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turkey by gulet

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to sail through the breathtaking landscapes of Croatia's Dalmatia Coast while enjoying a mix of fun and relaxation. With 4, 5, and 8-day sails starting and finishing in Split and Dubrovnik, there's a perfect itinerary for everyone.

turkey by gulet

Indulge yourself in discovering the true beauty of Greece with this unique tour. You will have the opportunity to explore the stunning Ionian Sea on a classic Gulet boat, visiting the magical islands of Zakynthos, Kefalonia, and Lefkada. Additionally, you will island-hop by ferry through the fascinating Aegean Sea, visiting Mykonos, Ios, and Santorini. And of course, no trip to Greece would be complete without a day in the timeless city of Athens. This tour offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to discover the beauty of Greece.

turkey by gulet

Uncover the wonders of the hidden gem of the Adriatic. Choose between our two 8-day routes: the Grand Route and the Montenegro Gems Route. Set sail on a captivating journey along Montenegro's stunning Adriatic coastline aboard a classic Gulet boat. Traverse the azure waters as you discover the enchanting charm of ancient towns like Kotor and Budva, where history blends seamlessly with breathtaking natural beauty.

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turkey grand admiral

Admiral Gulet

Location: Fethiye Max Guests: 36 Cabins: 16

aegean clipper bodrum

Aegean Clipper Gulet

Location: Bodrum Max Guests: 22 Cabins: 11

aegean pearl gulet

Aegean Pearl Gulet

Location: Bodrum Max Guests: 8 Cabins: 4

gulet alcatraz

Alcatraz Gulet

Location: Bodrum Max Guests: 12 Cabins: 6

aleyna gulet

Aleyna 3 Gulet

Location: Fethiye Max Guests: 12 Cabins: 5

aliaga gulet bodrum

Aliaga 1 Gulet

gulet alper

Alper A Gulet

Location: Marmaris Max Guests: 16 Cabins: 8

fethiye turkey yacht charter

Altair 2 Gulet

Location: Fethiye Max Guests: 12 Cabins: 6

gulet amazon solo

Amazon Solo Gulet

Location: Gocek Max Guests: 12 Cabins: 6

gulet ametist bodrum

Ametist A Gulet

Location: Bodrum Max Guests: 20 Cabins: 9

amra gulet turkey

Location: Bodrum Max Guests: 9 Cabins: 4

gulet angel bodrum

Angel 2 Gulet

Location: Bodrum Max Guests: 23 Cabins: N/A


A gulet is a classic wooden, motorized, and sailing boat that is perfect for long sea voyages and close-to-land cruises.

Traditional Turkish gulets are made-to-order boats that skilled artisans construct from wood. Because they provide a very comfortable cruising experience, gulets, often referred to as motor sailboats, are perfect for coastal excursions and lengthy sea cruises.

We are aware that the first gulet construction began in Turkey’s Bodrum region. However, production is also taking place in Bozburun, Marmaris, Fethiye, and Istanbul as a result of the expanding market and demand.

Types of Gulets

Gulet: The gulet is the most well-known traditional yacht design for Blue Cruise. The dining table and seating area are located at the back of the gulets.

There is typically a sofa and enough sun pillows out front for everyone. The entrance to the cabins is through this hall, which features a dining table according to the size of the gulet and an interior hall.

The yacht’s round stern causes the guest quarters to be in the front, while the aft side is typically used as the technical area. The ability to sail is marginally superior to that of Aynakic gulets.

The AFT parts of Aynakic gulets are not round, as they are in gulets, but rather are in a structure with raised corners, which is a key characteristic that sets them apart from ordinary gulets.

They typically use this space for the suite room, or what we would refer to as the “master cabin.” All other details are the same as for gulets, with the exception of this characteristic.

Tirhandil is the oldest local wooden boat type with a pointed stern and the best-suited wooden yacht for sailing. Today, the equipment has changed from sloop to lifeboat and from sail to sail; the majority of them are three-corner sails.

They do not construct them on particularly lengthy decks, often between 15 and 25 meters, like other kinds. The same standards apply to their cabins. If you like sailing, this is the best option.

Accommodation on Gulets

Traditional Turkish gulets have evolved in appearance over time. A modern gulet today resembles a high-end floating hotel and can be anywhere between 15 and 55 meters (50 and 180 feet) in length. Gulet length and passenger capacity are not inversely related.

A 20-meter gulet, for instance, might contain three guest cabins or six. The cabins must be smaller in order to accommodate additional cabins of the same size. But in general, taller gulets make up vessels with six or more multi-cabs.

Every cabin on gulets of different shapes and sizes was created with the needs of the passenger in mind, including a bed, wardrobe, separate shower, and toilet.

However, extra comfort amenities like sofa sets, dressers, work desks, and jacuzzis are also available, depending on the size of the rooms and the level of luxury of the boat. There are separate cabins for personnel in the guest cabins.

Gulet Passenger Safety

On gulets, the welfare of the passengers comes first. As a result, each gulet contains numerous fuel and clean water tanks. Additionally, it features a complete set of navigation and safety equipment, including life jackets, fire extinguishers, GSM phones, and VHF radios.

All of these safety precautions and modern technologies prevent any potential emergency and enhance your seaside vacation.

Types of Gulet Charters

Private yacht charter: When you charter a gulet, the entire vessel—along with its crew—is yours for the duration of the rental period. Within the parameters outlined in your rental agreement, you are free to take any route during the rental term.

And you are not restricted to any set timetable; you can plan your vacation however you like. You can purchase our ready-made menu packages and avoid sticking to a typically restricted menu, just as you can shop for your rations.

Renting a private gulet is the perfect choice if you want to spend a luxurious vacation at sea with your family or enjoy the sea and entertainment with close friends.

For a trip you won’t forget and wish to repeat, choose from traditional, classic, luxury, or ultra-luxury yacht charter options to suit your needs and experience.

Cabin rentals : On a shared tour, one or more cabins may be rented. The schedule for the route, lunch times, and meal components remain the same.

The purpose of in-cabin trips, which they typically arrange on classic gulets, is to experience the spirit and joy of the Blue Cruise rather than taking a vacation on a luxury yacht. Let’s say you can’t organize enough groups to rent a private gulet or you go over your budget.

Then, a cabin rental could provide you with a relaxing blue-tour vacation. Renting a cabin will help you make the most of your vacation by allowing you to cruise in style, widen your circle of friends, and meet new acquaintances on the boat.


Where else can you enjoy the peace and quiet of the Blue Sea, which has everything you need to make up for the weariness of the whole year? In the Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean, where there are “Blue Weeks” that never end and warm seas, you can have a great vacation.

Bluetourturkey.com has helped people for a long time. Many of our guests come back every year to see more of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. Maybe you’d like to come back and try something new. Nature gives you a great temperature, a calm sea, a lot of history and culture, and delicious food.

During the day, you can walk between boats along the coast and stop in different bays. At night, you can stay in a very quiet bay where no one else is. You can drink something cold and watch the sun go down. Or, if you want, you can tie up your boat in a busy port and enjoy the holiday mood of the people there.

Places like the blue coast of Turkey, the Greek islands, and the eastern shores of the Adriatic, Croatia, and Montenegro are also options.

For tourists looking for the sun, Turkey is very famous. Regular regional flights to international airports in southwest Turkey have made this place very easy to get to. A lot of people also visit places like Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek, and Antalya during the long summer months. Each of these places is an area that can be part of the boat rental program.

Local tour operators, especially those from other parts of Europe, have a strong interest in the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. The great thing about a gulet rental vacation is that you can visit some of these islands. Rhodes, Symi, and Kos all have ports that are close to the Turkish shore. These are great islands for people who want to see places in both areas. Between the Greek islands in the west and the many Greek islands in the north, you can mix and match a lot of different options.

Let’s say you have to choose between two routes that are very different. In that case, you can get more information about each area by getting in touch with us.


Go with the rhythm and enjoy turkey..

For a luxurious exploration of a world of luxury, whether it be a historical journey, a gulet rental holiday in Turkey provides secret coves, scenic villages, and stunning and varied cruising regions.

It’s a serene location where you can enjoy some water activities or go shopping. In Turkey, there is something new to learn for everyone.

Turkey, which is in the eastern Mediterranean, is one of the top vacation spots for yachts. The best way to experience Turkey’s magnificent coastline, which features ancient ruins, azure waters, virgin coves and bays, and delectable cuisine, is with a private Gulet charter.

Turkey is a fascinating nation with roots in many different cultures, vibrant cities, and sparkling ports. The nation is among the best on the globe for your upcoming vacation because of its friendly culture. The sixth-most popular tourist destination in the world is Turkey, which also hosts the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

A yacht charter in Turkey is a must-do experience because it offers a variety of tour alternatives that will appeal to everyone.

You can explore a historic location, undiscovered bays, or an old settlement. Everything you decide to undertake here turns into a life-changing journey.

Turkey Travel Guide for Gulet Rental

Depending on where you want to go, you can fly into Dalaman Airport (DLM) or Bodrum Airport (BJV) to get to your yacht in Turkish waters. For instance, Dalaman Airport would work for you if your tour departs from Gocek, Fethiye, or Marmaris.

Those of our visitors who have vacationed with us in the past are familiar with the most popular locations and attractions. However, our website includes very thorough destination, route, and travel information for our new visitors.

Visit the links for Turkey and Greece, as well as the recommended routes link for the best-selected cruise itineraries, to learn more about your intended destinations. Ask for further information and clarification on any aspects that are sticking in your mind if you are having trouble deciding which course to take.

Please consult our knowledgeable experts about it. Our staff takes the time to hear what you want and then works with you to identify the path to happiness.

You have numerous options to visit a different location every day if you choose to take a gulet rental vacation in Turkey. A fresh bay, another harbor, and an alluring island are always waiting to be discovered.

You get to decide what sights you wish to see along the trip, including pleasant islands, lovely cities, and fascinating ports. Your decision is yours.

You don’t need to rush through tariffs, plans, or lists on this holiday. Instead, you may take a drink on your yacht, watch the sunset over the water, enjoy the sea when no one else is around, and swim to your heart’s content away from the bustle and congestion.

Anchor at any port and enjoy a local-only tavern for dinner without feeling like a tourist.

In Turkey, How to Rent a Gulet

To enjoy a luxurious seaside vacation and to share this amazing experience with friends and family, you can hire a gulet. You can choose from super-luxury, luxury, classic, or affordable gulet rental options to rent the boat that best fits your budget.

Your comfort is our first focus with each choice. So sit back, unwind, and trust our knowledgeable staff to make your trip as pleasurable as possible. Keep in mind that they plan your vacation so you can unwind and enjoy it to the fullest.

To view our gulet fleet, go to our website. To report your inquiries and requests, use communication tools and question forms. Then, let our knowledgeable team do the rest. They’ll locate the ideal gulet for you and provide the most enjoyable vacation.

You may feel secure working with us. There are no hidden fees, and the booking process is simple and convenient. A money-back guarantee is offered by us.

Bluetourturkey.com Guarantee

We are a reputable yacht broker with many years of industry knowledge. We are prepared to offer services at any moment, thanks to our skilled team and vigor.

From the time you first get in touch with us until you arrive home with pleasant recollections, it is our goal to be by your side throughout the entire process.

We try our hardest to ensure that you enjoy your vacation and feel relaxed. The entire procedure is documented legally, and we always uphold your legal rights.

On our website, you may find details on yacht charter contracts, cancellation policies, and other topics. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Embarking on a Dream Vacation: Discover the Wonders of Turkey with a Blue Cruise Gulet Holiday

Turkey is a great place to get away from everyday life because it has a lot of history and beautiful scenery. A blue cruise gulet trip is one of the most appealing ways to see this beautiful place.

There is an adventure for everyone with a variety of choices, including 3-day gulet cruises and custom excursions. In this blog, we’ll explore the world of Turkish gulet sailing. We’ll talk about the best routes, adventures, and tips for a memorable trip.

Setting sail on a 3-Day Gulet Cruise in Turkey

A 3-day Gulet cruise is a wonderful opportunity to experience Turkey’s breathtaking coastline. While sailing through crystal-clear waterways and stopping at gorgeous bays and historic ruins, learn about the highlights of this lovely country. Other well-liked itineraries include:

See the stunning Butterfly Valley, the Blue Lagoon, and the quaint hamlet of Kayaköy on your trip from Fethiye to Lüdeniz. See the magnificent Cleopatra’s Island, the historic city of Knidos, and the tranquil English Harbour on your trip from Bodrum to Gökova.

Selecting the Best Turkish Gulet Cruises

There are several things to take into account while choosing the ideal gulet cruise in Turkey, including the itinerary, time frame, and boat. Find reliable businesses that provide custom itineraries, knowledgeable personnel, and cozy accommodations.

Classic wooden sailing boats called “blue cruise gulets” are used to explore the coast of Turkey at your own pace. These boats normally hold 8 to 16 people, providing an intimate setting ideal for a special getaway. When you sail along the Turquoise Coast on a Gulet cruise, you get a unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

Immerse yourself in Blue Cruise Gulet Holidays Turkey

The best way to experience Turkey’s rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landscapes is on a blue cruise gulet vacation. Relax on decks bathed in sunlight, go swimming in remote bays, and eat delicious Turkish food made by your onboard chef. Some remarkable journeys’ high points include:

Seeing historical places and ancient ruins Finding secluded coves and thriving marine life Being treated with the customary Turkish hospitality Paragraph Five: Blue Voyage Gulet Turkey: A Time-Travel Trip

Discover the mysteries of the past on a blue cruise gulet tour through Turkey, which has a long history. From the ruins of Lycian cities to the beauty of Byzantine architecture, each stop gives you a fascinating look into Turkey’s long history. Among the historical sites that are a must-see are:

Myra Castle 

A blue cruise gulet vacation in Turkey is a unique way to relax, see the sights, and learn about the culture. Every traveler can have a great trip because there are so many routes and ships to choose from.

Prepare to be spellbound by Turkey’s charm as you set sail on the turquoise coast’s beautiful waters.

Book a Gulet Cruise in Turkey: Charter a Gulet for an Unforgettable Family Adventure

Charter a gulet in turkey: discover the wonders of a gulet blue cruise with your family.

One of the most popular vacation activities in Turkey is a gulet cruise. The Mediterranean and Aegean Seas’ breathtaking coastlines and crystal-clear waters can be explored on these exquisite wooden vessels, sometimes known as “gulets.”

A gulet cruise in Turkey is the ideal way for families and friends to get together and make lifelong memories while getting away from the rush and bustle of everyday life. This blog post covers how to rent a Gulet in Turkey, what to anticipate on your Gulet Blue cruise, and how to make it the ideal family trip.

Charter a Gulet in Turkey

You can rent a gulet in Turkey in many ways that suit different tastes and budgets. There are many different kinds of gulets, from simple and traditional to luxurious and modern.

Start by looking for reliable companies and websites that provide Gulet charters before making a reservation for your Gulet cruise in Turkey.

Check for client testimonials, pictures, and comprehensive details regarding the gulets that are offered. It’s time to reserve your dream trip once you’ve identified the best gulet for your requirements.

What to Expect on a Gulet Blue Cruise

A gulet blue cruise provides the ideal fusion of leisure, exploration, and cultural immersion. Your Gulet cruise can include the following:

Turkey’s coast is known for its stunning beauty, with its quiet bays, blue oceans, and beautiful islands.

Enjoy the clear seas for swimming, snorkeling, and even scuba diving. Water sports, including kayaking, paddle boarding, and water skiing, are also available on several gulets.

Historical Sites : Go through historic sites along the shore, including lovely villages and prehistoric remains.

Enjoy delectable Turkish cuisine served freshly on board by the knowledgeable crew.

Relaxation : Take a seat on the deck, enjoy the sunshine, and allow the gentle swaying of the gulet to help you forget about your troubles.

Family Gulet Turkey: Making it the Perfect Adventure

Families can enjoy a gulet cruise in Turkey because it has plenty to offer everyone. Take into account the following advice to make your family’s Gulet cruise even more enjoyable:

Plan with the entire family in mind. Give everyone a say in the gulet, the itinerary, and the activities.

Choose a gulet that is suited for families by checking if it has games, safety features, and other amenities that your family will find useful.

Make sure there are activities for both adults and children, such as guided tours, swimming, and cultural experiences, when planning activities for all ages.

Encourage your family to spend time together without technology by playing games, talking, or just looking at the stars.

Make lasting memories by taking pictures, making videos, or writing in a travel journal about the best parts of your trip.

Families seeking rest, excitement, and cultural encounters should consider a gulet cruise in Turkey. By renting a gulet, you can customize your getaway to your needs and make priceless family memories.

What are you still holding out for? Now, reserve your family’s gulet experience in Turkey!

Gulet Blue Voyage Turkey

Introduction to gulet cruises.

Imagine sailing along the mesmerizing turquoise coastlines of Turkey on a traditional wooden yacht. That’s the essence of a gulet cruise.

A gulet is a classic Turkish wooden yacht, handcrafted to offer an unforgettable experience while exploring the bays, coves, and ancient ruins scattered along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.

Turkish Coastline Delights

Turkey’s coastline boasts a mix of picturesque landscapes, pristine beaches, and historical sites. From secluded bays and turquoise waters to charming fishing villages and ancient ruins, there is something for everyone.

With a Gulet cruise, you can indulge in a world of natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture, all while enjoying the comforts of a luxury yacht.

Different Types of Gulet Boats

Gulet boats come in many sizes and styles, from traditional wooden yachts to modern luxury boats. Each gulet gives you a unique experience that fits your needs, whether you want to relax in a quiet bay, learn about the area’s history, or do water sports.

Gulet Boat Cruises Turkey

Choosing the right gulet cruise.

When planning a gulet cruise, you should think about the type of boat, the route, the length of the trip, and the available services. Choose a company with a good name and a crew with a lot of experience. Don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions or read reviews from other travelers.

Top Destinations for Gulet Cruises

Most gulet cruises in Turkey go between Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, and Gocek, but some go as far as Antalya or the Greek Islands. Popular stops include Ölüdeniz, Butterfly Valley, Kaş, Kalkan, and ancient sites like Ephesus, Xanthos, and Simena.

Gulet Boat Turkey

Features of gulet boats.

Most gulet boats have large cabins with bathrooms, air conditioning, a sun deck, and a nice place to eat. Some gulets also offer additional amenities such as a jacuzzi, water sports equipment, and Wi-Fi.

The Gulet Boat Experience

On a gulet boat, the atmosphere is more intimate and laid-back than on a big cruise ship. With fewer people on board, you’ll be able to get to know your fellow passengers and crew members better.

Also, gulets can get into smaller bays and coves, making the experience more private and off the beaten path.

Gulet Boats Turkey

Gulet boats vs. other cruises.

What makes Gulet boats different from other cruises is that they offer a personal touch and a real experience. While larger cruise ships may offer more amenities, they often lack the intimacy and charm of a gulet boat.

On a gulet, you can learn about the culture of the area, find hidden gems, and have a slower-paced, more relaxing vacation.

Gulet Bodrum

The beauty of bodrum.

Bodrum is a popular place to go on a gulet cruise because it has beautiful bays, clear water, and a lively nightlife.

This picturesque town on the Aegean coast is home to the impressive Bodrum Castle, which houses the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, as well as the ancient ruins of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Bodrum’s Rich History

The history of Bodrum goes back to the ancient city of Halicarnassus, which was known for its mausoleum and skilled shipbuilders. Today, Bodrum is still proud of its maritime past, and gulet boats are a big part of the city’s booming tourism industry.

Gulet Bodrum Charter

Benefits of a gulet bodrum charter.

Chartering a gulet in Bodrum offers numerous advantages, such as:

  • Flexibility : You can change your schedule and pick the places you want to see, making your trip fit your interests.
  • Privacy : Enjoy a more intimate experience with your friends or family without the crowds typically found on larger cruise ships.
  • Personalized service : benefit from the dedicated attention of a professional crew that caters to your needs and ensures your comfort throughout the trip.
  • Authenticity : Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting small villages, exploring ancient ruins, and sampling traditional Turkish cuisine.

Tips for Choosing a Bodrum Charter

To select the perfect gulet charter in Bodrum, consider the following:

  • Size and capacity : Pick a gulet that is big enough for your group and has comfortable places to live.
  • Budget : Figure out how much you can spend and choose a charter that offers the level of luxury and service you want for that price.
  • Reputation : Look into the charter company’s reputation and read reviews from people who have used them before to make sure everything goes smoothly and you have a good time.

Gulet Cabin Charter Turkey

Gulet cabin charter overview.

