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Yachting at it's best.

Since the very beginning our mission is to provide yachting at its best for each client and their individual needs.

Lead by a 360 degrees customer approach, guiding you in your journey as a new yacht owner, providing insides and the know-how to find the yacht that will perfectly match your needs.

In one of the most competitive yacht markets worldwide, we have managed the emerge as one of the leading yachting companies due the solid foundations our success is built on: customer care and credibility.

We got you covered with support in every step of this journey:

  • choosing the right brand and model
  • selecting the necessary equipment fitting your needs
  • picking the homeport and dream destination for your new yacht
  • finding the fitting type of ownership, either privately owned or by taking part in one of our charter management programs
  • maintaining your yacht and handling warranty claims, done by our professional after-sales and service team which will keep your boat in perfect shape, and you as the owner carefree
  • once should you decide it is time for a change, our sales team will find the best solution to either upgrade, part-exchange or find a new owner for your yacht

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The world's leading Brands

Hanse and Dehler sailing yachts, Bali catamarans, as well as Sealine and Fjord motorboats and yachts, are the brands we are proud to represent. Aligned with our aim to provide yachting at its best, these innovative brands have been gamechangers and trendsetters in their niche. 

Hanse Yachts

Fast and comfortable sailing yachts with innovative solutions and build quality that makes them stand out from the competition. Their fast cruising and easy sailing concepts prove to be a winning formula.

Bali Catamarans

Revolutionary catamarans from Catana, the famous French shipyard. Their open space concept with uninterrupted space from the rear to the front cockpit and the amount of usable space are simply unbeatable.


An entire range of performance cruisers renowned for their German quality and excellent sailing performance. Despite being performance cruisers, all Dehler yachts are incredibly comfortable and practical.

Sealine Motor Yachts

Founded out of a passion for Yachts and the Sea, combining British tradition with German craftsmanship. The Sealine range sets focus on space, light, and comfort at sea without compromising performance.


Tailored for the ultimate day cruiser experience, Fjord boats are a true design statement, bold and elegant at the same time, emphasizing clean lines and innovative solutions. No motorboat brand has made an impact as the Fjord range.

Ryck Yachts

The all-new boat brand "Made in Germany" Ryck yachts is the perfect all-around weekender and can be tailored to your needs. The modern design is based on a super-hydrodynamic hull paired with the exceptional usability of the walk-around deck and comfortable cabin.

Clear all doubts and experience your potentially new yacht firsthand before committing and final purchase.

Try & Buy

Charter Management

If you would like to own a yacht without worrying about anything, or if you are not sure you could finance it, maintain it or you do not have enough available time to use it as much as you would like to, our Yachting World charter management is something that you should seriously consider.

Get to know our sales advisors

Make your time and money worth more during process of having your own yacht with experienced, yet inventive Croatia Yachting sales advisors.

Get to know our sales advisors

If you are interested in buying yacht or need help planning your perfect vacation, contact us and our experts will gladly answer to all of your questions.

Send inquiry

You can find us in our headquarters:

Address: Dražanac 2/a , 21 000 Split, CROATIA

Sales Office: +385 21 332 348


Office working hours: 8:00 – 16:00 CET

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Feel free to ask us anything – our team is on your side!

For any yacht sales questions during the office hours please call our booking team in our Split headquarters on +385 21 332 348 or send us an e-mail on the address .

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For urgent inquiries after working hours, you can contact our sales advisors individually on their mobile phones or send an e-mail and you will get a response as soon as possible:

Mr. Domagoj Milisic (Yacht sales director) Tel: +385 91 332 3320

Mr. Igor Karmelic (Yacht sales advisor) Tel: +385 91 332 3322

Mr. Ivan Grabovac (Yacht sales advisor) Tel: +385 91 332 3330

After Sales E-mail:

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1'415 Ads Found

Sessa Oyster 36

  • 11.34 x 3.76 m Dimensions
  • 1.00 m Draught
  • 2 x 260 HP / 191 kW Engine Performance
  • 1999 Year Built

Croatia » Zadar » Sukosan

Classic Power Boat, Motor Yacht, Trawler

Greenline 33 Diesel

2014 diesel w. bow thruster & stern thruster

  • 9.99 x 3.49 m Dimensions
  • 1 x 150 HP / 110 kW Engine Performance
  • 2014 Year Built

