 Cat with four 350 hp outboards to the Dry Tortugas. It was a 60-mile run, and we made it there in 70 minutes. We caught more fish than our arms could bear, and then dashed back to Key West, arriving in time for cocktail hour on the same day. -Jim Hendricks, Staff Editor, Boating and Fishing Group

  • More: 2023 Boat Buyers Guide: More Resources , Boats

World Cat 400CC-X running

World Cat 400CC-X

Pursuit S 378 Sport Center Console

Price Boat or Premium Boat?

Southport 30 FE running

Southport 30 FE

Sailfish 226 DC fishing

Sailfish 226 DC

Pursuit S 378 Sport Center Console

Protect the Blue: Faces of Conservation in the Florida Keys – Lower Keys

Southport 30 FE running

Protect the Blue: Faces of Conservation in the Florida Keys – Key Largo

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Best Liveaboard Catamaran Sailboats

Best Liveaboard Catamaran Sailboats | Life of Sailing

Last Updated by

Daniel Wade

December 28, 2023

Catamarans are an excellent choice for living on the water. Modern catamarans are more spacious than monohulls and provide all the comforts of home.

In this article, we'll cover five of the best liveaboard catamarans available on the new and used market today. We'll also cover how to choose the best and most comfortable catamaran to live aboard.

The best liveaboard catamarans are the Manta 42, the Nautitech 44, the Voyage 44, the Privilege 435, the Elba 35, and the Lagoon 380. These vessels are seaworthy, comfortable, and ideal for long-term living.

We sourced the technical specifications of these vessels from maritime records and directly from sailboat manufacturers. We also considered the opinions of sailors who live aboard these vessels and others.

Table of contents

Living on a Catamaran

Living on a catamaran has both advantages and disadvantages when compared to living on a monohull sailboat. That said, most of the challenges of living aboard a catamaran are mitigated on larger and higher-quality vessels.

Catamarans feature two hulls placed side-by-side and connected by a deck. As a result, the cabins are split between the two hulls, and you may have to go outside to get to the other cabin. Thankfully, most modern cruising catamarans have a center cockpit that connects the two hulls and often features living spaces.

Some vessels have facilities (such as the galley and table) in one cabin and sleeping areas in the other. However, some catamarans have sleeping and cooking facilities in both hulls. The configuration you choose depends on how many people attended live aboard and what layout you prefer.

Catamarans offer superior stability and motion comfort, which is a big advantage when living aboard. Overall, conditions under sail and in the harbor are likely much better aboard a properly-proportioned catamaran.

How to Choose a Liveaboard Catamaran

What qualities make a catamaran ideal for living aboard, and how do you choose the best boat? Attributes such as size and interior layout are the most important, but others such as fit and finish and seakeeping abilities should also be considered.

The best liveaboard catamarans range in size between 30 and 50 feet, width 40 feet being the comfortable average. In general, vessels smaller than 30 feet simply lack the space to include a practical interior layout.

Interior Layout

Interior layout is largely a matter of personal opinion. The most popular liveaboard catamaran features a spacious center cockpit with access to both hulls. Master bedrooms are often found in the stern and the bow of each hull, with heads in between and a galley in the center cockpit. Some catamarans feature one or more additional settees, along with storage in all areas.

Tech and Convenience

The majority of monohull sailboats were produced between the 1960s in the 1980s. This isn't the case for catamarans, as their popularity is more recent. As a result, you're likely to find considerably more modern amenities aboard. Everything from autopilot systems to bathtubs are available aboard newer catamarans.

How Much does a Liveaboard Catamaran Cost?

Catamaran prices vary widely based on age, length, and overall quality. Older vessels cost anywhere between $30,000 and $100,000. Newer and more comfortable liveaboard catamarans generally start above the $100,000 mark and extend up to $500,000 or more.

Best Catamarans to Live On

We chose the following six liveaboard catamarans based on size, interior amenities, handling, and price. These vessels are popular amongst liveaboard sailors and make exceptionally comfortable floating homes both in port and at sea.