A Gulet cabin charter is a cheap way for single travelers, couples, or small groups to go on a Gulet cruise without chartering the whole boat. You’ll share the gulet with other guests, but you’ll still get the same services and amenities as on a private charter.

Advantages of a Cabin Charter

  • Affordability : Cabin charters are cheaper than private gulet charters, so a wider range of travelers can go on them.
  • Socializing : Meet and make friends with other travelers from all over the world who share your interests.
  • Hassle-free : With a set schedule and meals included, you can focus on enjoying the trip and finding out about new places.

Discover the Magic of Gulet Charter in Turkey

Introduction to gulet charters.

A gulet charter is an exceptional way to see the breathtaking Turkish coastline. It offers a once-in-a-lifetime voyage that is full of relaxation and rich cultural encounters.

Gulet charters give you the chance to see undiscovered jewels along the coast and take you to off-limits locations to land while relaxing aboard a traditional wooden boat from Turkey.

Gulet Charter Destinations in Turkey

Along the Turkish coast, you can find some of the most beautiful and unspoiled places to sail in the Mediterranean. Antalya, Bodrum, and Fethiye are three of the main locations for gulet charters; each has its allure and charm.

Gulet Charter Antalya

The best place to start your gulet charter trip is in Antalya, which is known for its ancient sights and clear waters. Visit historic sites, sample regional cuisine, or just unwind on the golden-sand beaches.

Phaselis, Kekova, a buried city, and Kas, a lovely village, are among the attractions.

Gulet Charter Bodrum

Gulet charters often go to Bodrum, a bustling city with a fascinating history. The stunning Bodrum Peninsula, with its quiet coves and unspoiled beaches, is accessible from Bodrum. St. Peter’s Castle, Knidos, an old city, and Gumusluk’s breathtaking natural harbor are a few must-see sights.

Gulet Charter Fethiye

An excellent starting point for your gulet charter journey is Fethiye, a bustling town surrounded by blue seas and beautiful green mountains. Explore the historic city of Telmessos, cruise to the Butterfly Valley, or see the Blue Lagoon in Oludeniz.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to take a traditional Turkish bath or dine on delectable regional cuisine at a seaside restaurant.

Why Choose a Gulet Charter?

A gulet charter provides a unique and genuine approach to seeing Turkey’s breathtaking coastline. It mixes comfort and elegance with a unique, exclusive experience.

You may create your schedule, participate in a variety of activities, and fully immerse yourself in the community. You can genuinely relax and enjoy your holiday when a skilled staff handles all the details.

Planning Your Gulet Charter Adventure

Gulet charters give you many options to meet your needs, from shared cabin charters for singles or couples to private charters for families or groups of friends.

Furthermore, you may choose a regular, luxurious, or ultra-luxurious gulet according to your financial constraints and ideal degree of comfort.

Choosing the Perfect Gulet

Consider aspects like the number of rooms, onboard amenities, and general vessel design when choosing a gulet for your charter. It’s essential to confirm that your party can travel in comfort and that the gulet can meet all of your demands.

Creating an Itinerary

Making the most of your time on the Turkish coast requires planning the ideal route for your gulet charter. When choosing places to go and things to do, think about the interests and travel styles of everyone in your group, as well as how long you plan to stay.

Your gulet charter operator can give you advice and help you make a personalized schedule based on your preferences.

Food and Drinks Onboard

Nothing will make a gulet charter in Turkey complete without feasting on delectable regional food. The majority of gulet charters feature meals made by a talented chef, often using ingredients acquired locally. Before your trip, make sure to discuss any food preferences or limitations with your charter operator.

Gulet Charter Tips

To guarantee your desired gulet and travel dates, reserve well in advance.

Think about the weather, how many people are there, and what’s going on in the area when deciding when to go where you want to go.

Bring just what you’ll need, including proper footwear for exploring on land and comfortable, relaxed attire for your time on board.

To make sure that your visit is easygoing and pleasurable, get familiar with the regional traditions and manners.

Gulet Charter Gocek: An Unforgettable Experience

The beauty of gocek.

Gocek is a genuine gem, tucked away in the middle of Turkey’s Turquoise Coast. This quaint seaside community is renowned for its magnificent beaches, beautiful waters, and active marina.

With its surrounding pine forests and historic ruins, Gocek is a haven for both history buffs and those who value the environment.

Gulet Charter Gocek: An Overview

Gocek’s gulet charters provide a distinctive opportunity to discover this gorgeous area. These traditional wooden sailing vessels provide a small, cozy atmosphere that is ideal for appreciating the area’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

A gulet charter in Gocek can accommodate any traveler’s interests and tastes thanks to the variety of available gulets, from magnificent vessels to more affordable ones.

Gulet Charter in Turkey: A Dream Vacation

Turkey’s stunning coastline.

About 8,000 kilometers of magnificent coastline in Turkey are home to pristine beaches, quiet coves, and towering cliffs. The Turquoise Coast, also known as the Turkish Riviera, is a great place for a gulet charter because it has beautiful seaside towns and clear water.

Types of Gulet Charters in Turkey

Turkey offers a variety of gulet charters, including the following:

Basic Gulet Charters

These affordable options are great for people who want to sail along the Turkish coast but don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Luxury Gulet Charters

For those who want a more luxurious experience, luxury gulet charters offer top-notch facilities, roomy staterooms, and first-rate service, which guarantees a memorable trip.

Gulet Cruises

These trips are led by professionals and combine the best parts of a traditional Gulet charter with a well-thought-out schedule. They let people see some of Turkey’s most famous landmarks and undiscovered gems.

Gulet Charter Marmaris: An Exciting Place

Discover marmaris.

The thriving resort town of Marmaris, which is situated on the Turquoise Coast, is well-known for its exciting nightlife, gorgeous marina, and breathtaking natural surroundings. Marmaris, which has a long history that dates back to antiquity and offers a mix of modern conveniences and cultural attractions, is a well-liked location for gulet charters.

Gulet Charter Marmaris: Exploring the Region

In Marmaris, you can embark on a gulet charter to explore the area’s many wonders, such as remote bays, quaint coastal towns, and historic sites. Attractions include Cleopatra Island, renowned for its golden sand and clean waters, and the Dalyan River, where you may explore the ancient city of Kaunos.

Gulet Charter Turkey Luxury: A Premium Experience

Luxury gulet charters: what to expect.

A memorable vacation is guaranteed by the unmatched comfort and service offered by luxury gulet charters in Turkey. These luxurious ships provide lavish rooms, fine dining, and a committed crew that attends to all of your needs. A luxury Gulet charter delivers a remarkable experience, whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just looking for the perfect vacation.

Top Luxury Gulet Destinations in Turkey

Many locations in Turkey are ideal for a luxury gulet charter, including:

Bodrum : Sometimes referred to as the “St. Tropez of Turkey,” Bodrum is a posh location with an active nightlife, a luxurious marina, and significant historical buildings.

Fethiye : This charming coastal city is surrounded by gorgeous bays and historic sites, making it the perfect starting point for a luxury Gulet charter.

Antalya : Serving as the starting point for trips to the Turquoise Coast, Antalya offers a unique blend of contemporary conveniences and old-world charm.

Gulet Charters Turkey: Choosing the Perfect Voyage

Factors to consider.

Plan your gulet charter in Turkey, taking into account the following elements:

Budget: Establish your spending limit before choosing a normal, luxurious, or cruise-style gulet charter. Plan your itinerary, taking into account the distances you’ll have to travel and how quickly you’d like to explore each location. Group Size: Check to be sure the gulet you choose can accommodate your group comfortably, taking into account the number of cabins and onboard amenities.

Tips for a Memorable Gulet Charter

Use these suggestions to make your Gulet charter in Turkey unforgettable:

In advance : To guarantee your selected ship and itinerary, reserve your gulet charter well in advance.

Be adaptable : Accept the impromptu nature of a sailing voyage and be willing to visit off-the-beaten-path locations.

Get active : Learn from your crew about sailing, regional traditions, and Turkish cuisine.

Gulet Cruise Charter Turkey : Setting Off on an Enchanting Adventure

The Gulet Cruise Experience

A Turkish Gulet cruise charter combines the comfort of a guided tour with the intimacy of a private sailing excursion. These cruises frequently have a pre-planned itinerary that makes it simple to see some of Turkey’s most famous locations and undiscovered gems. A Gulet cruise charter promises an immersive experience with knowledgeable staff members on board to share insights into the area’s history, culture, and natural beauties.

Gulet Cruise Routes in Turkey

Gulet cruise itineraries in Turkey come in a variety to suit a range of interests and preferences. Popular choices comprise:

The Blue Cruise : This well-known itinerary takes you around the Turquoise Coast, with stops in charming places like Bodrum, Göcek, and Fethiye.

Visit the historic sights, hidden coves, and breathtaking beaches of the Lycian Coast, which includes the buried city of Kekova and the Myra rock tombs.

The Carian Cruise will take you to places like Marmaris, Datça, and the historic city of Knidos as you explore the Carian Coast’s rich history and natural beauty.

Turkish gulet charters provide a singular and spectacular opportunity to discover the nation’s breathtaking coastline, exciting cities, and rich cultural heritage. You’re guaranteed to make priceless memories as you travel around the Turquoise Coast, whether you choose a low-cost gulet charter, an opulent sailing excursion, or an immersive gulet cruise.

Gulet Cruise Turkey: Your Ultimate Guide

Are you trying to plan an amazing vacation? Look nowhere else! A Turkish gulet cruise provides the ideal fusion of leisure, travel, and adventure. Everything you need to know about gulet cruises, including the best locations, costs, types, and advice for picking the ideal gulet for charter, will be covered in this in-depth guide. Set sail, then!

What is a Gulet Cruise?

A traditional, elegant, and comfortable wooden sailing vessel from Turkey is called a gulet. Turkey’s magnificent coastline, immaculate beaches, and historical monuments can all be explored while on a gulet cruise, which offers the height of luxury and leisure.

Top Destinations

Your gulet cruise must stop in Fethiye, which is famous for its azure waters and historic Lycian ruins. Don’t pass up the chance to visit the magnificent Butterfly Valley and the ancient city of Telmessos.

The cosmopolitan beach town of Bodrum combines history, nightlife, and leisure. See the Halicarnassus Mausoleum, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, as well as the Castle of St. Peter.

The hills covered in pine trees that surround Marmaris are a thriving port city. Visit the Marmaris Castle and unwind on the breathtaking Cleopatra Beach while you’re there.

Göcek, a charming fishing village, boasts six marinas and is the perfect starting point for exploring the numerous islands and bays of Göcek Bay.

Antalya, known as the “Turkish Riviera,” offers a rich cultural experience with its ancient sites, such as Hadrian’s Gate, and stunning beaches.

Gulet Cruise Turkey Prices

Prices for gulet cruises in Turkey vary depending on the type of gulet, the route, and the length of the cruise. A regular gulet cruise costs between €3,000 and €20,000 per week, with luxury gulet cruises costing more. Included services like meals, water sports, and guided tours also affect the price.

Gulet Cruise Turquoise Coast, Turkey From Antalya to Dalaman, there is a breathtaking length of shoreline known as the “Turquoise Coast,” often called the “Turkish Riviera.” The best way to enjoy the Mediterranean is on a gulet cruise along Turkey’s turquoise coast, which will take you through secluded bays, gorgeous beach villages, and crystal-clear waters.

Gulet Cruises in Turkey: Types

Luxury gulet cruises.

The highest standard of comfort and facilities may be found on luxury gulet cruises, which feature roomy staterooms, en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning, and gourmet meals. A lot of the time, these cruises come with special features like private chefs, masseuses, and instructors for water sports.

Traditional Gulet Cruises

Even if they are cheaper, standard gulet cruises are nonetheless cozy and fun. These gulets offer a more genuine and personal sailing experience while having fewer facilities and smaller staterooms.

Gulet Cruising in Turkey: What to Expect

Nothing compares to the thrill of gulet cruising in Turkey. You can enjoy the amenities of your gulet while seeing historic sites, unwinding on isolated beaches, and indulging in delectable Turkish cuisine.

The days are usually spent sailing, swimming, and taking in the sights, while the evenings are for leisurely dinners, stargazing, and getting to know your fellow travelers.

Gulet Cruising in Turkey: The Best Time to Go

Turkey’s mild weather and calm waters are ideal for gulet cruises between the months of May and October. The busiest travel months are July and August when costs are highest and accommodations are most crowded.

Consider going on a cruise in May, June, September, or October to avoid the crowds and take advantage of the nicer weather.

Gulet for Charter: Tips on Choosing the Right Gulet

To get the ideal gulet for your needs when searching for one for charter, take into account the following factors:

Size and capacity : Choose a gulet that can hold your group size comfortably. Think about what kind of comforts you want, like air conditioning, private bathrooms, or equipment for water sports.

Route and schedule : Make sure that the gulet’s route and schedule fit with what you want and what you’re interested in.

Budget : Take the price of the gulet into account, as well as any extra charges for the crew, meals, or activities.

Reputation : Check the gulet’s and its crew’s reputations to make sure they have a good track record of happy clients and great reviews.

A gulet cruise in Turkey is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that blends leisure, exploration, and adventure. You may guarantee a remarkable and pleasurable holiday by taking into account the top locations, comprehending the distinctions between luxury and regular gulet cruises, and selecting the appropriate gulet for charter.

What are you still holding out for? It’s time to set sail and discover Turkey’s Turquoise Coast’s beauties!

Turkey Gulet Holiday

Are you trying to find the ideal vacation that mixes leisure, excitement, and a little bit of cultural immersion? Consider a trip on a Turkish gulet instead! The most exquisite vacation lodgings have been created from these historic wooden boats, or gulets, to provide the best possible travel experience.

Gulet Rent Turkey

When you rent a gulet in Turkey, you can choose from many different types. This lets you plan the perfect vacation.

Gulets come in a range of sizes and conveniences, so you may select one that perfectly suits your needs, whether you’re traveling alone, with a partner, or with a large group of friends or family.

Gulet Rental Bodrum

Bodrum has gulet rentals that can be used to see the beautiful coastline of the Bodrum Peninsula. Bodrum is a popular place for people who like to go on gulet vacations because it has beautiful beaches, clear water, and historical sites.

Gulet Rental Marmaris

Gulet rental Marmaris is another well-liked location for gulet vacations. Marmaris, a city on the Turkish Riviera, is renowned for its thriving nightlife, stunning marina, and charming old town.

A Marmaris gulet cruise is certain to be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Gulet Rental Turkey

Turkey is a great place to rent a gulet, whether you want to see the vibrant bazaars of Istanbul, the historic ruins of Ephesus, or the crystal-clear seas of the Mediterranean.

You may design the ideal gulet vacation to fit your hobbies and preferences thanks to the myriad customization possibilities.

Planning a Gulet Tour

Choosing your gulet, types of gulet s.

Standard, luxury, and deluxe gulets are among the different varieties that can be rented. Your budget and desired amenities will determine the kind you select.

Gulet Amenities

Gulets have many amenities to make your stay enjoyable and comfortable. Ensuite restrooms, air conditioning, sun decks, and even hot tubs could be a few of these.

While choosing your gulet, be sure to take into account the amenities that are most important to you.

Selecting Your Route

Popular destinations for gulets.

You should think about the numerous locations you want to see when organizing your gulet trip to Turkey. The Greek Islands, the turquoise seashore, and the ancient Lycian sites are a few well-liked alternatives.

Booking Your Gulet Tour

It’s time to reserve your gulet tour once you’ve decided on your gulet and determined your route. It’s best to make reservations early because gulet vacations are popular and there may not be many spots available during peak times.

On board a Gulet Tour

Activities and excursions.

You’ll have the chance to take part in a range of activities and excursions while on your gulet tour. There is something for everyone, from seeing historic ruins and quaint villages to snorkeling and scuba diving in the pristine waters.

Your crew can help you create an agenda that includes things you’ll enjoy if you let them know your interests.

Life Onboard

A gulet’s life is a singular and fascinating experience. You may fully unwind and take pleasure in your vacation with the dedicated personnel attending to all of your needs.

A gulet vacation offers the ideal balance of rest and action, whether you’re relaxing on the sun deck, enjoying delectable local food, or just taking in the stunning vistas.

A vacation on a Turkish gulet is a great way to see the country’s beautiful coastline and learn about its rich history and culture.

Your ideal vacation is only a reservation away thanks to the large selection of gulets available and the limitless possibilities for customization. Why then wait? Today is the time to organize your amazing gulet tour!

Gulet Trips Turkey: A Luxurious Escape

Unveiling the allure of gulet trips in turkey.

Gulet trips in Turkey are getting more and more popular with tourists who want a unique and luxurious vacation. Fishermen and sponge divers used gulets, a traditional wooden sailing vessel, first in the Mediterranean.

These vessels have evolved through time into opulent floating mansions that provide their visitors with priceless memories.

The Origins of the Gulet

The gulet comes from the coast of Turkey, where it was used as a cargo and fishing boat for many years. Modern gulets are more luxurious and have more modern amenities to meet the needs of tourists who want a unique and memorable vacation.

Luxury Gulet Holidays Turkey: A Unique Experience

What makes luxury gulets stand out.

Turkey’s luxury gulet vacations provide a distinctive fusion of luxury, adventure, and comfort. These wooden vessels are made to order with fine craftsmanship and meticulous attention to every last detail.

The large decks, luxurious suites, and chic lounges provide a homey yet refined ambiance. The expert crews on luxury gulets also attend to your every need, guaranteeing a comfortable and enjoyable sailing experience.

The Delights of a Luxury Gulet Holiday

In Turkey, a luxurious gulet vacation offers a wide range of delights. You’ll discover picturesque coves, swim in clear waters, and relax on stunning beaches.

Together with enjoying the individualized treatment of your crew, you will also indulge in delectable regional food and tour historic sites.

Exploring the Best Luxury Gulet in Turkey

The finest luxury gulet vessels.

Turkey has a wide range of high-end gulets, and each one has its special features and appeal. Some of the best yachts have modern entertainment systems, bathrooms in each cabin, and large master suites.

Jacuzzis, water sports gear, and even onboard spas are amenities found on other luxurious gulets.

Top Destinations for Gulet Holidays

The breathtaking coastline of Turkey offers a wide variety of locations for gulet vacations. The Gulf of Hisarönü, the Gulf of Gökova, and the Turquoise Coast are a few of the most well-liked cruising areas.

Every region has its charm, with stunning coastlines, adorable fishing towns, and intriguing historical monuments just waiting to be discovered.

Luxury Gulets in Turkey: What to Expect

Accommodations and amenities.

On a luxury gulet vacation in Turkey, you may anticipate first-rate accommodations and conveniences. The majority of luxury gulets include roomy cabins with air conditioning, en suite bathrooms, and plush mattresses.

A chic lounge, a well-stocked kitchen, and a large dining space are frequently found in the communal areas. The decks have sun loungers, covered resting places, and outdoor dining areas to promote relaxation.

Cuisine on a Luxury Gulet

The delectable cuisine is one of the pleasures of a luxury gulet vacation. Using local, fresh ingredients, your private chef will prepare delicious meals that feature both Turkish specialties and other cuisines.

You can anticipate lavish breakfast buffets, leisurely lunches, and magnificent dinners that are all customized to your tastes.

Onboard Activities

During a luxury gulet vacation, there are a lot of things to do on board to keep you busy. You may explore the Mediterranean’s pristine waters by using the paddleboards, kayaks, and snorkeling equipment that many gulets provide.

A few opulent gulets also provide yoga mats, fishing gear, and even gyms aboard to make sure there is something for everyone.

Planning Your Private Gulet Charter Turkey

How to choose the right gulet.

When planning a private gulet charter in Turkey, it’s important to choose the right boat for your needs. Think about things like the number of people in your group, your spending limit, and your preferred amenities.

To guarantee a hassle-free sailing trip, it’s also crucial to examine the gulet operator’s reputation and the crew’s level of experience.

Reservations for Your Gulet Charter

It’s time to make your charter reservations once you’ve discovered the ideal gulet. To assure availability, it is advisable to book your luxury gulet far in advance, especially during the busiest times of the year.

To ensure a customized vacation experience, don’t forget to discuss your itinerary, culinary preferences, and any special requests with the operator.

Advice for a Fantastic Gulet Vacation

Take into account the following advice to get the most out of your luxurious gulet vacation in Turkey:

Together with swimsuits and sun protection, bring just lightweight, casual attire. You’ll have plenty of time for relaxing, so bring a book or two. Be willing to attempt new things, like paddleboarding or snorkeling. Take advantage of the chance to unwind and take in the tranquil surroundings.

