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Dubai Yacht Rentals

Indulge in a luxurious experience with our extensive fleet of yachts renting.

Dubai is a premier destination for luxury yacht charters, boasting a year-round yachting season and prime location along the Persian Gulf. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Dubai Marina, the Palm and Burj Al Arab as you explore the stunning waters of the UAE.

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Dubai Yacht Rentals

Dubai yacht charters are rated as the epitome of unforgettable memories and endless fun.

Get your adrenaline pumping with a thrilling jet ski ride. Our charters fulfill your every whim, with options for a private chef or DJ to keep the spirits high.

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Indulge in a Luxury Yacht Experience

Set sail on a journey of luxury, fun, and adventure with Dubriani Yachts. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion with loved ones or go on a thrilling deep sea fishing trip, our high-performance fleet is here to make your experience unforgettable.

rent a yacht dubai marina

Galeon 780 VIP

Rent for 4000 aed /hrs, builder/model: galeon 780 | refitted: 2020 | length 78ft 24m | charter guests: 30 | crew members: 3 |onboard bbq system.


Our Luxury Yachts Open the World of Luxury & Entertainment


Dubai Yacht Charters

Dubriani Yachts has consistently earned the title of Dubai's best yacht charter company for years. With exceptional service, luxurious fleet, and unwavering attention to detail, we set the standard for yacht charters. Our dedication to world class customer satisfaction and memorable experiences makes us the top choice for private celebrations, corporate events, and leisurely cruises in Dubai.


Water Sports

Go on an unforgettable journey of adventure and excitement as you explore the stunning waters. With exciting water sports like jet skiing and banana boat rides, the fun never ends. Book a superyacht today and immerse yourself in a sea of excitement.


Family Get-Togethers

Celebrate your family's special moments on a luxurious Dubai yacht booking. Whether you're gathering for a birthday, anniversary, or just a fun day out, our boat rental provide the perfect setting for creating cherished memories with your loved ones. Book yours today and make your next family gathering one to remember!


Corporate Functions

Make a lasting impression at your next corporate event with a superyacht. Turn ordinary meetings into unforgettable experiences. Impress clients and reward employees with a tour for team-building activities, client outings, or to celebrate a successful milestone.


Special Events

We'll assist you in customizing your proposal or wedding cruise, offering expert guidance to choose from our range of premier packages. Immerse yourself in the luxury of Dubai Marina, Royal Atlantis, or the Burj Al Arab with the ultimate charter experience.

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Private luxury yachts in dubai, let’s plan your next tour.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A. what is the average cost of renting a yacht in dubai.

The average cost of renting a yacht in Dubai varies depending on several factors such as the size of the yacht, the duration of the rental, and additional services requested. As a general guideline, prices can range from around AED 1,500 to AED 10,000 per hour. Keep in mind that luxury yachts and peak seasons may result in higher rates. It’s recommended to contact yacht rental companies directly for accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

B. How far in advance should I book a yacht rental?

It is advisable to book a yacht rental in Dubai well in advance, especially during peak seasons or holidays when demand is high. Ideally, booking at least a few weeks or even months ahead of your desired rental date will give you a better chance of securing your preferred yacht and ensuring availability. Early bookings also provide more time for customization and planning.

C. Can I bring my own food and drinks onboard?

Yes, most yacht rental companies in Dubai allow guests to bring their own food and drinks onboard. This is often referred to as a “BYOB” (Bring Your Own Beverage) policy. However, it’s important to confirm this with the specific company you are renting from, as there may be certain restrictions or corkage fees associated with bringing your own alcohol or beverages. Some yacht charters also offer catering services or have onboard chefs who can prepare meals for an additional cost.

D. Are children allowed on yacht charters?

Yes, children are generally allowed on yacht charters in Dubai. Yacht rental companies prioritize safety and enjoyment for all passengers, including children. However, it’s recommended to inform the company in advance about the age and number of children in your group, as they may provide additional safety measures or suggest suitable yacht options. Children must be supervised by adults at all times during the charter to ensure their safety and prevent any accidents.