Croatia » Zadar

Cabin Cruiser, Motor Yacht, Pilothouse

Jeanneau Merry Fisher 895 Offshore

MY23, A/C, top equipment, VAT EXCLUDED

  • 8.95 x 2.99 m Dimensions
  • 0.80 m Draught
  • 2 x 175 HP / 129 kW Engine Performance
  • 2023 Year Built

Croatia » Sibenik-Knin

Cabin Cruiser, Motor Yacht

Focus Motor Yacht Focus Power 36

Focus power 36

  • 11.00 x 3.49 m Dimensions
  • 2021 Year Built

Croatia » Split-Dalmatia » Slano

Viko Yachts S26

First hand, VAT paid

  • 7.80 x 2.80 m Dimensions
  • 1.60 m Draught
  • 1 x 10 HP / 7 kW Engine Performance
  • 2019 Year Built

Croatia » Primorje-Gorski kotar » Insel Cres

Cabin Cruiser, Classic Power Boat, Sport Boat

Regal 2650 caddy

  • 7.50 x 2.55 m Dimensions
  • 1 x 320 HP / 235 kW Engine Performance
  • 2004 Year Built

Croatia » Zadar » Biograd

Cruising Yacht, Sailing Yacht

Gibert Marine GibSea 84

2 abschließbare Doppelkabinen (6 Kojen), extra Naßzelle

  • 8.80 x 2.99 m Dimensions
  • 1.70 m Draught
  • 1 x 18 HP / 13 kW Engine Performance
  • 1985 Year Built

Croatia » Zadar » Dugi Otok

Motor Yacht, Sport Boat

Cranchi Endurance E30

  • 9.85 x 2.98 m Dimensions
  • 0.90 m Draught

Croatia » Split-Dalmatia » Trogir

Flybridge, Motor Yacht

Galeon 640 Fly

Galeon 640 Flybridge 3rd Gen. - immediately available

  • 20.80 x 5.00 m Dimensions
  • 0.99 m Draught
  • 2 x 1'000 HP / 735 kW Engine Performance
  • 2022 Year Built

Croatia » Split-Dalmatia » Seget Donji (Trogir)

Sansak 1060

  • 10.60 x 3.45 m Dimensions
  • 1.40 m Draught
  • 2 x 110 HP / 81 kW Engine Performance

Croatia » Istria » Pula

Motorlaunch Kiel Legend 28

  • 8.80 x 2.65 m Dimensions
  • 0.60 m Draught
  • 2 x 170 HP / 125 kW Engine Performance
  • 2003 Year Built

Croatia » Split-Dalmatia » Insel Brac / ACI Milna

Princess 500

  • 15.60 x 4.38 m Dimensions
  • 2 x 560 HP / 412 kW Engine Performance
  • 1993 Year Built

Croatia » Primorje-Gorski kotar » Rab

Bavaria 33 Sport

  • 10.90 x 3.50 m Dimensions
  • 2 x 450 HP / 331 kW Engine Performance
  • 2010 Year Built

Croatia » Punat

Cabin Cruiser, Motor Yacht, Sport Boat

Manò Marine 24.50

Top maintained planing with 2 engines

  • 8.65 x 2.75 m Dimensions
  • 2 x 135 HP / 99 kW Engine Performance
  • 2007 Year Built

Cruising Yacht, Keelboat, Sailing Yacht

BAVARIA 38 Lagoon

Bavaria 38 Lagoon

  • 11.70 x 3.50 m Dimensions
  • 1.80 m Draught
  • 1 x 27 HP / 20 kW Engine Performance
  • 1988 Year Built

Croatia » Zadar » Veli Rat / Dugi Otok

Flybridge, Motor Yacht, Sport Boat

Schachner Flagship 38

(Austrian quality shipyard)

  • 12.00 x 4.00 m Dimensions
  • 1.05 m Draught
  • 2 x 600 HP / 441 kW Engine Performance
  • 1994 Year Built

Croatia » Primorje-Gorski kotar » Insel Rab

Flybridge, Motor Yacht, Trawler

Crestitalia Maiora 40

spacious motor yacht with plenty of room for the whole family

  • 15.60 x 4.08 m Dimensions
  • 2 x 433 HP / 318 kW Engine Performance
  • 1980 Year Built

