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June 15, 2022

While some sailing accessories are simply nice to have, others are a must if you want to have a safe and enjoyable sailing experience. From safety equipment to navigation systems and communication devices there are must-have sailing accessories.

Leaving the dry land and going sailing is, without a doubt, a lifetime opportunity. But you can only stay safe and enjoy this opportunity if you outfit your sailboat with the right accessories. While you'll hear a sailor saying he/she can't go sailing without a plumbed-in washing machine, we aren't sure if this is a must-have accessory. But going out there on a sailboat that doesn't have a wind vane self-steering gear is unthinkable. Although we all have our eccentricities, there are several accessories that you shouldn't even think about sailing without.

Sailing, of course, requires preparation, training, and practice. While accessories such as life jackets are a must-have in any sailboat, there are other must-have items that you should always have before setting out. These accessories are critical not just for safety purposes but also for an enjoyable sail.

This article, therefore, provides a handy guide to the 20 must-have sailing accessories that you should have before going out there on the water.

Table of contents

Safety Equipment

How do you escape from the sailboat should the worst come to you? Well, life raft becomes the order of the day. This is essentially a type of lifeboat that must be carried in the sailboat for emergency evacuation purposes if there's a disaster on the sailboat. Keep in mind that a life raft is a lot easier to launch than a lifeboat. This is because a life raft is designed with an auto-inflatable system, so you won't have to launch it manually.

When choosing a life raft, a rule of thumb is that the life raft should be big enough to carry more people than the sailboat typically carries. For instance, if you have a six-person sailboat, the life raft should be able to carry 8 people. Make sure that the life raft has a hydrostatic release and is kept on the deck where it can be easily accessed when there's an emergency. More importantly, make sure that the life raft is regularly serviced so that it doesn't work with a hitch.

This bag should contain all the important emergency supplies that you can take with you in the life raft. In addition to being waterproof, the grab bag should be able to float and have interior pockets where you can keep safety items. You can also add a lanyard that makes it impossible to lose the bag even if the life raft capsizes.

A grab bag is a perfect place to store all your essentials including the survival gear, vessel's signaling, medical kit, spare battery pack, flashlights, SOLAS flares mobile phone, EPIRB, and many more.

  • 406 MHz EPIRB

Connected to a global satellite network, an EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) is a small radio that can be used worldwide to alert Search and Rescue agencies about an emergency in the seas. For instance, you can use the EPIRB to alert the agencies that your sailboat is sinking.

The EPIRB is one of the most important safety items when sailing. When buying this device, you can look for an upgraded model that comes with a built-in GPS. This is essential in the sense that your position can be instantly transmitted to a nearby rescue agency. You should always keep the EPIRB in the grab bag in case things go wrong.

  • Handheld VHF Radio

This is an excellent backup to the boat's VHF radio. This is because a handheld VHF radio is independent of the boat's antenna and DC system. As such, it makes sense to have one in the grab bag but do not forget additional alkaline batteries.

Some of the best handheld VHF radio models to consider include Standard Horizon and West Marine. You should keep in mind that some models can float if thrown overboard. Such models have several features such as an integral GPS receiver with full Digital Service Calling (DSC) safety features.

  • SOLAS Grade Signals and Flares

Any sailboat that's going out there on the water must have SOLAS grade signals. These flares are of great importance when you want to give out a signal and call for help when disaster strikes. You should have handheld red flares as well as rocket parachute flares and at least two orange smoke canisters for daytime signaling.

It's always advisable to have at least a pair of the red, rocket parachute, and orange flares with you. You can consider placing one each in the cockpit while keeping the rest in the grab bag. You should always remember that SOLAS flares are a very powerful way of sending out signals, so you must be very cautious when using them. In other words, don't just use them; use them only when you're in serious help.

  • Emergency Watermaker

Having SOLAS flares and the EPIRB will, of course, increase the likelihood of having a quick rescue but what happens if the rescue doesn't come as fast as you had thought? Well, you should have an emergency Watermaker. This is essential in producing enough fresh water that can keep nearly 24 people hydrated for days on end.

  • Radar Reflector

This is an important accessory while sailing in the sense that it's what alerts other vessels, both big and small, of your presence. Although these radar reflectors may vary greatly in their performance, you should use something that's effective such as Trilens and Echomax reflectors.

Most ships out there generally use a 24-mile scale on their S-band radar but such radars are unlikely to notice a small craft in their radar reflectors until they're within a range of six-mile or less. This means that these ships can sometimes detect your sailboat when it's a little too late. As such, you shouldn't take chances. Instead, use your radar reflector and detect whether there's a huge ship or any other vessel, for that matter.

  • Portable Fire Extinguisher

You should have several portable fire extinguishers to help the crew fight fire. The locations of these fire extinguishers should be clearly labeled to make sure that everyone is familiar with their locations and how to operate them.

  • Patching Materials

There are certain instances when your boat may suffer from collision or any damage that may put a dent on your hull. Without appropriate patching materials, this may spell doom as there will be a constant flow of water on the deck.

You should, therefore, have patching materials that can help you prevent water from flowing into the deck, thereby allowing for emergency repairs. Some of these patching materials include underwater-cure epoxy putty and pre-cut pieces of waterproof plywood.

  • Throwable PFD

Whether it's a horseshoe buoy, a throw rope bag, or a rescue stick, a sailboat must have a lifeline sling that can be used to save someone in the water. Some of these devices throw well for long distances and with good accuracy and can be used to provide flotation. Most of these devices remain connected to the vessel, which makes it a lot easier to pull the victim out of the water and to the boat.

Medical Equipment

  • The Boat's Medical Kit

A medical is a must-have accessory in any sailboat. It should have partitions with each partition meant for a particular class of injury. The kit should also be readily available to the crew and have common drugs, bandages, and a first-aid kit. It should have sunscreen, common painkillers, tweezers, bandages, and many more.

Additionally, you should also get a doctor to write prescriptions for non-OTC. You can as well consider using a telemedicine service that can help you in case of a serious emergency.

Personal Equipment

  • Inflatable Life Jackets

This is a personal safety gear that's not only comfortable to wear but will also offer great performance in the water. When used together with safety harnesses, you'll have a single piece of gear that has nearly all the safety gear that you need on the deck.

Inflatable jackets are great especially on the open water and should also be available for guests and everybody on the boat.

  • Safety Harnesses and Tethers

Although safety harnesses and tethers may be too heavy or too hot to wear especially in warm climates, they're of great importance in keeping you safe should things go wrong. It's advisable to integrate them with inflatable life jackets and must be worn in almost all conditions. In fact, it would be appropriate if you make them mandatory on the deck.

You should make sure that the tethers do not have hooks that can accidentally unhook and cause injuries. The safety harness should also have an easy-to-release snap shackle at the chest.

Sailing requires foul weather gear just the same way a corporate business director requires a three-piece suit. Don't just buy any gear. Instead, go for a quality gear that fits lightly and can allow you to put shielding garments beneath. The fabric should be breathable for additional comfort. Some of the brands to consider include West Marine, and Henri Lloyd.