E. What is the cancellation policy for yacht rentals?

Flexible Cancellation Policy:

• Full Refund within 24 Hours: You can cancel your yacht rental and receive a full refund within 24 hours of making the purchase.

• 14-Day Cancellation Window: If you decide to cancel at least 14 days before the scheduled start of the experience, you are eligible for a full refund.

• Rescheduling for Bad Weather: In the event of unfavorable weather conditions on the day of your charter, we offer the option to reschedule for another day without any additional fees.

Please note that these details are specific to our company. For precise information, kindly refer to our company’s terms and conditions. We prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to provide a smooth and enjoyable yacht rental experience.

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Rent a boat in Dubai Marina

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  • Rent a boat in United Arab Emirates with or without a licence
  • Dubai Marina

Charter Motor yacht Azimut 2012 Dubai Marina

Azimut 60ft. Yacht with free JetSki for 1 hour  (2018)

From €1,150 per day.

Charter Motor yacht Luxury Motoryacht Shallow Marine 52 Ft Dubai Marina

Ultra Luxury — 52 Ft Yacht  (2010)

From €1,200 per day.

Charter Motorboat Ultraluxury Yact 150 ft Dubai Marina

Ultraluxury Yact — 150 Ft (2012)  (2012)

From €2,750 per day.

Charter Motorboat D GULFCRAFT19 2019 Dubai Marina

The best 55FT Gulf Craft Yacht in Dubai  (2010)

From €1,825 per day.

Charter Motor yacht Luxury Yacht 48 Ft Dubai Marina

Luxury Yacht 48 Ft (2018)  (2018)

From €1,400 per day.

Charter Motor yacht Ferretti 2019 Dubai Marina

Rent Luxurious Ferreti yacht in Dubai  (2019)

From €41 per day.

Charter Motorboat Luxury Stylish Yacht 48 Ft Dubai Marina

Luxury Stylish — Yacht 50 ft - 16 People MAx Capacity  (2014)

From €2,132 per day.

Charter Motorboat Azimut 50 flybridge Dubai Marina

GulfCraft 48 FT - D24  (2015)

From €1,080 per day.

Charter Motor yacht Princess 2020 Dubai Marina

PRINCESS 64FT  (2020)

From €314 per day.

Charter Motor yacht Bandar Bandit Dubai Marina

All inclusive yacht charter in Dubai / Bandit 63ft Yacht  (2012)

From €51 per day.

Charter Motorboat Wasmi 2009 Dubai Marina

Luxurious 75ft Yacht in Dubai  (2006)

From €1,455 per day.

Charter Motor yacht Dubai Marine 75 Dubai Marina

All inclusive charter in Dubai / 75ft Yacht Cruise from the Dubai Marina  (2016)

From €209 per day.

Charter Motor yacht Luxury Yacht 50 Ft Dubai Marina

Luxury — Yacht 50 Ft (2012)  (2012)

Charter Motor yacht Ferretti 2016 Dubai Marina

70FT TISCK  (2016)

From €37 per day.

Charter Motor yacht Azimut AZIMUT 45 Dubai Marina

AZIMUT 45FT  (2017)

From €104 per day.

Charter Motor yacht Azimut Azimut 62 Dubai Marina

Amazing Azimut 62 Ft Yacht for Charter  (2004)

From €4,000 per day.

Charter Motor yacht Luxury 147 ft 45 Meters Yacht Dubai Marina

Luxury Yacht 147 ft - Available in Marina Walk For Great City Tour  (2016)

From €10,000 per day.

Charter Motor yacht AL SHALI 2010 Dubai Marina

Motor yacht AL SHALI 2010 23.00m nullhp

From €280 per day, yacht charter with click&boat.