Turkey’s luxury gulet vacations provide a singular and unforgettable experience. These wooden boats are the ideal environment for a restful and exciting getaway because of their exquisite designs, first-rate amenities, and attentive service.

You may ensure that you will have lifelong memories by carefully planning your private gulet charter and enjoying the Turkish seaside.

Luxury Gulet Cruise Turkey: A Comprehensive Guide to Turkey Gulet Charters and Cruises

Introduction to luxury gulet cruises in turkey.

Do you have visions of a wonderful getaway on Turkey’s turquoise waters? The best way to discover this fascinating nation’s gorgeous coasts and secret harbors is on a luxurious gulet cruise.

This article will delve into the world of luxurious Turkish gulets and provide you with all the details you need to organize the ideal gulet cruise in Turkey.

Types of Luxury Gulet Cruises in Turkey

Boutique gulet charters.

Boutique gulet charters are perfect for people who want something unique, private, and tailor-made. These smaller gulets, which can hold between 6 and 12 people, have luxurious amenities and a crew that will take care of your every need.

Ultra-Luxury Gulet Charters

Ultra-luxurious gulet charters offer comfort and extravagance that can’t be found anywhere else. These gulets offer an amazing cruise experience thanks to their roomy accommodations, cutting-edge technology, and top-notch service.

Turkey Gulet Cruise Itineraries

Blue cruise.

The picturesque itinerary of the renowned Blue Cruise takes you along Turkey’s southern coast. When you go by boat from Bodrum to Antalya or the other way around, you’ll pass by stunning coves, historic sites, and quaint coastal towns.

Fethiye and Göcek

On this alluring gulet trip, explore the alluring Gulf of Fethiye and the nearby islands. You’ll explore quiet bays, go to the quaint hamlet of Göcek, and be in awe of the Blue Lagoon in Lüdeniz’s natural splendor.

Marmaris and Bodrum

From Bodrum to Marmaris, you can take a cruise along the beautiful coast, stopping at charming towns, busy ports, and unspoiled beaches. This varied trip combines history, culture, and leisure.

Experiences on a Luxury Turkish Gulet

Onboard comfort and amenities.

Luxurious gulets rival any five-star hotel in terms of comfort and relaxation. After a day of exploration, spacious accommodations with air conditioning and private bathrooms offer the ideal escape.

There is always something to keep you engaged on board thanks to the sun deck, Jacuzzi, and water toys.

Culinary Delights

One of the highlights of every opulent gulet cruise is the delicious food that a talented chef has prepared. You can eat traditional Turkish food made with fresh, local ingredients as well as popular dishes from around the world that have been adapted to suit your tastes.

Enjoy al fresco dining with great wines and breathtaking views on the deck or in the magnificent dining room.

Excursions and Activities

There are many options for exploration and adventure on a lavish gulet cruise. See historic sites, go on a hike through luscious forests, or stroll through charming towns.

Take your hand at water sports like paddleboarding, snorkeling, and scuba diving, or just unwind on a remote beach.

Choosing the Right Gulet for Your Turkey Cruise

Size and capacity.

Take your intended passenger count into account when choosing a gulet for your cruise. While larger gulets can accommodate larger parties or special events, smaller gulets are suitable for small gatherings.

Gulet Features

Think about the aspects of a gulet that are most important to you, like the number of cabins, the design, and the amenities. While some gulets feature a more traditional appearance, others feature contemporary features.

Budget Considerations

The price of a luxury gulet charter can vary a lot based on its size, amenities, and level of service. Set a budget and choose a gulet that meets your needs without going overboard.

Booking Your Turkey Gulet Charter

It’s time to reserve your voyage after selecting the ideal gulet. Contact a gulet charter firm with a good reputation and a focus on high-end Turkish gulets.

They can assist you in finding the best deals, organizing your travel plans, and making sure all the details are covered.

Tips for a Memorable Gulet Cruise Experience

When making plans, be flexible and leave room for last-minute changes based on the weather and other things going on in the area.

To ensure a tailored experience, let the crew know your preferences and expectations. Take part in new activities and gastronomic delights while embracing the local culture. Unplug from technology and take in your surroundings’ tranquility and natural beauty. Storage space on gulets can be scarce, so don’t overpack. Comfortable attire, swimsuits, sunscreen, and a hat are necessities.

A luxurious gulet cruise in Turkey is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the beautiful coasts and hidden treasures of the country in comfort and style.

There is a cruise that is ideal for everyone thanks to the diversity of gulet options and itineraries available. Arrange the turkey gulet cruise of your dreams to make lifelong memories.

Bodrum Blue Cruise Tours

Bodrum to Marmaris Blue Cruise I Bodrum to Gokova Hisaronu Cruise I Bodrum to Gocek Blue Cruise

Fethiye Blue Cruise Tours

Fethiye Oludeniz and Gocek Blue Cuise I Fethiye Olympos Blue Cruise I Fethiye Kekova Blue Cruise

Marmaris Blue Cruise Tours

Marmaris Bodrum Blue Cruise Tour I Marmaris Fethiye Marmaris Blue Cruise I Dodecanese Islands Marmaris

Gocek Blue Cruise Tours

Gocek Oludeniz Fethiye Blue Cruise I Gocek Blue Cruise I Gocek Marmaris Blue Cruise

Farout Cruises

Sail Turkey

Sail Turkey Farout Cruises

Sail Turkey operates hosted many guests since 2002, specializing in 3 to 7-day various blue cruise options for 'Mix Age Travellers' and '18 to 39-year-olds'. Sail Turkey is a brand owned/operated by 'Farout Co. Ltd., a leading Gulet cruise Operator in Turkey.

Sail Turkey 18 to 39 Young Adults

Fethiye - kekova - fethiye, fethiye to olympos, olympos to fethiye, marmaris - fethiye - marmaris a/c, bodrum - south greek islands a/c, split return cruise, dubrovnik to split.

The coast of Turkey is one of the most famous blue cruise sailing holidays . It is commonly referred to as the Turquoise Coast from its beautiful turquoise water and blue waters , giving it its well-deserved name. The area's natural beauty is another drawing card for many people to make this their hot destination for their sailing holiday . Sail Turkey offers traditional Turkish sailing tours on Turkish gulets. The Fethiye to Olympos route is probably the most popular for Turkey sailing or yacht charters . However, there are also Turkey to Greece sailing routes. Sail Turkey pride itself on offering the best gulet cruises on traditional gulets. Sail Turkey not only specializes in the Fethiye to Olympos blue cruise but also in yacht charters . For yacht charter requests for sailing holidays  in Turkey, please email the friendly and helpful Sail Turkey staff for more assistance. They will assist you in tailoring your sailing holiday on a Turkish gulet specific to your needs. The Fethiye to Olympos blue cruise , the most popular turkey sail route, takes in some of the most impressive sights along this turquoise coast . Some of the highlights would include Butterfly Valley, Kas, and Sunken City , and along the way, you get to enjoy some ancient sights like the rock tombs , ancient ruins, and castles. A sailing holiday along the turquoise coast highlights your tours in Turkey. Imagine a Turkey yacht and an unforgettable blue cruise sailing holiday. Sail Turkey also offers Turkey Tours throughout the rest of Turkey. We have offices in several locations, including Ephesus and Cappadocia. So to complete your Turkey itinerary, you should ask Sail Turkey to help with all your Turkey travel. Sailing Turkey will be one of the highlights of your holiday in Turkey. Sailing tours in southern Turkey are a trendy sailing holiday choice for summer. You may choose to sail the Fethiye Olympos route , or you may choose a cruise around Bodrum Marmaris . Whatever your sailing trip choice is, you will be happy with your sailing tour . These gulet cruises are a great way to meet new friends in the group tour structure. You will be put on board with up to 16 to 18 other passengers from all over the world and from all walks of life. So it's a great chance to enjoy your blue cruise while making new friends as you go. Your boat, always a traditional gulet , will cruise around some fantastic sights - no matter what choice you make for your blue cruise . There are  some highlights along the way, such as Butterfly Valley, Sunken City , Kas, Orak Island , Cleopatra Baths, and some fantastic ancient ruins , such as St Nicholas Island and Simena Castle. Many of our guests tell us one of their favorite things about their blue cruise is the secluded bays   that the boat will anchor down each night and for many swimming stops. Fethiye to Olympos is the most popular route to undertake as there are amazing sights along the way that your boat will take you to, and Fethiye is also a hot destination with some great rock tombs . It is within very  close proximity to Saklikent Gorge .  The sailing tours offered on our website are mainly cabin charter options. However, we have charter options available and can even source   bareboat charter options for you if you are interested. Please get in touch with the Sail Turkey staff directly if you want further information on either of these for your turkey sailing blue cruise holiday . Sail Turkey will be sure to give you that fantastic turkey sailing experience. You will walk away with new friends and unforgettable memories that will leave  you dreaming of the coast of Turkey and its beautiful turquoise waters and blue waters. Don't regret it, and book your sailing holiday with Sail Turkey  now. 

Sail Turkey POSTS

Sailing turkey.

turkey by gulet

You may never have considered  sailing holidays;  a  yacht charter  may seem a bit adventurous, yet you can book a  sailing tour  on a Turkey yacht complete with an experienced captain and crew and enjoy the guaranteed calm, warm seas. Traditional Turkish cuisine, fresh fruit, vegetables, and perhaps even fish you catch will ensure you will never go hungry. You can drop anchor whenever you like and when you do that at night, you can settle down for the night with the waves lapping against the boat.

Sailing Turkey Coast

turkey by gulet

Sail Turkey Tours

turkey by gulet

Everyone likes a sunshine holiday. When it comes to holidays, Turkey has so much to offer. The fascinating city of Istanbul with the Blue Mosque, the Grand Bazaar, and the city’s other famous landmarks is one idea of a holiday. Still, Turkey tours offer much more than Istanbul. 


turkey by gulet

The Mediterranean Traveller

A Quick Guide to Budget Gulet Sailing in Turkey for Backpackers

turkey by gulet

You won’t find a better way to explore Turkey’s Turquoise Coast than from the decks of a gulet (a traditional wooden boat). But did you know you can experience a blue cruise like this on a backpacker’s budget? You can sail the stunning Turkish Riviera from Fethiye to Olympos on a 4-day cabin charter from just $260. That’s crazy cheap.

Imagine this…

Watching a display of shooting stars as you drift off to sleep, no noise but the waves lapping against the side of the boat. Waking up to the sunrise in a secluded cove, to the smell of pine and herbs and honey. Padding barefoot along the deck, bracing yourself for a dive into water that sparkles like gemstones. Afterwards, you plot the day’s adventures over a breakfast spread of tomato, cheese, cucumber, olives, coffee, bread, and jams.

The catch? For the cheapest prices, you’ll have to share a boat and can expect the facilities to be basic. Oh, but it’s worth it though.

Read on to discover why.

turkey by gulet


I used to be scared of the sea .  One of my first memories is of being on a ferry aged 3, afraid to go anywhere near the guardrail. My mind boggled at how anyone could think boats were safe.

A gulet cruise in Turkey converted me.

It was an ex’s idea. We were in Fethiye , heading for Olympos on the Turquoise Coast on the south-west of the country. A backpacker’s haven with treehouses and beach-side ruins, it has drawn hippy types for decades.

The scenic coastal route to Olympos would take a few days and a few buses. But in Fethiye, we discovered that a 3-night cabin charter on gulet cruise could take us along the same route.

This stretch of coastline isn’t the easiest to explore by road. Many of the villages and bays along this coast were inaccessible to road traffic until the 1970s and, despite the new highways, there are still many parts that are difficult to access by car or public transport.

What better than to drift lazily between them on a boat?

A cabin charter is where you rent a room on a boat with other travellers (I use the word ‘room’ loosely). Once I learned the price, I was sold. With food and accommodation costs factored in, it wasn’t much more expensive than making our own way there.

Any fears I had of water were quickly dispelled once I strapped on a snorkel mask and jumped into those crystal clear turquoise seas. The food was as good as a restaurant, but with a much better view.

It wasn’t long before I was a convert to travelling by boat.

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Gulets line Fethiye harbour at sunset


Gulet sailing in Turkey refers to a type of  sailing charter in this southwestern corner of Turkey, typically week-long liveaboard trips along the stretch of coast from Bodrum to Antalya with an emphasis on enjoying the nature as much as the sights and towns.

Gulet cruises in Turkey are also commonly referred to as a ‘ blue cruise ‘ or ‘ blue voyage ‘. Same thing.

The gulet cruise industry is popularly credited to Cevat Sakir – the Fisherman of Halicarnassus  – a writer who was exiled to Bodrum in 1925.

He fell in love with the simplicity of life and beauty of the area, often taking his literary friends out on sponge-diving boats when they visited. Several books were published about these trips, and before long fishing boats had been converted for the tourists seeking the same experience.


A gulet is a type of traditional Turkish wooden motor sailing vessel, originally used for fishing and sponging. If you’re wondering how to say ‘gulet’, it’s pronounced more like ‘goo-let’ than ‘gull-et’.

Although gulets do have sails, you can expect to motor cruise most of the time. Since gulets became popular for charters, adaptations have been made to the design to make it more comfortable for living aboard but less suitable for sailing. They have roomy decks with plenty of space for al fresco dining and sunbathing, and are wide and stable vessels.

The downside of motor cruising is the engine noise. And if you’re looking to learn how to sail, this is not the trip for you.

But if you want to experience life at sea for a few days and explore the coast by boat then gulet sailing in Turkey is great fun and great value. Turkey isn’t the only place in the Mediterranean you can gulet cruise; similar vessels have cropped up in Croatia and Montenegro, but this stretch of coast is the spiritual home.

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A Turkish gulet at sea in the evening sun


Most boats offering cabin charters have around 12 passengers and 3 crew, although some party boats cram on more than that. Your meals are provided on the boat and there’s ample room on deck for lounging around, sunbathing, playing cards. A bimini provides shade and protection from the sun. You’ll spend most nights at anchor, hanging out with your fellow passengers, although there are opportunities to link up with other boats if you feel like it (particularly at the infamous Pirate Bay disco). It’s a great way to travel for singles, although you find plenty of couples and friends on the cabin charters too.

The cabins on budget boats are tiny and unlikely to have (working) A/C, meaning it’s more comfortable to sleep on a mattress on deck. If privacy/air-conditioning/showers are more your style then check out more expensive voyages with higher spec boats.

Typical stops between Fethiye and Olympos include:

  • Butterfly Valley

Other hubs where you can start/finish a gulet cruise are:

  • Rhodes (for Greek islands)

The sunken ruins at Kevoka from a gulet


So you think sailing’s just for the super-rich? That’s what I thought too. Having grown up inland with no particular interest or experience of watersports, I’d never given sailing a moment’s consideration. I assumed that it was out of my budget and didn’t see the appeal.

Until I tried it.

Cabin charters are the best way to try sailing on a budget

  • Cabin charters are shared trips where you rent a cabin rather than the whole boat
  • Itineraries tend to be fixed
  • It’s a great way to meet people if you’re travelling solo
  • Worried about sharing a small space with strangers? Gulets are spacious compared to standard cruising yachts

What’s a typical price for a gulet cruise?

The cheapest rates I’ve seen online for 2018 are around the  € 200 mark for the 4-day Fethiye-Olympos route, which tends to be the cheapest option. The higher the price, the better the facilities on the boat. 7-day itineraries start at around €3 00 .

When comparing operators it’s wise to check what’s included. Some allow you to bring your own booze, which can make a difference to your budget if you’re bringing the party spirit. Otherwise alcoholic drinks are sold on board.

Kaş and Kalekoy from the water


If you’re travelling in peak season (July/August) you should consider booking in advance in order to secure the itinerary/boat that you’re after. That said, there is plenty of competition so it’s not strictly necessary.

The benefits of booking when you’re already in Turkey are that you’ll be able to compare operators, get a sense of the other passengers and crew, and potentially negotiate a lower price—particularly in shoulder season or if you’re travelling solo and hope to avoid paying the dreaded single supplement.

Some people like to party more than others, so talk to the operators to find the boat that’s the right fit for you. Find out who else has booked, make sure you know what’s included in the cost, and don’t forget to check out online reviews.

Things to bear in mind:

  • You will be sharing a small space and basic facilities with strangers
  • Expect to sleep on deck under the stars, it’s too hot in the cabins unless you’re splurging on a luxury boat with A/C
  • Hangovers at sea are an awful thing

Speaking of hangovers . . .

How to avoid a party boat, if that’s not your scene:

  • The cheaper the voyage, the more likely it will be full of party animals who have lined the freezer with booze
  • Particularly so in the university holidays – July/August
  • Fethiye-Olympos (and the reverse) tends to be the cheapest route and most popular with backpackers and young travellers
  • Check the ages of other passengers when booking

Olympos beach

I loved the gulet cruise experience so much that I brought a group of friends back the following year.

It wasn’t my last sailing experience either, since then I’ve gone on to sail on a tall ship around the Balearics , crewed on a classic yacht, and been a volunteer crew member on the Phoenician Ship Expedition around Africa.

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Turkish Travel Blog

Turkish Travel Blog

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A Guide to Gulet Sailing Holidays in Turkey

I am incredibly grateful for countless travel memories that I can look back on with fondness but one of my favourite is gulet cruising in Turkey. It was a four night, five-day sailing holiday along the Mediterranean coast from Fethiye to Olympus. Choosing to partly detox from an Internet addiction, and relax at the same time, the experience was ten times better than any spa retreat offers.

However, speaking to friends after the event, it seemed that the biggest misconception people have about gulet sailing holidays in Turkey, is that you’ll spend all day, every day on the boat being bored, but it is about much more than that. Firstly, if you are a novice to gulet cruising, it helps to understand the unique background, concept and what makes them different from others sailing vessels.

Gulet sailing

What is a Gulet in Turkey?

When you book gulet sailing holidays in Turkey, you are venturing into an age-old nautical tradition. Gulets are traditional, handcrafted wooden boats with two or three masts. Although other countries such as Italy, Montenegro, and Croatia, use gulets, Turkey has an esteemed and long-established reputation for making gulet boats, especially in Bodrum and Bozburun, two coastal hubs on the west and southwest coast.

Their original use was for sponge diving and fishing, but over the years, the concept has evolved to become overnight floating hotels. Esteemed professionals expertly handcraft each gulet boat with unique design and décor. You can find more information about gulet boats here .

eating on a gulet boat

Are Gulets Seaworthy?

Yes, these boats are extremely hardy, and every year during winter, the owners dock into the shipyards for maintenance and upkeep. Gulets are a specialised vessel, and different from a yacht. The latest materials and techniques are used in yacht construction. Hence the industry is always evolving because the primary purpose is sailing long distances, even around the world. Whereas short, coastal cruising is what gulet boats are designed for.

Gulet Cruising in Turkey

What are Blue Cruises in a Gulet Boat?

Gulet sailing holidays in Turkey focus on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, which make up the Turkish Riviera. Within this long stretch of coastline, captains follow defined Blue Cruise routes, with unique attractions and things to do. The Fethiye to Olympus way is one of the most popular, but passengers can also sail to the Greek Islands and back, as another alternative.

Budget travellers can book cabin charter on set Blue Cruise routes of which there are many, or large groups and families can book their private gulet sailing holiday and along with the captain, tailor-make a particular blue cruise route. Are you wandering if blue cruises are appropriate for you or not? Here is what a gulet expert says: https://www.guletexpert.com/what-is-blue-cruise/

Inside a gulet boat

What is it Like Staying on a Gulet Boat?

Most gulet boats range in size from 20 to 30 meters, and each has between 5 to 8 cabins. Within these cabins are double or single beds, an en-suite bathroom and sometimes wardrobes. Most gulets have air conditioning, although the humidity is less at sea than at land, so they are generally not needed, especially when sailing.

Eat your meals on deck, and there is a full crew to help you including the captain, deckhands, and cook. Gulet boats can cruise with wind force or turn on the engine for a faster experience. As with any travel concept, a gulet can be budget and basic or luxurious, in which case, the cabins are larger with exquisite furniture and décor. The sunbathing area is at the front of the boat and inside is a separate seating/bar area.

Gulet Sailing Holidays in Turkey

Places in Turkey to Book Gulet Sailing Holidays

Life on the Turkish Riviera focuses on seaside living, but some places have esteemed reputations for their excellence in the gulet sailing industry. Daily many gulet boats sail out of the harbours in these regions to take passengers on a 3 to 8-day cruise. They include….

Bodrum: The town, a favoured holiday destination for British people as well as Turks, has spearheaded Turkey’s tourism drive ever since the 1980s. As well as selling budget holidays, it also offers luxurious experiences leading it to become a favourite destination for rich and wealthy celebrities.