Part of this gear should include fleece jackets and pants. Fleece garments are excellent in providing warmth and cushion and shouldn't be bulky. They are also great for sleeping during long passages. You should also have long underwear to keep you from freezing. You should go for a synthetic material. Something like polyester or polypropylene fabric is appropriate. This is because such materials can cling to your skin, thereby transporting moisture away from your skin. That being said, you should never use cotton or any other natural fiber.

  • Deck Shoes , Hats and Gloves

Nothing arguably ruins a fascinating sailing trip than a broken ankle or foot. It doesn't matter the type of shoes that you prefer, you must have shoes with better grip while on the deck. This is not only to secure your feet but also to prevent you from skidding, which can cause serious injuries.

While a hat may make you look like a dork, it's of great importance in protecting your head and face from sunburn and also from insects at night. Floppy canvas hats are the best thanks to their wide brim but you can also use baseball caps for extra protection.

You should also have line-handling gloves to protect your hands from wear and tear. The gloves should be manufactured from either synthetic or genuine and should remain flexible even after several exposures to saltwater soaking. They should also be waterproof to keep your hands warm.

Electronic and Communication Gadgets

  • Shortwave Receiver

You should get a quality Sony, Sangean, or Grundig receiver that can work with WFAX software as a shortwave receiver. You can also choose an SSB (Single Sideband) radio as a shortwave receiver, though it will drain the battery banks quickly as it tends to draw a lot of currents.

  • Spare Antenna

Although they don't have to be elegant, they're of great importance particularly if you lose your mast. There are many affordable models out there, so you can't lack something that can work for you.

  • VHF Marine Radio, Antenna

This is one of the most important communication devices on a sailboat and can enable you to communicate clearly for up to 60 miles. You can use a base-loaded stainless steel whip with antennas at the masthead. They also offer remote stations as an option and are like large microphones. This is to allow you to have full-power radio that's accessible from the helm while the main radio remains at the navigation station.

  • Weather Map Solutions

Good weather is of great importance if you want to enjoy safe sailing. While the Furuno FAX207 used to be the standard device on most sailboats, you can now use a laptop, an iPad, or a Xaxero.

This can work in tandem with a fixed mount network GPS that can be used to perform many tasks. The model that you choose should have a large and sharp display, as well as a good interface.

  • Depth Sounder and Knot Log

Speed and distance are some of the most important navigation information. You should use a knot log to measure speed and distance and use depth sounder to measure the depth to avoid unintentional grounding while enhancing safe sailing and navigation.

  • Main Compass

This is to ensure that you can know the latitudes and, of course, the direction that you're traveling at.

Whether you've been sailing for decades of just starting out on this incredible adventure, preparation is key to safe and fun sailing. Part of this preparation is being aware of all the must-have accessories that you should have in your boat. Hopefully, you're in a much better position as far as must-have sailing accessories are concerned.

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Best Sailboat Accessories.

7 Best Sailboat Accessories

sailboat accessories etsy

Table of Contents

Finding the perfect sailboat for your cruising plans is a terrific start to a great life on the water. Even better? Outfitting that sailboat with accessories that make being aboard safer, extra comfortable, and even more fun. Here’s a look at the seven best sailboat accessories for all kinds of sailors, from day cruisers to long-haulers.

  • Wind indicator
  • Sea-rail bag
  • On- deck cooler
  • Telescoping boat hook
  • Fiberglass boat repair kit
  • Barbecue grill
  • Handheld VHF radio

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1. Wind indicator

Wind indicator.

You can go a few ways when looking for an accessory to help you keep track of the wind.

Wind indicators are just what they sound like: a vane or arrow that sits on the boat’s mast and tells you the apparent wind direction at any time.

There also are accessories called telltales, which you position directly on the sails to get instant feedback about the airflow based on the way you have trimmed the sails. If you want to spend bigger bucks, there are electronics you can mount at the helm to show you not only wind direction but also your heel and trim angles, speed, and all kinds of other helpful information.

Davis Instruments’ WindTrak has long been the most popular brand of wind indicator. For higher-end electronic devices, look to brands such as Raymarine and Garmin .

2. Sea-rail bag

There’s never enough stowage on a boat. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading out for a few hours or a few months. You will inevitably run out of places to put stuff that you want or need to have on board.

A sea-rail bag gives you extra space on deck for things like docklines and laundry clips. These bags often attach with Velcro flaps to the boat’s wire or rail, so you can easily remove them if you get into rough seas. For smooth sailing days, the sea-rail bag can stay out as long as you need it, especially if you buy a brand that’s built to withstand the elements.

Take a look at the sea-rail bags from Blue Performance , which makes them with features such as mesh side panels and fabrics that resist mildew, water, and ultraviolet rays. Another brand worth consideration is Ronstan , whose bags attach with hook-and-loop fasteners and 3M self-adhesive, and have a screw-in option.

3. On-deck cooler

Boat cooler.

A top-notch cooler is a great investment on any sailboat. Not only can it be kept on deck to eliminate trips below to the galley to grab a cold drink or a snack, but it also can be tossed into the dinghy for trips ashore to the beach.

Hard- and soft-sided coolers are available, some with suitcase-style pullout handles that let you roll them up the dock instead of lugging them. While the soft-sided coolers can be easier to stow, the hard-sided coolers can double as seating with a cooler-top cushion that you can buy separately.

If you go with the hard-sided option, a cooler-mounting kit can keep the accessory where you want it on deck with no sliding around. Some of the big brand names in coolers include Yeti , RTIC , and Engel .

4. Telescoping boat hook


Time and time again, while sailing, you’ll wish you had longer arms. Sometimes, it will be so you can reach a mooring ball just a little bit easier. Other times, it will be so you can fish a blown-off hat out of the drink. You can even use some boat hooks to help fend off encroaching boats tied up too close to your own boat at the dock.

A telescoping boat hook is a popular option because it combines long length during use with short length for stowage. Marine suppliers such as West Marine , Wholesale Marine , and Defender sell a variety of choices, including some models that float (just in case you accidentally drop the boat hook while trying to set your boat’s hook).

Got a sailboat you want to cruise? Browse through our fleet of sailboat rentals

5. Fiberglass boat repair kit

Yes, stuff happens. There are myriad ways to ding up your sailboat’s fiberglass hull , leaving it with cracks, scrapes, gelcoat blisters, and other problems. Having a fiberglass boat repair kit on board will let you patch up the little problems before they turn into bigger problems that require a hefty expense at the repair yard.

West System makes a kit that can handle holes up to one inch wide in solid laminates a quarter-inch thick. The kit comes with the epoxy resin, fiberglass fabric, fairing filler, and other materials you’ll need to execute the repair. Instructions are illustrated for common repair tasks.

Evercoat also makes a fiberglass repair kit that it advertises for rebuilding rotted-out areas on fenders, body sections, and rocker panels and for forming customized shapes.

6. Barbecue grill

Boat grill.

Few pleasures in life compare to grilling up whatever you catch that day for the freshest meal on earth. Sailboats and barbecue grills are a terrific combination, allowing you to make the most of the great outdoors without getting stuck belowdecks in the galley.

Barbecue grills can be portable on a boat, or they can be mounted directly onto the rail for more stability. As with home grills, barbecues for boats come in various shapes and sizes, including some with toppers for treats like grilled pizza if that’s what you and your family like to cook up.