No visit to Dubai is complete without exploring the alluring district of Dubai Marina. If you’re seeking a unique sailing holiday, head to this man-made paradise of land, stretching along the shoreline of the sparkling Persian Gulf. This affluent neighbourhood will leave you breathless with its elegant promenade, over 200 spectacular skyscrapers and impeccable marina decorated with luxury yachts. With a yacht rental in Dubai Marina you can take advantage of everything that this jaw-dropping district has to offer; cruise down the canal, practise or watch water sports at one of the forty water sports events hosted by Dubai International Marine Club, soak up the sun at emerald beaches and if you have time, sail to other destinations in the United Arab Emirates.

What are you waiting for? Start planning the holiday of a lifetime with Click&Boat and charter a yacht in Dubai Marina today!

What type of boat is best for a yacht charter in Dubai Marina?

The type of vessel you choose for your boat rental in Dubai Marina will largely depend on the amount of time you plan to spend on board. If you’re simply using a vessel to get from one place to another, and you don’t plan to sleep on board, we’d recommend a daily charter such as RIBs and motorboats. These boats are the perfect choice for a quick getaway and since they are typically faster than other vessels, you’ll get to where you need to go in no time! For a longer holiday with family and friends, we’d recommend a more spacious vessel, such as a catamaran or yacht. These boats are typically rented by the week, and they are fully equipped with all of the amenities you’ll need to accommodate you throughout your stay such as a kitchen, bathroom and cabins.

For a more traditional sailing experience, nothing beats a sailboat. However, these vessels are notoriously tricky to navigate, so we always recommend choosing one with a skipper on board! No matter which type of vessel you’re looking for, you’re sure to find the perfect one to suit all of your needs on your yacht charter in Dubai Marina. Happy sailing!

What is the price of bareboat charters near me?

The price of a bareboat charter in or around Dubai Marina will vary depending on multiple factors such as the time of year, how many people are on board and the size and type of vessel you choose. Below are some average prices of a yacht charter in Dubai Marina by boat type.

€1,550/day for 6 people.

€1,500/day for 12 people.

€87,736/week for 25 people.

€43,867/week for 35 people.

€3,800/day for 2 people.

€30,002/week for 45 people.

€14,329/week for 6 people.

What is included in the cost?

  • Crew and Captain: Some boat rentals include a trained captain and crew, especially for larger vessels or luxury yachts. Their fees are often included in the rental cost.
  • Fuel : In many cases, the cost of fuel is included in the rental price. However, you should confirm this with the rental company, as some rentals may charge for fuel separately.
  • Insurance : A basic insurance fee may be included in the rental price to cover any potential damages or accidents.
  • Amenities : Luxury boats and yachts may come with various amenities, such as catering services, water sports equipment, music systems, and more. These amenities can influence the cost.
  • Additional Services: Some boat rental companies may offer add-on services like catering, water toys, transportation to and from the marina, and more, for an extra fee.
  • Cleaning and Service Fees: Depending on the rental company, you may be charged additional fees for cleaning and maintenance of the boat.
  • Government Fees and Taxes : Be aware of any applicable government taxes and fees, as these can add to the overall cost.

What is the best time to rent a boat in Dubai Marina?

Dubai is characterised by a desert climate, which is very hot and dry year-round. The best time to embark on a yacht charter in Dubai Marina is from January to April or from November to December. It’s best to avoid the scorching hot temperatures in the summer months and during this time, you’ll still have warm weather with average highs of 28°C with water temperatures of 27°C, perfect for going to the beach!

What can you see and do on a boat rental in Dubai Marina?

You’ll never be bored in this electric and vibrant district. Here are some of our recommendations for a yacht charter in Dubai Marina.

Take a day trip: Because of its central location, Dubai Marina is the perfect place to stay to embark on a day trip. Visit Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the UAE, where you can see impressive landmarks like Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Yas Island. Head to the “Garden City” Al Ain and experience the glorious oasis or take a dip in the natural hot springs at Fujairah and when you’re done, check out the ancient forts!