1. Manta 42


The first vessel on our list is an exceptional cruising catamaran that's also a comfortable place to live. The Manta 42 can be found on the used market, and it features great handling and a spacious cabin.

Unlike most catamarans, which are built overseas, the Manta 42 was produced entirely in the United States. The Florida-based company produced these vessels in the 1990s and 2000s, and they proved extremely popular with offshore cruisers.

The Manta 42 is known for its stability, hull strength, and speed. However, its cabin layout is also smart and livable. Most Manta 42s feature an asymmetrical cabin layout. The cabin has two heads located in convenient places; one on the port side across from a master berth and one on the starboard side, which is easily accessible from the cockpit. It features three berthing areas and one large sitting area, with seating and storage throughout.

The Manta 42 also has exceptional storage capacity. The vessel stores 125 gallons of fuel and a whopping 100 gallons of freshwater. It also has generous gray and black water tanks to service both heads and the galley sinks.

Overall, the Manta 42 is an excellent choice for cruising liveaboards. It's a fast, nimble, and safe vessel with ample headroom and space throughout the cabin.

Quick Facts:

  • 42-foot overall length
  • Large master cabins
  • Built for long-term living and cruising
  • High storage capacity for fuel and water
  • High hull strength
  • American-built
  • Production ceased in the 2000s, so equipment may not be up-to-date

2. Nautitech 44


The Nautitech 44 is the obvious choice for the number two spot on our list. This well-known cruising catamaran has a unique Center cockpit design which makes it stylish and functional.

The futuristic cockpit of the Nautitech 44 allows the crew to enjoy ample ventilation even in wet conditions. This makes it ideal for living abroad in tropical climates where rain and heat often accompany each other.

Nautitech, which is a French company, continues to produce this model due to its popularity and excellent seakeeping abilities. Prices almost always exceed $100,000, both new and used, making it one of the costlier models on the list. For the price, you get a fine interior fit and finish along with the latest comforts and conveniences.

The Nautitech 44 is available in several cabin layouts. The most popular configuration features an expansive center cockpit with below-deck living spaces, along with three berthing areas and a galley. Additionally, most of these vessels feature a large master head and several smaller heads in each of the hulls. Access to each hull through the center cockpit is easy, and the headroom is excellent.

The Nautitech 44 is a fast boat, and it's great for offshore cruising. However, hull width was sacrificed for speed and handling. This means that the hulls are slightly narrower than some of the competition. That said, it doesn't seem to bother most Nautitech owners.

  • 44-foot overall length
  • Large center cabin
  • All-weather control cockpit
  • Great ventilation
  • Ample room in the hulls
  • Wide hallways
  • Spacious heads
  • Excellent seakeeping abilities
  • Expensive on the used market
  • No open cockpit

3. Voyage 44


Here's a popular and spacious catamaran with some unique characteristics that make it ideal for living aboard. The Voyage 44 is a wide and stable multihull sailboat with a large center cockpit and an attractive interior layout.

The cabin of the Voyage 44 is modern and airy, taking advantage of light colors and thoughtfully designed furniture to make the most out of limited space. This is conducive to a pleasant living environment that's also easy to clean. The center cockpit also features a large, full galley.

The center cockpit stands out, as the voyage 44s exceptionally wide beam gives it plenty of room for tables, sitting areas, and other amenities. The windows let in plenty of light, in the cabin is completely weatherproof.

Below decks, the Voyage 44 features up to six separate heads and several sleeping areas. The master head, located in the bow, is one of the largest available on sailboats of this size range. The vessel features up to eight individuals sleeping areas, which is remarkable for a 44-foot boat.

The Voyage 44 is an excellent liveaboard catamaran due to its wide beam and extremely spacious living accommodations. Out of all the boats on this list, the Voyage 44 is likely the best value overall as it's relatively affordable. The Voyage 44 may be the perfect long-term liveaboard catamaran under 50 feet in length.