Marmaris: Another destination particularly favoured by the Brits, the harbour and marina area is a hive of everything nautical. Within the town itself, there is not much to do the area, however, is exceptionally scenic, explaining why it is a major sailing hub.

Fethiye: Round the world backpackers completing a tour of Turkey, book up for budget cabin charter Blue cruise routes to Olympus from Fethiye, although the town also offers luxury sailing at a higher cost.

Things to Do on Gulet Sailing Holidays in Turkey

Fethiye Turkey

As mentioned before, although the term “sailing holidays” imply, it is all about being at sea, gulet cruising is about a lot more than that, namely the diversity of things to do.

1: Explore the small coastal towns

The Turkish Riviera has many small, coastal towns, each with their characteristics. Gulets dock in either overnight or for the day, giving you time to wander and explore. Kas on the Mediterranean coast is a perfect example because despite embracing modern living, it has kept its authentic atmosphere, making it one of the quaintest places in Turkey.

2: Get to places only accessible by boat

Many uninhabited islands surround Turkey, and some of them such as Gemiler just outside Fethiye are worth exploring. Ruined Christian churches and a fantastic view make it a preferred place at night for boats to drop anchor. Kekova sunken ruins is another area ideally explored by boat for the best view.

3: Sleep on deck

During my blue cruise, I never slept in my cabin. Instead preferring the deck at the front of the boat, I thoroughly enjoyed going to sleep under the stars. There is something peaceful about just listening to the sounds of nature as you drop off and as much as my cabin was comfortable and quiet, I choose to sleep on deck every time.

4: See Caretta Caretta turtles

It is a guaranteed certainty you will see the endangered Caretta turtles if you cruise the Mediterranean coast but in particular, the Simena area. One morning, a small group came swimming around the boat for food and seeing their size, I realised their stamina was strong despite their docile appearance.

5: Gorgeous sunsets

Watching a Turkish sunset dip over the horizon is a favourite evening activity of mine because I am not talking about average sunsets here. The Mediterranean and Aegean coasts, boast of vibrant orange sunsets that are big attractions for tourists, who cannot resist getting their camera out to snap the view.

Gulet Blue Cruises

6: Catch your dinner

Of course, if you do not like fish or seafood, the cook will whip up many alternative dishes, but for fish lovers, part of the thrill is catching your dinner and BBQing it. From sea to plate within 20 minutes. You cannot get any fresher than that!

7: Snorkelling and diving

Most gulet boats have snorkelling equipment on board, which you are welcome to use when they stop for swimming breaks. Alternatively, Turkey is a scuba diving paradise with many underwater wrecks and various sea life. If you spend half a day in any scuba diving town, your boat captain can pre-book lessons for you, whether you are a novice or experienced.

8: Ice-cream deliveries!

In many spots around the coastline where boats dock in for swimming or overnight breaks, floating ice-cream boats offer the perfect refreshment. Pulling alongside the gulet and coming on board with many choices, it is a quirky concept of waiter service.

9: Jet-skis and parasailing

Likewise, anywhere boats gather, jet skis are for hire and passengers can parasail behind a speed boat. Jet skiing attracts adrenaline junkies while paragliding is an alternative bird’s eye view of the gorgeous landscape.

10: Visit historical ruins of ancient civilizations

Many Blue Cruise routes on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, stop by coastal historical ruins of which Turkey has hundreds. The Med coast was home to the Lycians, who left behind glorious cities such as Patara and Olympus, set in an overgrown forest. Their ancient cities have also sparked an official trekking route, one of the longest in the world taking as much as three months to complete.

11: See the Greek Dodecanese Islands

Although, the most popular routes of gulet sailing holidays in Turkey focus on the Turkish Riviera, mix your holiday with Greek destinations of which, the Dodecanese islands are perfect. 150 of them sit in the south Aegean Sea, just a short distance from Turkey. The two most famous are Kos, and Rhodes, however smaller islands like Simi, are ideal for getting off the beaten track.

Further Reading: If the history of gulet cruising interests you, read about the Fisherman of Halicarnassus , Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli. As well as unintentionally, setting in place the trend for coastal cruising, he made Bodrum, a famous destination of the Turkish Riviera.

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turkey by gulet

  • Gulet Cruise

Showing  6 Trips in Turkey

Best of Turkey by Gulet (5 & 4 Star Hotels)

Best of Turkey by Gulet (5 & 4 Star Hotels)

  • Brochure Price: USD 3,388
  • Special Deal 45% OFF - USD 1,525
  • Total Price from: USD 1,863

Amazing Turkey by Gulet (5 & 4 Star Hotels)

Amazing Turkey by Gulet (5 & 4 Star Hotels)

  • Brochure Price: USD 3,198
  • Special Deal 45% OFF - USD 1,439
  • Total Price from: USD 1,759

Gulet Cruise, Kemer – Kekova – Kemer

Gulet Cruise, Kemer – Kekova – Kemer

  • Brochure Price: USD 654
  • Special Deal 15% OFF - USD 98
  • Total Price from: USD 556

Gulet Cruise, Bodrum – Gulf Of Gokova – Bodrum

Gulet Cruise, Bodrum – Gulf Of Gokova – Bodrum

  • Brochure Price: USD 1,138
  • Special Deal 15% OFF - USD 171
  • Total Price from: USD 967

Gulet Cruise, Marmaris – Fethiye – Marmaris

Gulet Cruise, Marmaris – Fethiye – Marmaris

Sapphire Blue - Fethiye / Gocek / Fethiye

Sapphire Blue - Fethiye / Gocek / Fethiye

Alican Kapti

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Gulet Cruise Turkey 2024/2025

Brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure and sail along the picturesque Turquoise Coast on a unique wooden yacht. Gulet cruises in Turkey accommodate only a small group of passengers, ensuring an intimate experience sailing through azure waters, ancient ruins, and breathtaking landscapes. From exploring hidden coves in the Mediterranean and secluded beaches along the Turkish Riviera to snorkeling in crystal-clear waters teeming with marine life in Fethiye, every moment on a Turkey gulet cruise is filled with excitement. Unwind on deck, soak up the sun, and witness the captivating beauty of ancient ruins lining the coastline when on a gulet cruise tour in Turkey . We also recommend joining a beach tour in Turkey so that you can relax between exploring the seas.

Check out our best gulet cruises in Turkey below.

Gulet Cruise Turkey

Sail on a beautiful gulet cruise in Turkey and explore the calm seas.

Highlights of Gulet Cruise in Turkey

  • Indulge in mouthwatering Turkish cuisine, savoring flavorful meze platters, fresh seafood, pide and traditional delights like baklava while aboard your gulet.
  • Immerse yourself in the warm hospitality of the Turkish people, who will welcome you with open arms and share their rich culture and traditions.
  • Dive into the azure waters to snorkel and swim amidst vibrant marine life, discovering the underwater wonders of the Mediterranean on a gulet cruise in Turkey.
  • Experience breathtaking sunsets and starry nights as you unwind on deck in Oludeniz, surrounded by stunning coastal landscapes and the gentle lapping of waves.
  • Charter your gulet cruise to Ephesus and marvel at the ancient ruins along the coastline, like the Lycian Rock Tombs, witnessing the fascinating historical heritage of Turkey.
  • Discover hidden gems like the Butterfly Valley or the captivating Blue Lagoon, immersing yourself in the natural beauty that Turkey has to offer.
  • Head to Marmaris and engage in watersports activities, such as kayaking or paddleboarding, adding an extra element of adventure to your gulet cruise holiday in Turkey.

Travel Tips for Turkey Gulet Cruise

  • Plan your budget wisely, considering factors like the duration of the gulet cruise, additional activities, and onboard amenities.
  • The best time for a Turkey gulet cruise is during the spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November) when the weather is pleasant and the tourist crowds are smaller.
  • Pack comfortable clothing, swimwear, sunscreen, and a hat to stay protected and enjoy the sun-drenched days on the gulet.
  • Opt for a reputable and licensed gulet operator that prioritizes safety measures, including life jackets, emergency equipment, and experienced crew members.
  • Stay hydrated and drink bottled water while onboard the gulet to ensure your well-being throughout the journey.
  • Familiarize yourself with basic sailing etiquette and safety guidelines to make the most of your gulet cruise experience.
  • Consider booking your gulet cruise in Turkey at least two months in advance to secure the best deals and availability, especially during peak travel seasons.

Gulet Expert

Luxury gulet charter in Turkey

Top 10 best value gulets to charter in turkey, chosen out of more than 1,000 options..

Get more ideas   Check gulets

How we can help you with a gulet Charter in Turkey:

Bodrum Town in Mugla City Aegean Turkey

Our expert will find the perfect gulet for your group out of more than 1.000 options.

Turkey gulet charter

A customer support team is available for you 24/7 to organize the best itinerary and the most enjoyable activities in Turkey tailored to your wishes.

Turkish cuisine

The food and drinks packages are our speciality in Turkey and will be happy to plan out every detail of your trip to serve your tastes buds as well.

Celsus Library in Ephesus and the sun with flare

We offer non-stop support during the cruise for anything you might need.

Gulet Expert Recommendations:

Top 10 gulets to charter from turkey that offer  best value for money, (listed from deluxe to standard gulets).


Halcon del Mar :

Halcon Del Mar is one of the largest luxury gulets in Turkey built-in 2018. It has an extraordinary amount of space with a jacuzzi on deck & can accommodate 16 guests in 8 cabins.

Price: 45.500€ – 59.500€ per week


Queen of Salmakis:

Deluxe 39 meters Queen of Salmakis’s can accommodate 18 pax in 8 cabins (2 masters, 4 double and 2 triple cabins). Built for season 2019, we inspected her while in the shipyard and when completed.

Price: 28.000€ – 54.000€ per week


Mare Nostrum:

With its 43 m length, Mare Nostrum is one of the largest wooden construction boats in Turkey. Super-sized traditional wooden gulet has 6 cabins for 12 guests who can enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Price: 50.000€ per week

' title=

Bella Mare:

Bella Mare is a perfect example of a Turkish wooden vessel and is a great charter choice for sailing in the comfort of a luxury home. Gulet can accommodate up to 12 passengers in 2 master suites with french beds, 2 double cabins with french beds and 2 twin cabins with two single beds.

Price: 28.000€ – 42.000€ per week


Kaptan Kadir:

Gulet Kaptan Kadir is the sister ship of the famous Mare Nostrum where the mahogany and teak has been masterfully carved. She offers 6 very large cabins to accommodate 12 pax families or a corporate yacht charter with utmost security and comfort.

Price: 35.000€ – 40.000€ per week

Wicked Felina Side View

Wicked Felina:

Luxurious Wicked Felina from Turkey has 5 spacious cabins and a professional crew of 4 that aims to provide you with high-quality service on board. For those who want to stay active, there are various watersport possibilities like sub wing, windsurfer, wakeboard, and water skiing.

Price: 17.500€ – 23.800€ per week

SMYRNA Aerial view

Smyrna is a special luxury gulet from Turkey that has an outstanding sun deck area and leisure area on the front deck. Smyrna is ideal for families, close friends, or people who love to be on the go since she offers a vast choice of watersport toys on board too. She can accommodate up to 8 people in her 4 cabins.

Price: 9.625€ – 18.640€ per week

MASKE 2 Back side

Maske 2 completely stands out with its robust and flamboyant structure and high level of comfort as well as a generous variety of watersports and outdoor deck spaces. Furthermore, she is one of the rare gulets that can have great sailing performances, thanks to full-fledged sailing equipment.

Price: 12.740€€ – 16.380€ per week


Derin Deniz:

Derin Deniz is a 5-star ship ideal for those who want to travel in style and luxury and still be on the budget. Another important highlight is the fact that the crew was also recently awarded with best crew award, a good time is a guarantee.


Osman Kurt:

This deluxe classic wooden ketch can accommodate up to 16 VIP guests. You can expect high-class service with skilled and dedicated personnel, all in order to provide the best lifetime experience in a cosy and comfortable yacht.

Price: 7.000€ – 14.000€ per week

The entire gulet fleet in Turkey

Find all available gulets to charter in turkey sorted by price, how to book the perfect gulet cruise holiday in turkey:.

  • Send us an inquiry and outline all your preferences for your cruise.
  • Once you have outlined your preferences, dates, location, group size, and configuration, our experienced gulet experts will research the best gulet charter idea.
  • We will closely work together and create a food and drink menu according to your wishes.
  • We’ll tailor every aspect of your gulet charter, giving attention to the smallest details to ensure your trip is memorable.
  • If you need any extra help you have our support before, during and after the cruise.

Gulet Grande Mare

Turkey gulet cruise prices:

  • The price of a gulet charter Turkey ranges from €5,000 per group per week to around €100,000. Prices vary according to the gulet size and its category (standard, deluxe, luxury).
  • The quoted price includes: Personal assistance – Personal preparation for the cruise – Route planning – Port and tourist taxes – Support during the cruise – Fuel during the cruise – Service on board
  • The charter price in Turkey usually excludes: Meals on board – Drinks – Private marinas – Entrances to national parks and other shore-based excursions. These additional costs can be paid directly to the captain of your gulet.


Send us a brief outline and one of our cruise experts will contact you with some initial suggestions. we offer free advice to our clients., more turkey gulet cruise info.

Oludeniz lagoon in sea landscape view of beach Turkey

Top luxury blue cruise destinations in Turkey

There are many fascinating hidden gems scattered across the charming turquoise Turkish coast.

Since choices are a bit overwhelming and beautiful destinations are plentiful, it is important to understand what are the best and most captivating islands, towns, bays and villages you could enjoy during the journey.

Get inspired and learn more about the  most popular destinations you can discover .

Blue Voyage Turkey – Top Cruise programs and routes

The most known four main blue cruise regions are Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris, and Gocek.

However, there are many more beautiful places and private charter routes are very flexible so everything can be adapted to your wishes and needs.

Explore some of our route suggestions   organized according to different group structures.

Gulet cruise Turkey

The Most Incredible Top 5 Beaches In Turkey

Most of Turkey’s beaches are located among the country’s peninsula and they are rarely crowded even in the high summer season.

So if you are looking for authenticity, clear turquoise waters, sandy shores with endless sun you hit the jackpot!

Discover the top 5 incredible beaches you’ll simply fall in love with!

How does a day on gulet cruise look like? Will I be bored?

Some people might be worried that these cruises might get boring for them or kids, but we must inform you that the possibilities for a good time are truly endless.

We prepared a post where we explained  how a day on a Blue Cruise can look like , and what are the things you can do on gulets.

activities on gulet

Quick Tips You Must Know before Rent a Gulet in Turkey

If you are interested in the Turkey gulet cruise we prepared 6 ultimate tips and a bit of excellent general advice that you should know before planning your holiday.

Blue Cruise Turkey is a truly special type of holiday and   these quick tips  can be very helpful with panning.

About gulet expert

GuletExpert.com s pecialized only for gulet charters in destinations from all over the world with the team of the best gulet charter experts in the world!

Thanks to many years of experience and close relationships with owners, we know the backstory of every gulet, and we can with confidence say that we will successfully assist you with planning your entire gulet cruise experience to absolute perfection.

Gulet expert team photo


Send us your inquiry and let one of our gulet experts help organise the best cruise holiday of your life., about guletexpert.

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turkey by gulet


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Finding the Universe

Travel tales, photography and a dash of humor

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Gulet

Travel Talk Tours Review: The Best of Turkey by Gulet

Last updated: October 30, 2023 . Written by Laurence Norah - Leave a Comment

A few years ago we were invited to Morocco and Egypt with Travel Talk Tours . In Egypt we took their Jewels of the Nile tour , and in Morocco we did their Exotic Morocco Tour .

We really enjoyed our experience on both these tours, so when Travel Talk Tours reached out to invite us on one of their most popular tours, Best of Turkey by Gulet , we were happy to accept.

The Best of Turkey by Gulet tour is a 12 day tour of Turkey that aims to visit the majority of Turkey’s highlights. It also includes three nights on a traditional wooden masted ship.

In this post I’m going to share our experiences of this tour of Turkey. I’ll go through each day in detail, share our thoughts on the experience, and hopefully help you decide if this tour is for you!

First though I’m going to go into some practical details about our tour and hopefully answer any questions you might have about taking a Travel Talk Tours trip.

Who are Travel Talk Tours?

If you’re not from Australia or New Zealand, you might not have heard of Travel Talk Tours . This isn’t because the company is Antipodean, but rather because its marketing efforts are largely aimed at this audience.

More specifically, Travel Talk Tours is very popular amongst Aussies and Kiwis who are living in the UK on work visas, and who use the UK as a base for adventures. Of course, lots of other people of varying nationalities take the tours, which are all led in English.

The good news is that if you’ve come here wondering if Travel Talk Tours is a real, legitimate company, the answer is a resounding yes! Based out of the UK, Travel Talk Tours have been successfully running tours for years.

Travel Talk Tours operate tours in an ever expanding number of countries around the world, using their own expert local guides and their own custom made tour itineraries.

They are ABTA members, which means they are held to a high standard of service, and mechanisms are in place to protect you as a traveller should any issues arise with your trip.

They focus on providing amazing value tours with high quality accommodation. For me though, the real test of quality is traveller feedback. And I would say that pretty much everyone I spoke to on all the trips I’ve been on has been very happy with the experience they had with Travel Talk tours.

In fact, a great many of my fellow travellers had been on a number of Travel Talk Tours before, and were planning more in the future. So if that isn’t a good indicator of quality, I’m not sure what is.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Cappadocia

What’s the Bus like on a Travel Talk Tour?

The tour we took in Turkey had 44 people on, which is pretty much the maximum size for a group. This meant that we had a large bus, which I have to say, was the most comfortable bus of any Travel Talk tour I’ve taken.

The bus was a big modern Mercedes coach. It had very comfortable reclining seats with air conditioning, an on-board fridge for keeping our drinks cold, tray tables, in-seat USB and AC power sockets, and even seat back televisions.

Ok, so the seat back televisions had the choice of Turkish movies or Turkish TV, but still. It’s the thought that counts.

turkey by gulet

It was also kept amazingly clean. I’m sure the whole coach was washed at least twice a day to ensure we had a good view out of the windows. Top marks to our drivers for looking after us and the coach so well.

Overall, the bus was definitely comfortable, and plenty of people took advantage of the long drives to get some good naps in.

There were only two niggles with the bus. First, Turkey was very hot whilst we were there, with temperatures close to 40C / 104F on many of the days of our trip.

On these days, with 44 hot and sweaty people on board, the bus air conditioning did sometimes struggle to keep the bus very cool, especially with the large glass windows and the sun beaming in. So whilst it never got uncomfortably hot, it did feel a bit warmer than we might have hoped for.

Second, there was no on-board toilet on the bus. To be fair, this could also be seen as a blessing, as the odor from a bus toilet isn’t really something you need on a long distance trip. In addition, we stopped very regularly for the toilet, usually every 2 – 2.5 hours. And if anyone really needed to go, all it needed was a word to the tour guide, and a stop would be made. So I think the toilet situation was fine.

What’s the Accommodation Like on a Travel Talk Tour?

Travel Talk Tours pride themselves on the level of accommodation they offer. On the tour in Turkey for example, hotels are listed as being 4* and 5* quality.

Of course, this isn’t 5* as you might expect at the Savoy or the Ritz, with suited attendants pressing buttons for you in the lift. Although I always find those experiences to be super weird anyway. I can press my own buttons!

In our experience, the accommodation provided by Travel Talk Tours is very comfortable. The hotels are clean, most have pools, and for the price of the tours they are amazing value. If you are used to travelling on a budget in hostels and backpacker properties, this is going to be a welcome step up.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Hotel Room

The only exception to the hotels was the period of time on the Gulet. Obviously, this is a wooden sailing ship, so accommodation is a lot more simple.

Note that you can do skip this section of the tour and stay on land by booking either the Best of Turkey by Land or Amazing Turkey by Land tours, which are essentially the same tour, but with time spent on land instead of on the Gulet. See more on these later on in the post.

Rooms on the Gulet feature fairly small double beds with a simple ensuite shower and toilet.

turkey by gulet

When we took the tour, it was actually too hot to sleep in the cabins (which didn’t have A/C), so everyone slept on deck, using the cabins as a sort of glorified walk in wardrobe and toilet.

Personally I loved sleeping on deck under the stars and waking to magnificent sunrises, but this of course is not going to be for everyone, and the quality of sleep will vary depending on how well you sleep surrounded by other people and the noises of a boat at sea.