Marvel at the tallest block: This architectural wonder includes the tallest group of skyscrapers in the world, offering the quintessential Dubai experience.

Glide along the canal: Sailing in the canal grants you the opportunity to see Dubai Marina from a different angle. Enjoy the sight of famous landmarks like the Burj Al Arab from the water as you cruise through Palm Lagoon. While there, don’t forget to watch one of the city’s mind-boggling sunsets!

Go beach hopping: This area is home to many beautiful beaches, both public and private. Two of the most popular beaches are Jumeirah Beach and Dubai Marina Beach. These beaches boast pristine sands, sparkling turquoise waters and amenities such as sun beds and parasols for your comfort. There are also many restaurants in the area where you can head to for lunch after a day of swimming.

Practise water sports!: Dubai is full of water sports enthusiasts, and you’ll find something here for everyone. For traditional water sports, go kayaking, surfing, stand-up paddleboarding and wakeboarding. If you’re looking for something a bit more unique you can feel like a dolphin and ride a sea breacher, or fly in the sky with a jetpack or a flyboard.

Yacht charter in Dubai Marina with a skipper!

At Click&Boat we have a wide selection of boat rentals in Dubai Marina ranging from bareboat charters to skippered vessels. Even if you have a licence to sail we always recommend choosing a vessel with a skipper present on board. Skippers are nautical professionals who will dock, anchor and navigate the vessel for you so that you can sit back and enjoy your holiday. If you want the challenge of taking the helm and you have a valid sailing permit, a skipper can serve as an extra set of hands and eyes to ensure smooth sailing.

But perhaps the best part about having a skipper on board is that they are usually locals of the area who can serve as a personal tour guide, taking you to the most sought-after sites as well as hidden gems you wouldn’t have known about otherwise. For a more personalised boat trip, rent a boat in Dubai Marina with a skipper!

Good to know

Frequently asked questions about dubai marina, how much does it cost to rent a boat in dubai marina for a day.

The average cost of renting a boat in Dubai Marina is around €1,215 per day. Various factors can influence the cost of a boat charter, such as the season, the year the boat was built, and the equipment. The prices can vary between €50 and €14,700 per day.

How much does a skipper cost per day in Dubai Marina?

The price of a skipper varies depending on the destination and the owner of the boat. In Dubai Marina, you can expect to pay an average of €100 per day for a skipper.

What are the most popular boat manufacturers in Dubai Marina?

The most popular boat manufacturers in Dubai Marina are Jeanneau and Beneteau.

Can you rent a boat in Dubai Marina without a license?

In Dubai Marina there are 2 boats that you can rent without a license. You can also rent many boats with a skipper.

Can I add equipment like snorkel gear, SUP boards or a wakeboard to my boat rental in Dubai Marina?

Many owners offer various extras that you can add to your booking in Dubai Marina. This can be for example Fridge, Air conditioning or Barbecue.

Charter a boat near Dubai Marina

In Dubai Marina, privately owned yachts are available for charter. See other yachts in the area.

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Boat & Catamaran charter in Dubai Marina  - Yacht Rental

Boat & Catamaran charter in Dubai Marina - Yacht Rental

Dubai marina yacht rental.

Immerse yourself in a world where urban sophistication meets nautical adventure. Dubai Marina, with its glittering skyline, bustling promenade, and azure waterways, offers a sailing experience like no other. At Yachting.Rent, we invite you to navigate these iconic waters, presenting the city of Dubai in its most luxurious light.

Dubai Marina, carved along a two-mile stretch of the Gulf shoreline, isn’t just a marina; it’s a testament to the grandeur and vision of modern Dubai. Enveloped by towering skyscrapers, opulent residences, and chic dining venues, sailing here feels like cruising through a futuristic metropolis, a blend of nature’s tranquility and mankind’s ambition.