Croatia » Istria » Punat

Bayliner 652 CU

TOP gepflegtes & sparsames Raumwunder

  • 6.22 x 2.44 m Dimensions
  • 0.47 m Draught
  • 1 x 138 HP / 101 kW Engine Performance
  • 2006 Year Built

Croatia » Sibenik-Knin » Murter

Bowrider, Hardtop, Sport Boat

Axopar 24 TTop S

Axopar adventure

  • 7.44 x 2.55 m Dimensions
  • 0.54 m Draught
  • 1 x 250 HP / 184 kW Engine Performance
  • 2017 Year Built

Croatia » Sibenik-Knin » Vodice

Sea Ray Sunsport 240

  • 6.96 x 2.55 m Dimensions
  • 0.95 m Draught
  • 1 x 300 HP / 221 kW Engine Performance
  • 2008 Year Built

Azimut Fly 47

  • 14.00 x 4.75 m Dimensions
  • 1.20 m Draught
  • 2 x 567 HP / 417 kW Engine Performance

Croatia » Zadar » Drage

Bayliner 305 Verhandlungsbasis

Power boat, basis for negotiation

  • 9.61 x 3.36 m Dimensions
  • 2005 Year Built

Croatia » Primorje-Gorski kotar » Marina Punat Krk

Regal Commodore

Sind Wasser- und Kraftstofftanks vollständig gefüllt? (testen Sie ein Boot immer mit vollen Tanks)

  • 8.53 x 2.99 m Dimensions
  • 2 x 225 HP / 165 kW Engine Performance

Croatia » Primorje-Gorski kotar » Krk/Punat

Classic Sailing Yacht, Sailing Yacht

Bavaria 38-3 Holliday

Owner yacht, no rental, EU-taxed

  • 11.85 x 3.85 m Dimensions
  • 1.85 m Draught
  • 1 x 29 HP / 21 kW Engine Performance
  • 1997 Year Built

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Used catamarans for sale in Croatia

Nautitech 47, windelo 50 adventure, lagoon 560 s2, lagoon 450 s, robertson and caine leopard 45, robertson and caine leopard 50, lagoon 450 f, upwind 50 eco, related searches.

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Metallurgicheskii Zavod Electrostal AO (Russia)

In 1993 "Elektrostal" was transformed into an open joint stock company. The factory occupies a leading position among the manufacturers of high quality steel. The plant is a producer of high-temperature nickel alloys in a wide variety. It has a unique set of metallurgical equipment: open induction and arc furnaces, furnace steel processing unit, vacuum induction, vacuum- arc furnaces and others. The factory has implemented and certified quality management system ISO 9000, received international certificates for all products. Elektrostal today is a major supplier in Russia starting blanks for the production of blades, discs and rolls for gas turbine engines. Among them are companies in the aerospace industry, defense plants, and energy complex, automotive, mechanical engineering and instrument-making plants.

Headquarters Ulitsa Zheleznodorozhnaya, 1 Elektrostal; Moscow Oblast; Postal Code: 144002

Contact Details: Purchase the Metallurgicheskii Zavod Electrostal AO report to view the information.


EMIS company profiles are part of a larger information service which combines company, industry and country data and analysis for over 145 emerging markets.

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used sailboats for sale croatia

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used sailboats for sale croatia

For the first time Rosatom Fuel Division supplied fresh nuclear fuel to the world’s only floating nuclear cogeneration plant in the Arctic

The fuel was supplied to the northernmost town of Russia along the Northern Sea Route.

used sailboats for sale croatia

The first in the history of the power plant refueling, that is, the replacement of spent nuclear fuel with fresh one, is planned to begin before 2024. The manufacturer of nuclear fuel for all Russian nuclear icebreakers, as well as the Akademik Lomonosov FNPP, is Machinery Manufacturing Plant, Joint-Stock Company (MSZ JSC), a company of Rosatom Fuel Company TVEL that is based in Elektrostal, Moscow Region.

The FNPP includes two KLT-40S reactors of the icebreaking type. Unlike convenient ground-based large reactors (that require partial replacement of fuel rods once every 12-18 months), in the case of these reactors, the refueling takes place once every few years and includes unloading of the entire reactor core and loading of fresh fuel into the reactor.