You can see more on our Gulet part of the tour in the day by day breakdown of the trip below.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Gulet

Be aware that if you are travelling as a solo traveller, you will generally be paired with another traveller of the same sex. If you want to have a room to yourself this is possible, but a supplement will be charged. Everyone on our tour was sharing, either with a friend, a partner, or someone that was assigned to them, and I didn’t hear any negative feedback about the arrangement.

The only slight issue was that many of the hotels had a policy of issuing only one room key to each room, so solo travellers had to coordinate a little bit around room access.

What’s the Food Like on a Travel Talk Tour?

Of course, the food will vary depending on the country you visit. However, Travel Talk does try to ensure that you get good, high quality food that includes many local specialities in the country you visit, and this has been our experience in Morocco, Egypt and Turkey.

On the trip we took in Turkey, most of our breakfasts and dinners were included. These were predominantly served at our accommodation, and were buffet style with a wide choice. With the exception of the hotel in Cappadocia, all the food was excellent, with a wide choice, even for the vegetarians in the group.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Testi Kebab

The hotel in Cappadocia wasn’t bad per se, but the choice and quality wasn’t as good as the other hotels we stayed at, so it sort of stuck out. Still, one less good set of meals out of all the places we had inclusive meals at certainly isn’t bad!

On the gulet, all our meals were included. We had freshly caught grilled fish on the first night, and many other traditional dishes including kofte over the rest of the adventure. The meals on the boat were really excellent.

For the other meals that were not included, our guide generally recommended local restaurants that served Turkish specialities. This was when we were able to really sample some local dishes, including Köfte, Menemen, Mantı, Testi Kebap, Şiş Kebap, İskender Kebab, Pide and Baklava.

On the days that featured longer bus rides, lunch was generally at the break points, where there would be one or more dining options, often a choice between traditional Turkish food or western fast food options that you will be familiar with like McDonalds.

Overall, I would say that the food options on the tour were very good and pretty much everyone was happy with the choices. If you have dietary requirements though, or follow a strict vegan, gluten-free, or vegetarian diet, you should definitely get in touch with Travel Talk in advance of your trip, to be sure your needs can be accommodated.

Who Will be on a Travel Talk Tour?

As noted earlier, Travel Talk predominantly attracts folks from Australia and New Zealand onto their tours due to the focus of their main marketing efforts. This was the case on the tours we took in Morocco and Egypt, and was a theme that continued in Turkey.

On the trip in Turkey for example, there were 44 people in the group. Of those 44, there were two Canadians, two Chileans, one Brit (me!), and everyone else was either from Australia or New Zealand.

turkey by gulet

Of course, the trip is open to everyone, and all nationalities are welcomed. Just don’t be entirely surprised if your tour is mostly made up of Aussies and Kiwis.

In terms of age, Travel Talk Tours are primarily aimed at ages 18 – 39. In my experience on the tours we’ve taken, as well as from chatting to the guides, most travellers fall into a mid-twenties to early thirties age bracket, with a few outliers at either end.

Again, this isn’t a mandatory policy, and any ages are welcome. On our tour in Turkey for example, there was a young at heart couple in their 70s, and they were certainly welcomed into the group by everyone. The youngest person on our tour was 21.

Finally, our tour was roughly 70% women and 30% men. There were a mix of singles and couples, as well as solo travellers and friends travelling together. In my experience, everyone on all the Travel Talk tours we’ve been on has been really friendly and open to meeting new people. So you can definitely take one of these tours as a solo traveller and not be worried about being on your own.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Cappadocia

Is this a Party Tour?

You might be thinking that if you take a large group of relatively young people from Australia and New Zealand, put them all together, and send them on a holiday together, that what you have is a recipe for late night parties and hungover days.

This is not an unreasonable assumption.

However, in our experience with Travel Talk Tours , whilst most people certainly enjoy a beverage or three in the evenings, and there will always be someone up for late nights, the overall vibe is pretty relaxed. There’s no pressure to party, and many people will have an early night. After all, there are a lot of early starts on the tours!

So you can go either way, and you’re bound to find some like minded people to either party with, or bade goodnight to at an earlier juncture.

If you want a more hardcore party every night and sleep all day sort of tour, then I would say that Travel Talk Tours might not be the perfect fit for you. Although no-one will stop you of course! It’s also worth noting that most of the tours we’ve been on have been in predominantly Muslin countries, where alcohol isn’t always easily available. That said, it was easy to find and buy across Turkey.

turkey by gulet

What’s Included on a Travel Talk Tour?

Travel Talk are really up front about what is included and what isn’t as part of the tour rate. They also provide a really detailed pre-departure guide for every tour, which includes an overview of any extra costs, as well as lots of practical information for your tour.

This pre-departure file can be downloaded from the tour overview page for each tour on the Travel Talk website , and we highly recommend you look at this to help you plan your budget and for practical information on your trip.

For our 12 day Travel Talk tour, the following was included:

  • Airport transfer on arrival
  • Tour guide for the duration of the trip (with the exception of the Gulet cruise)
  • 12 nights accommodation
  • 11 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 8 dinners

The following was not included:

  • Return airport transfer (although advice was offered on how to get back to the airport, and a shuttle could be arranged)
  • Travel insurance (this is required, and we would always advise having this anyway!)
  • Other meals
  • Water / soft drinks / alcoholic drinks (most hotels included two small bottles of water per day)
  • Entrance fees to sights and museums
  • Optional activities
  • Flights (although Travel Talk are able to book flights for you if you wish, for extra)
  • Visas (most nationalities need a visa to enter Turkey which can be bought online here ).

If you are wondering what the costs of meals and additional activities are, Travel Talk includes all this information in their pre-departure file so you can budget in advance.

As a guide, entrance fees for the year we visited, 2019, totalled 410 Turkish lira (approx £60). Meals ranged from 30 lira to 70 lira (£4 – £10), depending on choice.

The major optional activities on our trip were hot air ballooning in Cappadocia (€190), the Turkish Bath (130 TL) and the Turkish Night (160 TL). Of those, I would say that the hot air ballooning is definitely one to budget for, as it’s an incredible experience.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Cappadocia

Day by Day Overview of the Best of Turkey by Gulet Tour

The tour we took was the 12 day Amazing Turkey by Gulet tour, which you can see and book on the Travel Talk website here .

Here’s what we did on each day to give you an idea of what to expect if you take this tour, or one of the similar tours like Best of Turkey by Land , Amazing Turkey by Gulet , or Amazing Turkey by Land .

Day 1 – Arrival into Istanbul

The first day was the arrival day. Arriving into the new Istanbul airport (IST) was a welcome change from the hectic experience of the old Ataturk airport, which seemed busy at whatever time of day we were here.

After collecting my bags, we were met by a man holding a Travel Talk sign. The airport transfers are arranged for efficiency, so a group of people can be transported together, but no one has to wait too long. The couple who had already arrived had waited a short while, and another couple arrived shortly after I did, after which we were escorted to a shuttle bus for the 40 minute ride to the hotel.

The hotel on the first night was the Legacy Ottoman, rated as a 5* hotel. The entry lobby was very pretty, and the location was fantastic, right next door to the old spice market. My room was on the small side, but it was clean and had everything I needed.

There were two main events on the first day, a welcome presentation by our Travel Talk guide, and an optional evening meal. Depending on the time your flight arrives into Istanbul, you’ll be able to make one or more of these events.

At this event we met our guide who would be leading the tour, Yavuz. Yavuz has been leading tours in Turkey for 25 years, and was a Turkish national with huge amounts of experience and knowledge about the country, its sights and its history.

Travel Talk Guide

The welcome presentation was around an hour long, and covered a wide variety of topics, from what we’d be doing and seeing, through to useful information on things like tipping, drinking water, food, and optional activities.

Most of the folks who had come in opted for the evening dinner as it was a good opportunity to start to meet our fellow travellers. This was held in a roof top restaurant a five minute walk from the hotel. This offered lovely views across the Bosphorus. Our guide Yavuz explained that the speciality of this restaurant was grilled kebabs, although there were plenty of choices. The meat and starter selection of bread and dips were excellent.

After dinner, some folks headed on to partake in shisha or a couple of more drinks, most, like myself, headed home for bed after a long day of travel.

Day 2 – Exploring Istanbul

The second day on the tour was the first actual full day of sightseeing. The nice thing about this day was that we were staying in the same hotel, so there was no need to pack up!

After an expansive buffet breakfast, we met Yavuz at 8.30am in the hotel reception. The plan for the day was to explore some of the sights of the old town of Istanbul, including the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, and Topkapi Palace Museum.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Hagia Sophia

Obviously there is a great deal more to see in the city, but these are certainly the sights that most first time visitors will want to come to.

Of course, some people on our tour, myself included, had visited Istanbul before. The nice thing about our time in Istanbul was that Yavuz was very flexible, so folks were welcome to come on the walking tour, or to explore themselves. They could also join the tour for a part of it, and then wander off (after letting Yavuz know of course).

I took the whole tour, which lasted from around 8.30am through to 2.30pm. In that time we visited three major sites. At the start of the tour Yavuz issued us with headsets so we could hear him – with around 35 people on the walking tour, this made hearing him a lot easier.

Our first stop was the beautiful Hagia Sophia . A church has stood on this location since 360AD, with the present structure dating from 532. Originally a Christian church, the Hagia Sophia was converted into a Mosque from 1453 onwards. However, as of 1935 it became a museum, and so it is no longer an active place of worship.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Hagia Sophia

Every time I’ve visited the Hagia Sophia over the past several years, there has been some some of reconstruction work happening, which is probably to be expected with a building of this venerable age. It’s a pretty magnificent place though, and we spent around 45 minutes inside, with some time spent with Yavuz explaining some of the more interesting features, and the rest of our time given over to free time.

This was a fairly common theme throughout the tour – we would always be given information and history about what we were seeing and experiencing, followed by some free time to explore on our own and take photos. This worked well for everyone as far as I could tell, and we never felt rushed, herded, or like we didn’t have enough time to explore.

After the Hagia Sophia we visited the Blue Mosque. This was a little disappointing during our tour as it was undergoing major renovations so most of it wasn’t really visible. Of course, this wasn’t the fault of Travel Talk, or anyone really, but it was definitely not as impressive as it could have been. Luckily I’d visited before, and so was able to remember if from that time.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Blue Mosque

From the Blue Mosque we went for lunch. Lunch, like most days on the tour, was at each individuals expense. We had around an hour allocated for lunch, and we were free to eat where we liked, although most chose to eat where Yavuz recommended, at the famous Pudding Shop. Here we had a variety of options, although the specialty of Izkender Kebab was recommended, so that’s what I went for.

After lunch we visited the Topkapi Palace Museum . This was the home of the sultans of the Ottoman empire, and is a vast sprawling palace complex set across a hill with commanding views across the Bosphorus Sea. Here our tour ended, and we were left to explore on our own, and make our own way back to the hotel.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Topkapi Palace Museum

The last activity on our second day was another optional extra, and it was a sunset cruise on the Bosphorus. Given we could take our own drinks on board, everyone was pretty excited about this, and pretty much everyone came along.

It was a pretty wonderful cruise, lasting around 90 minutes and giving us panoramic views of both the Asian and European sides of Istanbul. The evening was lovely and warm, and with a few beers to accompany the sunset, it was a lovely way to end the day.

Ok, so we really ended the day with dinner in Istanbul. Nothing formal was arranged, but we pretty much all wandered out as a group and found a nice restaurant to eat at together. I then headed for bed, as the third day was the beginning of the early morning starts!

Travel Talk Tours Turkey sunset cruise on the Bosphorus

Day 3 – Gallipoli / ANZAC sights

The third day of our Travel Talk Turkey tour was the first day on the bus. We’ve taken two Travel Talk tours before, and so I was familiar with the necessity for spending a fair amount of time on a bus.

Given the vast size of Turkey and places covered on this trip, I knew a lot of bus time would be required. So the comfort of the bus was certainly an important factor as to the quality of the tour.

Thankfully, I am pleased to report that on our tour the bus was excellent. With 44 people in our group, we obviously needed a large bus, and we had a pretty huge Mercedes. Also, with 44 people, every seat was full. Still, the bus didn’t feel cramped at all, with plenty of recline space, foot space, and overhead luggage storage.

Our departure on the third day was at 7.30am from the hotel, which meant an early breakfast. Our group was timely, and we pulled away from the hotel by 7.40am. Being on time on a group tour is key to a successful day!

The third day of the tour had us heading out of Istanbul and to Gallipoli, particularly well known to Australians and New Zealanders as the site of the Gallipoli campaign in World War 1.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Anzac Gallipoli

This was a bit of a drive. We travelled for a couple of hours, then had a 20 minute coffee break. Then there was another two hour drive, during which everyone on the bus got to have time to introduce themselves using the microphone, which was a good way to quickly get a feel for who was on the tour.

At midday we stopped for lunch at a road side lunch location, where a traditional and great value Turkish buffet style lunch was on offer.

We got to Gallipoli at just before 2:00pm, and we spent just over three hours exploring many of the locations here, including Anzac cove, North Beach, Lone Pine cemetery and Ari Burnu cemetery.

If you’re not familiar with the Gallipoli campaign , this was a campaign in the First World War which took place for almost a year, from the 17th February 1915 until 9th January 1916. The goal was to take control of an important shipping lane, weaken the Ottoman Empire, and create a supply route to Russia.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Anzac Gallipoli

The campaign involved a great many troops from Australia and New Zealand, and is credited as being the place where Australia and New Zealand developed a sense of national identity. This is likely why a visit to the Anzac sites is so popular with citizens of these countries.

In terms of the campaign, it is fair to say it started badly, and only got worse.

Gallipoli started with a failed naval campaign to conquer the straits. Following this, it was decided that a land based invasion would be the best option, with troops from Australia and New Zealand (the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, or ANZAC) as well as Britain and France making up the almost half a million strong landing force.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Anzac Gallipoli

They faced around a third of a million embedded troops, nearly all of whom were Turkish.

The landings started on the 25th April 1916. This day is now a public holiday in Australia and New Zealand, and commemorations are held every year in memory of the events.

Suffice to say, the landings did not achieve their objectives. Difficult terrain, the challenge of maintaining supply lines, and extreme weather conditions conspired against both side. In total, there were over half a million casualties.

Following a series of failed attempts to advance much beyond the beaches and surrounding hills, the decision to evacuate the remaining troops was taken in late 1915, with the bulk of the evacuations taking place in December 1915.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Anzac Gallipoli

History is unclear as to whether anyone actually won, as both sides suffered heavy losses. Generally it is regarded as either a stalemate or a defeat for the Allied forces.

Today, the region of the battles is a huge area of memorial for those who lost their lives on both sides of the battle. There are over 30 cemeteries spread across the region, as well as various monuments and information panels. It is a sobering place to visit, and I’m glad I was able to learn a bit about this piece of history on our tour.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Anzac Gallipoli

After visiting the Anzac locations, it was back in the bus for a half hour ride to the ferry terminal, where we crossed the Dardanelles and found ourselves on the continent of Asia. The ferry ride took around 30 minutes, after which it was another 30 minute drive to our hotel for the night, which we arrived at just after 7pm.

Here, there was a lovely view of the sunset, which I took a number of photos of whilst enjoying a beer. The majority of the group jumped into the hotel pool, before we had a good buffet dinner and ended the day.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey

Day 4 – Troy

Our fourth day started with an 8am departure. Almost a lie-in! This was due to be a long day on the bus, with the main highlight being the city of Troy.

From our hotel, it was only a half hour ride to Troy. This meant we got to explore the ruined city and pose in front of the famous Trojan Horse before it got too hot. This was definitely welcome, as temperatures during the day when we visited Turkey were hitting 41C / 106F!

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Troy

We spent a couple of hours exploring the ruined city of Troy under the guidance of Yavuz, who shared with us the history of this famous location. I learnt for example that there have been at least 9 cities built on this location, dating as far back as 3000 BC, with the last city abandoned in 500 AD.

That is a lot of history for one place, and as you would imagine, Troy is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Troy

After Troy, it was time for a long bus journey. We left Troy at 10.30 and stopped once for a restroom break, before stopping for lunch at 2.30.

This lunch stop was a definite highlight. We went to a remote restaurant in the mountains where our group were the only people. Traditional Turkish Pide (flatbread with different toppings) was the speciality here, as well as kebabs and baked cheese. I will admit I may have slightly overeaten at this lunch stop!

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Pide food

We were then treated to some traditional Turkish singing by the restaurant owner, before resuming our bus journey. One rest stop later, and we pulled into our hotel in Kusadasi at 7pm, just in time for the sunset.

According to our Travel Talk itinerary, we were due to have the afternoon free to explore Kusadasi, but in reality we only had around half an hour of light, which was a bit of a disappointment after a long day on the bus. The hotel pool had also closed by the time we arrived.

Still, there was live music at the hotel and we all sat and enjoyed dinner around the pool nonetheless!

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Hotel

Day 5 – Ephesus & Gulet

The fifth day of our Travel Talk tour in Turkey started with a 7.30am departure. Yes, these are getting earlier. And yes, they are going to keep getting earlier!

Highlights of the fifth day were a visit to the ruined city of Ephesus, a stop at a pottery workshop, and embarking on our boat adventure!

The first stop of the day was at Ephesus, which we got to at just after 8am. Again, this early morning arrival meant we missed the heat of the day, and there was lovely soft warm light casting a glow over everything, which was rather pleasant.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Ephesus

Ephesus, for those of you not familiar with Ancient Greek settlements, was an Ancient Greek settlement on the Ionian coast. It was built in around 1,000 BC, and lasted until the 15th century AD.

A lot happened in those 2,500 years.

Ephesus was home to the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It was also home to the library of Celsus and a theatre with room for 25,000 spectators – the largest in the world at the time.

It is also believed that one of the gospels of the bible was written in Ephesus, and that the Virgin Mary spent the last few years of her life in this region. John the Apostle is said to be buried nearby as well.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Ephesus

As you can imagine, there’s plenty to see and do at Ephesus, and we spent around 2.5 hours here with Yavuz showing us around. Our tour was interrupted for a short while as one of our participants was stung by a huge hornet, necessitating a trip to a clinic for intravenous antihistamine.

Travel Talk insists on travellers having travel insurance, and for good reason!

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Ephesus

After Ephesus, we went to a nearby pottery workshop, where we watched local artisans create pottery. We were then given the opportunity to purchase pottery if we wanted, and many members of the group picked something up.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Pottery

Following the pottery workshop it was time for lunch, which we had in a traditional local eatery famous for its Gözleme. This is a flatbread which is rolled very thinly, and then filled with various toppings, including minced meats, potato and spinach.

Lunch was eaten on low tables which we sat around in groups on carpeted floors and cushions, which certainly felt very traditional. Lots of local people also seemed to be eating here, which was a good sign.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Gözleme

After lunch, it was back on the bus. We left lunch at around 1.30pm and arrived into Fethiye at around 7.30pm. We stopped every couple of hours for restrooms and snack / water purchasing, but this was definitely a long bus ride!

It was all worth it though, as when we arrived into Fethiye we were assigned our Gulet!

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Gulet

A Gulet is a traditional wooden Turkish sailing ship, and for those of us on The Best of Turkey by Gulet or Amazing Turkey by Gulet tours, this was the part where we embarked on a three night sailing adventure.

A brief note on how Travel Talk structures its tours, which was something we also observed in Egypt. Often, there will be multiple tours offered in a country, which offer similar itineraries with some tweaks.

For example, the tour I was on was called the Best of Turkey by Gulet. However, also on our tour were people on the following tours:

  • Best of Turkey by Land
  • Amazing Turkey by Gulet
  • Amazing Turkey by Land

These four tours are similar, but with some key differences. The “Best of” tours are 12 days long, with the last day consisting of a long bus ride from Cappadocia to Turkey, followed by a night in Istanbul. The “Amazing” tours are only 10 days, but you get to fly back to Istanbul from Cappadocia.

The other difference is the Gulet, as the name suggests. Those in the group on the “by Gulet” tours spend three nights on a Gulet, whilst those on the “by Land” tours spend those three nights at a resort near Fethiye. During this time there are a number of other sights and activities, including a visit to Saklikent canyon, a mud bath, and the so-called turtle beach.

Obviously, which tour you choose will depend on your interests. It’s also worth bearing in mind that the Gulet accommodation is quite basic, consisting of pretty small cabins with no air conditioning. No-one on our trip had any issues with this, but if that’s not for you, the land version might be preferable!

Anyway, back to the tour. We arrived in Fethiye and boarded our Gulet. We were split into two groups, with 14 people on one Gulet and 16 on ours. This was pretty much the maximum that each boat could take.