The Yachting.Rent fleet, curated for the discerning sailor, ensures your voyage through the Marina is nothing short of perfection. Each yacht, ranging from sleek speedboats to grand luxury vessels, offers a unique blend of comfort, elegance, and state-of-the-art amenities. As you glide through the marina’s waters, the panoramic glass structures of the cityscape provide a mesmerizing backdrop, transforming every moment on deck into a snapshot-worthy memory.

But what truly accentuates our service is the impeccable dedication of our crew. With their vast experience, they not only ensure a seamless journey but also offer insights into the architectural marvels and history of the Dubai Marina. They are not just navigators; they are storytellers, turning your voyage into a rich tapestry of tales and experiences.

As you sail, the Marina unfolds its wonders. From the iconic Cayan Tower, twisting skywards, to the splendid Dubai Marina Mall, there’s a visual treat at every turn. And as night descends, the Marina comes alive in a symphony of lights, reflecting off the waters and creating a spectacle that leaves one in awe.

Yet, the Dubai Marina experience isn’t confined to its waters. Dock at one of the many exclusive berths, and you’re instantly connected to a world of luxury shopping, world-class cuisine, and vibrant nightlife. With Yachting.Rent, every journey is more than just a sail; it’s an invitation to indulge in the cosmopolitan allure of Dubai.

So, whether you’re planning an intimate sunset cruise, a grand celebration, or a leisurely exploration of Dubai’s maritime heart, Yachting.Rent promises an odyssey that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Embrace the allure of the seas, the sophistication of the city, and the luxury of our fleet. With us, Dubai Marina isn’t just a destination; it’s an experience, unparalleled and unforgettable.

Daniel Goldman

CEO of Yachting.Rent

Boat & Catamaran charter in Dubai Marina

Bali 4.4 - 3 + 1 cab. - Apollo - 2022

Bali 4.5 – 4 + 2 cab. – Adria Chicha – 2017

Lagoon 450 F - 4 + 2 cab. - Shiva - 2018

Lagoon 450 F – 4 + 2 cab. – Shiva – 2018

Lagoon 42 - 4 + 2 cab. - Eleni - 2023.

Lagoon 42 – 4 + 2 cab. – Hanselli – 2024

Lagoon 42 – 4 + 1 cab. – pirelli – 2024.

Saxdor 320 GTO - Kali - 2022

Saxdor 320 GTC – Olivia – 2022

Saxdor 320 gto – kali – 2022.

rent a yacht dubai marina

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About Dubai Marina

Why is Dubai Marina a good sailing destination?

Dubai Marina stands as an emblem of luxury, innovation, and ambition, offering sailors a nautical experience that melds the charm of coastal voyages with the allure of urban landscapes. But why does Dubai Marina consistently rank as a premier sailing destination? Yachting.Rent delves into the heart of this maritime jewel to uncover its magnetic appeal.

1. Urban Meets Maritime: Dubai Marina is a masterpiece where the city meets the sea. Sailing here means navigating waters ensconced by soaring skyscrapers, each reflecting the sun by day and glowing with lights by night. This blend of azure waters and a glimmering skyline offers a sensory delight, unparalleled by any other maritime destination.

2. Architectural Wonders: As you traverse the Marina, you’re greeted by architectural marvels at every turn. From the spiral elegance of the Cayan Tower to the vast expanse of the Dubai Marina Mall, each structure tells a tale of design prowess and vision.

3. Vibrant Atmosphere: Beyond the serene waves, the Marina promenade buzzes with life. Chic cafes, gourmet restaurants, and luxury boutiques line the shore, offering sailors a chance to dock and dive into the city’s cosmopolitan heart. The seamless blend of sailing and urban exploration ensures every voyage offers diverse experiences.

4. Calm Waters: For sailors, the Marina’s protected waters offer a haven, ensuring smooth sailing even for novices. It’s a place where one can enjoy the thrill of the sea without the challenges of open ocean waves, making it ideal for both relaxed cruises and celebratory events.