The big name in boat grills is Magma , which also makes grill covers and other accessories designed to withstand the marine environment. Note: You’ll be cooking with propane gas since charcoal and salty environments don’t play well together.

7. Handheld VHF radio

Boat Radio.

A fixed-mount VHF radio is, of course, must-have safety equipment for any sailboat helm. But a handheld VHF radio can be a great addition to the boat, too.

The handheld versions can be used anywhere on the boat, including away from the helm, and they can be used in the tender during gunkholing and beach outings. As just one example, they’re a great way to keep tabs on teenagers who head to shore for some time away from the adults (or vice versa).

Standard Horizon , Icom , and Simrad are all good places to comparison shop for handheld VHF radios that have good reputations for working when they’re needed and for surviving the water and sun on a sailboat.

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Kim is a PADI-certified scuba diver and animal lover who always enjoys a good, long look around a coral reef. Her award-winning writing and editing regularly appears in national marine magazines and on leading websites. In her early years, she was a Dow Jones editing intern and a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism. When she’s not writing, Kim can usually be found hiking northwest New Jersey’s beautiful park trails with her adopted shelter mutt, Ginger.

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sailboat accessories etsy

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The Ultimate List of Well-Tried Sailing Gifts for Sailors

  • February 20, 2023
  • Categories: Gift guides , Sailing trips , Travel gear

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If you have a sailor among your family or friends, you know how crazy can these people be about their hobbies. I know, ’cause I’m a sailor too. And what kind of gifts for boaties can be better than sailing gifts themselves?

But now you might be wondering which sailor gift should you choose. This task might be hard if you’re not into sailing that much. I wrote this article to help you save time and make the best decision.

I present to you an inspirational list of ideas for the best gifts for sailors . It doesn’t matter if the person you want to endow is a beginner sailor or an experienced sea wolf.

You’ll find here fantastic ideas for gifts for boat lovers with any kind of sailing skills. I found some nautical ideas for sailing gifts for him, for her, and even sailing gifts for your dad. Personalized, practical, or simply funny. And for any budget. At the end of the post, I even show my own top picks for beginners and advanced sailors and even gifts for boat owners.

Any product from this list will cause a smile on a sailor’s face. And you’ll be sure you found the right gifts for boaters.

Best sailing gifts ideas – quick answer

How to choose the right sailing gift, boat accessories gifts for sailors, clothing & packing, entertainment & education, sailing gifts for him, sailing gifts for her, personalized boat gifts, cool and funny boating gifts, sailing adventure, my top picks of sailing gifts, like it pin it.

Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links. That means that if you click on them or make any purchase via them, I receive a small commission. But don’t worry, this will not cost you anything and in a few cases, you can even receive a special discount! And I will still be able to chase my dreams. So thank you!

Here’s a quick overview of the sailing gifts that I think might be a good fit for any sailor . If you’re in rush, choose something from this list. If you want to make a conscious decision and you’re looking for some more in-depth recommendations, read the rest of the article.

Boat accessories gifts:

Waterproof marine binoculars

Waterproof phone case, mobile hot spot, solar charger, garmin inreach satellite communicator, floating sunglasses strap, sailor’s knife, thermos bottle, travel coffee press.

Clothing & packing:

Waterproof backpack

Sailing gloves, rubber sailing boots, classy sailing shoes, sailing jacket.

  • Thermoactive underwear

Waterproof watch

Compression packing cubes, laundry wash bag, hot water bottle.

Entertainment & education:

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Kindle and audible books.

  • Mini movie projector

Sailor’s journal

Udemy courses on sailing.

Sailing gifts for him:

Sailor’s tie

Nautical cufflinks, sailing bracelet.

Sailing gifts for her:

Sailing-themed jewelry

Sailing scarf, waterproof toiletries bag.

Personalized boat gifts:

Custom engraved compass

Personalized captain’s hat.

Cool and funny boating gifts:

4 Ocean’s bracelet

  • Sailing-themed t-shirt

Sailor’s cup

Wooden toy boat, boat adventure saving jar, yachting keychain.

Sailing adventure:

  • Sailing trip gift card

But first, here’s a quick tip about choosing the right sailing gifts . First of all, consider what kind of a sailor is a person you’d like to endow.

If he/she sails only in a warm climate, maybe woolen socks or thermal underwear won’t be the best idea.

Also, if this person likes to sail, but doesn’t feel comfortable in a role of an active crew member, then maybe funny gifts will be better than practical ones, like a sailor’s knife for instance.

In any other situation, simply trust your intuition. In the end, you know this person better. And she’ll definitely appreciate your effort.

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Best gifts for sailors ideas:

Similar to the charger, a power bank is a useful help on longer hauls with no access to electricity. It helps charge the phone’s battery so the sailor has stable communication with family and friends.

Tip: the power bank with a capacity of ~20’000 mAh is capable to charge a standard smartphone even up to 4 times.

See power banks on Amazon →

sailboat accessories etsy

Waterproof marine binoculars are perfect gifts for sailing lovers for two reasons. First of all, they help the crew member to keep an eye really focused on dangers in the sea. Rocks above sea level, shoals, small navigational route signs, or other vessels are much easier to analyze with binoculars.

The second reason: no one wants to miss the dolphins or whales playing somewhere in the distance, right?

See binoculars on Amazon →

sailboat accessories etsy

Here’s a great gift idea for boaters who sail even only occasionally and aren’t too advanced in this sport. A waterproof phone case is a perfect sailing gift idea to keep all smartphones safe on board. Thanks to it the water splashes won’t be scary and the sailor will be able to use the phone even during rain.

See phone cases on Amazon →

sailboat accessories etsy

In many places in the world, marinas are still not equipped with WiFi. For this situation, having your own SIM card and a wireless hotspot is a great life hack. The hot spot from the higher shelf allows access to a 4G/LTE network, high speed of data, and long battery work.

See mobile hot spots on Amazon →

sailboat accessories etsy

Unexpected bosun’s works on a deck during the night are much easier with a bright headlamp . This simple device is also useful in peaceful evening moments spent with friends in a wild bay, playing guitar, and having fun.

See headlamps on Amazon →

sailboat accessories etsy

Stable electricity is a problem, especially on small boats. That’s why solar chargers are perfect gifts for boaties who enjoy short trips on boats without an engine generator. While purchasing this device, pay attention to its portability, efficiency, and alternatively water resistance.

See solar chargers on Amazon →

sailboat accessories etsy

Safety is the most important thing in the sea. And stable communication is one of its pillar conditions. One of the best gifts for boaties is probably a tested satellite communicator . Many sailors recommend Garmin Inreach. This clever device allows the crew to send and receive text messages via a satellite system. This way they can stay in connection with their families and friends. With the right subscription, it also allows access to weather predictions and navigational maps.

See on →

sailboat accessories etsy

If you’re looking for the most basic and foolproof best gifts for sailors then a floating sunglasses strap might be a great choice. Especially for beginner sailors who just started to collect their sailing accessories. Sunglasses overboard are a common”accident” onboard.

But if they’re attached to the floating protection strap, there is a bigger chance to rescue them from sinking into the oceans.