The cores of KLT-40 reactors of the Akademik Lomonosov floating power unit have a number of advantages compared to the reference ones: a cassette core was used for the first time in the history of the unit, which made it possible to increase the fuel energy resource to 3-3.5 years between refuelings, and also reduce the fuel component of the electricity cost by one and a half times. The FNPP operating experience formed the basis for the designs of reactors for nuclear icebreakers of the newest series 22220. Three such icebreakers have been launched by now.

For the first time the power units of the Akademik Lomonosov floating nuclear power plant were connected to the grid in December 2019, and put into commercial operation in May 2020. The supply of nuclear fuel from Elektrostal to Pevek and its loading into the second reactor is planned for 2024. The total power of the Akademik Lomonosov FNPP, supplied to the coastal grid of Pevek without thermal energy consumption on shore, is about 76 MW, being about 44 MW in the maximum thermal power supply mode. The FNPP generated 194 million kWh according to the results of 2023. The population of Pevek is just a little more than 4 thousand, while the FNPP has a potential for supplying electricity to a city with a population of up to 100 thousand people. After the FNPP commissioning two goals were achieved. These include first of all the replacement of the retiring capacities of the Bilibino NPP, which has been operating since 1974, as well as the Chaunskaya TPP, which has already been operating for more than 70 years. Secondly, energy is supplied to the main mining companies in western Chukotka in the Chaun-Bilibino energy hub a large ore and metal cluster, including gold mining companies and projects related to the development of the Baimsk ore zone. In September 2023, a 110 kilovolt power transmission line with a length of 490 kilometers was put into operation, connecting the towns of Pevek and Bilibino. The line increased the reliability of energy supply from the FNPP to both Bilibino consumers and mining companies, the largest of which is the Baimsky GOK. The comprehensive development of the Russian Arctic is a national strategic priority. To increase the NSR traffic is of paramount importance for accomplishment of the tasks set in the field of cargo shipping. This logistics corridor is being developed due regular freight voyages, construction of new nuclear-powered icebreakers and modernization of the relevant infrastructure. Rosatom companies are actively involved in this work. Rosatom Fuel Company TVEL (Rosatom Fuel Division) includes companies fabricating nuclear fuel, converting and enriching uranium, manufacturing gas centrifuges, conducting researches and producing designs. As the only nuclear fuel supplier to Russian NPPs, TVEL supplies fuel for a total of 75 power reactors in 15 countries, for research reactors in nine countries, as well as for propulsion reactors of the Russian nuclear fleet. Every sixth power reactor in the world runs on TVEL fuel. Rosatom Fuel Division is the world’s largest producer of enriched uranium and the leader on the global stable isotope market. The Fuel Division is actively developing new businesses in chemistry, metallurgy, energy storage technologies, 3D printing, digital products, and decommissioning of nuclear facilities. TVEL also includes Rosatom integrators for additive technologies and electricity storage systems. Rosenergoatom, Joint-Stock Company is part of Rosatom Electric Power Division and one of the largest companies in the industry acting as an operator of nuclear power plants. It includes, as its branches, 11 operating NPPs, including the FNPP, the Scientific and Technical Center for Emergency Operations at NPPs, Design and Engineering as well as Technological companies. In total, 37 power units with a total installed capacity of over 29.5 GW are in operation at 11 nuclear power plants in Russia. Machinery Manufacturing Plant, Joint-Stock Company (MSZ JSC, Elektrostal) is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fuel for nuclear power plants. The company produces fuel assemblies for VVER-440, VVER-1000, RBMK-1000, BN-600,800, VK-50, EGP-6; powders and fuel pellets intended for supply to foreign customers. It also produces nuclear fuel for research reactors. The plant belongs to the TVEL Fuel Company of Rosatom.

used sailboats for sale croatia

Rosatom obtained a license for the first land-based SMR in Russia

On April 21, Rosenergoatom obtained a license issued by Rostekhnadzor to construct the Yakutsk land-based SMR in the Ust-Yansky District of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

used sailboats for sale croatia

ROSATOM and FEDC agree to cooperate in the construction of Russia's first onshore SNPP

ROSATOM and FEDC have signed a cooperation agreement to build Russia's first onshore SNPP in Yakutia.

used sailboats for sale croatia

Rosatom develops nuclear fuel for modernized floating power units

Rosatom has completed the development of nuclear fuel for the RITM-200S small modular reactor designed for the upgraded floating power units.