5. Night-time Splendor: If the Marina is beautiful by day, it’s enchanting by night. The play of lights on water, with each building illuminated in a dance of colors, transforms the Marina into a luminous wonderland. Evening sails here, under the starlit sky, are moments of magic.

6. Proximity to Landmarks: Dubai Marina’s strategic location means sailors are moments away from iconic landmarks like the Palm Jumeirah, Bluewaters Island, and Ain Dubai. A voyage here can easily transform into a grand tour of Dubai’s most coveted sights.

With Yachting.Rent, sailing in Dubai Marina becomes more than just a journey; it’s an immersion into luxury, wonder, and elegance. Our fleet, paired with the Marina’s allure, ensures voyages that linger in memories, beckoning sailors back time and again. Choose Dubai Marina with Yachting.Rent, and set sail on waters where dreams and reality entwine in a dance of splendor.

rent a yacht dubai marina


rent a yacht dubai marina

What Choose

Sailing boat or Catamaran, what to sail in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina, a shimmering jewel of luxury and architectural splendor, invites sailors to indulge in its waters. Yet, the choice of your vessel can shape the experience. At Yachting.Rent, we present you with two majestic contenders: the graceful sailing boat and the versatile catamaran. Dive into our guide to discern your ideal sail in the heart of Dubai.

Sailing Boat: Embracing Tradition and Elegance Setting forth on a sailing boat through Dubai Marina allows you to:

✓ Savor Authenticity : Reconnect with the essence of sailing as the breeze guides your vessel, encapsulating a bond between nature and sailor. ✓ Intimacy at Sea : The design of a sailing boat offers a cozier environment, making it perfect for romantic escapades or close-knit gatherings. ✓ Agile Maneuvering : Thanks to its sleek profile, a sailing boat gracefully navigates through the marina, ensuring intimate views of the surrounding marvels.

Catamaran: Luxury, Space, and Panoramic Beauty Choosing a catamaran for your Dubai Marina adventure ensures:

✓ Ample Space & Comfort : With its broad deck and generous interiors, the catamaran is the go-to for larger parties, family outings, or events that demand space. ✓ Stable & Smooth Sailing : The twin-hulled design promises stability, allowing you to revel in the marina’s sights without the typical sway, ideal for those new to sailing or those who seek a steady platform for celebrations. ✓ 360° Views : The expansive design of a catamaran, combined with its height, offers panoramic vistas of Dubai Marina’s skyline, ensuring no sight goes unnoticed.

Why Sail Dubai Marina with Yachting.Rent?

✓ Expert Guidance : Our team is equipped with the knowledge to guide you towards the vessel that aligns with your aspirations, ensuring your Dubai Marina experience is tailored to perfection. ✓ Safety & Quality First : Regardless of your choice, our fleet is maintained to the highest standards, ensuring a safe and luxurious journey. ✓ Customizable Packages : Dubai Marina is a realm of wonders waiting to be explored. We offer customizable routes and packages to match your vision of the perfect sail.

Dubai Marina, with its array of lights and towering marvels, offers a sailing experience unlike any other. Whether you’re drawn to the intimate embrace of a sailing boat or the spacious allure of a catamaran, Yachting.Rent promises a voyage that complements the marina’s grandeur.

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  Enjoy a luxury Yacht experience in Dubai  

Hiring a boat is a brilliant way to explore the beauty of Dubai. Renting a boat in Dubai, or a yacht in Dubai can enable you to enjoy and mesmerise yourself with several different activities. Everyone knows about the eye-catching yachts, boats, and cruises floating on Dubai Marina, but many people miss the activities according to their taste just because they didn’t know about it.