See floating sunglasses straps on Amazon →

sailboat accessories etsy

A solid knife is a practical tool on a boat. It’s mostly dedicated to cutting the ropes when needed but it also does pretty well with opening the food cans. Especially useful are knives that come together with a bosun spike. This thick needle nicely helps to untie entangled ropes. So it’s definitely one of the most practical gifts for sailing lovers.

See knives on Amazon →

sailboat accessories etsy

Nothing tastes better than black tea with sugar brought to a cold steersman by another crew member. And ideally, this tea could stay warm for a long time. Here is the moment when a high-quality thermos bottle comes with help. Just pay attention to the time of keeping the high temperature of such a bottle, ease of taking a sip, and quality of materials.

See thermos bottles on Amazon →

sailboat accessories etsy

For coffee lovers, there is no better sailor gift than a travel coffee press . With this smart item, a sailor can enjoy the taste of fresh coffee literally everywhere. Even in the middle of the ocean.

See coffee presses on Amazon →

sailboat accessories etsy

After a tough cruise, among the waves and tons of water, finding a calm bay is a beautiful moment for a sailor. With an ultralight and compact hammock , chilling among trees near a paradise beach creates moments that we live for. If you decide to purchase a travel hammock, pay attention so it’ll be small enough to fit the sailing bag.

See hammocks on Amazon →

sailboat accessories etsy

Charts are friends of any advanced sailor. If the person you want to endow plans a trip to some distant waters, charts are ideal marine gifts . They help sailors stay on a safe track and peacefully cruise from one port to another.

See charts on Amazon →

sailboat accessories etsy

One of the most essential parts of the sailor’s equipment is the right backpack . Due to an often lack of space on yachts, it should be flexible enough to store it in a tiny cabin.

While choosing a backpack as a sailing gift, pay attention to a specificity of a sailing cruise. A backpack should be waterproof, without a fixed rack, and filled with practical pockets to easily organize the items inside.

See backpacks on Helly Hansen →

See backpacks on Amazon →

sailboat accessories etsy

A big dry bag might be a cheaper alternative for a professional sailing backpack. But it’ll be more suitable for shorter cruises.

Although, the small dry bag is perfect for storing smaller items like electronics and documents. Smartphones, cameras, passports, and wallets will be much better protected against the humidity inside of a dry bag than in a standard backpack. It’s an extremely useful gear for short trips on small sailboats, especially without cabins.

See dry bags on Amazon →

sailboat accessories etsy

Sailing gloves are a perfect kind of gifts for boaties who love to be active crew members and do any kind of deck work. While steering the wheel, hoisting the sails, or keeping deck maintenance, right sailing gloves help keep the hands warm even in rough weather conditions.

See sailing gloves on Helly Hansen →

See sailing gloves on Amazon →

sailboat accessories etsy

High sailing rubber boots are a life-saver during the heavy, cold rains on the sea. They help keep the sailor’s feet dry during watchkeeping on the deck. And every sailor knows there is nothing worst for the body’s comfort than wet and cold socks.

While purchasing rubber boots as a sailing gift, pay attention to the sole – it should be well adhesive to ensure a confident walk on a wet deck.

See rubber boots on Helly Hansen →

See rubber boots on Amazon →

sailboat accessories etsy

In a pair with rubber boots there always go warm, thick socks . Preferably, two or even free pairs at once. As I said before, warm feet keep high morals during tough and stormy cruises.

If you wish to buy a pair as a gift for a sailor, pay attention to materials. Sometimes socks might look warm but if they’re made mostly of synthetic materials like polyester or acrylic, they’ll only cause sweating of the foot. So look for naturally warm materials, like merino wool for instance. It guarantees warm comfort.

See socks on Amazon →

sailboat accessories etsy

When the weather starts to coddle a crew, sailors love to present a classy and stylish look, just like on the old ocean postcards. One of the best fashion item, which is also extremely practical, are traditional leather sailing boots.

Personally, I love to wear my blue navy Sperry Top-Sider shoes . Not only while sailing but also on land trips. They’re super comfortable, flexible, and durable. I can honestly say, I’ve never been soo devoted to any other pair of shoes. I recommend them even for non-sailors!

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sailboat accessories etsy

Another essential wardrobe element for sailors is a high-quality sailing jacket . Often, it’s the first bigger investment in this hobby.

In general, we can differentiate sailing jackets by their resistance to water:

  • water-resistant: keep the sailor’s body dry in light rain and occasional sea splashes for a shorter amount of time;
  • waterproof: keep the body dry in rough weather conditions such as constants rain and regular water splashes

For daily occasional cruises, the light water-resistant jacket will be perfect. But if you’re planning to give this helpful sailing gift to a person aiming to join long unpredictable cruises, the waterproof version will be a better choice.

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sailboat accessories etsy

Thermal underwear

You shouldn’t underestimate the meaning of thermal underwear as a kind of practical gift ideas for boaters. People sailing in a non-tropical climate will surely appreciate this item.

Again, look for durable materials with proven efficiency. Merino wool is perfect for keeping a body warm. Cozy, practical underwear is a must-have of every sailor.

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sailboat accessories etsy

Another classy item to wear on a boat is a waterproof watch . Many people cannot imagine a day without wearing a watch, so why the day on a yacht must be different?

If a watch is waterproof, the sailor doesn’t need to look after not to soak it. So this small item will be a sailing companion helping to count the hours to the watchkeeping’s end.

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sailboat accessories etsy

We can assume that sunglasses is another must-have on a boat. It keeps eyes safe from the blinding sun rays reflecting from the ocean water. But it also helps the sailor keep his eyes open when the sea drops are splashing through the boards.

One of the most important tips for you when you’ll be purchasing sunglasses for a sailor – choose the floatable model. In case of falling overboard, there is at least a chance to drag them up.

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sailboat accessories etsy

Packing a bag for a sailing cruise is a challenging task requiring pretty high organization skills. You can help your sailor in doing it by presenting his compression packing cubes .

After filling such a cube with clothes, you zip it once to close it. Then you zip it the second time to remove all the unnecessary air and keep the package as thin as possible. This simple trick helps to pack all the needed clothing layers in any size of a bag.

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sailboat accessories etsy

After a few-days long cruise, there’s nothing better than… the smell and touch of freshly washed clothes. During the long hauls, sailors have limited opportunities to wash their clothes. Especially when they sail in less popular areas where the marina infrastructure isn’t that developed.

In this case, the Scrubba washbag is a perfect solution . This pocket-sized portable laundry bag is a life-saving item for doing laundry on the journey. Simply put the dirty clothes inside, add some water and laundry detergent, close, and scrub. The bag is filled with little spears on its internal surface. Thanks to them, the textiles can be washed. Perfect help for when there’s no access to a washing machine.

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sailboat accessories etsy

This item might not be so obvious when you think of great gifts for sailors, but trust me – a person who loves sailing but also loves comfort will definitely appreciate it. Night on a boat might be chilly even in some warmer destinations. And in such cases, a simple but cozy hot water bottle inside a sleeping bag can become a wonderful thing after a cold night watch.

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sailboat accessories etsy

It’s surprising how many sailors can play instruments. But it’s totally understandable when you’ll imagine the peaceful ocean around you and the warm sun above your head. The songs come to your mouth without asking. A small ukulele is a perfect sailing gift for musical cruisers.