Each room on-board the Gulet had a fairly small double bed as well as a wet shower / toilet room. There was also some storage. It rapidly became apparent to everyone though that sleeping below decks was going to be a real challenge. In August Turkey is hot, and the Gulet has no air conditioning – just a small window for air.

The rooms when we sailed were definitely too warm for sleeping in. The good news is that there was a huge deck area covered in mattresses, and we were able to take out sleeping gear from our rooms up to the deck when it was time to sleep. I love sleeping under the stars on a warm night, and this was a real treat.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Gulet

In terms of meals, all three meals on the Gulet were included, breakfast, lunch and dinner. There were three crew on board – the Captain, who spoke good English, and then two assistants, one of whom was responsible for all the delicious meals we ate.

These included traditional kofte, freshly caught fish, and a variety of other Turkish dishes. We definitely didn’t go hungry.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Gulet

For power, there was a large power strip available with power available during the day when the boat was under power, and in the evenings when a generator was running. So charging devices like phones and cameras was possible, but there were no power strips in the rooms themselves.

One major downside to the Gulet was that we weren’t allowed to bring any drinks of our own on board. This included water. Whilst bringing a water bottle or two on board in a backpack was ok, we couldn’t exactly stock up.

Three days in the heat on a boat in Turkey where you have no choice but to buy water at inflated prices is not cool in my opinion. I appreciate a need to make a profit, and didn’t mind paying a little over the odds for beer (around €4.50 for a beer), but I definitely felt that overpriced water was unfair.

Ok, so that’s it with complaints about the Gulet!

Our first evening on the Gulet had us sailing for around half an hour from Fethiye to a sheltered cove in the Fethiye Gulf, where as soon as possible, everyone jumped into the water. The water was magnificently warm and clear, and swimming in it became a primary theme of the following days. While we swam, the crew made us dinner, after which folks chatted, played cards, and then drifted off to bed in clumps.

I’d definitely recommend bringing ear plugs and an eye mask for this part of the trip if you are a light sleeper and plan on getting either an early night or a lie in, as a boat isn’t the quietest of places, and the sun comes up early!

Day 6 – Gulet

We woke to a spectacular sunrise on our first day, and motored for a while to a lovely spot for breakfast in the Yassica islands. Again, as soon as the boat stop and the captain deemed it safe, everyone jumped in the water. It was becoming apparent by this point that most people in the group were part dolphin.

The rest of the day was probably the most relaxed of all the days on the whole trip. Time was spent either relaxing on deck, swimming in the sea, or motoring to a new location, from where we would repeat the cycle.

We got three meals a day, as well as afternoon tea and biscuits. For snacks, we were visited from time to time by a boat selling ice creams. This was definitely a highlight of each day.

Our second day on the boat also saw us have the opportunity to ride inflatables, including a banana boat, towed behind a high speed boat. This was a great value experience and everyone who took part seemed to enjoy it. I definitely enjoyed watching!

Finally, the day ended with dinner, plenty of card games, a few drinks, and bed under the stars. I think the photos probably share the experience better than my words.

turkey by gulet

Day 7 – Gulet

Our last day on the Gulet largely replicated the second day, with lots of swimming and relaxing. The highlight of the boat time was when we motored to a sunken bath house, which we were able to explore.

On board the boat I should mention there was plenty of leisure space, life jackets, as well as floatation devices like rings and noodles. There was also snorkelling equipment, including goggles, snorkels, and flippers.

In the evening of the third day we actually motored back to Fethiye. We arrived at around 5pm, which was a little bit sad for most of us on board as it meant no more swimming in the warm sea.

Still, all was not lost! Everyone took advantage of being moored near the town centre to do some exploring and shopping, and many people went out in the evening for a few drinks as well. Again, we slept on the boat for the third and final time.

turkey by gulet

Day 8 – Pamukkale

On the 8th day we left the boat at 9.15am. You might think this would mean a nice long lie-in, but sleeping on the deck means you generally get up not long after sunrise.

We had breakfast on the boat, and then left for the bus, where we were reunited with our land based travellers. They seemed to have had a very relaxing time, mostly lounging by the pool interspersed with a bit of sight-seeing. Some of them had also gone paragliding, one of the optional activities for the land based travellers.

Day 8 was another long day of bus riding as we headed to Cappadocia. The main sight on the way were the legendary white terraces at Pamukkale, which we arrived at at 2.30. There was no formal lunch stop on day 8, instead we visited a supermarket where we bought supplies to eat on the bus, so as to save time.

Pamukkale are travertine terraces, formed by calcium deposits over thousands of years, and are a stunning sight known in Turkish as the Cotton Castle. They’re a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and are also known as the White Castle.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Pamukkale

I’m not going to lie, these were a bit of a disappointment. If you look at photos of the white terraces, they are beautiful white stepped terraces filled with incredible turquoise waters.

Unfortunately, for most of the year, the terraces are largely dry. Water is artificially channeled around them, and whilst it is sometimes channeled into the terraces, this does not happen very often. When we visited, only a tiny part of the terraces had any water in.

There is a path running through the terraces with a number small pools that you can bathe in, but on the day we visited (a weekend in August), it was mind blowingly busy. This didn’t deter many of our group members from having a swim in the pretty waters, but they did report that the cleanliness of the water left very much to be desired, with a lot of detritus including band-aids clogging the base.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Pamukkale

Still, once I got over the disappointment of the lack of water and the amazing crowds, I was definitely impressed by the formations.

I walked around a fair bit, and found some quieter locations to take some photos, and enjoy the views which are expansive and impressive. I’d definitely never seen anything quite like it.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Pamukkale

Pamukkale is also home to the Greco-Roman city of Hierapolis, which was built on top of the “White Castle” in the 2nd century BC.

This is often overlooked by visitors, but if you have the energy, there are plenty of sights to see here including a museum, ancient baths, a theatre, a Necropolis, and more.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Pamukkale

We had around two hours to explore Pamukkale, which was definitely plenty of time.

From Pamukkale it was back in the bus at 4.30pm, from where it was only a half hour drive to the hotel. This was one of the nicest hotels we stayed at in my opinion, with thermal pools for bathing, large swimming pools, and a gorgeous view of the sunset.

There was also a free evening belly dancing show!

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Pamukkale hotel

Day 9 – Cappadocia

Remember how I said that departure times got earlier every day? Well, our 9th day had us leaving the hotel at 6am. Breakfast started at 5.30am, so we were able to eat, but it was definitely an early start – before sunrise in fact.

Still, most people were pretty good at napping on the bus, and our guide left us in silence for a couple of hours with the interior lights off, so we could nap if we wanted.

From the Pamukkale area to the Cappadocia region is a long way, so we spent a long time on the bus on day 9. This was interspersed with regular restroom stops as well as a lunch time stop at around 2pm.

We arrived into the Cappadocia region at around 2.30pm, and we stopped a couple of times for some photo opportunities and to stretch our legs.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Cappadocia

The main highlight of this day, other than watching the changing scenery through the bus windows, was our visit to the Derinkuyu underground city.

This is the largest underground city in Turkey, once home to 20,000 people who lived up to 60 metres underground during its heyday from 780 to 1180.

In these times, the region was often invaded. The underground cities were a vital place of refuge and safety for the areas inhabitants.

Derinkuyu, the underground city we visited was the largest of these underground cities in the region. It was connected to many other by kilometres long underground tunnels, creating a huge underground network.

Today, the underground city of Derinkuyu is open to visit down to around the 8th storey underground, which is approximately half of it. This was definitely an interesting place to visit, although not one if you are claustrophobic! We had around an hour on site, which included time with our guide explaining the layout and history.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Cappadocia

From Derinkuyu, we headed on to our hotel, which was to be home for our two nights in Cappadocia.

There was an optional evening activity of a traditional Turkish bath. This was a fairly popular option, with around half the group opting for the experience. This was sex segregated, and everyone wore bathing suits so there was no nudity.

The Turkish Bath experience lasted around an hour in total, and included time in a sauna, a massage, and some time relaxing with apple tea. Finally, it was time for bed because, you guessed it, our tenth day had an early start!

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Cappadocia

Day 10 – Cappadocia

Our tenth day in Cappadocia was the day of the most popular optional activity on the tour – hot air ballooning! Of the 44 people in our group, 33 chose to go ballooning. This is one of the most iconic activities in Cappadocia, and one of the main reasons many people choose to visit the city. Between 100 and 150 balloons fly here every morning, weather permitting, and it’s an incredible sight.

The good news is that even those not opting to take a hot air balloon flight still had a good option. 11 of us had a shuttle bus arranged to a viewing point, where we could watch the balloons setting off. So even if you don’t fly in a balloon, you can still get a sense of the experience if you want. Or you can take advantage of the time to sleep in, if you prefer.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Cappadocia

Unless you choose to sleep in, it’s going to be an early start. In our case that meant leaving the hotel by 5am, either to be ballooning by sunrise, or to watch the balloons take off into the sunrise.

I’ve been lucky enough to fly in a hot air balloon in Cappadocia twice already, so on this trip I opted to stay on the ground and see what that experience was like.

I am pleased to report that it was truly wonderful. We were particularly lucky on the day we went as the wind was gently blowing towards us, meaning most of the 150 or so balloons which launched floated right over our heads.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Cappadocia

Speaking to those who went ballooning, they also had a fantastic experience, which lasted around 75 minutes from take off to landing. Note that basket sizes vary, but the company that Travel Talk used when we visited have around 24 people per basket.

After such an early start, everyone headed back to the hotel for a spot of breakfast before a day of sightseeing. Cappadocia is famous for its rock formations, and we visited the Goreme Open Air Museum, as well as a number of pretty viewpoints, including Pigeon Valley and Love Valley.

turkey by gulet

We also spent an hour or so at a jewellery shop. I will say that this tour in general did not feature a great many shopping specific stops, but the two we did stop at seemed to feature high quality products and most folks on the tour picked a few things up.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Cappadocia

Lunch on the tenth day was at a restaurant famous for testi kebabs. These feature lamb cooked in a traditional clay pot over charcoal, which is then broken open with large knife. This was a really tasty meal, and lots of our group had fun wielding the pot opening knives!

Finally, after a few more sight seeing stops, our group headed back to the hotel at around 3.30pm. This was when those folks on the 10 day tours caught their flights back to Istanbul, so there was a large round of goodbyes in the hotel lobby before they were transported off.

Those of us staying had one final treat in store – the optional Turkish night, which pretty much everyone had signed up. Something about the promise of unlimited alcohol seemed to waken even the most tired of souls.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Turkish NIght

So, after a relaxing afternoon snooze, it was back on the bus for a short transfer to an evening of dance and drink. This was, despite obviously being a purely tourist event, a huge amount of fun. There truly was unlimited alcohol, including traditional Raki, and our group danced and drank fiercely until the show was over.

The belly dancer in particular was excellent. Even if she did pull me up and make me dance in front of a room of hundreds of people.

Day 11 – Drive to Istanbul

The 11th day of the tour was, to be honest, not much to write about. It’s a very long way from Cappadocia to Istanbul, and we spent basically the whole day on the bus. We departed the hotel at 7.30am and arrived into the hotel at 7.40pm.

The good news was that around half the group had left already, so everyone had two seats to themselves. We also stopped at least every couple of hours for use of the toilets and to buy any snacks, and we had a longer stop at a huge outlet mall for lunch.

In Istanbul, we all went out for dinner as a group, visiting the restaurant we’d been to on our first night.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Food

Day 12 – Flight home

The last day on the trip was really just the day that everyone left. We said our farewells over breakfast, and then folks departed at various times through the day.

Some people were staying in Istanbul for more sightseeing, others were flying home, others were on longer trips and so left for new destinations.

But yes, all good things come to an end, and that was the end of our time in Turkey with Travel Talk Tours! Now I’ll write a few words in summary, and share some helpful information so you can plan your own trip.

What we Liked About the Best of Turkey by Gulet Tour

This tour was an excellent way to see a lot of Turkey in a relatively short time. Our guide, Yavuz, had been running tours in Turkey for 25 years, and really knew his stuff. He also had a good sense of humour, which made the tour more fun.

The group of people on the tour were a lot of fun to hang out with, and the large group meant there were lots of people to meet and chat with. Normally I’d think that I wouldn’t like a large group tour, but this trip proved me wrong on that front! Everyone was really friendly and a joy to spend time with. I left with a lot of new friends.

In terms of sightseeing and activities, some of the real highlights for me were the three day Gulet trip, the morning watching the hot air balloons in Cappadocia, and our time visiting Troy and Ephesus.

To be honest though, I really enjoyed the whole experience, and can definitely recommend it if you are planning a trip to Turkey.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Pamukkale hotel

Anything We Didn’t Like About the Best of Turkey by Gulet Tour?

Not everything in life is perfect and it would be unfair to only list the positives on a tour. So here are a few things that weren’t ideal on the trip.

First, the real downside of a trip like this are the long bus rides and the early morning starts that went with those! Whilst the bus was certainly comfortable, and there were plenty of rest stops along the way, a long bus ride is still a long bus ride.

I, and many others on the trip, helped the time pass by reading, watching downloaded movies or TV shows, playing cards, or listening to music.

Of course, our guide Yavuz did share information as we went on what we were seeing, but on a 10-12 hour ride we couldn’t expect him to entertain us the whole time!

Still, visiting the various highlights of Turkey will inevitably require these long bus rides, so I don’t see much opportunity to improve this. Just be prepared in advance, and if you want to skip the long bus ride back to Istanbul from Cappadocia, consider the 10 day version of the tour which has you flying back instead of taking the coach.

Alternatively, some of our group just paid for the flights themselves separately, and met us back in Istanbul. This is something you’d want to arrange yourself of course, and you’d also need to figure out the airport transit.

The other disappointment I guess was Pamukkale, as there was no water in most of it, and it was both insanely busy and very hot. Visiting at a peak time of year on a weekend was definitely not ideal.

Finally, taking soft drinks onto the Gulet, at least water, should definitely be allowed. It’s a minor thing, but one that would improve that part of the trip.

That is pretty much it for things not to like. If you don’t like long bus rides, this tour is probably not for you. Otherwise, we think you’ll have a great time.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Ephesus

Should you take the Best of Turkey by Gulet Tour?

To be honest, we can’t answer this question for you. I did my best to talk to absolutely everyone on the trip to get their thoughts on the trip, and overall everyone had positive things to say. Some were on their first Travel Talk Tours adventure, others had taken multiple tours with the company already. Some people had never taken a group trip like this before at all, and were definitely enjoying themselves.

I think this is a great tour if you want to see a lot of the country, learn some history, make new friends, and have a relaxing break in the middle. If you’re not into swimming or boats, then you might prefer the land based version of the tour instead.

Otherwise, I’d encourage you to just read through this post and make up your own mind as to whether this sounds like the right tour for you!

If you don’t like the sound of a tour, see our guide to spending 2 weeks in Turkey , which has loads of information on all the other options you have for getting around the country independently.

If you have any specific questions about the tour, or about Travel Talk Tour in general (we’ve taken 3 of their tours), just ask us in the Comments section at the end of this article.

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Pamukkale hotel

Practicalities for Travel in Turkey

To help you plan your time in Turkey, here’s some useful information around things like internet access, drinking water, and electricity. Note that lots of practical information of this nature is also helpfully provided in the pre-departure file by Travel Talk tours.

Money in Turkey

Turkey uses the Turkish Lira as currency, which is available in both coin and note form. ATM’s are widely available across the country, and credit cards are also accepted in most locations.

You will definitely want to have a few coins handy, as sometimes there’s a small fee to use the toilet (between 1 and 2 lira when we visited). It’s also common to tip for service, usually up to 10%.

Electricity in Turkey

Turkey uses a 2 pin Type C / Type F plug. This is the same as you would find across the rest of Europe, and the voltage is 220V to 240V.

If you are travelling from a country which uses a different plug style, like the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand, you will need a travel adapter like this . If you are coming from the Americas, you will also need to consider the change in voltage. We’d suggest reading our guide to travel adapters to find the best solution for you.

Safety in Turkey

Turkey is a generally safe country to visit, and we’ve never had any problems here. In our experience, the only thing to really watch out for are the rogue taxi drivers with rigged meters. You can avoid these by only getting taxis from official taxi stands, or getting your accommodation to call a taxi for you.

Otherwise, just practice the same safety precautions you would when at home, and you should be fine. On a tour with a reputable operator like Travel Talk, you shouldn’t have any problems, and your tour guide will be there to assist you should any issues arise.

Internet Access in Turkey

WiFi was available at all the hotels we visited in Turkey, but other than at the hotels and some of the restaurants we stopped at, free wifi was fairly rare. There was no WiFi on the Gulet for example.

However, it is possible to buy SIM cards with data in Turkey, and our guide gave us tips on where to do that in Istanbul. These even worked while we were on the Gulet.

On our tour, quite a few people opted for the local SIM as prices for data were very reasonable. However, if you can cope without data for a day (three days on the Gulet!), then you will be able to get online at the hotels. Alternatively, you could look to the roaming options your operator has for Turkey.

In my case, I have a personal hotspot device which I used during my time in Turkey when I wanted to get online.

You can read more about that in my detailed guide to getting online when travelling , which has lots of options to help you pick the right option for you.

Drinking Water in Turkey

Our guide advised us against drinking the tap water on our trip, and sticking to bottled water. Whilst in theory the water is treated and drinkable across most of the country, I can see why Travel Talk would prefer you not to take the risk – an upset stomach combined with long bus rides isn’t going to be fun for anyone!

So you have two options. You can buy bottled water as you go, or you can invest in a water filtration system.

Bottled water is available everywhere and is cheap, especially if you buy it at a convenience store rather than a tourist location or in the hotel. Bigger bottles are more cost effective.

We also have and use a reusable water bottle with a filter, so that is another option to consider. Currently we use and love our Lifestraw , which you can buy online here . You can read more about safe drinking water in our guide to safe drinking water when traveling .

Travel Talk Tours Turkey Cappadocia

What Other Tours do Travel Talk offer in Turkey?

Travel Talk Tours offer a wide range of tours in Turkey, from 6 days to 19 days. You can see and book the full range of Turkey tours here .

Further Reading

Well, that finished off our review of the Best of Turkey by Gulet tour! If you’re interested in reading more about the tour and booking it, you can do that on the Travel Talk website here .

We also wanted to share some other posts that we thought you might find useful, both on our experiences with Travel Talk on other tours, and on planning a trip in general. In no particular order:

  • We have a guide to spending 2 weeks in Turkey , as well as a detailed 2 day Istanbul itinerary
  • We also have a detailed guide to things to do in Cappadocia
  • Our review of our Egypt Travel Talk Tours trip
  • Our review of our Morocco Travel Talk Tours trip
  • Our guide to the best travel adapters , best travel shoes for men and best travel shoes for women , if you’re looking for some new gear for your trip.
  • If you want to capture some great photos on your trip, see our guide to the best travel cameras for tips on what to look for and recommended options across a range of budgets
  • If you want some reading for your trip, check out The Lonely Planet Guide to Turkey , Fodor’s Essential Turkey , and the DK Eyewitness Travel Guide for Turkey

And that’s it! Have you ever taken a tour with Travel Talk Tours, or do you have any questions about our experiences? As always, we’re happy to answer your questions and listen to your feedback about this post in the comments below!

A Full review of a Turkey tour with Travel Talk Tours, including what the food is like, who the tour is for, accommodation, and more

So you know: Our trip to Turkey was covered by Travel Talk Tours who covered the total price of our tour, all our meals, optional activities, flights to and from Turkey, and additional expenses. As always, what we write is our own personal opinion. You can always read about how we work with partners on our code of ethics here .