  • Unusually wide beam
  • Full master head with two showers
  • Very high speeds
  • Sturdy construction
  • Very large center cabin
  • Eight sleeping areas
  • May be too wide for some marina slips

4. Privilege 435


The Alliaura Marine Privilege 435 is a simple and elegant catamaran with a comfortable interior, smart design, ingrate offshore handling characteristics. This speedy vessel is constructed with some of the finest materials available, and the overall fit and finish are excellent. Behind the center cabin, the Privilege 435 features a strong fiberglass canopy to protect the crew from spray and son.

The majority of Privilege 435s on the market were built recently, so you can expect the latest navigation and safety equipment. Additionally, the vessel is efficient and includes amenities such as multiple heads, modern utilities, and easy access to the hulls through the center cabin.

The vessel features four separate bedrooms and enough bathrooms and showers for each person (or couple). The center Cabin is wide and features comfortable seating areas, along with a full galley with a stove and a fridge. Stepping inside the Privilege 435 is like stepping inside of a vacation house, and it feels purpose-built for long-term living.

The vessel is available in relatively high numbers, though its popularity means you're likely to pay top dollar. On the used market, the vessel sells for between $250,000 to $350,000 on average. This puts it on the upper edge of our price range. But for the price, you got a long-lasting and desirable catamaran that's ready to live aboard almost immediately.

The Privilege 435 is ideal for cruising liveaboards with families or sailors who need space for guests. The interior is very comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. It has several great spaces for entertaining multiple people. On short-to-medium voyages, the Privilege 435 should be adequate for up to eight or more adults.

  • 43-foot overall length
  • Full-size berthing areas
  • Large center galley and sitting area
  • Spacious interior
  • Large showers
  • Great offshore handling
  • Expensive, even on the used market


The Fountain Pajot Elba 45 is a modern and luxurious cruising catamaran with a high freeboard and all the living amenities you'd expect. It's a high-caliber vessel that sails as good as it looks, and it's still produced by the original manufacturer in Europe.

The Elba 45 has one of the largest center cabins of any catamaran in its size range. It features a large settee, a full galley, and access to both hulls. The cabin layout is flexible, and you can order one of several different designs. One of the most popular is the classic 'mirror' layout, where each hull has two master berthing areas, a V-berth in the bow, and two separate heads.

However, other versions are available with attached bathing facilities and additional room for storage, cooking, and other activities. One of the unique features of the Elba 45 is the addition of a V-berth bow. This berth connects directly to the master Beds, which makes for a unique but flexible sleeping arrangement.

If purchased new, the Elba 45 will set you back around $430,000 to $450,000. For the price, you get the latest technology and the finest interior and exterior materials. This is important in the long run as the best liveaboard catamarans should be built to last.

The fit and finish of this vessel are ideal for those looking for a luxurious living environment. Its accommodations are closer to that of a luxury yacht than a sailboat. As a result, the Elba 45 is a great place to live long-term and entertain guests.

  • 45-foot overall length
  • Multiple layouts available
  • Luxury fit-and-finish
  • Four cabins
  • Six full-size berths
  • Luxurious amenities
  • Additional V-berths in bow
  • Highest build quality
  • Upper end of the price range

6. Lagoon 380


The majority of suitable liveaboard catamarans are over 40 feet in length. This is because it's difficult to fit comfortable accommodations in a smaller vessel. However, the Lagoon 380 is a notable exception. This 39-foot catamaran is one of the most comfortable vessels in its class, and it features a spacious interior and excellent design.

The Lagoon 380 is a newer vessel that features modern conveniences and adheres to high safety standards. Modern manufacturing techniques make this vessel stronger and easier to maintain than its older counterparts. Additionally, owners praise its sailing characteristics in both rough and calm weather.

The spacious center cabin features a full galley and sitting area with a notably wide walking room in between. It also boasts excellent visibility, which also increases the amount of natural light in the living areas. Additionally, the center cabin features easy access to the hulls, and the mirror layout provides comfortable accommodations for eight adults.

The interior space aboard the Lagoon 380 is almost indistinguishable from catamarans between 44 and 50 feet in length. The primary difference is that, instead of the traditional two heads per hull, the Lagoon 380 only features one. That said, the heads include a large shower and plenty of room to move around.