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sailboat accessories etsy

But if you’re not convinced about buying real instruments, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker will also do a great job in the cruise entertainment field among sailboat gifts. Music during joyful moments on a sailboat might play a big role. Be sure to purchase a waterproof speaker so it’ll be safe during the occasional water splashes. Bonus points if it would have a grasp to hang it safely over the deck.

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sailboat accessories etsy

For peaceful moments on a boat, when the sea conditions allow, reading or listening to a book is wonderful entertainment. Kindle e-readers or audible books are perfect gifts for boaties because they help to spend time on a boat in an even more meaningful way.

See Kindle on Amazon →

sailboat accessories etsy

Mini-movie projector

And for movie maniacs, a mini-movie projector will be an interesting sailing gift. Sometimes sailors spend long hours or even days in marinas. Watching favorite movies is a great way to wait out for the right moment to leave the port.

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sailboat accessories etsy

Board games

Besides port docking, nothing integrates a crew better than funny board games . Me and my sailing friends, we love to play games while spending hours in ports. One of my very favorite games is Taboo . Lots of laughs are guaranteed with these types of sailboat gifts!

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sailboat accessories etsy

Some people, on the other hand, prefer to spend time on their own. Contemplating the surroundings on a small boat among the waters is a very intimate moment. Many people love to write down their thought in a situation like this. And here, an ocean-inspired journal might be a great help.

See journals on Etsy →

For people loving to keep lively memories from their adventures, a professional action cam is a great idea among other sailing gifts. The action cam can be easily mounted in different places on a boat to capture any kind of extreme scene. Watching the records while sitting safely on a couch reminds the nice adrenaline spikes.

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sailboat accessories etsy

If you want to give your sailor even more fun, give him or her a drone . Flying with this toy takes the sailing experience to the next level. Capturing the boat’s cruise from the sky is a great add-on to memorizing wonderful moments.

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sailboat accessories etsy

If the person that you’re looking for a gift for aims to grow as a sailor, education might be a perfect sailing gift idea. On Udemy you’ll find a few interesting sailing courses online which might be very helpful for learning new skills. You’ll find there courses on navigating, electronic systems onboard, and some others.

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Here’s a sailor gift for people loving to feel a connection with sailing even in official situations. A silk tie with subtle sailing patterns will for sure be appreciated by classy sailors. I also recommend choosing silk instead of synthetic materials to build a high-quality wardrobe.

See ties on Etsy →

Here are other sailing gifts for him that will be a subtle reminder of his sailing passion. Classy cufflinks with marine motifs are original boat gifts for dad or boyfriend. I presented a pair with a sailing quote for my own boyfriend and he was delighted!

See cufflinks on Etsy →

The sailing bracelet is a perfect example of sailing gifts for him if your sailor prefers more casual jewelry. This simple kind of decoration will assign him to the elite club of engaged hobbyists.

See bracelets on Etsy →

Many women love pretty jewelry. And many sailorwomen love even more sailing-themed jewelry ! On Etsy, you’ll find various sailing jewelry masterpieces from local artists. These kinds of trinkets are wonderful sailing gifts for her.

See jewelry on Etsy →

A scarf is a useful piece of wardrobe, and a sailing scarf is a wonderful item reminding the sailor about her passion. Silk, cotton, or alternatively viscose scarfs are great sailing gifts.

See scarves on Etsy →

Even though I’m a minimalist when it comes to toiletries and makeup ( click here to read my post about zero-waste travel toiletries ), I know how the right toiletry bag is essential on a boat. A waterproof toiletry bag might be a perfect gift for your sailing girlfriend. Here are some tips from me: choose a waterproof version (for ex. with a vinyl layer inside) and remember that a toiletry bag with a grasp is perfect in a marina bathroom where there is no place to leave a pouch in the shower except the towel hanger.

See toiletry bags on Etsy →

One of the personalized nautical gifts, and also a very symbolic one, can be a custom engraved compass . Not only it’s a nice decoration, but the engraved text will remind the sailor about home and people waiting for him to come back to them. It’s a kind of a sailor’s gift that can melt a heart.

See compasses on Etsy →

Here we’ve got one of the most popular funny gifts for sailors. A personalized captain’s hat is a great boat gift for dad (dads love to be called captains) or any other strong leader among your sailing friends. For sure, it helps to keep the right hierarchy and discipline on a boat (blink!).

See hats on Etsy →

This kind of bracelet maybe isn’t too spectacular but it definitely has a huge meaning. 4Ocean is a company that cleans the ocean out of plastic pollution. The trash they drag up from the water is processed to produce the bracelets. All the money from the sale of these bracelets covers the costs of company operations. Here you can learn more about them.

Purchasing bracelets from 4Ocean as marine gifts will be a perfect solution for sailors who care about the planet and the oceans.

Visit the shop →

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Sailing-themed T-shirt

T-shirts with funny quotes are also very cool gifts for boaters. Sailors usually like to show their devotion to this hobby, so a t-shirt with the text “I need vitamin sea”, “But did we sink?” or “Sorry for what I said while docking a boat” is a great idea.

See T-shirts on Etsy →

Just like t-shirts, funny mugs are a popular gift for everyone. On Etsy or Amazon, you’ll find plenty of ridiculously funny cups that you can choose from.

See mugs on Etsy →

If you’re looking for really cool gifts for boaters, wooden toy boats might be a surprising idea. But I’m pretty sure it’ll melt the heart of any sailing hobbyist and it’ll stand proudly above a fireplace or on the working desk.

See wooden toys on Etsy →

Another cool and personal gift for a sailor is a sailing adventure saving jar . You can one on your own or browse Etsy and find a beautiful and ready jar there. This kind of gift will for sure motivate a sailor to save some money for his next adventures. And who knows, maybe even a boat?

See saving jars on Etsy →

This is a cool thing that I personally receive from my boyfriend and that I love. At first, I was surprised because a yachting keychain doesn’t sound like a cool gift. But trust me, this big, handy cork ball makes searching for keys in a bag so easy! I definitely recommend it as a cheap sailing gift.

See keychains on Amazon →

sailboat accessories etsy

What could be a better sailors’ gift than a sailing adventure itself? If you wish to give to a sailor a free hand with choosing the kind of this adventure, I propose you purchase a gift card from Get Your Guide. This international company offers various interesting tours everywhere in the world, including sailing trips.

This printable gift card is valid up to 18 months from purchasing and there is no set amount that you should buy. So you can decide how much money you want to load on a card. And in fact, this card is valid for any kind of experience from Get Your Guide, not only sailing. So it gives your beloved ones a whole bunch of adventure possibilities, where ever they go.

Browse sailing adventures on Get Your Guide →

Purchase the gift card →

To make your decision even easier, I share with you my personal top picks. I divided them into three categories so you can easily adjust them to your situation. All of them are in a low or middle price range and are pretty safe choices.

Beginner sailor’s gifts:

  • Waterproof phone case – since everyone has smartphones nowadays, a waterproof phone case one of the first must-haves of a sailor. It’ll be also useful for doing any other water sports.
  • Sailing-themed t-shirt – if someone just started to discover his passion for sailing, a funny t-shirt will be a cool gift.
  • Board game – beginner sailors on a boat are often responsible… for a fun way of spending time. Plus, board games are great to have even at home.