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Best of Turkey by Gulet (5 & 4 Star Hotels)

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  • Bathe in the pools of Pamukkale
  • Visit the famous Underground City
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  • Day 1 Istanbul
  • Day 2 Istanbul
  • Day 3 Gallipoli
  • Day 4 Troy, Kusadasi
  • Day 5 Ephesus, Fethiye, Gulet, Yassı Islands
  • Day 6 Gulet Cruise, Gocek Gulf, Tersane, Bedri Rahmi Bay, Sunken Bath/Cleopatra
  • Day 7 Gulet Cruise, Boncuklu Bay, Fethiye Marina
  • Day 8 Fethiye Marina, Pamukkale
  • Day 9 Pamukkale, Cappadocia
  • Day 10 Cappadocia
  • Day 11 Cappadocia, Devrent, Istanbul
  • Day 12 Istanbul

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  • A J.Nicolson · 6th December 2023 Travel talk's 10 day tour by land in Turkey was a wonderful experience. All thanks to the great itinerary, our amazing tour guide Mustafa, and the friendly people of Turkey. Highly recommend having a 'no-fuss', well organized vacation with them! � Trip date: June 2019 Review collected by Travel Talk
  • A P.Dunstan · 6th December 2023 Just had a pearler of a week going round Turkey with the hilarious and informative Yavuz (Kev).Some stunning days, visiting some true bucket list places and experiences.Can't recommend it enough! Trip date: June 2019 Review collected by Travel Talk
  • A J.Stevo · 6th December 2023 An amazing tour covering all the hot spots in Turkey. Mustafa is an amazing guide, very friendly and easy going and provided the high amount of information. Trip date: July 2019 Review collected by Travel Talk
  • A T. Seager · 6th December 2023 Guide Mustafa and the drivers were A++. Gulet cruise food was excellent A++ Trip date: July 2019 Review collected by Travel Talk
  • A M. Jeffers · 6th December 2023 Amazing guide. Great fun and hilarious. Overall, a great tour with great experiences. Trip date: June 2019 Review collected by Travel Talk
  • A G. Hunter · 6th December 2023 Generally a good tour and I was happy to be in the group. The group age was good. Tour guide Yıl was funny and helped make the tour memorable. Trip date: June 2019 Review collected by Travel Talk
  • A C. Vinatoriu · 6th December 2023 Thank you Yil for an amazing trip. You have been the best guide and we have all had so much fun. Thank you. Trip date: June 2019 Review collected by Travel Talk
  • A A. Mills · 6th December 2023 Thank you so much Mustafa. Absolute professionalism, sense of humor and very informative. The best tour guide. All the best. Trip date: June 2019 Review collected by Travel Talk
  • A K. Ransley · 6th December 2023 Mustafa was a very informative guide and worked hard to answer all of our questions and requests. Food on the gullet was amazing. The pace of the tour was good. We saw a lot in 12 days. Overall a great tour for a first visit to Turkey. Trip date: August 2019 Review collected by Travel Talk
  • A M. Cheung · 6th December 2023 Mustafa was an amazing tour guide and is full of knowledge. He went out of his way to help and recommend things. Trip date: August 2019 Review collected by Travel Talk

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Gulet Cruise from Bodrum 

Gulet Cruise from Bodrum

Looking for an unforgettable cruising experience? How about a gulet cruise from Bodrum ? This picturesque region in Turkey is home to crystal clear waters, lush greenery, and dramatic mountain ranges. The route your gulet takes depends on your itinerary, but most trips will wind their way through some of the most beautiful places in Turkey .

Gulet is anchored on the turquoise waters

But first, what exactly is a gulet? Gulets are traditional wooden sailing vessels used in the Mediterranean for centuries. These days, they’ve been outfitted with modern amenities to provide a comfortable and luxurious experience for travelers. These ships are typically large and have multiple sails, making them perfect for cruising. Gulets can accommodate six to twelve people, so they are perfect for groups or families.

Bodrum on Turkish Riviera

A gulet cruise from Bodrum to Istanbul

The route from Bodrum to Istanbul winds its way through some of the most beautiful and dramatic areas in Turkey. Some of the highlights include the towns of Marmaris and Fethiye, as well as the picturesque Blue Lagoon. You will also sail past the Princes’ Islands, a group of nine islands once home to Byzantine princes.

Visit Marmaris on a Gulet Cruise

The first stop on your journey is the town of Marmaris . This port town is located on the Mediterranean Sea and is known for its beaches, nightlife, and shopping. There are also several historic sites in the area, including the ancient city of Halicarnassus. Marmaris is a popular stop on cruises because it offers something for everyone. Whether you want to relax on the beach, enjoy the nightlife, or explore the history of the area, Marmaris has something to offer.

Gulet Cruise to Fethiye

After Marmaris, you’ll sail to the town of Fethiye . It’s a beautiful town on the Mediterranean Sea, ideal for a relaxing beach vacation. There are plenty of restaurants and bars to enjoy, as well as shops where you can find souvenirs to take home with you.

Next on the itinerary is the Blue Lagoon. This lagoon gets its name from the striking blue waters. It’s a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying the views, so you’ll probably find it difficult to leave it behind.


Finally, you’ll arrive in Istanbul . This historic city is the capital of Turkey and is located on the Bosphorus Strait. Istanbul is a bustling metropolis with plenty to see and do. Some of the highlights include the Hagia Sophia , the Blue Mosque, and the Topkapi Palace.

Istanbul is the perfect place to end your gulet cruise. There’s so much to see and do in this vibrant city. You can explore the many historical sites, enjoy the delicious food, or simply wander the streets and take in the sights and sounds of this amazing place.

Bodrum Marina

A gulet cruise from Bodrum across the Mediterranean Sea

If you’re eager to spend more time on the water, you can always sail eastward across the Mediterranean Sea to Greek islands such as Mykonos, Santorini , or Rhodes. These beautiful Greek islands are well known for their dramatic cliffs, crystal-clear waters, and gorgeous beaches.


The route takes about a week to complete, and you will have the opportunity to stop at various ports along the way. You’ll explore the beautiful Aegean Sea and get to explore idyllic islands and quaint villages along the way.

The first leg of the gulet cruise from Bodrum takes you to the city of Kos. This ancient city is located on the island of Kos where you’ll find some of the best-preserved ancient ruins in Greece. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the city’s fascinating history, including its temples, theatres, and stadiums. Stroll through the city’s vibrant markets and try some of the delicious local cuisines for a well-rounded experience.


After spending a few days in Kos, you’ll set sail for Rhodes. This large island is home to an impressive medieval city surrounded by a high wall. The city’s main street, which is lined with shops and restaurants, leads to the Palace of the Grand Master. This imposing building was once the home of the medieval knights who ruled Rhodes. You’ll also have the chance to explore the island’s many beaches and take a dip in the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

The next leg of your sailing adventure will take you to the island of Crete where await some beautiful beaches in Greece. Swim in the Mediterranean, relax on the sandy beaches, and love your life. If you have more time on your hands, it is worth exploring the island’s many archaeological sites, especially the ruins of Knossos.

The final leg of your gulet cruise from Bodrum takes you back to Turkey. You’ll sail along the scenic Turkish coastline and enjoy the beautiful views of the Aegean Sea. Some gulet cruises include a stop at the fabulous, colorful, and loud city of Istanbul.

Beautiful Turkey

A gulet cruise from Bodrum is the perfect way to experience some of the best that Turkey has to offer . From ancient ruins to idyllic beaches, you’ll have the opportunity to discover a variety of fascinating destinations. Bon, voyage!

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Set Sail with Us on a Magnificent Journey

Set sail with us on a magnificent journey! Our expert team selects the finest gulets, and we provide 24/7 support. Just relax and enjoy; we’ll take care of the rest

Gulet Available

turkey by gulet

welcome to Turkey Gulet!

Comfortable journeys with expert team and 24/7 service.

Experience hassle-free, comfortable journeys with our expert team and around-the-clock service.

  • Affordable Price Guarantee
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Charter Guide

We are here with our expert team for all your gulet rentals.


We prioritize satisfaction with our expert team.

We prepare you for the most beautiful journeys with luxury gulets.

Have you ever dreamed of sailing across the crystal-clear waters of Turkey, aboard a traditional wooden yacht that blends history with luxury?

Welcome to the world of Turkish Gulets , the quintessential experience for nautical enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

Gulet boats in Turkey are not just vessels; they are floating masterpieces, each telling its own unique story.

Sailing on a Gulet in Turkey offers an unparalleled experience, combining the charm of traditional craftsmanship with modern comforts.

These wooden yachts , revered for their sturdy and elegant design, provide the perfect setting for an unforgettable sea journey.

turkey by gulet

Imagine gliding along the Turkish coastline, where each cove and bay reveals a new secret, a new story.  Gulet sailing in Turkey is not just about moving from one place to another; it’s about embracing the rhythm of the sea and the warmth of the sun, all while indulging in the comforts of your own floating haven.

And let’s talk about affordability   Gulet prices are surprisingly reasonable, making this exquisite experience accessible to many.

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a first-time sea traveler, Gulet sailboats offer a range of options to suit your needs and preferences. So, are you ready to set sail on a journey that combines tradition, luxury, and the sheer joy of sailing?

Amazing Amenities

Experience the best amenities with our gulet rental company.

Luxury Cabins

Enjoy the comfort of your home in our luxurious cabins while discovering and savoring stunning bays.

Professional Team

Let us plan your journey with our expert team, just enjoy it. Our team is there to provide you 24/7 support.

turkey by gulet

Talk about this weekend’s plans while you’re out on the boat!

turkey by gulet

Luce Del Mare

turkey by gulet

Prenses Bugce

turkey by gulet

  • 23.9 Meters

turkey by gulet

Discover the beauty of Turkey through thousands of gulet charters.

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Gulet Charter Turkey

Gulet Charter Turkey

Gulet charter in Turkey is a popular choice for those who want to explore the Mediterranean or Aegean Sea in a more intimate and personalized setting. The itineraries often include visits to picturesque coves, historical sites, and charming coastal villages. The turquoise waters, pristine beaches, and historical landmarks make Turkey a fantastic destination for sailing enthusiasts.

Are you interested in chartering a gulet in Turkey ? We provide top-tier luxury gulets from various starting points such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, and Göcek to our clients, offering an extensive selection of Turkish Gulet (Traditional Turkish wooden sailing yachts).

Contact us today to secure your spot and customize your dream Gulet Charter holiday. Unwind, explore, and turn this holiday into a memorable chapter in your life !

Book & Experience Great Times with us


Why charter a gulet in Turkey with us?

With 30 years of experience in the gulet yachting industry, we can guarantee you the most professional service. LuxurSerenityCom meets for all of your needs and offers a wide range of Turkish Gulet fleet in various sizes, shapes and budgets. Let us help you find your perfect Turkish Gulet for an unforgettable Gulet Charter in Turkey .

As a gulet charter company, we offer you better quality and the most suitable service in Turkey. In line with the increasing demands day by day, it has become very difficult to charter the desired gulet on the desired date. We provide a professional service to find the most suitable Gulet to charter. We make it easy to organize chartering gulet process without even having to search for pictures of yachts. We save your time and find you the perfect match for your Gulet Cruise Vacation.

Book now and create lasting memories on the turquoise seas of Turkey.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Relax and let us take care of the details.

Top Luxury Gulet

Luxury Plus Gulets are at the top of the yacht classes. They offer 5-star hotel comfort with their highest technology, luxury large cabins and equipments.

Luxury Gulet

Luxury Gulets are the most requested and booked category. They offer comfortable cruise and luxury service on board.

Standart Gulet

Standard Gulets can provide you with everything you need for an unforgettable blue cruise. The reason why they are standard is because of their size.


  • Gulet Charter

What is A Turkish Gulet?

A Turksih gulet is a wooden classic yacht built usually in Bodrum or Marmaris from the southwestern coast of Turkey. The average size of the gulet is 20 to 55 meters in length and feature 4 to 12 cabins. Gulets can provide you with the amazing unique type of holidays.

How much does it cost to Charter a Turkish Gulet?

The cost of chartering a Gulet in Turkey starts at €600 per day. The cost changes depending on the size and class of the gulet you would like to rent.

How much are private gulet charters or luxury gulet boat rentals in Turkey?

A Gulet boat charter starts from €600 to €20,000 for a full day out on the water with a captain and crew.

What are the requirements to Charter a Gulet ?

For those that want to rent a gulet, there is no any requirement because all gulet comes with captain and crew.

How do you pay when you charter a Turkish Gulet?

Prior to payment, we will give you a full yacht charter agreement and corresponding invoice that clearly shows the payments due in the currency of your charter.

Do I Need to Book a Turnaround Gulet Trip?

No, you can disembark the Gulet from any destination.

Can I visit Greek Islands with a Turkish Gulet Charter?

Yes, your trip to Turkey and Greece can be combined.

What are all the hidden extras?

The charter fee generally covers the Gulet, taxes, harbour fees, and the crew. Food and drink, and some water toys on some gulets are not included in the price. However, some costs may change depending on your itinerary and desires. We can provide estimates fees depending on your itinerary.

How can I Book a Turkish Gulet?

All you have to do is visit LuxurySerenity.Com   and email to receive the best Gulet Charter deal.

As you know making a yacht charter plan is complicated. You need to make choice and decide from many options. We are here to help you make this simple. Please don’t hasisate to contact us!

turkey by gulet

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turkey by gulet

Don’t have a big enough group to charter your own gulet? Don’t worry! Cabin charters are a great alternative for an amazing blue cruise experience.  With tours in Turkey, the Greek Islands and Croatia there’s plenty to choose from.


Type of Boat:  Luxury Gulet Duration:  7 Nights – 8 Days Route:  Bodrum – Gulf of Gokova – Bodrum Departure Day:  Saturdays Embarkation:  Bodrum Marina Embarkation Time:  15:30 Disembarkation:  Bodrum Marina Disembarkation Time:  Before 09:30 a.m. after breakfast

Departures: Every Saturday between 4 May and 26 October

Luxury Gulet Cruises Offer: - Sailing weather permitting (at captain’s discretion) - Adjustable A/C throughout (limited use) - Spacious cabins - High quality food - TV and DVD player - Wi-fi - Great range of water sports and water toys


Sample Images

FlasVII_13 Sample Luxury Gulet

Day 1: Bodrum

Transfer to the lively and historic Bodrum marina and board your luxurious gulet in the afternoon. Your captain and crew will be waiting to welcome you on board. Depart and moor in a nearby bay.

Day 2: Cati

Depart from Bodrum for the Gulf of Gokova, a stretch of the Aegean where the sea displays the most remarkable hues of blue. The rugged coastline with its myriad small bays and harbours gives way to a stunning backdrop of pine-clad hills and mountains. Continue your gulet charter and cruise onto Cati Bay where we will spend the rest of the day, relaxing. Cati is a beautiful natural harbour surrounded by pine trees, fantastic for swimming and walks through the scented pine forests.

Day 3: Seven Islands – English Harbour

After breakfast, we set sail to explore Yedi Adalar (Seven Islands), a chain fringed by coral reefs, of six large and many small islands. Each island has its own natural beauty, including beaches, pine forests, and beautiful Styrax (or Sorax, sweet gum, liquid-amber) trees, which are native to this region, and have provided resin to make perfumes and incense since ancient times. The locals extract the sap from the sweet gum trees to produce Storax, which is used for medicinal purposes.

Day 4: Cleopatra Island – Akyaka – Akbuk

After breakfast continue on your gulet cruise to Cleopatra Island, site of the reputed love-nest created by Mark Anthony for the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. Here you can find extensive archaeological remains scattered along one of Turkey’s most breathtaking golden beaches.Onto Akyaka’ with its Ottoman style buildings and narrow cobbled walled roads. Akbuk is a natural bay of tranquil warm waters.

Day 5: Longoz Bay – Ballisu – Tuzla

Set sail for the Longoz Bay, where the forest touches the water’s edge and offers some lovely hiking opportunities. In the early evening drop anchor in Tuzla for overnight, after a stop for swimming in Ballisu. Ballisu (meaning ‘honey water’) is another site of incredible natural beauty that will take your breath away.

Day 6: Bay of Molla Ibrahim – Kisebuku

Cruise on your gulet holiday, to the Bay of Molla Ibrahim, nestling in the foothills of the Kiran Mountains. The ancient city of Anatasiopolos was located in the phe pine clad bay of Kisebuku.

Day 7: Orak – Karaada

This morning cruise along the scenic Gokova shores to the pine-clad Bay of Kisebuku to Orak Island, and onto Karaada island,known for its caves, thermal features and sulphur baths. In the afternoon, sail into Bodrum harbour.

Cosmopolitan Bodrum, with its variety of delightful restaurants, popular night clubs, upmarket boutiques and international marinas attracts many visitors.

Take the opportunity to visit the historical side of this resort, the 15th century Crusader castle, containing the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, exhibits ancient shipwrecks raised off the coast of Turkey, and a preserved Carian princess’ tomb dating to the time of Alexander the Great. The remains of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassos, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is located nearby.

Day 8: Bodrum

You leave the boat with precious memories in the morning after breakfast.

04 May – 18 May and 05 Oct – 26 Oct £1,090 £1,590
18 May – 22 Jun and 07 Sep – 05 Oct £1,250 £1,850
22 Jun – 07 Sep £1,575 £2,290

•Prices above are per person per week sharing a double or master cabin •Single Supplement is 75% •Children under the age of 8 aren’t allowed

INCLUDED IN THE PRICE • All meals on board, soft drinks and wine during dinner service (other alcoholic beverages can be purchased from the onboard bar) • All charter & berth taxes, harbour & port procedures • Transit log & related formalities for the shipping agents • Mooring expenses • Crew service • Clean bed linen, bath and beach towels • Use of equipment on board (Flippers, snorkel and fishing tackle etc.). • Yacht insurance (We advise you to take out individual travel insurance) • Turkish V.A.T.

NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE • Flights (Can be arranged on request) • Transfers (Can be arranged on request) • Optional land tours and entrance fees to historical sites and museums

Type of Boat:  Luxury Gulet Duration:  7 Nights – 8 Days Route: Bodrum  -  Northern Greek Islands – Bodrum Departure Day:  Saturdays Embarkation:  Bodrum Embarkation Time:  15:30 Disembarkation:  Bodrum Disembarkation Time:  Before 09:30 a.m. after breakfast

Your gulet cruise starts in the bustling resort town of Bodrum. Your captain and crew will be waiting to welcome you on board in Bodrum Harbour. Spend the first night on board in Bodrum harbour, or if all the guests have arrived then your gulet can depart for Kalymnos straightaway.

Day 2: Kalymnos

After passing through customs in Bodrum and we depart for Kalymnos. Before arriving to the harbour of Kalymnos, anchor in the hidden natural harbour of Vathi, which is the most fertile spot of the island. The lovely houses in the village of Rina trickle down the slopes of two hills, while a small part of the settlement lies in the verdant valley that extends to the fishing village and the natural fjord-like gulf beyond. The charming village fringed with citrus orchards boasts one main street and a scattering of houses; an unexpected patch of lush vegetation on an otherwise dry and arid-looking island. Vathi is the only place on the island that is lucky enough to have its own spring water supply, and here it is used carefully to cultivate citrus fruits, figs, grapes and anything else that can be persuaded to grow!

This deep blue inlet is also home to a cluster of picturesque church remains dating from the early Byzantine period to the more recent past, which can be accessed after a short walk. We stop here for lunch on board, and for swimming and snorkelling in the most incredible waters. You can even try some rock climbing here. Before watching the sunset with cocktails on deck and stepping on shore to dine at one of the 2 tiny tavernas in Vathi where the octopus is a must-try!

Day 3: Telendos – Patmos

On the way to Patmos your yacht will visit the islet of Telendos, which is located 700 meters from Kalymnos. Until 535 CE this tiny island was actually part of Kalymnos until an earthquake separated the two. It is a lovely quiet spot with no roads and no cars; just warm and genuine Greek hospitality. A strip of tavernas offering fabulous views back to the escarpment of Kalymnos itself lines the waterfront, and the tiny village has a paved and shady main street which soon leads you to a couple of lovely beaches on the west side of the island.

Away from crowds, Telendos is a haven for soaking up some quiet time, as well as another hotspot for climbing. Spend the day lazing in the sun, walk along the sea front in the shade of the tamarisk trees, and swim or snorkel in crystal clear waters from your gulet yacht in one of the small secluded coves dotted around the island. The On the Rock establishment on Telendos offers a choice of incredibly tasty Greek signature dishes including freshly caught fish, octopus and moussaka, which taste even better from this fantastic location by the sea. Don’t miss sampling a few from the extensive cocktail and Greek beer menu.

From here, sail to Patmos and dock in the main port of Skala. Patmos’ breathtaking scenery and special atmosphere have made it an ideal getaway for those seeking inspiration or a quiet retreat. The island is built around the important Monastery of St. John and its medieval fortress, which is visible from nearly everywhere on the island, and stands overlooking Chora as a reminder of Patmos’ historical and spiritual significance. St. John is said to have penned the Book of Revelations and the Apocalypse here on Patmos. The monastery houses some spectacular frescoes and a museum well worth visiting. The smaller monastery of the Apocalypse halfway down the hill from Chora, grew up around the grotto where the Evangelist is said to have heard the voice of God.

Day 4: Lipsi

Wake up to the sunshine, have a relaxing breakfast on board and then spend the morning exploring Lipsi. Perhaps head out and cruise to one of the untouched bays or sandy beaches along the coast for swimming and relaxing on board.