The Lagoon 380 is the perfect solution for sailors looking for big boat accommodations in a small package. Due to its shorter length, the Lagoon 380 avoids additional fees for docking and servicing vessels over 40 feet overall.

  • 39-foot overall length
  • Full galley
  • Under 40 feet in length
  • High construction quality
  • Customizable options
  • Great handling
  • Fewer bathrooms than some similar vessels

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How Big Is A Catamaran? (Here’s What You Need To Know)

catamaran big boats

Catamarans are rapidly growing in popularity as a recreational boat option, but many people don’t know what size catamaran to buy.

Whether you’re considering purchasing a catamaran for the first time or you’re a seasoned sailor looking to upgrade your boat, understanding catamaran size is essential.

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of catamarans, the benefits of owning one, different types of catamarans, factors that affect size, and average sizes of catamarans.

We’ll also discuss how to customize your catamaran and what safety and maintenance considerations you need to keep in mind.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about catamaran size.

Table of Contents

Short Answer

Catamarans come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small, single-person vessels to large, ocean-going vessels.

The length of a catamaran can range from 8-50 feet, with the average size being between 20-30 feet.

Bigger catamarans can have multiple cabins and berths and can even be used for overnight trips.

Overview of Catamarans

Catamarans have been around for centuries, and they are still widely used today for recreational and commercial purposes.

Catamarans are two-hulled boats that are typically powered by an outboard motor or sail.

They are usually made of either wood or fiberglass, and feature two parallel hulls connected by a bridge.

This design allows them to provide better stability and speed than traditional monohull boats.

Catamarans are also incredibly versatile, and can be outfitted with a variety of amenities to suit any type of voyage.

When it comes to size, catamarans come in a wide range.

The average size of a catamaran ranges from 16 to 50 feet, but larger vessels can reach up to 100 feet or more.

Smaller vessels are typically used for day trips and short cruises, while larger boats can hold up to 12 people and can be used for extended cruises.

Some larger catamarans even come equipped with kitchens, bedrooms, and other amenities for extended journeys.

No matter the size, catamarans offer superior stability and performance on the water.

They are also more fuel efficient than monohull boats, and can often reach higher speeds.

Catamarans are also often more cost-effective than monohulls, and can provide a great value for the money.

Benefits of Owning a Catamaran

catamaran big boats

The benefits of owning a catamaran are numerous.

For starters, they are incredibly stable, making them ideal for extended cruises on the open water.

They are also incredibly fast, with some speeds reaching up to 18 knots.

This makes them perfect for getting to your destination quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, catamarans are known for their spaciousness, making them ideal for larger groups looking to spend time on the water.

Many larger catamarans have luxurious amenities such as onboard kitchens and bathrooms, giving you all the comforts of home while youre on the water.

Finally, catamarans are incredibly fuel efficient, so you wont have to worry about spending too much money on fuel.

All in all, owning a catamaran can be a great way to explore the open water.

With their stability, speed, spaciousness, and fuel efficiency, they provide an ideal solution for those looking to spend time out on the water.

Whether youre looking for a small day trip boat or a large luxury vessel for extended cruises, catamarans come in a variety of sizes that are sure to suit your needs.

Types of Catamarans

Catamarans come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small recreational boats to large luxury vessels.

Smaller boats are typically used for day trips, while larger boats can be used for extended cruises.

Catamarans offer both stability and speed, and can be outfitted with a variety of amenities.

The most common type of catamaran is the sailing catamaran, which is characterized by its two hulls connected by a central deck.

This type of boat is typically used for racing, cruising, and fishing.

It has the advantage of greater stability than a single-hull boat, as well as increased speed due to its shallow draft.

Power catamarans are another type of vessel, which are usually motor-driven and typically used for recreational activities such as fishing, cruising, and watersports.

Power catamarans are typically larger than sailing catamarans, and they offer greater stability and speed than a single-hull boat.

Catamaran sizes can range from 16 feet to 50 feet or more.