Advanced sailor’s gifts:

  • Compression packing cubes – it’s a super useful tool in the backpack of any traveler. And advanced sailors will appreciate it for sure while packing the clothes for the next trip.
  • Thermos bottle – it feels so good to have an own mug on a boat filled with other people. And if it’s thermal, it also helps to keep a body warm during night watches.
  • Solar charger – this advanced device will be surely appreciated during the long cruises under the sails when the access to electricity is limited.

Sailboat gifts for sailboat owners:

  • Laundry wash bag – boat owners often spent a long time on their boats, also in distant, solitary places. Making laundry in such a bag is definitely easier than making it in a bowl.
  • Waterproof Bluetooth speaker – what can be better than an evening on a boat with favorite music?
  • Hammock – after cleaning up a boat and maintaining everything on a deck, chilling in a hammock is a perfect prize.

Wanna read more about my adventures?

  • Sailing in Montenegro and Croatia: full itinerary + useful tips
  • Daily life in the Caribbean – how I became a digital nomad
  • What to Wear Sailing? Basic Clothes for Sailing for All Kinds of Weather

Dominika is a founder of Sunday In Wonderland and she recently switched her life to be local independent. She aims to travel the world and admire all of its wonders. She is much focused on sustainable life, self-development and making this world a better place.

Sunday in Wonderland - grey logo

Hi there! I’m Dominika, the occasional traveler and the creator of this blog. I am here to help you plan your short and long trips around the globe and fully enjoy the time that you have to spend. Click here to get to know me better.


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April 29, 2023

Best Boat Accessories – fun and practical items to make boating easier and more enjoyable

Like many of you, boating is one of my very favorite activities.  Hanging out with friends or family and enjoying nature is my idea of a good time.  So how can you make the experience even better?  In this article, I put together a list of what I believe are some of the best boat accessories to help take your boating to the next level.  My list of items is divided into three categories of boat accessories:

  • Fun Boat Accessories – these are water toys and gift items to up the fun level on board your vessel.
  • Boat and Engine Accessories – items that you can install or use on your boat to keep it running and looking great.
  • Safety Items – items to help avoid, or respond to, issues on the water.

If you wish to skip to a particular category, simply click on the heading above.

Fun Boat Accessories

  • Saddle floats. After a morning ski and wakeboarding run, we love to grab a bite to eat and then park the boat in a quiet bay and float.  These saddle floats are great because they are easy to use and will keep you upright so that you can converse with your crew and never spill your beverage.  $64.99 for a set of two Saddle Floats at

Soaker Gun

Boat and Engine Accessories

Mercury VesselView Mobile

Safety Items

NOCO Boost Plus Battery Starter

There you have my list of the best boat accessories.  Let me know your favorites in the comments section below and I might add them to the list.

Please note that I provided links to the products above for your convenience.  These are things that I personally use or would like to own or were recommended by other boaters.  If you click on a link and buy the listed product or any other, I will receive a small commission that will help support BoaterInput and would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for visiting my site.

Jerry Mona - BoaterInput

About the author

Jerry Mona is an avid boater and angler and long-time boating industry insider. With over three decades of experience, he is often considered to be the leading research expert with boaters and has helped numerous manufacturers and trade associations to understand the needs, wants, attitudes and behaviors of boaters. He now shares many of his insights about boats and boaters for free on his website.

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“Wide beam and large cockpit.  Love the open feel.” (Overall Rating: 9)
“The Formula brand is a well-built boat that uses high end components and has things such as fume detection for the bilge and other items like that are not seen on other brands. The seats are very comfortable and both interior and exterior are holding up extremely well. The boat handles great and has a very solid ride.” (Overall Rating: 10)
“Not many people are very familiar with Bryant but they build a quality boat that is a bit more affordable than some of the other premium names. I have had this boat 5 years now and it looks great and rides well.” (Overall Rating: 9)
“It’s the best all-weather boat I’ve owned for lakes. Handles just about anything that’s marginal to get back to the ramp safely. And plenty of storage room, actually it could be too much room at times.” (Overall Rating: 10)
“When I bought it , it was probably the best deal one could find for a fiberglass bass boat with absolutely no wood in it. The boat and Yamaha 70 have performed flawlessly for 12 years.” (Overall Rating: 10)
“This model falls into the category that most salt water fishermen refer to as “Bay Boat”. It has a center console which provides tremendous stability and a deeper hull than a “flats” boat for smoother ride on choppy water. The boat is made for fishing and has very few comfort features for cruising. It is not my favorite hull because it draws a little more water than some of the other shallow water bay boats such as Pathfinder.” (Overall Rating: 9)
“Great boat, solid ride… great bay boat for fishing. Fast with Yamaha 300!!” (Overall Rating: 10)
“Excellent high-end Pontoon Boat with a 400hp R Mercury outboard Racing motor. Too nice to be a Pontoon Boat. Rear twin electric recliners.” (Overall Rating: 9)
“We had a lot of fun using this boat the past summer. it can accommodate nine persons, has comfortable seating for all passengers, is easy to board for both passengers and water skiers, handles well in rough water, is easy to launch and dock, looks great on the water and drew lots of compliments from all who saw it on the water.” (Overall Rating: 10)
“Great boat and a great price point. Carolina flare and deadrise makes for an exceptionally dry boat which I would expect from any Carolina boat builder that builds primarily for the Atlantic. This is not a shallow draft boat for its size, however….I would say it drafts in 12″ +.” (Overall Rating: 8)

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sailboat accessories etsy

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West Coast Sailing

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West Coast Sailing offers a full range of accessories for your sailboat including wind indicators, inspection ports, drain plugs, mast floats, tell tails, hiking straps, hiking benches, maintenance and repair items, books and DVDs, and more. Enjoy fast, free shipping on qualifying orders when you shop today!

Wind Indicators

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Fabric Guard Waterproofing Spray

Fabric Guard Waterproofing Spray

Laser Hiking Strap Zhik Grip2

Laser Hiking Strap Zhik Grip2

Laser Hiking Strap Rooster Pro

Laser Hiking Strap Rooster Pro

Laser / ILCA Hiking Strap Fast Canvas

Laser / ILCA Hiking Strap Fast Canvas

Mast Float Baby Bob for Hobie Wave 14 / 16

Mast Float Baby Bob for Hobie Wave 14 16

Hobie Getaway Mast Float

Hobie Getaway Mast Float

Opti Hiking Bench (Dynamic)

Opti Hiking Bench (Dynamic)

ILCA / Laser Hiking Bench by Dynamic Dollies

ILCA / Laser Hiking Bench (Dynamic)

Windex Sport 15 Wind Indicator

Windex Sport 15 Wind Indicator

Windex Dinghy Wind Indicator

Windex Dinghy Wind Indicator

Windex Dinghy 6 Wind Indicator

Windex Dinghy 6 Wind Indicator

Rooster Neoprene Repair Kit

Rooster Neoprene Repair Kit

Rooster Joey Bottle Holder

Rooster Joey Bottle Holder

Telo Cat Wind Indicator

Hobie Telo Cat Wind Indicator

Telo Cat Replacement Vane

Telo Cat Replacement Vane

Mast Float Attachment Kit for Hobie 14/16

Mast Float Attachment Kit for Hobie 14/16

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sailboat accessories etsy

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sailboat accessories etsy

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sailboat accessories etsy

Sailing Cleats

sailboat accessories etsy

Sailboat Rigging

sailboat accessories etsy

Sailboat Steering

sailboat accessories etsy

Sailboat Winches

sailboat accessories etsy

Sailing Shackles

sailboat accessories etsy

Sail Tracks & Travelers

sailboat accessories etsy

Wind Indicators

Ronstan Split Cotter Ring - 18.8mm(3\/4") ID

Ronstan Split Cotter Ring - 18.8mm(3/4") ID

Split Cotter Ring - 18.8mm(3/4") IDSuits clevis pins RF260 - RF274Grade 316 Stainless Steel

Ronstan Series 40 All Purpose Block - Single - Universal Head

Ronstan Series 40 All Purpose Block - Single - Universal Head

Series 40 All Purpose Block - Single - Universal HeadAll purpose (AP) blocks are a great all around solution. Self-lubricating Acetal polymer sheaves running on polished stainless steel races perform equally well with dynamic loads and high static loads...