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  1. Sail boats for sale in Croatia

    Sail boats for sale in Croatia Clear Filter Country: Croatia Category: All Sail Location By Radius By Country country-all All Countries Country-US United States Country-IT Italy Country-GB United Kingdom Country-FR France Country-ES Spain Country-HR Croatia Country-GR Greece Country-CA Canada Country-NL Netherlands Country-TR Turkey

  2. Sail boats for sale in Croatia

    Sail boats for sale in Croatia 730 Boats Available $ - US Dollar Gallery View Advertisement Lagoon 450 F Primošten, Croatia 2016 $542,336 Seller Q-Yacht d.o.o. 30 +385 994357037 Bali 4.2 Dalmatia, Croatia 2022 $740,539 Seller munitor 20 +385 52 517 710 New Arrival Nautor Swan 45 Rijeka, Croatia 2005 $381,160

  3. Used Sail boats for sale in Croatia

    Used Sail boats for sale in Croatia Power-bowrider Power-convertible Power-cruiser Power-express-cruiser Power-flybridge Power-gulet Power-inflatable Power-mega-yacht Power-motorsailer Power-other Power-power-catamaran Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB) Power-runabout Power-sport-fishing Power-sports-cruiser Power-tender Power-trawler Power-unspecified

  4. Boats for sale in Croatia

    Boats and Yachts in Croatia. YachtWorld now offers 1,811 yachts for sale in Croatia from experienced yacht brokers and new boat dealers who can often offer various warranty packages for your yacht along with loans and financing options. Of these listings there are 267 new watercraft and 1,544 used boats and yachts for sale right now.

  5. Used sailing boats for sale

    Sailboats sale Croatia 22 boats, 22 models Limit price to 60000 - 300000 € 300000 - 500000 € 500000 - 600000 € Sort results by Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 380 At marina Hrvatska Year 2023 ID 6 Length 11.75 m (38.5 ft) Cabins 3 Berths 6 Price 209,000€ SEND ENQUIRY Boat detail Elan GT6 At marina Hrvatska Year 2022 ID 6 Length 15.2 m (49.9 ft) Cabins 3

  6. Sailboat

    Yachtall, your international boat market offers you used sailboats and second hand sailing yachts worldwide. Buy or sale, cheap or exclusive - Croatia or another country. Sailboats of all kind! 371 sailboats in Croatia Your search: sailboat + Croatia Grand Soleil 46.3 Sailboat / sailing yacht: Cantiere del Pardo, used boat

  7. Used Yachts for Sale in Croatia: Get Your Own Lagoon 400S2!

    USED SAILBOATS FOR SALE IN CROATIA Ex-Charter Yachts for Sale in Split, Croatia Welcome to Fair Wind Yachts Sale, your ultimate destination for finding the finest used sailing boats for sale in Croatia. If you've been dreaming of owning a sleek and reliable yacht to call your own, now is the perfect time to make that dream a reality.

  8. Sailboats for sale in Croatia

    Used boats for sale in Croatia (106) Used sailboats 10 to 12 meters in Croatia (49) Used catamarans for sale in Croatia (35) Used sailboats 8 to 10 meters in Croatia (13) English Français English Italiano Español ...

  9. Sailboats for sale

    289,000 € Split, Croatia Almissani (Head Office) 2023 Dufour 390 240,000 €

  10. New and used boats for sale in Croatia

    Hanse and Dehler sailing yachts, Bali catamarans, as well as Sealine and Fjord motorboats and yachts, are the brands we are proud to represent. Aligned with our aim to provide yachting at its best, these innovative brands have been gamechangers and trendsetters in their niche.