Smaller vessels are generally used for day trips, while larger boats can hold up to 12 people and be used for extended cruises.

Smaller catamarans are more maneuverable, while larger vessels offer more space and comfort.

When selecting a catamaran, it is important to consider your intended use and the size of your crew.

Smaller boats are better suited for day trips, while larger boats are better for extended cruises.

Additionally, consider the amenities that you want on board.

Catamarans can be outfitted with a variety of amenities, from sleeping and cooking accommodations to entertainment systems.

No matter what type of catamaran you choose, you will enjoy the stability and speed of this unique type of vessel.

With a variety of sizes and amenities available, you can find the perfect boat for your next adventure.

Factors That Affect Catamaran Size

catamaran big boats

When it comes to catamarans, size does matter.

The size of a catamaran will have a direct impact on how it performs on the water, as well as the amenities it can offer.

There are a few key factors that can determine the size of a catamaran, including the number of passengers, the type of activities you plan to do, and the type of vessel you are looking for.

The number of passengers is one of the most important factors when it comes to determining the size of a catamaran.

Smaller vessels are generally best suited for day trips or short cruises with a limited number of passengers, while larger vessels can accommodate up to 12 passengers for extended trips.

The type of activities you plan to do also plays a role in what size catamaran you should choose.

If you plan to do a lot of sailing, a larger vessel with more space may be better suited for your needs.

On the other hand, if you plan to do more fishing or pleasure cruising, a smaller vessel may be better.

Lastly, the type of vessel you are looking for can also be a determining factor in the size of a catamaran.

If you are looking for a luxurious vessel with plenty of amenities, a larger catamaran is the way to go.

However, if you are looking for a more economical option, a smaller vessel may be more suitable.

No matter what size catamaran you are looking for, there are a variety of options available.

Knowing the key factors that affect the size of a catamaran can help you make the right choice for your needs.

Average Sizes of Catamarans

When it comes to the size of a catamaran, there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

The average size of a catamaran ranges from 16 to 50 feet, with smaller vessels typically used for day trips and larger boats for extended cruises.

Small catamarans can range from 16 to around 40 feet, while larger boats can reach up to 50 feet and higher.

For general cruising, the popular sizes of catamarans range from 40 to 50 feet.

This size is large enough to comfortably fit a family of four or more, and can feature amenities such as a full galley, a spacious salon, and multiple cabins.

For day trips, smaller catamarans in the 16 to 40-foot range are usually the best option.

These boats are typically faster than their larger counterparts and can accommodate up to 12 people.

Smaller catamarans are also easier to maneuver and require less maintenance, making them ideal for short trips.

In addition to size, catamarans also come in a variety of styles and designs.

Some are designed for racing, while others are built for cruising.

Racing catamarans are usually smaller and lighter, with a focus on speed and agility.

Cruising catamarans are typically larger and more luxurious, with features such as air conditioning and satellite TV.

No matter what size you choose, a catamaran can provide you with a unique and enjoyable boating experience.

With its stability and speed, a catamaran is the perfect choice for a day trip or an extended cruise.

So, how big is a catamaran? The answer depends on your needs and preferences, but the average size is between 16 and 50 feet.

Customizing a Catamaran

catamaran big boats

When it comes to catamarans, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

The size of a catamaran depends on its intended purpose and the number of people it will be accommodating.

Smaller catamarans are often used for day trips and recreational activities, while larger vessels are often used for extended cruises and can accommodate up to 12 people.

When customizing a catamaran, there are a number of features you can select from to ensure your vessel is perfectly suited to your needs.

For example, you can choose from a variety of amenities such as air conditioning, a television, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

You can also select from a range of materials such as fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbon fiber.

In addition, the design of the catamaran can be customized to your needs.

For example, you may opt for a more luxurious catamaran with an open-plan design or a more practical catamaran with a more enclosed design.

The size of the hulls and the number of deck levels can also be adjusted to suit your needs.

Finally, the propulsion system of a catamaran can be customized to maximize its efficiency.

Outboard motors, inboard motors, and sailboats are all popular propulsion systems for catamarans.

