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RM 1180: our 39-foot / 12m sailboat

When cruising rhymes with performance.

Should you be looking for a fast, elegant cruising yacht, capable of crossing either oceans or the next bay nearby, solo or with your family, the RM1180 will satisfy all these expectations. Just add charm and seduction on top.

Designed by Marc Lombard and developed by our internal engineering team, this fast and modern 39ft sailboat is one of a kind monohull, representing the perfect synthesis of our definition of a transatlantic (or any other ocean!) sailing yacht: breathtaking lines, remarkable performances, non-to-second comfort, not to mention environment-friendly construction in plywood and epoxy.


“An RM is all about stYle: you fall in love with her design”

A bluewater cruiser combining well-being and comfort

As soon as you enter the RM1180 saloon, you get the difference: soft and large companion way, unexpected feeling of space for a liveaboard sailing yacht of roughly 12m, omnipresent light, and 180-degree visibility.

Further down your visit, this feeling is reinforced: soft and dry atmosphere, without any condensation (consequence of the wood’s insulation capability), attention to ergonomics that make a difference in day-to-day life aboard, practicality of the U-shape galley, of a real-sized chart table, added to the soft and relaxing tones of the furniture: just breath, you’re in the RM1180.

RM1180 Photographe La Rochelle Sylvie Curty


Marc Lombard Design team perfectly understood our expectations: conceiving the best plywood-epoxy 39ft sailboat. The specifications below show a perfect balance between the boat’s metrics: displacement, hull power, sail plan, liveaboard volume.

Marc Lombard Design Group

Edouard Delamare Deboutteville

hull length

Single keel draft, twin keel draft, light displacement, engine in board sail drive.

Volvo Penta 50 CV

fuel capacity

Water capacity, holding tank capacity, furling genoa, asymmetric spinnaker, virtual tour.

Thanks to this virtual tour, you will get most of the RM1180: natural light, ergonomics, feeling of space. The only thing you won’t perceive is the atmosphere provided by the wooden interior design. Come and visit us for real!

Visites virtuelle RM1180

Elegance and performance: a reference in her category

At first glance, the RM1180 sets the bar: racy lines, personalised hull colour, feeling of power and safety. Sails up, comes the 39-footer’s personality: well-balance helm, smooth sea motion, speed over ground, responsiveness.

When it comes to maneuvering, the deck plan of the RM1180 has been fine-tuned with a combination of ergonomics and fittings which together lead to a mix of performance and safety. A good example of this is the position of the winches. Centered in the middle of the cockpit, their height facilitates their use by a standing crew, for an optimum safety combined with ideal body posture.


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Buying a yacht in Russia

Would you like to buy a dream yacht? Will it be a motor or sailing ship? A luxury ocean yacht for sailing long distances or a small model adapted for fishing? The catalog of our company contains a large number of proposals for the sale of yachts in Russia and other countries. We also offer our services in the purchase of yachts in various technical conditions. Thanks to a wide selection of offers, both beginners in yachting and experienced professionals can take advantage of our services - an impressive assortment of vessels successfully combines with a wide range of prices.

You can choose a suitable vessel and buy a yacht in Russia using the capabilities of our company - experienced brokers are employed in 2yachts, ready to confidently and safely guide you through the process of buying or selling a vessel.

Before putting each offer to public access, we carefully check the legal cleanliness of the vessel and study the history of its operation. The managers of the company engaged in this market for a long time and possessing practical knowledge on the operation of yachts in different regions can help you with its purchase and sale.

You can choose a yacht for purchase in Russia , and we will draw up a formal contract, ensure the legal purity of the transaction and consultations on any aspects of owning a ship. At the same time, the confidentiality of your personal information is guaranteed.

If you are looking for a sailing yacht with high driving performance or a motor yacht with excellent controllability, then contacted us at. 2yachts company is a service for selecting the best trading offers from popular world yacht manufacturers. With us you can pick up a yacht that is a combination of unsurpassed quality, functional and efficient equipment and innovative solutions - a vessel that brings maximum pleasure from boat trips.

You can buy a yacht in Sochi or in St. Petersburg in order to be able to get an unforgettable experience of being on the water alone, with a group of friends or surrounded by family members. A walk on a sea yacht is an ideal way to get away from the bustle of the city with its eternal traffic jams and unplanned phone calls to enjoy beaches with azure waters, as well as romantic views and picturesque sunsets. Sea yachts are designed for long-distance travel and have great power, they are also distinguished by good maneuverability and dynamism. We will help you realize your dream, if you feel a craving for adventure and newness - we will choose a yacht with the best value for money.

Factors Affecting Cost

Buying a yacht in Russia is a rather time-consuming and lengthy process that requires the participation of professional yacht brokers. Depending on the condition of the vessel, the year of manufacture, the quality of its equipment, class and size, the acquisition cost can vary greatly. There are several indicators on which the cost of buying a yacht will depend :

  • Manufacturer, or shipyard - the most famous manufacturers with expensive products are concentrated mainly in European countries, and the most budget yachts are assembled in shipyards of the countries of Asia and the Middle East;
  • Equipment - sometimes the internal filling is made to order, and in some cases it is standard equipment with less power, comfort, speed, etc. In this regard, the cost of ships even from one manufacturer can vary greatly;
  • Ship design;
  • The age of the yacht.

Also, sailing yachts for sale in Russia cost the buyer less than similar motor lengths, but yachts with a history do not always cost less than recently launched ones. Often, the previous owners are engaged in the modernization of the vessel, installing expensive additional equipment on it or customizing the yacht - in this case, the price for it increases significantly. And sailing yachts often participate in regattas, where they can take prizes and eventually acquire a name - this also leads to a rise in the cost of the vessel.

Note that the cost of a yacht in Russia will be significantly different depending on the length of the vessel. You can always check the final cost of the vessel with a yacht broker, and since this market is very lively, the price can change even during the time during which you pick up a yacht.

You can find out the price of the selected vessel and its technical parameters in our catalog, and you can leave a request for purchase directly on the website, online. To choose a yacht for purchase , you can use the help of our broker for the sale of yachts - our specialists are in collaboration with their colleagues around the world to be able to cover the entire market. Ask our manager your questions to get detailed information on the yacht you are interested in.

We wish you success in conducting transactions on the yacht market!

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