  11. Croatia Buy a used boat

    1'414 Ads Found Save Search Order by 1 / 92 TOP Cruising Yacht, Sailing Yacht Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 509 Tailor made for Med sailing, Owners Cabin, Davit 15.00 x 4.60 mDimensions 1.90 mDraught Croatia » Split-Dalmatia » Hvar EUR 210.000,- Used Boat Year Built 2014 Show offer 1 / 34 TOP Cabin Cruiser, Deck Boat, Sport Boat Barracuda 585 DC

  12. Sailboats used for sale

    Sailboats used for sale - Croatia Clear Filter Condition: Used Country: For Sale By 341 used boats Sort By : Length: Longest first sort-by Recently Updated: Newest first sort-by Recently Updated: Oldest first sort-by Year: Newest first sort-by Year: Oldest first sort-by Length: Longest first sort-by Length: Shortest first sort-by Price: High to Low

  13. Preowened Sailboats for Sale │ Croatia Yacht Charter

    Sailboats for sale Croatia 22 boats, 22 models Limit price to 60000 - 300000 € 300000 - 500000 € 500000 - 600000 € Sort results by Elan GT6 At marina Hrvatska Year 2022 ID 6 Length 15.2 m (49.9 ft) Cabins 3 Berths 6 Price 573,000€ Send enquiry Boat Detail Jeanneau 58 At marina Year 2018 ID 6 Length 17.28 m (56.7 ft) Cabins 3 Berths 6

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    New and used boats for sale in Croatia Croatia Filter by manufacturer Abacus Marine Abati Yachts Absolute Yachts Adagio Admiral Yachts Aicon Yachts Airon Marine Akilaria Alesta Marine Alm Jachtbouw Apreamare Yachts Aquaspirit Arkin Pruva Yachts Arno Leopard Astondoa Yachts Atlantic Atlantis Yachts Avon Axopar Boats Azimut Yachts Azzura Yachts

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    2023 D&D Kufner 54. 490,000 €. Istra, Croatia. 16m - 2023. Marine One Boats. >. Cruisers are sailing yachts designed for long voyages and for this reason, they have large and spacious cabins for maximum comfort on board and a high freeboard to ensure a higher level of safety. The more modern versions are equipped with internal and external ...

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    Find Sailboat for sale on YachtWorld Europe's largest marketplace for boats & yachts. We connect over 10 million boat buyers and sellers each year! ... Sailboat boats for sale - Croatia. Create Search Alert. Clear Filter Make / Model: All Sailboat Country: Croatia. Country. country-all. All Countries. Country-ES. Spain. Country-FR. France ...

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    ATLANTIQUE YACHT BROKERProfessional. 1. 2. Used sailboats for sale in Croatia (166) Used boats for sale in Croatia. Used sailboats 8 to 10 meters in Croatia. All our used catamarans for sale in Croatia. Compare prices.

  18. Metallurgicheskii Zavod Electrostal AO (Russia)

    Main Activities: Iron and Steel Mills and Ferroalloy Manufacturing | Nonferrous Metal (except Copper and Aluminum) Rolling, Drawing, and Extruding. Full name: Metallurgicheskii Zavod Electrostal AO Profile Updated: February 22, 2024. Buy our report for this company USD 29.95 Most recent financial data: 2022 Available in: English & Russian ...

  19. Elektrostal to Moscow

    Moscow, Russia. Moscow is the capital and largest city of the Russian Federation. The city stands on the Moskva River in Central Russia, with a population estimated at 13.0 million residents within the city limits, over 18.8 million residents in the urban area, and over 21.5 million residents in the metropolitan area.

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    Find Sail Catamaran boats for sale in Croatia. Offering the best selection of boats to choose from.

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    Find company research, competitor information, contact details & financial data for BETA GIDA, OOO of Elektrostal, Moscow region. Get the latest business insights from Dun & Bradstreet.

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    Motorized yachts are more common than sailboats in Split with 41 powerboats listed for sale right now, versus 7 listings for sailboats. Yacht prices in Split Prices for yachts in Split start at $56,602 for the lowest priced boats, up to $13,687,896 for the most luxurious, opulent superyachts and megayachts, with an average overall yacht value ...

  23. For the first time Rosatom Fuel Division supplied fresh nuclear fuel to

    The cores of KLT-40 reactors of the Akademik Lomonosov floating power unit have a number of advantages compared to the reference ones: a cassette core was used for the first time in the history of the unit, which made it possible to increase the fuel energy resource to 3-3.5 years between refuelings, and also reduce the fuel component of the ...