Each type of propulsion system offers its own advantages and disadvantages, so its important to consider your needs before making a decision.

By taking the time to customize a catamaran, you can ensure that your vessel is perfectly suited to your needs and will provide you with the experience of a lifetime.

Maintenance and Safety Considerations

When it comes to catamarans, size definitely matters.

Not only does the size of a catamaran determine how many people it can accommodate, but it also affects the maintenance and safety considerations that go along with owning and operating one of these vessels.

Larger catamarans require more upkeep, including regularly scheduled maintenance of the hull, motor, and other components.

They also require more attention to safety, as bigger boats can be more difficult to handle in rough waters or high winds.

On the flip side, smaller catamarans require less maintenance and are more maneuverable, making them ideal for day trips or shorter cruises.

No matter the size of the catamaran, safety should always be a priority.

Before setting out on a voyage, make sure the vessel is properly equipped with life jackets, fire extinguishers, and other essential safety gear.

Additionally, all crew members should be familiar with boating safety protocols.

Knowing how to handle the vessel in adverse conditions is essential to staying safe on the water.

It is also important to keep an eye on the weather and be aware of any changes that could affect the catamarans performance.

For example, high winds can create choppy waters and make it more difficult to maneuver larger vessels.

It is always best to err on the side of caution and check the forecast before heading out.

Finally, it is important to be aware of the catamarans draft.

The draft is the depth of the water required for the vessel to float, and it is affected by the size of the catamaran.

Shallow waters require vessels with a shallow draft, while deeper waters require deeper drafts.

Knowing the draft of the catamaran is essential for safe navigation in any part of the world.

By taking into account the size of the catamaran, as well as the maintenance and safety considerations that come along with it, catamaran owners can ensure a safe and enjoyable voyage.

With the right preparation and knowledge of the vessels capabilities, catamaran owners can have a great time out on the water.

Final Thoughts

Catamarans are a great option for those looking for a reliable, stable, and speedy vessel.

With a variety of sizes available, there is sure to be something that will perfectly fit your needs, whether it’s for a day trip or an extended cruise.

With the right customization, maintenance, and safety considerations, you can enjoy the perfect catamaran experience.

So, if you’re considering buying a catamaran, now you know how big to make it!

James Frami

At the age of 15, he and four other friends from his neighborhood constructed their first boat. He has been sailing for almost 30 years and has a wealth of knowledge that he wants to share with others.

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Boat tours in moscow.

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  • 3rd Transport Ring (TTK)
  • District Central (TsAO)
  • Garden Ring
  • Boulevard Ring
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catamaran big boats

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8. Mosparokhodstvo


9. S-cruises


10. Water Taxi

catamaran big boats

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catamaran big boats

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catamaran big boats

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29. Ksenia Maximova

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Cruising the Moskva River: A short guide to boat trips in Russia’s capital

catamaran big boats

There’s hardly a better way to absorb Moscow’s atmosphere than on a ship sailing up and down the Moskva River. While complicated ticketing, loud music and chilling winds might dampen the anticipated fun, this checklist will help you to enjoy the scenic views and not fall into common tourist traps.

How to find the right boat?

There are plenty of boats and selecting the right one might be challenging. The size of the boat should be your main criteria.

Plenty of small boats cruise the Moskva River, and the most vivid one is this yellow Lay’s-branded boat. Everyone who has ever visited Moscow probably has seen it.

catamaran big boats

This option might leave a passenger disembarking partially deaf as the merciless Russian pop music blasts onboard. A free spirit, however, will find partying on such a vessel to be an unforgettable and authentic experience that’s almost a metaphor for life in modern Russia: too loud, and sometimes too welcoming. Tickets start at $13 (800 rubles) per person.