The virgin nature, crystal clear waters, beaches and the relaxing atmosphere of Lipsi Island attract tourists looking for total seclusion and privacy. This is a frequent destination among naturists and hikers, as many beaches can only be reached on foot or by boat. A fortress crowns the uppermost peak of the island, and in the scattering of small tavernas and cafes below you will find local delicacies like the traditional thyme honey, wine, cheese and grapes.

There are so many small churches in the island that it is said there is 1 church for each family in Lipsi. Panaghia tou Harou architecturally has a local feel, Byzantine in perception yet austere and unpretentious. As yet unexcavated, the church was built sometime between the 7th and 8th Century CE. The holy icon of the Virgin here, holding Jesus crucified, is reputed to be of miraculous powers. The uniqueness of the concept and the skill of the rendition make this icon one of the brightest moments in hagiography.

Now to Lipsi’s beautiful beaches! Lientou is by far the most popular and located in town. Venture a little further and discover the Kampos, Platys Yialos – a delightful sandy strip of land stretching out to sea, and the exceptionally stunning sandy beach of Papandria in the south facing the island of Leros. Chochlakoura beach is loved for its pebbles, flat rocks and scenic caves, while Tourkomnima, Xirokampos, Monodendri and Kamares are all remote beaches of wild beauty, and definitely worth the expedition to visit.

Day 5: Leros

Cruise to the small island of Leros, the island of Diana, Goddess of Hunting. This is an island of small fertile valleys sandwiched between rolling green hills, deep coves and pretty beaches. Depending on the winds, dock in the harbor of Agia Marina or the more secluded bay of Panteli.

Pandeli is the oldest fishing village in Leros, where most of the residents are still in the fishing trade, and located in the island’s most picturesque spot surrounded by enchanting landscapes of green trees, steep mountains and excellent coves.

The small settlement is built amphitheatrically around the natural bay and joins with Platanos, the quaint harbor of Agia Marina, which has selective local shops located in old traditional buildings that sell antiques and crafts. The town of Alinda is also gorgeous with its attractive pebble beach and hip beach clubs. These waterfront towns hold most cultural interest, with their neoclassical buildings and pleasant village atmosphere.

Leros has a magnificent crusader castle or better known as Kastro, It is a strong medieval fortress presiding over the villages of Pandeli and Agai Marina, with spectacular views of the mountainous landscape and the sea. It is a rigorous uphill climb from either village, but once at the top it is truly picturesque and a lovely walk back down directly into either village. The island is a paradise for foodies with a rich culinary heritage, featuring many unique Lerian specialties. You can find the best combination of the local and fusion cuisine, witnessed by the seaside El Greco Restaurant on the Panteli beach. Make sure to try the tuna carpaccio and phyllo bread stuffed with soft goat cheese.

The patisserie-cafe To Paradosiako, meaning ‘The Traditional’ in Greek, is in Agia Marina’s harbor, has a lovely setting on the water and offers some of the most delicious and creative treats you can find. With contemporary and spiced up traditional flavors, you will be spoilt for choice with what’s on offer here.

After dinner Leros comes alive in bars and nightclubs that feature local Bouzouki as well as contemporary music, warm hospitality and a laid-back ambience, which is at its best in Panteli and Agia Marina.

Day 6: Turgutreis – Orak Island

From here cross back into Turkish waters and from Turgutreis, sail south to into the Gulf of Gokova, a stunning stretch of the Aegean where the sea displays its most remarkable hues. The rugged coastline with its myriad small bays and harbors gives way to a lush backdrop of pine-clad hills and mountains. Drop anchor near Orak Island, one of the Gulf’s large islands, and this one known for its rich sea life and crystal clear water, a perfect site for snorkelling.

Day 7: Kisebuku Bay (Or Ciftlik Bay)

This morning cruise to the gorgeous Bay of Kisebuku. Take advantage of the calm midday hours, sailing smoothly along the Gokova shores. Afternoon come into the Bodrum harbour.

Your gulet trip comes to an end with precious memories. Disembarkation by 09:30 after breakfast.

04 May – 18 May and 05 Oct – 26 Oct N/A N/A
18 May – 22 Jun and 07 Sep – 05 Oct N/A N/A
22 Jun – 07 Sep N/A N/A

INCLUDED IN THE PRICE • All meals on board, soft drinks and wine during dinner service (other alcoholic beverages can be purchased from the onboard bar) • All charter & berth taxes, harbour & port procedures • Transit log & related formalities for the shipping agents • Mooring expenses • Crew service • Clean bed linen, bath and beach towels • Use of equipment on board (Flippers, snorkel and fishing tackle etc.) • Yacht insurance (We advise you to take out individual travel insurance) • Turkish V.A.T.

Type of Boat:  Luxury Gulet Duration:  7 Nights – 8 Days Route:  Bodrum – Gulf of Hisaronu -  Bodrum Departure Day:  Saturday Embarkation:  Bodrum Harbour Embarkation Time:  15:30 Disembarkation:  Bodrum Harbour Disembarkation Time:  By 09:30 a.m. after breakfast

Departures: Every Saturday between 4 May and 26 October

Day 2: Knidos – Inceburun – Aktur

Depart on your gulet charter and sail across the Gulf of Gokova to the ancient site of Knidos, where the Mediterranean and Aegean seas meet. Knidos is famous in antiquity for the cult of Aphrodite which originated here. The city was built on terraces rising to the acropolis, with a theatre overlooking one of the 2 harbours, temples, one dedicated to Aphrodite, a basilica and also remains of Greek and Roman houses can be seen. Lunch and a swimming break in the lovely bay of Inceburun.Later cruise to the beautiful bay of Aktur.

Day 3: Bozburun – Tavsan Island – Kizil Island

In the morning we journey on to the Bozburun peninsula. Bozburun itself is an idyllic fishing village and used to be the centre of sponge diving along the Turkish coast, but nowadays locals here earn their living by building the typical broad-beamed wooden gulets. There are cafes, restaurants and small shops dotted along the waterfront.

Day 4: Selimiye – Bencik Bay- Ciftlik Bay

Today you cruise into Selimiye Bay, one of the safest natural harbours in the Gulf of Hisarönü. Surrounded by spectacular scenery and largely unspoiled, the village of Selimiye seems as though it was frozen in time. You will have a chance to walk around the village before cruising to Bencik Bay, which looks like a small fjord and is situated at the narrowest part of the Datca peninsula. The inlet extends inland about 1.5 nautical miles and has tree lined slopes on either side. Journey on to the hidden cove of Ciftlik Bay.

Day 5: Datca – Eski Datca

Cruise on to the resort of Datça, situated on the southern shore, which has a natural harbour and a promenade with restaurants and bars dotted along. Datca is renowned for its warm climate and natural beauty, a perfect spot for experiencing the rural life in Turkey. Eski (Old Town) Datca is particularly charming, with its stone paved lanes, the walls covered in colourful bourganvillea and its artisan cafes and small shops.

Day 6: Palamutbuku – Mersincik

After breakfast,we will set sail for Palamutbükü, renowned for its crystal clear waters, fresh fish and delicious locally grown almonds.. Later, cruise to Mersincik in the Gulf of Gokova, an impressive secluded bay, surrounded by high mountains and woods, with crystal clear waters making it an ideal spot to spend the night.

Day 7: Kisebuku Bay – Karaada

Cross the Gulf of Gokova to the pine-clad Bay of Kisebuku. Take advantage of the calm morning hours sailing smoothly along the Gokova shores.Onto Karaada island,known for its caves, thermal features and sulphur baths. In the afternoon, sail into Bodrum harbour.

Cosmopolitan Bodrum, with its variety of delightful restaurants, popular night clubs, upmarket boutiques and international marinas attracts many visitors. Take the opportunity to visit the historical side of this resort, the 15th century Crusader castle, containing the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, exhibits ancient shipwrecks raised off the coast of Turkey, and a preserved Carian princess’ tomb dating to the time of Alexander the Great. The remains of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassos, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is located nearby.

Your gulet cruise comes to an end with precious memories. Disembarkation by 09:30 after breakfast.

04 May – 18 May and 05 Oct – 26 Oct £1,195 £1,850
18 May – 22 Jun and 07 Sep – 05 Oct £1,390 £2,095
22 Jun – 07 Sep £1,650 £2,495



Available departures

Gulet cruise cabin charters run from May to the end of October. To enquire please use the form below. Please state your preferred route and any additional info in the message box such as special requests or extending your stay.

turkey by gulet

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Guest reviews

' src=

Had a superb cruise from Marmaris to Fethiye and back. Everyhing was a 9.5 or 10 out of 10 for me. Thank you Ahmet for putting up with my endless questions.

It was all great.

' src=

I went on the Northern Greek Islands tour. It was a beautiful holiday. The crew were very helpful and respectful. I was impressed with the teamwork. It was great to meet different people. The gulet, the facilities on the gulet and the crew were excellent. Food was very good.

It would have been good to have a mix of some single people like myself. But a beautiful holiday.

' src=

We went on the all inclusive luxury cruise from Bodrum on a gulet called Flas VII. The service we received from Gulet Escapes throughout was excellent. 10/10.

It took us a while to find our boat.

' src=

I went on the all inclusive luxury cruise with my wife and 2 kids. We were greeted with a cocktail on the first day which was a nice surprise. Our cabn was really spacious and comfy. The gulet was absolutely amazing as well. Had lots of space and water sport things and stuff. Kids really enjoyed it and spent the whole time in the water. So overall it was a great holiday!

' src=

It's a great way to see the Turkish Coastline. Amazing scenery. the best pool in the world (which you're surrounded by the whole time basically) and amazing food. Boat was comfy enough but don't expect luxury. You get what you pay for.

We had to skip a spot that I really wanted to go. It was coz of wind can't blame anyone.

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Private Gulet Charter Meals on Board

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Private gulet charter.

Private Gulet Charter

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Good sailing, good food, and friendly company in a healthy and happy environment – that is what Blue Cruise is all about. Wherever you come from, and however old you may be, after a week or two afloat in this scenic wonderland, you will become one heart with the beauty and serenity of nature. [ Read more… ]

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We must admit that the crews take a large part in your blue cruise holiday experience, and could easily be one of the main reasons there are so many returning guests. The crew creates a sense of family on board; however, good crews are only around you when you need them. Experienced crew members perform their duties in a seamless flow [ Read more… ]

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Merdivenli Bay

Merdivenli Bay

Marmaris castle, what is a gulet, here is why you will love your meals on board.

Marmaris Castle

Resorts & Ports

Marmaris Resort & Port

See Why Marmaris Is The Perfect Cruising Port

Bodrum Resort & Port

Bodrum: A New Discovery For The Discerning Traveller

Port in Fethiye

The Best About Ancient And Ultimate Cruising Port in Fethiye

Blue cruise routes & itineraries.

Marmaris Fethiye Marmaris Route Itinerary

See The Mind Blowing Coastline Of The Mediterranean From Marmaris

Experience a unique journey of the golden coast from marmaris, sail to the cradle of world civilization from marmaris.

Fethiye Marmaris Route Itinerary

Slow Down On A Spectacular Cruise From Fethiye

Bodrum Gokova Bodrum Route Itinerary

Join An Authentic Blue Cruise Escape From Bodrum

kadirga Bay

Kadirga Bay

Gebekse bay or gebe kilise bay.


Datca Resort and Port

Bodrum Resort & Port

Cleopatra Island

Alakisla cove.

Sogut Marmaris

Sogut Marmaris

Mercimek buku, tavsan buku bay.

Disibilmez Bay

Disibilmez Bay

Dalyan loggerhead sea turtles, dalyan iztuzu beach, dalyan river.

Turunc Pinari Bay

Turunc Pinari Bay

Katranci bay.

Yavansu Bay

Yavansu Bay

Soguksu Bay

Soguksu Bay

Gemiler bay, gemiler island, karacaoren bay, blue cruise tags.

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  2. About Gulet Sailing Holidays in Turkey : What You Need to Know

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  3. Explore Turkey Aboard a Luxury Gulet

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  4. Taking a family gulet holiday in Turkey

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  5. Blue Cruise Turkey / Gulet Charter Cruise / Boat Cruise Turkey

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  6. A Gulet Cruise In Turkey's Turquoise Coast

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  1. Maya Gulet

  2. 40 m Gulet Dolce Mare

  3. Sailing Turkey

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  5. Luce Del Mare Gulet for Charter in Turkey

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  1. Gulet Escapes

    Turkey Gulet Cruise. History and culture combined with sun and sea. There's no better way to explore the beautiful Turkish Riviera than a gulet cruise. Turkey has some of the most exciting historical sites and charming villages and towns so you can explore cultures old and new to your heart's content. The undeveloped and sheltered coastline ...

  2. 4-day and 7-day Turkey sail tours and gulet cruises

    A route that is unique to us, covering the very best of the Turkish coast! 7 days / 6 nights one-way from either Fethiye to Bodrum, or Bodrum to Fethiye, visiting Bodrum, Marmaris, Cleopatra's Baths, Dalyan, Datca, Knidos and more. Choose from: 20-39s, 7-DAY FETHIYE TO BODRUM. 20-39s, 7-DAY BODRUM TO FETHIYE.

  3. The Ultimate Guide to Turkey's Gulet Cruise Holidays

    Booking a Gulet cruise in Turkey is a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you: 1. Research: Start by researching different gulet cruise operators and the types of cruises they offer. Read reviews, compare prices, and consider the itineraries and destinations covered. 2.

  4. Turkish Gulet

    Gulet Charter Antalya. The best place to start your gulet charter trip is in Antalya, which is known for its ancient sights and clear waters. Visit historic sites, sample regional cuisine, or just unwind on the golden-sand beaches. Phaselis, Kekova, a buried city, and Kas, a lovely village, are among the attractions.

  5. 5 Best Gulet Cruise Holidays in Turkey

    Find the best gulet cruises in Turkey with TourRadar. Choose from 5 gulet boat tours with 11 real tour reviews. Book now and save with TourRadar.com! Shop 2,500 operators. 4.5 stars on (6,211 reviews) 24/7 customer support. Deals of the Week Vibrant North Africa Up to 50% OFF. Deals end: 24 Jun, 2024. 0.

  6. Gulet Escapes

    Our main destinations are Turkey, Greece (mainly Greek Islands) and Croatia while we offer gulet charters and other types of yacht charters in other locations as well such as Montenegro, Italy and France. What makes Gulet Escapes stand out from its competitors can be summarised in a simple list.

  7. Best of Turkey by Gulet

    Our 12-day Best of Turkey by Gulet group tour is a mixture of overland and sailing. We cover the most popular sites in Turkey including Istanbul, Fethiye, Pamukkale and Cappadocia.

  8. Sail Turkey Gulet Cruise

    Gulet Class: LuxuryDeparts From: Shared Cabins: YES. From 1450 € 1305 €. %10 OFF 25-40 Young Adults. «. 1. 2. ». The coast of Turkey is one of the most famous blue cruise sailing holidays. It is commonly referred to as the Turquoise Coast from its beautiful turquoise water and blue waters, giving it its well-deserved name.

  9. Amazing Turkey by Gulet (5 & 4 Star Hotels)

    Start and end in Istanbul! With the In-depth Cultural tour Amazing Turkey by Gulet (5 & 4 Star Hotels), you have a 10 days tour package taking you through Istanbul, Turkey and 8 other destinations in Turkey. Amazing Turkey by Gulet (5 & 4 Star Hotels) includes accommodation in a hotel as well as flights, an expert guide, meals, transport and more.

  10. Bargain Blue Cruises

    Gulet sailing in Turkey refers to a type of sailing charter in this southwestern corner of Turkey, typically week-long liveaboard trips along the stretch of coast from Bodrum to Antalya with an emphasis on enjoying the nature as much as the sights and towns. Gulet cruises in Turkey are also commonly referred to as a ' blue cruise ' or ...

  11. A Guide to Gulet Sailing Holidays in Turkey

    Things to Do on Gulet Sailing Holidays in Turkey. As mentioned before, although the term "sailing holidays" imply, it is all about being at sea, gulet cruising is about a lot more than that, namely the diversity of things to do. 1: Explore the small coastal towns. The Turkish Riviera has many small, coastal towns, each with their ...

  12. Gulet Cruise & Charter in Turkey, Croatia & Greece 2024

    Booking a Gulet Cruise or Charter with Peter Sommer Travels. Peter Sommer created, organised and led his first-ever cultural gulet cruise in 1996. If you'd like to know more about our gulet cruise schedule, browse our tours below or view our online travel brochure. Or if you're interested in a private gulet charter, please get in touch.

  13. Gulet Cruise Turkey 2024/2025

    Gulet Cruise Turkey 2024/2025. Brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure and sail along the picturesque Turquoise Coast on a unique wooden yacht. Gulet cruises in Turkey accommodate only a small group of passengers, ensuring an intimate experience sailing through azure waters, ancient ruins, and breathtaking landscapes.

  14. Gulet charter in Turkey

    Bella Mare: Bella Mare is a perfect example of a Turkish wooden vessel and is a great charter choice for sailing in the comfort of a luxury home. Gulet can accommodate up to 12 passengers in 2 master suites with french beds, 2 double cabins with french beds and 2 twin cabins with two single beds. Price: 28.000€ - 42.000€ per week.

  15. Travel Talk Tours Review: The Best of Turkey by Gulet

    The "Best of" tours are 12 days long, with the last day consisting of a long bus ride from Cappadocia to Turkey, followed by a night in Istanbul. The "Amazing" tours are only 10 days, but you get to fly back to Istanbul from Cappadocia. The other difference is the Gulet, as the name suggests.

  16. Best of Turkey by Gulet (5 & 4 Star Hotels)

    Start and end in Istanbul! With the Explorer tour Best of Turkey by Gulet (5 & 4 Star Hotels), you have a 12 days tour package taking you through Istanbul, Turkey and 9 other destinations in Turkey. Best of Turkey by Gulet (5 & 4 Star Hotels) includes accommodation in a hotel as well as an expert guide, meals, transport and more.

  17. Gulet Cruise

    Some gulet cruises include a stop at the fabulous, colorful, and loud city of Istanbul. Beautiful Turkey. A gulet cruise from Bodrum is the perfect way to experience some of the best that Turkey has to offer. From ancient ruins to idyllic beaches, you'll have the opportunity to discover a variety of fascinating destinations.

  18. Amazing Turkey by Gulet

    Explore the best of Turkey's west coast, experience a 3 day Gulet cruise around the Mediterranean, and marvel at the beauties of Cappadocia on this 10 day tour. Set off on your tour by immersing yourself in the wonders of Istanbul, visit Troy and Pergamum, take a relaxing break on your gullet and bath in the healing waters of Pamukkale.

  19. The Best of Turkey: A Journey by Land & Gulet

    Walk the streets of Istanbul where crusaders and janissaries once marched, and step aboard an exclusively chartered gulet for a four-night voyage along the Mediterranean coast. 18761-Best-of-Turkey-Journey-by-Land-and-Gulet-Ephesus-SmHoz.jpg. Extend Your Adventure. This program includes an optional program extension. Extension: Istanbul ...

  20. Gulet Charters in Turkey ⛵️

    Sailing on a Gulet in Turkey offers an unparalleled experience, combining the charm of traditional craftsmanship with modern comforts. These wooden yachts, revered for their sturdy and elegant design, provide the perfect setting for an unforgettable sea journey. General view of Olympos Beach in Antalya. Very famous touristic place.

  21. Gulet Charter Turkey

    Gulet charter in Turkey is a popular choice for those who want to explore the Mediterranean or Aegean Sea in a more intimate and personalized setting. The itineraries often include visits to picturesque coves, historical sites, and charming coastal villages. The turquoise waters, pristine beaches, and historical landmarks make Turkey a fantastic destination for sailing enthusiasts.

  22. Turkey, Greece & Croatia Shared Cruises

    Day 1: Bodrum. Your gulet cruise starts in the bustling resort town of Bodrum. Your captain and crew will be waiting to welcome you on board in Bodrum Harbour. Spend the first night on board in Bodrum harbour, or if all the guests have arrived then your gulet can depart for Kalymnos straightaway. Day 2: Kalymnos.

  23. GULET CHARTER All The Best Luxury Gulet Rentals In Turkey⛵

    Blue Cruise. Merdivenli Bay. Marmaris Castle. Kayakoy. What is a Gulet. Explore The Best Gulet Holidays In Turkey. The Most Accurate Sneak Peek At Life On Board. Check Out The Latest News On The Crew On Board. Here Is Why You Will Love Your Meals On Board.