Davis Round Sail Track Stop

Davis Round Sail Track Stop

Davis Round Sail Track Stop These Davis Round Sail Track Stops hold your sail and its slides in place on the mast and boom. The large knurled wheels are released with ease.  Made of heavy-duty, black anodized aluminum and marine-grade nickel...

Davis Windex 10.Sport Wind Vane

Davis Windex 10.Sport Wind Vane

Davis Windex 10.Sport Wind Vane The Davis Windex 10.Sport Wind Vine offers exceptional performance at the best value. Features include a sapphire jewel suspension bearing, large fin-low inertia vane, and an easy-to-read, fully adjustable tracking system...

Ronstan Drain Plug Only - Plastic Nylon

Ronstan Drain Plug Only - Plastic Nylon

Drain Plug Only - Plastic NylonFeatures:Plug to suit RF294 & RF737Water tight sealRetaining legsUV Stabilized Nylon plug Specifications:Color: Black/RedBox Dimensions: 1"H x 1"W x 2"L WT: 0.05 lbsUPC: 9316800031252

Ronstan Fairlead - Stainless Steel Lined - 14mm(9\/16") ID - Black

Ronstan Fairlead - Stainless Steel Lined - 14mm(9/16") ID - Black

Fairlead - Stainless Steel Lined - 14mm(9/16") ID - BlackFairleads are a simple and economical means of containing, deflecting or correcting the lead angle of control lines. Stainless steel liners provide greater abrasion resistance.Features:Impact...

Ronstan Split Cotter Ring - 25mm(1") ID

Ronstan Split Cotter Ring - 25mm(1") ID

Split Cotter Ring - 25mm(1") IDSuits clevis pins RF267 - RF278Grade 316 Stainless Steel

Sea Dog Rail Mount Fairlead w/ Stainless Insert

Sea Dog Rail Mount Fairlead w/ Stainless Insert

Sea Dog Rail Mount Fairlead w/ Stainless Insert The Sea Dog Rail Mount Fairlead features a injection-molded nylon fairlead with stainless insert. Allows easy routing of roller furling lines, and the stainless insert allows use of wire lines if necessary...

Ronstan Sail Slide - Internal Track - 22mm(7\/8") Wide x 42mm(1-21\/32") Long

Ronstan Sail Slide - Internal Track - 22mm(7/8") Wide x 42mm(1-21/32") Long

Sail Slide - Internal Track - 22mm(7/8") Wide x 42mm(1-21/32") LongImpact Resistant, U.V. Stabilized NylonWhite Specifications:Color: WhiteBox Dimensions: 1"H x 1"W x 2"L WT: 0.1 lbsUPC: 9316800210787

Ronstan Split Cotter Ring - 14mm(5\/8") ID

Ronstan Split Cotter Ring - 14mm(5/8") ID

Split Cotter Ring - 14mm(5/8") IDSuits clevis pins RF260 - RF274Grade 316 Stainless Steel

Ronstan Series 30 Ball Bearing Orbit Block - Single - Becket - Swivel Shackle Head

Ronstan Series 30 Ball Bearing Orbit Block™ - Single - Becket - Swivel Shackle Head

Series 30 Ball Bearing Orbit Block™ - Single - Becket - Swivel Shackle HeadBall Bearing Orbit Blocks™ boast the highest strength-to-weight ratio available. This is achieved through all-composite reinforced polymer materials and multiple...

Ronstan Split Ring - 11mm(7\/16") Diameter

Ronstan Split Ring - 11mm(7/16") Diameter

Split Ring - 11mm(7/16") DiameterSuits Clevis Pins RF260-RF266

Whitecap Rubber Spreader Boot - Pair - Medium - White

Whitecap Rubber Spreader Boot - Pair - Medium - White

Rubber Spreader Boot - Pair - Medium - WhiteFeatures:White Rubber Spreader BootMedium Spread Insert: 1" - 2"Stay Insert: 3/16"Length: 2-3/8"Height: 5-3/4"

Davis Windex 15 Wind Vane

Davis Windex 15 Wind Vane

Davis Windex 15 Wind Vane Davis Windex Wind Vanes deliver exceptional performance at the best value. This wind vane features a sapphire jewel suspension bearing, large fin-low inertia vane, and easy-to-read, fully adjustable tacking tab system...

Lewmar Winch Handle Pocket

Lewmar Winch Handle Pocket

Lewmar Winch Handle Pocket This Lewmar Winch Handle Pocket will mount anywhere in a vertical position and fits 10" standard winch handles. With 4 mounting holes, 3 at the top and one at the base, this winch handle pocket is easy to install. Made of soft...

Ronstan Drain Plug & Housing - Coarse Thread - Black Nylon

Ronstan Drain Plug & Housing - Coarse Thread - Black Nylon

Drain Plug & Housing - Coarse Thread - Black NylonFeatures:24mm(15/16") Hole DiameterWater tight sealRetaining legsUV Stabilized Nylon plug and housing Specifications:Color: Black/RedBox Dimensions: 1"H x 2"W x 3"L WT: 0.1 lbsUPC:...

Ronstan Series 20 Ball Bearing Orbit Block - Single - Dyneema Lashing - Becket Option

Ronstan Series 20 Ball Bearing Orbit Block - Single - Dyneema Lashing - Becket Option

Series 20 Ball Bearing Orbit Block - Single - Dyneema Lashing - Becket OptionThe incredible Series 20 Orbit Block™ is capable of loads up to 250kg (550lb) while weighing a mere 9 grams. It's so light that it needs to be lashed...

Ronstan V-Cleat Fairlead - Small - 3-6mm(1\/8" - 1\/4") Rope Diameter

Ronstan V-Cleat Fairlead - Small - 3-6mm(1/8" - 1/4") Rope Diameter

V-Cleat Fairlead - Small - 3-6mm(1/8" - 1/4") Rope DiameterV-Cleats are a simple solution to cleating lines under moderate loads. Cut away in base of fairlead cleats can be used as a becket for a 2:1 purchase system.Features:Lightweight and corrosion...