Bigger boats offer smoother sailing and tend to attract foreign visitors because of their distinct Soviet aura. Indeed, many of the older vessels must have seen better days. They are still afloat, however, and getting aboard is a unique ‘cultural’ experience. Sometimes the crew might offer lunch or dinner to passengers, but this option must be purchased with the ticket. Here is one such  option  offering dinner for $24 (1,490 rubles).

catamaran big boats

If you want to travel in style, consider Flotilla Radisson. These large, modern vessels are quite posh, with a cozy restaurant and an attentive crew at your service. Even though the selection of wines and food is modest, these vessels are still much better than other boats.

catamaran big boats

Surprisingly, the luxurious boats are priced rather modestly, and a single ticket goes for $17-$32 (1,100-2,000 rubles); also expect a reasonable restaurant bill on top.

How to buy tickets?

Women holding photos of ships promise huge discounts to “the young and beautiful,” and give personal invitations for river tours. They sound and look nice, but there’s a small catch: their ticket prices are usually more than those purchased online.

“We bought tickets from street hawkers for 900 rubles each, only to later discover that the other passengers bought their tickets twice as cheap!”  wrote  (in Russian) a disappointed Rostislav on a travel company website.

Nevertheless, buying from street hawkers has one considerable advantage: they personally escort you to the vessel so that you don’t waste time looking for the boat on your own.

catamaran big boats

Prices start at $13 (800 rubles) for one ride, and for an additional $6.5 (400 rubles) you can purchase an unlimited number of tours on the same boat on any given day.

Flotilla Radisson has official ticket offices at Gorky Park and Hotel Ukraine, but they’re often sold out.

Buying online is an option that might save some cash. Websites such as  this   offer considerable discounts for tickets sold online. On a busy Friday night an online purchase might be the only chance to get a ticket on a Flotilla Radisson boat.

This  website  (in Russian) offers multiple options for short river cruises in and around the city center, including offbeat options such as ‘disco cruises’ and ‘children cruises.’ This other  website  sells tickets online, but doesn’t have an English version. The interface is intuitive, however.

Buying tickets online has its bad points, however. The most common is confusing which pier you should go to and missing your river tour.

catamaran big boats

“I once bought tickets online to save with the discount that the website offered,” said Igor Shvarkin from Moscow. “The pier was initially marked as ‘Park Kultury,’ but when I arrived it wasn’t easy to find my boat because there were too many there. My guests had to walk a considerable distance before I finally found the vessel that accepted my tickets purchased online,” said the man.

There are two main boarding piers in the city center:  Hotel Ukraine  and  Park Kultury . Always take note of your particular berth when buying tickets online.

Where to sit onboard?

Even on a warm day, the headwind might be chilly for passengers on deck. Make sure you have warm clothes, or that the crew has blankets ready upon request.

The glass-encased hold makes the tour much more comfortable, but not at the expense of having an enjoyable experience.

catamaran big boats

Getting off the boat requires preparation as well. Ideally, you should be able to disembark on any pier along the way. In reality, passengers never know where the boat’s captain will make the next stop. Street hawkers often tell passengers in advance where they’ll be able to disembark. If you buy tickets online then you’ll have to research it yourself.

There’s a chance that the captain won’t make any stops at all and will take you back to where the tour began, which is the case with Flotilla Radisson. The safest option is to automatically expect that you’ll return to the pier where you started.

If using any of Russia Beyond's content, partly or in full, always provide an active hyperlink to the original material.

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catamaran big boats

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River Cruise on Luxurious Radisson Boat

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River Cruise on Luxurious Radisson Boat

Equipped with ice-breaking technology, these huge fancy yachts are the only river cruisers running all year around. The round trip journey takes two and a half hours and floats past all the big sights like the White House, Novodevichy monastery and the Kremlin. There’s a large open air observation deck up top, while the main body of the ship houses a restaurant with a dance floor for a romantic post dinner dance. For a particularly romantic experience take one of the evening boats and admire the bright lights of the city skyline at night.

The most relaxing and picturesque tour that Moscow can offer: a great way to see the city center and its main attractions. This is a perfect alternative to exploring the city by car, if you only have time to do sightseeing during weekday rush hours.

Your English-speaking guide is eager to share every bit of their knowledge about the surrounding landscape, the architecture and historical details.