Enjoy a luxury motor yacht and enjoy a romantic sunset trip in Dubai Marina, or celebrate the ultimate wedding anniversary onboard.

rent a yacht dubai marina

A Fascinating Experience

Ziyana Yachts operates one of Dubai's premier yacht hire experiences; the ultimate indulgence for those that relish life’s finer luxuries and seek to make an expression of their signature style and panache.

Our luxury yachts offer the perfect platform to impress clients, friends or that special someone in unique and memorable settings.

Take in the spectacular backdrop of Dubai's famous monuments and the exhilarating atmosphere of the Marina as you relax in the indulgent interiors of our yacht and delight in a bespoke hospitality experience provided by our onboard service team.

  Our Yachts in Dubai Marina  

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon or planning a fun-filled celebration with friends, getting on the water in Dubai is the perfect way to get away from the everyday. And with Ziyana Yachts, booking a boat experience is easier than ever.

rent a yacht dubai marina

What People Say About Us 


Great Experience!! Can't wait to go again. I will definitely come back. The service is extremely professional. I was never discombobulated while going at high speeds, never felt sea sick. I recommended this yacht to my grandma, we'll spend her remaining 10 days on it. Thank You Ziyana Yachts!!!

Nay Lin Aung

rent a yacht dubai marina


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The Images show what a generic yacht trip of 1, 2, 3 and more hours would entail. 

ZY Route Map 3-4 Hrs

This map illustrates the route that our boats take during a 3 hour or longer trip.

ZY Route map 2 Hrs

This map illustrates the route that our boats take during a 2 hour trip.

ZY Route map 1 Hrs

This map illustrates the route that our boats take during a 1 hour trip.

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Our Yachts in Dubai have been registered according to the UAE regulations and checked by the Municipality department. Our Captains & Crews have extensive knowledge of the local cruising area, allowing you to capture all the best sight’s along Dubai’s famous waters.

Depending on the number of people onboard, for either a private or corporate Charter, Ziyana Yachts will arrange for additional crew members to meet your special requirements where needed. 

Ziyana Yachts operate from the heart of Dubai Marina.  With multiple offices located in the Dubai Marina & JBR which allows us to deliver a second to none service experience. We are able to assist you every step of the way to provide you a life time experience. 

Ziyana Yachts is located just behind the Dubai Marina Mall. The Marina is served by the main Marina ring road, which can be reached by either the new SZR Interchange 5A or 5.

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Enjoy your luxury yacht experience.

Centaurus Charter is a yacht rental company in Dubai that offers range of private yachts and boats for those who like glamorous, a taste of luxury & cruiser that bring forth a wonderful yachting experience. Let our experienced yachtsmen take care of you and your family, whether you're looking for the thrill of the open seas, the relaxation of a private island, or simply want to explore new destinations. We'll make sure you enjoy a calm experience with every detail taken care of. Our yachts also provide a comfortable environment for all ages. You can enjoy drinks on the deck while watching the sunset. Come cruise with us.

56 Ft Yacht - Lagoona

rent a yacht dubai marina

AED 1070 + VAT


  • Bubbly Drinks (Min. 3 hrs)
  • Transfer (upon request)
  • Canapés & Snacks (on demand)

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36 Ft Yacht - Storm

Aed 575 + vat, 36 ft yacht - thunder, 56 ft yacht - vassia, aed 990 + vat, 58 ft yacht - etosha, 61 ft yacht - silver creek, aed 1150 + vat, 77 ft yacht - dionysos, aed 8400 + vat, 118 ft yacht - poseidon, aed 5000 + vat.

Poseidon 118ft Trips: An Add on of AED 1000 per hour will be added for every additional 10 pax where the occupancy surpasses the 50 passengers


Marvel with the beauty of Dubai on a luxury yacht. Explore our yachts in Dubai Marina and Dubai Harbor Marina with excellent conditions, full of luxurious amenities, flexible booking timings, capacity and yacht sizes. Cruise along the Arabian Gulf and Dubai’s top attractions – Burj Al Arab, Atlantis The Palm, JBR, Ain Dubai, Bluewaters Island and much more. Welcome your guests in a warm atmosphere with pure elegance and style.