Ronstan Twist On Jib Hank - 3mm(1\/8") Wire

Ronstan Twist On Jib Hank - 3mm(1/8") Wire

Twist On Jib Hank - 3mm(1/8") WirePiston hanks includes screws.Applications:Suitable for Keelboat, Dinghy and Trailerable yacht jibsMaterials:Impact resistant, U.V. stablised Nylon Specifications:Color: WhiteBox Dimensions: 1"H x 1"W x...

Ronstan Snap Shackle Lanyard - 3"- Pair

Ronstan Snap Shackle Lanyard - 3"- Pair

Snap Shackle Lanyard - 3" - PairSnap Shackle Lanyards:Makes grabbing snap shackle pins easier to grab. Hand-braided white nylon. Attach to split ring

For some boaters, there is no greater joy than taking to the water under sail. While most sailboats are equipped with small motors, these are auxiliary. Wholesale Marine offers a wide range of sailing apparel, sailing supplies, sailing accessories, and sailboat hardware to fill your boating to-do list. We stock everything you’ll need except the sails, and, of course, the wind!

Wind indicators from  Davis Instruments provide accurate wind direction which is essential for tacking and smooth sailing. A superior choice is the Telo-Cat, which secures easily to the mast and is brightly colored for ease of use. If you need a replacement sailboat block to hoist or lower your halyard,  Ronstan’s Series 75 Core Block is a reliable choice and can withstand dynamic or static loads with ease.

Quality Sailing Gear

Over the years, constantly raising and lowering mainsails can wear away line components. If your rigging needs replacement, we strongly recommend  Barton’s Jack Kit Lightweight Cascade System . The kit features soft block covers that prevent sail chafe and extends its service life. If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your winch,  Andersen’s Self-Tailing Manual Winch is a great choice. It is engineered from stainless steel that’s resistant to corrosion and wear over time. Steering into the wind can stress your tillers while sailing.  Ronstan produces a line of battle sticks including a  Telescopic Lightweight Alloy Split Grip model. It extends up to 4-feet to provide all the leverage you may need.

Wholesale Marine is truly your one-stop boating shop for your sailing supplies and sailing accessories. Just like you, we are boating enthusiasts, so be sure to contact us if you have any questions on a part or upgrade. For the best products to enhance your boating experience including sailing supplies and sailing accessories, give us a call and receive same-day shipping. We’re available Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST at (877) 388-2628. Receive benefits including guaranteed low prices and free shipping on all orders over $99! Need to save money? Make sure you find out about our Captain’s Club Rewards Program for even more savings the next time you shop with us!

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Things to Do in Elektrostal, Russia - Elektrostal Attractions

Things to do in elektrostal.

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sailboat accessories etsy

1. Electrostal History and Art Museum

sailboat accessories etsy

2. Statue of Lenin

sailboat accessories etsy

3. Park of Culture and Leisure

4. museum and exhibition center.

sailboat accessories etsy

5. Museum of Labor Glory

sailboat accessories etsy

7. Galereya Kino

8. viki cinema, 9. smokygrove.

sailboat accessories etsy

10. Gandikap

11. papa lounge bar, 12. karaoke bar.

  • Statue of Lenin
  • Electrostal History and Art Museum
  • Park of Culture and Leisure
  • Museum and Exhibition Center
  • Museum of Labor Glory

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  • Elektrostal', Moscow Oblast, Russia

Featured Reviews for Local Furniture Stores in Elektrostal'

  • Reach out to the pro(s) you want, then share your vision to get the ball rolling.
  • Request and compare quotes, then hire the Furniture & Accessories professional that perfectly fits your project and budget limits.
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The best times to buy furniture in Elektrostal' to get the best deals:

  • For indoor furniture, the best times to buy and save are in January, July, and during holiday weekends. Retailers often offer discounts during these periods to clear out old stock before introducing new styles in February and August. Similarly, Presidents Day and Labor Day weekends are great for sales.
  • Outdoor furniture is more affordable during the summer months, especially around the 4th of July when many retailers offer discounts.

If you are planning a home remodeling project and intend to buy new furniture, it’s essential to time your purchases strategically. Buying furniture too early might lead to storage issues and increased chances of damage during the remodeling process. On the other hand, waiting too long could leave you with limited options and potential delays in completing your project.

What should you know about a Furniture and Accessories Manufacturer?

Here are some basic questions to ask before visiting furniture makers or buying furniture and accessories:, find furniture stores and showrooms near me on houzz, business services, connect with us.


  1. Handcrafted New Cotton Sailboat Hanging Ornament: Free Shipping

    sailboat accessories etsy

  2. New Handcrafted Cotton Sailboat Hanging Ornament: Free Shipping

    sailboat accessories etsy

  3. New Handcrafted Cotton Sailboat Hanging Ornament: Free Shipping

    sailboat accessories etsy

  4. New Handcrafted Batik Cotton Sailboat Hanging Ornament: Free Shipping

    sailboat accessories etsy

  5. Vintage Sailboat Pendant in Gold and Blue and White Enamel

    sailboat accessories etsy

  6. New Handcrafted Batik Cotton Sailboat Hanging Ornament: Free Shipping

    sailboat accessories etsy


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    Here's a look at the seven best sailboat accessories for all kinds of sailors, from day cruisers to long-haulers. Wind indicator. Sea-rail bag. On- deck cooler. Telescoping boat hook. Fiberglass boat repair kit. Barbecue grill. Handheld VHF radio. List your boat & start earning an avg. of $20K yearly with Boatsetter.

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  16. Sailboat Accessories

    Accessories. West Coast Sailing offers a full range of accessories for your sailboat including wind indicators, inspection ports, drain plugs, mast floats, tell tails, hiking straps, hiking benches, maintenance and repair items, books and DVDs, and more. Enjoy fast, free shipping on qualifying orders when you shop today!

  17. Sailing Supplies and Accessories

    For the best products to enhance your boating experience including sailing supplies and sailing accessories, give us a call and receive same-day shipping. We're available Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST at (877) 388-2628. Receive benefits including guaranteed low prices and free shipping on all orders over $99!

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  19. Sailboat Parts & Accessories

    Online presence of The Sailboat Shop, an Austin-based sailing and marine supply store. 4415b Hudson Bend Rd., Austin, TX 78734. Shop New Sailboats - Hobie ... Sailboat Parts & Accessories. Anchors. We carry a variety of types anchors (incl. fluke anchors and mushroom anchors) for boats of different sizes. ...

  20. BETA GIDA, OOO Company Profile

    Find company research, competitor information, contact details & financial data for BETA GIDA, OOO of Elektrostal, Moscow region. Get the latest business insights from Dun & Bradstreet.

  21. Yuzhny prospekt, 6к1, Elektrostal

    Get directions to Yuzhny prospekt, 6к1 and view details like the building's postal code, description, photos, and reviews on each business in the building

  22. THE 10 BEST Things to Do in Elektrostal

    1. Electrostal History and Art Museum. 2. Statue of Lenin. 3. Park of Culture and Leisure. 4. Museum and Exhibition Center. 5.

  23. Local Furniture Stores in Elektrostal'

    Reach out to the pro (s) you want, then share your vision to get the ball rolling. Request and compare quotes, then hire the Furniture & Accessories professional that perfectly fits your project and budget limits. Search 3,015 Elektrostal' local furniture stores to find the best furniture and accessory company for your project.