We conduct Moscow river tour on Radisson Flotilla boats all year around!  It’s warm inside during winter months, while there’s air conditioning during hot summer days. You may also treat yourself to drinks, lunch or dinner on board (drinks and food are not included in tour price).

The cost of an excursion with a personal guide for 1 person

Quay at Radisson Collection Hotel

Government Headquarters ("the White House")

Kievsky Railway Central

Novodevichy Convent

Luzhniki Stadium

Academy of Sciences

Monument to Peter I

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Moscow Kremlin

St.Basil's Cathedral

Novospassky Monastery

U-turn and back to Quay at Radisson Royal Hotel

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Who's going.

  • Excursion River Cruise on Luxurious Radisson Boat
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    Power Catamaran boats pricing. Power Catamaran boats for sale on YachtWorld are available in a range of prices from $28,916 on the more modest side up to $11,750,968 for the rarest of yachts. Remember the cost of ownership when considering your budget and the listing price of a yacht for sale.

  9. Exploring the World's 11 Largest Sailing Catamarans: Rankings and Key

    A catamaran is a multihull boat that has two parallel hulls of equal size. This design provides numerous advantages, including increased speed, stability, and spaciousness compared to monohull boats. Catamarans are popular among sailors for their efficiency and comfort, making them an appealing option for cruising and racing alike.

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    In the world of large sailing multihulls, boats like "Hemisphere" the world's largest catamaran and McConaghy's Trimaran, the 140ft "Adastra ", still rule the big catamaran market. Any other large multihulls have a steep hill to climb to compete.

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    The world leader with over 7,000 catamarans built since 1984. Discover our innovative, eco-friendly sailing and power catamarans! Go to menu; Go to content; Dealers Go to footer ... At Lagoon, we infuse our love of the sea and our admiration for nature into the construction of our boats. For you, we always aim for excellence.

  17. The Catamaran Company

    If you are looking for a large and luxurious catamaran, you have come to the right place. Browse our selection of go-big catamarans for sale, featuring spacious cabins, high-end amenities, and impressive performance. Whether you want to cruise the world, charter, or live aboard, we have the perfect go-big catamaran for you.

  18. Best Liveaboard Catamaran Sailboats

    The best liveaboard catamarans are the Manta 42, the Nautitech 44, the Voyage 44, the Privilege 435, the Elba 35, and the Lagoon 380. These vessels are seaworthy, comfortable, and ideal for long-term living. We sourced the technical specifications of these vessels from maritime records and directly from sailboat manufacturers.

  19. How Big Is A Catamaran? (Here's What You Need To Know)

    The average size of a catamaran ranges from 16 to 50 feet, but larger vessels can reach up to 100 feet or more. Smaller vessels are typically used for day trips and short cruises, while larger boats can hold up to 12 people and can be used for extended cruises.

  20. THE 10 BEST Moscow Boat Tours (Updated 2024)

    I got a nice luxury boat. It has good restaurant inside too. Boat tour is around 1.5 hours. The total tour was awesome . There are many historical and main buildings and places in moscow can view from the boat. Each place announce by boat staff. There is a tour map also inside the boat. Staff is really helpful and good service done for us.

  21. Cruising the Moskva River: A short guide to boat trips in Russia's

    Surprisingly, the luxurious boats are priced rather modestly, and a single ticket goes for $17-$32 (1,100-2,000 rubles); also expect a reasonable restaurant bill on top.

  22. Boat tours and river cruises through Moscow: where to take them

    On this map you can see the details of the longest and most classic of the Flotilla Radisson boat tours: 2. Companies that do boat tours on the Moskva River. There are many companies that do cruises on the Moskva River, but the 4 main ones are: Capital River Boat Tour Company (CCK) Mosflot. Flotilla Radisson.

  23. River Cruise on Luxurious Radisson Boat

    Moscow City: View Moscow Beneath Your Feet. $96. Details. River Cruise on Luxurios Radisson Ship with a guided excursion: time to relax and soak in the gorgeous Moscow landscape. Our guide will accompany you and reveal the details behind the structures on the river banks around you.