Centaurus Charter has something for everyone. Embark on a sunset cruise, catch some fish, celebrate milestones, woo your loved one or take your colleagues to a different team meeting; rent a yacht in Dubai and enjoy the day making memories that last forever. Book a Dubai luxury yacht for parties, fishing trips or romantic getaway in Dubai. Celebrate Birthday Parties, Wedding Anniversary, Marriage proposals or Corporate Events on private yachts.


Dubai is a true yachting heaven with azure blue waters and beautiful skyscrapers. Take your loved ones to sea. We bring to you deals from day charter, yacht parties to overnight yacht rentals. Don’t miss to explore the special discount for Emirates platinum or FACE card holders, Business councils or YPO members. Find your ideal boat with great deals and confirm your booking instantly.


Holidays in Dubai offers a great mix of fun, adventure, breath taking places and special moments. It’s truly amazing to cruise the beautiful coastline with the speed jet boat or fly high on waters with fly boarding. Find plenty of water activities at the best price and make your excursion even more exciting. Book your watersports together with boat charter at the best price.


rent a yacht dubai marina

Luxury Experience

Hire our yachts for an unforgettable luxurious experience on sea

rent a yacht dubai marina

Fleet of Yachts

Charter from the selection of private yachts and boats in Dubai

rent a yacht dubai marina

Certified Crew

Our professional captain and crew welcomes you & ensures the smooth ride onboard

rent a yacht dubai marina

Quality Service

Our trained and friendly staff offers great services during your yacht tour

rent a yacht dubai marina

Outstanding Customer Support

We guarantee to provide best support from yacht viewings to bookings

rent a yacht dubai marina

Multilingual Staff

We speak all - English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Chinese

Centaurus Charter was established in 2013 and offers Leisure boats and Yacht Rentals in Dubai. The fully-crewed luxury yacht charters as well as full-service event planning, are conveniently located in Dubai Marina and Dubai Marina Harbor, each vessel is registered by the Dubai Marina Yacht Club and is operated by a certified crew and catered by professional staff.

rent a yacht dubai marina


rent a yacht dubai marina

Jacqueline McB

Fabulous experience.

This was an unforgettable experience with Centaurus Yachts & Boats, Dubai, and one of the highlights of our trip! The yacht (Vassia by Majesty) is luxurious, clean,... Read more >

Super fun and Relaxing!

We had such a nice afternoon. Kids were swimming, jumping and enjoying themselves while us adults could enjoy each others company and socialize. Lovely staff that... Read more >

Great experience

I have the most amazing 40th bday party ever on this yacht ! The crew were amazing ,amazing service , they helped to serve drinks and food. The yacht has great space... Read more >

Best Yacht Experience

It was fun and great experience! Crew members are very welcoming and friendly, Capt.Azim, Maaz and Karen they are all amazing they made the trip something really... Read more >

Fantastic Yacht company in Dubai

We used Centaurus twice over a weekend when our friends visited us in Dubai, one was an evening boat trip which from 8pm is excellent value and a fun experience... Read more >

Amazing yacht company!

We booked this boat to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday and it was amazing! The crew were super friendly and helpful. The yacht was excellent value, clean and... Read more >

rent a yacht dubai marina

Years in Business

rent a yacht dubai marina

Happy Guests

rent a yacht dubai marina

Service Rating

Yacht location.

Dubai Marina

(Thunder, Vassia & Etosha)

Dubai Marina Harbour

(Lagoona & Silver Creek)

Dubai Harbour Marina

(Poseidon & Dionysos)

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rent a yacht dubai marina

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Booking Date: 14, November 2019

Start Time: 12:15 PM

End Time: 01:00 PM

Total Hours: 1

Sub Total: 12,000


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rent a yacht dubai marina


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